Cosplay: Ghost Protocol

For our final Cosplay of 2011 we feature Nova from Starcraft. Our sexy ghost is ready to drop a nuke on you.




Nintendo Computer TV Game

Nintendo Computer TV Game

In 1980 Nintendo released a home video game based on the Computer Othello arcade machine, which they had released two years earlier.

It was called Computer TV Game (コンピュータ TV ゲーム), and had model number CTG-HC10.

Nintendo Computer TV Game
The manual of one of the rarest game machines around

The game can be played head-to-head by two people, or against the computer. The algorithm the machine used to play Othello against a human opponent was quite sophisticated, for its time.

The technology wasn’t really ready for this kind of commercial home release, but Nintendo went ahead anyway, believing there would be market for it. The company achieved the conversion by simply incorporating a complete arcade board, resulted in a big, heavy machine that required a fat power supply that weighed more than 2 kilograms alone. It was expensive too, retailing for ¥48,000, for a machine that only could play Othello. Three years later the Family Computer, able to play hundreds of different games – including Othello – could be had for less than a third of that price.

Unsurprisingly, the machine was produced, and sold, in limited quantities. They are rarely offered for sale these days and command high prices. After years of absence, one was on sale on eBay in 2009. It sold for US$2,000.

Nintendo Computer TV Game
242.000 yen? Are you sure?

And today (February 2011) another one was sold on Yahoo Japan Auction. According to the seller it was unused, and surely looked nice. The final bid was a steal for ¥242,000! That is almost US$3,000 in today’s dollars the lucky winner had to part with in order to call it his.

Let’s take a look at this rare and desirable machine; the most obscure of all Nintendo’s video game releases.

Nintendo Computer TV Game

The name Computer TV game is pretty generic, for a machine that can only play Othello. The image on the front does give a hint in that direction, as it shows an Othello game in progress. The top flaps of the box can be folded, so it can be carried more conveniently. No luxury, as it is big and heavy.

Nintendo Computer TV Game

On the side we see the name of the item in katakana,  the model number, the kanji version of the Nintendo logo, and the suggested retail price of ¥48,000.

Nintendo Computer TV Game

On the top of the box is printed what should be in it: the game machine, a power supply and an RF switch. Also shown are the instructions on how to fold the top flaps.

Nintendo Computer TV Game

The machine is well protected by styrofoam. We have just taken off the top part, to reveal the treasures within. The carton on the right holds the power supply.

Nintendo Computer TV Game

Here it finally is, in all its splendor. All in all an impressive looking machine.

Nintendo Computer TV Game

A close-up of the power supply (CTGA-1255) reveals what a power hungry fellow this game is.

Nintendo Computer TV Game

The orange and blue buttons on left and right side are for player 1 and 2. The small orange buttons move the cursor, the large orange button confirms a selection and the blue one allows a player to pass. The buttons in the middle are used to select game type and difficulty level.

Nintendo Computer TV Game

With these buttons the game type is selected: option A and B are head-to-head games for two players, option C and D are games against the computer. Note how the options are read from right-to-left, in the traditional Japanese way. This indicates that this is a serious game, not a toy.

So, what can this machine actually do? Let’s find out.

The rules of Othello are pretty straightforward. From a start position with 4 pieces in the middle of the play area (two for each player), the two players take turns placing one piece at a time. When pieces of the opponent become enclosed (horizontally, vertically, diagonally), they are swapped for pieces of the other player, thus increasing the number of pieces this player has on the board. When all places are filled, the player with the highest number of pieces on the board wins.

Nintendo Computer TV Game

The manual provides some strategic advice, and indicates the good and bad spots on the board to place your piece. Obtain the corners is pivotal to success.

Nintendo Computer TV Game

Do we want to play a game (ゲーム)? Sure!

Nintendo Computer TV Game

Which one? Let’s select “rank” (ランク) C , and see what happens. We will be playing against the computer.

Nintendo Computer TV Game

We play using the plus sign, the computer uses the square. We take turns placing pluses and squares on the board, and soon the computer is ahead.

Nintendo Computer TV Game

The computer remains very polite: “please decide” (ハンテイ ドーゾ), but by the looks of it, it has already beaten us.

Nintendo Computer TV Game

When no moves are possible anymore,  the computer counts the squares and pluses to determine who has won. It was close, but we did lose. Not satisfied with a single win, the computer immediately begs us for another turn: “reset please” (リセット ドーゾ).

Nintendo Computer TV Game
Advertisement in the Computer TV Game manual for other Nintendo consoles

In the back of the manual of the Computer TV Game, the four consoles in the Color TV Game series are advertised.  You could buy all four of them for the price of just the Computer TV Game, and still have around ¥5,000 to spare.

So, there you have it. There are cheaper ways to play Othello. But there is arguably no Nintendo item that is more valuable.

Eric V showcases and celebrates the toys and games Nintendo created in the period from the mid 60s to the early 80s, starting with the first board games up to the launch of the Family Computer in 1983. You can see his awesome blog here – Before Mario.

Road Rash 3

Roadrash 3- Sega Genesis - Gameplay Screenshot

This is definitely one of the funnest games on the Genesis. How can you say no to beating up the competition? It’s just that fun and you have to do it while you are driving like a maniac against traffic at some points. Road Rash 3 showed us that motorcycle type games can really be fun unlike that other title that came out for the SNES hmmm can’t quite get the name of it but all I remember is that your driver flew out like a plastic toy which was fun at first but annoying later on.

Roadrash 3- Sega Genesis - Gameplay Screenshot


Road Rash 3 is very simple. You just start the race and try to make it to the finish line by beating up the competition. It can get a little tough because you might focus on one of the drivers you want to beat up and forget to look at the road. It’s a multitasking game! Stay sharp and keep your balls in your place, you’ll do fine. The previous games of the series are really good and fun as well, I do suggest to play this one first because in my opinion, it’s the most complete one but I could be wrong, it’s all about personal taste.



So that should do it, not much to say and I don’t really want to spoil peoples fun so pick this one up and why not, pick the other ones up as well. A nice motorcycle beat em up is waiting for you.

Famicomfreak is a classic gaming writer and collector you can view his main blog here – Retro Gaming Life

Falco Is A God

He might be gone but Falco is immortal.

Johann (Hans) Hölzel was an Austrian rocker and rapper that had innovative and sometimes controversial music videos. He died in 1998 in a car accident but his music is timeless. Let”s have a look at his best music videos to see what I”m talking about. Falco was Charlie Sheen before Charlie Sheen invented Winning.

His most famous song ever is Rock Me Amadeus:

The song is a great 80s pop song that shows his classic style that”s a mix of rock and rap along with great synth work. It”s also a tribute to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The video is insane showing people dressed up like people from the 1700s and 1800s alongside a bunch of bikers and punk rockers.

The song is such an 80s classic that even Bloodhound Gang made a song in tribute to it called Mope:

It”s not included in the video but in the album version of the song they show they”re Falco fans. Here”s the part of the lyrics that I”m talking about:

We gonna drop this next bomb for a money makin” playa that ain”t with us no mo.
Yeah, Notorious B.I.G.
Hell no, we gonna do this for a gangbanging thug that never seen it comin”.
Yeah, Tupac Shakur.
Nah bitch, I”m talkin” “bout motherfuckin” Falco and shit.
What? Falco?.

Rock me Amadeus,
Rock me Amadeus,
Rock me Amadeus,
Rock me Amadeus.

His next song that you might recognize is Der Kommissar:

I don”t know German but I think it”s a song about a drug dealer. He looks like he is rollerskating from a bunch of cop cars in the background. Cheesy but classic and the tune is so catchy too. So catchy in fact that you might know the cover instead by After The Fire, which is in English:

It”s a very similar version but I don”t think it has the charm of the original. I prefer Falco singing anyways.

The next crazy (amazing) video I can think of is The Sound of Musik:

This is a mix of the movie The Sound of Music with Mad Max and Escape from New York. If that”s not enough to blow your mind, then keep watching.

The next masterpiece we have is Wiener Blut:

This seems to me like a really nutty parody of political corruption in Austria. The imagery needs no language! We see “The Professor” gambling and making deals with mafiosos and special interest groups, we see his groupies, his bullshit PR events, etc. Oh yeah, there”s a committee of “angels” that gets splashed with blood? Weird but I guess that”s symbolism for something relevant? Or simply they were high as fuck when the director decided to put that in the video.

Next up we have Jeanny, probably his most controversial song and video:

This song has been said to glorify rape, kidnapping, and stalking. The song was banned in both West Germany and East Germany. Despite its banning the song hit number on the charts in Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

We see certain homages in the video to the movie Psycho. It makes me think of Lolita as well. My favorite part of the video is when the girl”s ghost or his imagination keeps teasing him (I found this to be really cute) while he is locked up in the asylum.

Next we have the sequel to Jeanny, Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2, One Year Later):

In this one, we see the psycho was caught and served some time in an insane asylum. We see his obsession with his victim and his permanent fixation on her.

If it weren”t the fact for the video, if you just heard the song again, it would sound like a really romantic love ballad rather than a song about a killer stalking a new girl that looks like his old victim.

There are more parts to the Jeanny songs but those are the only two real official videos. Everything else I ever found were a bunch of fan made videos. I”m only posting the real videos here, and only his best stuff.

Next up we have Vienna Calling:

The video is great because of all the funny expressions he makes.

Next, we have Titanic:

The song is pretty good and the video is okay, mainly because of all the freaks in it.

Let”s move on to a better song, Body Next To Body (ft. Brigitte Nielsen)

Now this is more like it. A lot of post apocalypse costumes in this one. You might recognize Brigitte Nielsen from Rocky 4, Cobra, and Beverly Hills Cop 2.

The last, best video that Falco made was his last one actually, Naked:

The video shows Falco”s adoration for the female body, hence the correct title for the song. The video is so amazing that God killed Falco in a bus crash, having him leave us on a high note. Probably one of my favorite music videos of all time.

If you like his music, although these songs don”t really have videos or don”t have good ones check out:

Falco – Cowboyz and Indianz
Falco – Cyberlove
Falco – Egoist
Falco – Ganz Wien
Falco – Garbo
Falco – Hit Me
Falco – Natchflug
Falco – Tango The Night
Falco – Yah Vibration

And remember kids, Falco is smiling at you from heaven!

Falco Wiener Blut politician smile

Gemstone Dragon

Gemstone Dragon, or The Quest for the Gemstone Dragon to give it its full name, is as traditional a CRPG as one can imagine, provided one imagines something not entirely dissimilar to Baldur’s Gate.

Gemstone Dragon - PC - Gameplay Screenshot

Actually, Gemstone Dragon is the most Baldur-eque gaming experience I’ve had for quite sometime, what with its sword and sorcery plot, the traveling around fantasy worlds, the looting of corpses, the quests and side-quests, the real time combat and a plot about some sort of ancient evil rising in the way ancient evils always rise in games like this: covered in conspiracy. Now, even though its game-mechanics are not based on D&D, the game remains as traditional as one can imagine, starting off with the player selecting a portrait and his/her gender and going on to gain xp, fame and shiny bits of armour.

Gemstone Dragon - PC - Gameplay Screenshot

RPG tradition is also evident in the simple decently done tutorial that eases you into an intuitive interface, the simple yet very D&D rules system, the inventory and all those skills, basic attributes, levels, etc.

Tradition of course is no bad thing. Especially, when a tried game logic is applied to an inspired project filled with smart touches, as is the case with Gemstone Dragon. After a while you’ll forget all about mechanics, systems and interfaces, and be immersed in classic, monster brutalizing adventure to save a fantasy world. You’ll meet interesting NPCs, animals, foes and monsters, visit towns and dungeons, and -generally speaking- have a proper old-school CRPG experience.

What’s more, the game does offer something new, and I’m not referring to the lovely journal and the handy automap. No, all of Gemstone Dragon is made in flash and playable online, proving that flash can really handle huge, deep games, complete with all the graphics, save/load functions, animations, sounds and texts necessary. It does come with a few hiccups of course -you can’t for example use the right mouse button- but it’s still impressive. Would be even better if the world map could be scrolled with the cursor keys, mind…

Gemstone Dragon - PC - Gameplay Screenshot

As for the graphics, they are lovely and properly 2D, with enough detail to help your imagination do something. The sound on the other hand is mainly functional, but does help with the overall atmosphere of Gemstone Dragon. Everything actually feels like running on a simplified version of the Infinity engine.


You can try a demo of Gemstone Dragon and buy both its online and downloadable version at the game’s official site.

Verdict: You probably already know if you care for Gemstone Dragon or not. It’s as honest a game as is humanly possible. As for me, I definitely enjoyed it.

Kondtantinos or Gnome is a classic and indie gaming writer. You can see his wonderful blog by following this link – Gnomes Lair.

Bad And Sexy

Fat men are sexy? Jesus Christ, no wonder ten women want to sleep with me every waking hour of the day!

My brain works in a weird way. Think of it like Google but on crack. Are you feeling lucky? How about unlucky? The first video I found today was this:

Now first off, the song they used is one where they say all the boys and girls want to be like her. Last time I checked, E Honda is not a hot chick.

I must admit that the ad DOES catch the insanity usually built in to many marketing campaigns and weird and funny shows from Japan. It does make me think somehow about how nobody says no to panda.

The weirdness of seeing a fat guy “exploited” like a hot chick made me think of this classic music video with the same theme, Balloon – Technorocker:

The video is basically about a fat DJ that rented a bunch of strippers and hookers and relatives to be in his super awesome video. If you want to know what the offices at Obscure Internet and look like, this video is pretty much it. At least in my mind they are. 😉

To finish this crapfest off I leave you with Balloon”s weirdest song “Bad And Sexy”

Now with my mind gone, there”s nothing left to say…

Subaru E Honda Sumo Wrestler

Super Mario Bros: 600 points, no deaths

Super Mario Bros

Today’s classic gaming video comes from Youtube to showcase a player trying to get the lowest score in Super Mario Bros. Here are his words from the video.

Success! Here I achieve the (almost) lowest score possible in Super Mario Bros. for the NES. No save states or slowdown was used, but I did increase the frame skip by quite a bit when waiting at the flag poles. Since you probably don’t want to watch that, I cut out almost 8 minutes of video where I’m just running out the clock.

I pull off a couple interesting tricks and glitches to make this work. In 4-2, I backwards jump into a few obstacles to scroll the screen without Mario to trick the pipe into taking me to the vine’s usual location. In 8-1, I have to perform a pretty precise jump off a goomba to avoid some coins. Also, getting under the first set of 2 coins towards the end of this level takes a very careful jump, and always makes me nervous. In 8-4, I scroll the screen to just the right position to allow me to use some blocks as platforms. No wall jumps are required in this run at all. 🙂

I show off a bit at the start, but after 8-1 I start to take my time. 8-3 is really a tough level. I took a chance to run and jump past a couple hammer bros. towards the end, but the final 2 I took slow. These are close together, so getting by them the careful way proves to be quite challenging. As you can see, there were a lot of hammers to dodge there.

Anyway, enjoy!


And to think, I used to think I was so cool doing the 1up trick until I died and had to start over.

SimCity: The City Simulator

Sim City - PC - Box

If there ever was a game that you weren’t really sure if you were playing a game or using an educational tool…but you didn’t care because it was so much fun, SimCity: The City Simulator was it.  Published by Maxis Software in 1989, SimCity was written by a young Will Wright (he of the incredibly addictive The Sims fame), and would go down as one of the most influential and popular games in gaming history.

In SimCity, players had to construct an entire metropolis starting from nothing but a bulldozer and random terrain.  Along the way to full city status sims begin to populate your city and make demands.  They may need more housing or shopping centers; perhaps crime is rampant and a police station is needed; maybe frequent brown outs are creating a demand for a new power station; perhaps your sims are bored and want a stadium…and so on.  Meanwhile, the city needed just the right level of taxes to encourage growth, yet still pay for all those fire and police stations.  Random emergencies could wreak havoc on your city, with tornadoes devastated entire zones, earthquakes leveling buildings, airplanes crashing and resulting fires requiring immediate response.  If you guided your city with a steady hand, your tax coffers filled up and your sims considered you Simsville’s best Mayor ever.  If you failed to keep on top of the ever-changing developments within your city you could find yourself in the ranks of the unemployed.

Sim City - Amgia - Gameplay Screenshot -

Although the core of the game was designed for open-ended gameplay, the game also included scenarios which revolved around achieving a specific goal within a certain time period.  These were based on both past situations as well as possible futures that urban planners had already had to solve or were in the process of planning for.  The past scenarios included dealing with crime-ridden and an economically-depressed Detroit in 1972; a post-earthquake San Francisco in 1906, and rebuilding Hamburg at the end of World War II (this one was only in the IBM PC, Amgia, and Atari ST version).  Future scenarios included Boston suffering a nuclear plant meltdown and Rio de Janeiro flooding from global warming.  There was even a fantastic scenario based upon the classic Godzilla movies, wherein the player had to rebuild Tokyo after an attack from the King of the Monsters.  Further scenarios were released in the SimCity Graphic Set 1: Ancient Cities and SimCity Graphic Set 2: Future Cities.

Sim City - Amgia - Gameplay Screenshot -

The path to SimCity’s initial release wasn’t an easy one.  Originally titled “Micropolis,” Will Wright, its creator, developed it for the Commodore 64, a platform he had previous success in with the now-classic, Raid on Bungling Bay.  By 1985 the game was ready to go, but he couldn’t find a dance partner willing to publish it, as the powers-that-be struggled with its open path gameplay and lack of winners versus losers.  He believed in the potential of what he had coded, so he partnered with Jeff Braun (a successful publisher of font packs for the Commodore Amiga) and founded Maxis Software in 1987, and sought the rights to publish his game with his own company.  After two more years of code changes and legal wrangling (which included cementing Broderbund Software as Maxis Software’s distribution agent), SimCity was brought before the gaming public.

Sim City - Amgia - Gameplay Screenshot -

Interestingly, although Will Wright had originally coded Micropolis for the C64, the first platforms SimCity was released on were the Apple Macintosh and the Commodore Amiga, followed by IBM PC (MS-DOS) and then the Commodore 64.  EventuallySimCity: The City Simulator would be ported to the Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, Commodore Amiga CDTV, Amstrad CPC, and even the Super Nintendo.   The game was, of course, a smash hit, and garnered several gaming awards, including: Best Computer Strategy Game (Video Games & Computer Entertainment), Game of the Year (Computer Gaming World), Best Consumer Program (Software Publisher’s Association), and many, many more.  Its legacy is also well-recognized, earning a top ten position on the still-respected Computer Gaming World’s 150 Game of All Timelist.


Sim City - Amgia - Gameplay Screenshot -

The legacy of SimCity is more than just accolades, as its incredible success motivated Maxis Software to publish many variations on the theme: SimAntSimIsle,SimCopterSimLifeSimFarmSimEarthStreets of SimCitySimTown, and SimSafari.  Maxis even picked up the publishing rights for two similar Japanese games, A-Trainand Yoot Tower (which was renamed SimTower to take advantage of the sim-craze).  SimCity also spawned several sequels and remakes, including SimCity Classic(updated for Windows), SimCity Enhanced CD-ROM (which added FMV to the SimCity experience), SimCity 2000SimCity 3000, SimCity 4, and SimCity Societies.  And, of course, there is a direct link between Will Wright’s SimCity: The City Simulator and his epic seller, The Sims (and all its subsequent sequels and expansion packs).  Clearly,SimCity had a huge impact on the gaming universe.

Sim City - Amgia - Gameplay Screenshot -

Sadly, Maxis Software did not last as an independent company.  Although Maxis had been partnered with Broderbund since its inception, by 1995 they hired their own sales team and launched their IPO, taking Maxis public for the first time.  Unfortunately, the buzz from SimCity 2000‘s success had long worn off, and the pressure to fulfill the stock analysts’ projections took its toll on the company.  Wright and the other designers were pressured to abide by a strict deadline in 1996, with Maxis’ management team demanding all four games in development by released.  The designers complied, but the games they published that year did not catch the gamerverse on fire (I’m looking at YOU, SimCopter), and the share price of the new company which had such an incredible history slide precipitously.   In 1997, Electronic Arts made $120 million stock offer that they couldn’t refuse, making Will Wright and Jeff Braun very wealthy young men.  For his part, Braun became the biggest shareholder of Electronic Arts, and gave him the ability to invest in a variety of technology companies.  As for Will Wright, the money afforded him the time to do what he most loved – and did best – in developing new games.  Thanks, Electronic Arts!


If you’ve never played SimCity: The City Simulator, you’ve missed out on an integral piece of gaming history.  For a retro gamer, it’s still as fun as it always was, which is a sign of just how well it was crafted by Will Wright.  Between great gameplay and a long-lasting legacy, SimCity deserves to be on anyone’s best games of all time list.  Pick up a copy and see for yourself!

Magisterrex has been gaming since the days of Pong and still owns a working Atari 2600. He tends to ramble on about retro games, whether they be board games, video games or PC games.  If you’re into classic old school gaming check out his blog here

Sonic 4: Episode 2 Announcement and Trailer

[youtube id=”Lf5QdWjXQ2c” width=”633″ height=”356″]

Sonic 4: Episode 2 Announcement and Trailer


Coming next year is the follow-up to the downloadable Sega game, Sonic 4. This all new version will feature brand new graphics and a new physics engine as well. The idea behind the new physics engine is to get you back to the feeling of playing Sonic on your Genesis console.

However, the biggest newest is the return of Sonic’s longtime side kick Tails. We still await word to see if you will be able to play fully as Tails either in the full game or special side stages. For now check out this very small teaser.

Naked Ape Gives You Sexy Zombie Girls

Naked Ape is a great electronic music group from Sweden. They know the correct formula for what it takes to make a successful and memorable music video. Hey, sex sells but not only do hot babes sell but zombie babes even more!

Sure, it might not make sense to have a bunch of drooling zombies wash your car but hey, they used to look good once! Check out Fashion Freak:

Sure they might be rotting but they will forever (hopefully) look that attractive. Sure, Lucy might be drooling vile from her mouth, but don’t tell me you didn’t think about maybe hitting that (maybe with a baseball bat, chainsaw, or more)…

Undo Redo is a dark fantasy where a man imprisoned a zombie stripper and uses her for his viewing pleasure. Everything has a cost though. He looks a lot like Robert DeNiro at the end of taxi driver, even pointing a finger gun at his head and pulling the trigger.

If you like Naked Ape’s music, I recommend you check out their website here.

Naked Ape Zombie Stripper

99: The Last War


Today’s classic gaming video features the 1985 Shoot-Em Up,  99 The Last War or Son of Phoenix as it is known in the U.S. Released by Proma your mission is to prevent an invasion from the evil Aquila Empire. Sadly, it appears you are the only person who can do this in your land-based vehicle which must fight wave after wave of enemies.


The game plays like a mix between Galaga and Space invaders and features a shield button as well as a fire button. You can activate the shield before the vessel’s energy meter depletes to protect yourself against incoming missiles. Backgrounds depict a variety of locales, from futuristic cityscapes to moon surfaces, but it was 1985 so all the backgrounds are just static images.

Sonic on Sale


Xbox Live is continuing its sale giving gamers additional presents up to the New Year. Today’s deal is on everything Sonic, well almost everything. Take 60% off the normal price of the following tittles.

Sonic 4, Episode 1




Sonic Adventure




Sonic Adventure Upgrade




Sonic the Hedgehog 2




Sonic the Hedgehog




Sonic the Hedgehog 3





Thanks to Major Nelson for the info. Now get out there and get the goods!

Arch Rivals

Arch Rivals - NES - Gameplay Screenshot

Arch Rivals

In 1987, the development publisher team of Acclaim/Midway/Rare pitched in to produce an arcade port of the basketball simulation Arch Rivals, as they would release as an 8-bit video game cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console. Would it measure up to its original cabinet counterpart? Well, no, actually; it looked much worse, and simply did not play as enjoyably. However, it did manage to forge its own identity as one of the quirkier basketball-game selections on the ol’ Nintendo system and managed to serve as a bit of foreshadowing to a future blockbuster b-ball franchise.


On its surface, Arch Rivals is a basketball video game on the NES. There are a few features, though, that make it somewhat notable. This is not a five-on-five version; rather, this cart features two-on-two full-court style hardwood action. Additionally, the player only controls one character on the team, rather than the switch of controls used in many other games. However, the player can tell the teammate what to do, in the sense that pressing the pass button (B) not only makes the teammate pass the ball, but the player’s character is actually shown, via speech bubble, telling the teammate to do so, or to shoot by pressing the A button (also used to jump on defense).

Arch Rivals - NES - Gameplay Screenshot

On defense, though, the claim to fame for this video game is in using the B button to punch opposing players. There are no fouls in Arch Rivals, and in fact no other penalties either, as it is impossible to move out of bounds or travel, for example. Thus, gameplay devolves (evolves?) into a cat-and-mouse chase across every possession, as the offense struggles to set up an open shot or dunk before the defense can punch them out and get the ball back. Holding the B button sets up for a punch, during which the character’s arm is visibly withdrawn and the player can move about the court, until it is released to unleash the punch. Or, while holding B, the player can press A to perform a weird diving, somersault-rolling “swipe” move to try and steal the ball and retain motion. This move is much more difficult to pull off.

Arch Rivals - NES - Gameplay Screenshot

Once past the humorous title screen, displaying up-close face shots of two “arch rival” players plainly irritated with each other, with a basketball in the middle until a fist bursts forth from its round orange skin, the options are presented. Weirdly enough, there are only four tongue-in-cheek teams to choose from (Los Angeles, Brawl State, Chicago, and Natural High), and even of these four, only very specific match-up configurations are available, scrolled through with presses of the B button. The A button moves to a hints-giving session, screen by screen, providing helpful instructions. After the options comes the character selection, giving eight different players the player can choose from, or two players in a head-to-head game with each choosing their own character. They supposedly have different characteristics, such as one being a top shooter, one being the best brawler, etc., but in reality, the actual gameplay results of most of them is similar enough to be unintelligible from the other.

Arch Rivals - NES - Gameplay Screenshot

The play control is a little off-kilter, especially when compared to other basketball games. For example, the physics programmed into this game demand a bizarre momentum, whereas defensive players without the ball move notably faster than ball-carriers; akin to the “catch-up” boost a losing kart may receive in a Mario Kart game. In fact, if the player pauses the game will running at full tilt, the player actually continues to move until their inertia runs out, even though the other athletes are frozen still. Not since Kid Kool has an on-screen character sprite had so much trouble coming to a stop.

Then there are the truly distinctive factors behind Arch Rivals. For one, players can trip over the little referee. Also, eventually in the game, random garbage and stuff gets strewn about the court, tripping players that run over them. Furthermore, one interesting aspect is that, on the occasional slam dunk, the backboard breaks, bringing glass shards down to the floor and remaining broken for a little while. This, along with the two-on-two action, one-character control with teammate commands, emphasis on knocking the opposing team over, and arcade-style gameplay are very reminiscent of Midway’s later basketball series, the more famous NBA Jam franchise. In this sense, Arch Rivals can be seen as the direct predecessor to Jam.

Arch Rivals - NES - Gameplay Screenshot

Another early NES basketball game is Double Dribble, which surprisingly only looks a little worse than its original arcade iteration. Arch Rivals, on the other hand, looks decidedly worse than its upright cabinet original. While it would be nice to say that this is primarily due to the superior graphics of arcade Arch Rivals over arcade Double Dribble (which, in itself, is an opinion that may merely be a matter of taste), the visuals of the console cart have unusual choices throughout, the prime example being just the eerie, not-quite-right way the actual players are renders, with single white pixels as eyes. There are a handful of different “cutscenes” that are seen after every successful score, ranging from the ref standing there with a whistle, to the possibility of one coach or another seen barking at their players off-screen, or even a cleavage-bearing cheerleader. However, despite the graphical goofiness of these potentially appealing scenes, they pose a very telling problem: Pausing the action after every single made shot makes Arch Rivals much more slowly paced, which removes from its otherwise zany charm of punching and rushing back-and-forth action. It can be confidently stated that, without these needlessly overdone cutscenes, Arch Rivals would be a better game.

Arch Rivals - NES - Gameplay Screenshot

It could be argued as admirable that the background music is not distracting, but surely the programmers could have done better than a bass-rhythm, quick-hits-otherwise ditty that seems to make the player feel like the developers were unaware that the NES had more than two channels for music. The sound effects themselves are barely noticeable either, which is a more disconcerting issue. Even with the somewhat obvious limitations of the 8-bit NES machine, the backboard-shattering surely could have been rendered with more punch and circumstance. Perhaps this reviewer is just dreaming, but Arch Rivals is decidedly not a game that reached for the stars in its audio department, merely settling to service the gameplay mechanics.



As mentioned before, though its gameplay is not quite satisfying for basketball purists and merely suffices are a zany diversion for everyone else, unfortunately coupled with the gameplay flaw of stop-and-go rhythmic issues, Arch Rivals holds an intriguing spot in console history, one that laid the path for the amazing entries in the NBA Jam series. But historical context itself cannot make a great game, and Arch Rivals must be properly recognized as neither among the best ever created, nor the worst ever suffered through: A two and a half star rating out of five pegs the b-ball sim for good.

Eric Bailey is a retro gamer on a crazy quest to write a quality review for every single American-released NES video game over at

Bionic Commando: This week’s Classic Download

bionic commando gameboy

Fans of the classic GameBoy version of Bionic Commando will be able to purchase this classic on the 3DS, Virtual Console and Nintendo eShop. The Game Boy version of the NES classic BIONIC COMMANDO arrives on Nintendo eShop to take you on a daring action-packed mission. As Rad Spencer, use your high-tech grapple hook and assault rifle to infiltrate the enemy’s stronghold in order to rescue Super Joe. You can be the difference between war and peace. Are you ready for the challenge?


Classic Video Game Cereals

Nintendo cereal was introduced in 1989 and did not last very long. It was also created by Ralston and featured fruit flavored Mario’s, Mushrooms and Gooma’s and Berry-flavored Links, Hearts and Shields. The cereal featured posters, discounts on Nintendo Power and even the chance to win an NES.~J.A. Laraque

Classic Video Game Cereals

It was like a ritual. Saturday morning we would wake up earlier than any other day of the week. It was all about Saturday morning cartoons and what better way to enjoy them than with some sugary cereal preferably with colored marshmallows.  For the most part I ate the popular ones like Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes, but when I began playing video games and saw they had cereals for them I had to try them out.


Looking back now most of those cereals were exactly the same, in fact many were just like Lucky Charms; there would be normal pieces made of corn or something and marshmallow pieces in the shape of whatever game. At the time it was the best breakfast ever, now I look back at the box art and advertising.


pac-man cereal

General Mills introduced this cereal in 1983 after Pac-Man took the world by storm. It was made in the same template as Lucky Charms; it had crunchy sweetened corn cereal with marshmallow bits and the marshmallows were shaped like Pac-Man, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

What’s funny is not only were there tons of specials you could order or find in the box, but they had coupons that you can still find today. Later the cereal introduced pink Ms. Pac-Man pieces and big Super Pac-Man pieces.

Donkey Kong Jr.

Donkey Kong Jr cereal

Made by Ralston-Purina, yes, the cat food company, Donkey Kong Jr cereal was a lot like Fruit Loops where the pieces were fruit shaped and tasted sweet. DK Jr cereal offered prizes like baseball cards and game books that you could find inside.


Nintendo Cereal

The company so big it had its own cereal featuring two of its greatest stars. Nintendo cereal was introduced in 1989 and did not last very long. It was also created by Ralston and featured fruit flavored Mario’s, Mushrooms and Gooma’s and Berry-flavored Links, Hearts and Shields. The cereal featured posters, discounts on Nintendo Power and even the chance to win an NES.



Ok, this isn’t a real cereal, but Sonic did appear in a Cheerios commercial back in the day and many of us wish there was a Sonic brand cereal. This box art was created by QuiksilverZero and it looks pretty cool. I really wish they made this. I guess we will have to settle for Sonic and the Honey Bee working together.

Old Republic 1.0.1 Patch Notes

Star wars the old republic mmo

Since a ton of us at Obsolete Gamer are playing Star Wars and the MMO section is a little thin we will be bringing you updates and patch notes on The Old Republic. This is the first official patch notes and it looks to correct a lot of bugs and nerf slicing which I loved so much. I did notice they did not address a bug where it resets showing your Sith corruption whenever you zone. Another major change is making the rewards for losing a PVP Warzone much less, that should bring out some whiners.

Here are the direct patch notes:


Hello everyone!

With this update, the first of many for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, we have addressed several high-priority bugs. We’ve implemented fixes for those players affected by performance issues on Taris and have corrected the problem preventing some pending mission rewards from being accepted. Additionally, the issue that could cause some gathering nodes to appear unharvestable has been addressed, and you’ll notice several bug fixes relating to Flashpoint and Operation content.

We’re committed providing the best possible MMO experience, and will continue releasing fixes and updates on a regular basis.

Thank you for playing Star Wars: The Old Republic!

1.0.1 Patch Notes 12/27/2011


Classes and Combat


Combat Bug Fixes

      • Fixed a bug that could cause the global cooldown to display incorrectly in the UI.
      • Abilities that require Companion Characters now always correctly require a companion.
      • NPCs no longer attempt to engage vanity pets in combat.


      Imperial Agent



          • The tooltip for Acid Blade now displays the correct information.

          Companion Characters




          Kira Carson

                • Fixed an issue that could cause Kira’s affection progression to become blocked.


                Bug Fixes

                  • Companion Character dialogue now plays at the correct volume.

                  Crew Skills


                  Gathering Skills



                        • Rewards from Slicing have been reduced to bring them into balance with other skills.
                        • Adjusted incorrect values for medium slicing boxes.


                        Bug Fixes

                          • Corrected an issue that could cause some gathering nodes to appear as unharvestable.

                          Flashpoints and Operations




                          Mandalorian Raiders

                                • Crowd control immunity has been removed from several members of the Enemy Boarding Party.


                                Colicoid War Game

                                      • An issue that prevented some players from mounting turrets in this Flashpoint has been corrected.


                                      The Red Reaper

                                            • Darth Ikoral now uses his abilities correctly.


                                            Directive 7

                                                  • Mentor now resets correctly if he defeats the player group.


                                                  Bug Fixes

                                                        • All players in a group who have a daily Flashpoint mission now get credit for completing that Flashpoint.




                                                        Eternity Vault

                                                              • Fixed an issue that could cause players to instantly die when affected by Soa’s knockback.
                                                              • Turrets in Normal Mode no longer behave as turrets from Hard Mode.
                                                              • Players are now able to properly obtain loot from chests.
                                                              • The Ancient Pylons now spawn enemies at the correct intervals.


                                                              Karagga’s Palace

                                                                  • Players no longer need to reset this Operation if they do not defeat Bonethrasher.
                                                                  • Corrected an issue that caused some players to become stuck at the throne room door.



                                                                  Bug Fixes

                                                                    • PvP lockboxes can no longer be sold for credits.
                                                                    • Fixed incorrect item rewards from PvP leveling lockboxes.


                                                                    Missions and NPCs





                                                                          • A New Master: Defeating Teeno no longer causes him to surrender on top of Phyne, making him difficult to interact with.
                                                                          • General Faraire: All of Khourlet’s Elite Guards are now accessible by the player.


                                                                          Bug Fixes

                                                                                • Fixed a mission-related issue that could cause poor performance and client crashes on Taris for some players.




                                                                                Bug Fixes

                                                                                    • Corrected several instances of non-interactive NPCs appearing and disappearing from the player’s view.






                                                                                          • Rewards for winning Warzones have been increased.
                                                                                          • Warzone completion rewards have been decreased.


                                                                                          Bug Fixes



                                                                                              • Corrected an issue that could prevent some players from entering the Voidstar.
                                                                                              • Made adjustments to prevent attacking players from reaching the doors in the reactor core before bridges are extended.



                                                                                              Bug Fixes

                                                                                                • Fixed a bug that could prevent players from accepting pending mission rewards.
                                                                                                • Targeting a friendly player no longer occasionally displays incorrect text for the character’s name.
                                                                                                • Corrected an issue that could cause some auction expirations to behave incorrectly.
                                                                                                • The splash screen no longer displays longer than the “accept changes” dialogue when changing resolutions on some computers.
                                                                                                • Master Looter now works correctly for items being looted from chests.
                                                                                                • The server select screen no longer displays over the character select after being disconnected for being away.
                                                                                                • Corrected an issue that could cause mission mapnotes to disappear when a new mission is obtained.

                                                                                                Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

                                                                                                • Special characters no longer display incorrectly in the French credits.
                                                                                                • Remaining baby names have been added to the credits.
                                                                                                • Corrected a link that displayed in French and German versions when the servers are unavailable.

                                                                                                Christmas Comes to Pac-Land


                                                                                                While current generations of gamers wait with much anticipation to open the XBox 360 Kinects and latest Call of Duty gear currently stashed under the Christmas tree, we take a look back today for a historical first in video gaming.

                                                                                                The first major wave of gaming popularity came to a crest in 1982 as arcade video machines could be found almost anywhere and Atari faced off with their first real home console challengers.  It was also a huge season for video game related merchandise, as manufacturers of everything from breakfast cereal to bedding to swim trunks got in on the first video game boom.


                                                                                                On December 16, 1982 the first ever Christmas special of the video game age debuted in prime time.  Hanna Barbera’s Christmas Comes to Pac-Land took the popular new Saturday morning cartoon series based on Pac-Man and it’s many sequels into uncharted territory for anything related to video games.

                                                                                                In this ABC holiday special, Santa Claus crash lands in the fictional town of Pac-Land, an odd world where it seems to be legal to eat other inhabitants and walk around without pants.  Santa, (voiced by a pre-Optimus Prime Peter Cullen), has never heard of Pac-Land while those who live there have never heard of him or Christmas at all.


                                                                                                The inhabitants of Pac-Land accept the idea of Santa and Christmas pretty quickly and decide to help Santa fix his sleigh and warm up his reindeer.  Pac-Man himself (a guy you’d think would be a pretty important guy in a world of the same name) goes off to find Santa’s sack of toys, which have been discovered by the “ghost monster” gang of Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde and Sue.

                                                                                                Long story short, Santa gets going on his way, Christmas is now known by those who live in Pac-Land and even the ghost monsters get in on the gift giving spirit of the season.


                                                                                                Initially the special had a short lifespan.  The video game industry crashed and burned through 1983 and 1984 and by the time gaming returned to the public eye years later (due to Nintendo’s strong marketing plan) Pac-Man was considered old hat in place of the Super Mario Bros. and Zeldacharacters.

                                                                                                The special has come back in recent years in holiday airings on Cartoon Network and Boomerang and can also be watched on the left side of his article thanks to YouTube so that parents of the original video gaming generation can show their young ones the roots of Christmas video gaming.

                                                                                                A little game called HuttBall

                                                                                                [youtube id=”UgHCYaN_V3Q” width=”633″ height=”356″]

                                                                                                The thing about games like theses is you can easily believe the goal is to kill people and sadly like many Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft people only care about their kill count.~J.A. Laraque

                                                                                                A little game called HuttBall

                                                                                                So this is not so much a full guide as it is a small explanation of one of the PVP battle zones in Star Wars the Old Republic. Hutt ball is kind of like Rugby with guns and light sabers. The overall goal is to take the ball that spawns in the center of the arena to the enemies end. This sounds simple enough except the enemy team can do anything to stop you.


                                                                                                The thing about games like theses is you can easily believe the goal is to kill people and sadly like many Battlegrounds in World of Warcraft people only care about their kill count. The arena has two main hazards that can be used to your advantage. One is several fire burners than are on a timer and if you get caught on top of one when they go off you are as good as dead. The second are two acid pits that when you fall in them kill your pretty quickly. Also, when you fall inside them you walk slowly so the chances of you getting out are slim.


                                                                                                Looking at the arena there are various platforms that can lead to the enemy goal line and many ways you can get knocked off pretty much guaranteeing you won’t score. This is where knockback abilities come in. Almost every class in SWTOR has some form of knockback and this can be used to knock you into fire, acid or off the platform.

                                                                                                Another very useful tool is stuns or things to slow you down. First off, everyone can sprint when not in combat so when fighting you walk slower. Pretty much all classes can slow you down or stop you in your tracks with an ability. Stopping or slowing an enemy can be used for people holding the ball and for those going after the person with the ball. To combat this you can pass the ball to people.

                                                                                                Unfortunately, most people don’t pass or even know you can. Passing is done by clicking the pass button and then moving the icon over to where you want to pass it. Keep in mind if the person moves or is killed then the ball falls and respawns in the center. An enemy player can also intercept the pass.


                                                                                                Passing is great if your team is split between defending the ball carrier and moving ahead in case the ball carrier gets trapped or slowed or caught in something. The winning teams learn to pass to the right people at the right time and when done right can mean a quick win.

                                                                                                There are a ton of different strategies to this game, however, most people just run around killing with only a few really trying to score or defend. Perhaps there is because the game is still new or because like in W.O.W some people really just suck at anything besides pressing a button to kill someone.

                                                                                                Overall, the game is fun with a good team and if you go in as a guild or with friends it can really be fun if you another good team. The best part is there are no ties, if the score is tied whoever has the ball when time expires wins.

                                                                                                Just one tiny part of Old Republic that makes it a really great MMO.

                                                                                                3 Count Bout


                                                                                                Our Classic video of the day is from the SNK game, 3 Count Bout. The game was original titled Fire Suplex in Japan and was a wrestling game for the Neo Geo system. As you can see in the video the game has over the top characters and fighting moves, but is a pretty fun game. It has your standard SNK fighting game flair and can be a challenge on higher levels.


                                                                                                The game was released in 1993 and featured single, two player and even co-op.


                                                                                                TransBot - Master System - Gameplay Screenshot

                                                                                                TransBot (1986)
                                                                                                By: Sega  Genre: Shooting  Players: 1  Difficulty: Medium
                                                                                                Featured Version: Master System  First Day Score: 36,940
                                                                                                Also Available For: Nothing

                                                                                                Despite being pretty popular here in the UK, the Master System was never really the most popular console of all-time. The comparative lack of games could be one reason, the NES was awash with thousands of games after all, but it’s still a shame as Sega’s sleek-looking console was pretty innovative for its time. Among the bright ideas it housed was a ‘Smart Card’ system, adapted from an accessory for Sega’s earlier Japan-only console, the SG-1000, which was an alternative to the high-cost ROM cartridges used for most games. The card system was effectively home to a budget range of games early in the Master System’s life before being dropped, but considering the number of games released on the format barely reached double figures, it didn’t really matter too much!

                                                                                                TransBot - Master System - Gameplay Screenshot

                                                                                                TransBot was, however, one of the few games to find a use for Sega’s card format (although it was later released on cartridge too, which kind of defeated the object). It’s a pretty basic horizontally scrolling shmup set after a nuclear war. Having sought refuge underground, Mankind slowly starts to emerge only to find Dalaus, a computer left over from the old world, has designs on the planet itself and has sent its minions to see us off! Luckily, our hero has access to at least one device with which to try and stop them – the CA-214 fighter. This ‘TransBot’ fighter initially seems normal enough, but it has the ability to change its form, and with these changes come new armaments. The default form of the fighter is a fairly unassuming jet / spaceship type craft which movies slowly and is equipped with a puny forward shot.

                                                                                                TransBot - Master System - Gameplay Screenshot

                                                                                                Enemies come in a variety of small, uncomplicated forms, and are easily dispatched, even with the default craft. However, they move much more quickly, and often in screen-spanning formations, so it’s sometimes easier to just avoid some of them. Trundling periodically along the bottom of the screen is a small truck which is apparently a munitions vehicle which, when shot, will release an icon branded with a question mark. Collecting this will trigger the power-up bar at the top of the screen to begin cycling through letters A – G, each denoting a particular power-up. Press the button to stop it moving and you’ll get the weapon it landed on. Many of these involve your craft transforming into a robot with increased firepower such as simultaneous forward and rear shots, three-way shots, wide shots, etc. However, this also makes the craft larger and therefore more likely to be hit. Luckily your craft can also be powered-up in its smaller form too!

                                                                                                TransBot - Master System - Gameplay Screenshot

                                                                                                Unlike most shmups, rather than lasting until the player loses a life, these power-ups only last for a limited time and it’s not long! Fortunately the munitions trucks are frequent and certain weapons are more suitable for particular sections, so it actually works out pretty well. This isn’t the only slightly unusual feature in TransBot either. Your ship has an energy bar for one thing, which allows you to sustain several enemy hits before going down rather than falling victim to a single strike. Also, and perhaps most obviously, there is no real level structure, with the game instead cycling through two different types of background – a pretty standard, planetary surface, and a metallic-looking enemy base of some sort ending in a boss – and the game goes on, cycling through them forever as far as I can tell! This makes TransBot an excellent score-attack game, something backed up by the fact that world authority on score-keeping, Twin Galaxies, has an official record for the game!

                                                                                                TransBot - Master System - Gameplay Screenshot

                                                                                                Given the popularity of the Transformers at the time this was released, it’s not hard to see where the inspiration for the main character came from, but I’m not really sure it works too well. It’s at best an under-used gimmick here, but does that make this a bad game? Well, back when my trusty Master System was my main console of choice and its games were freely available in high-street stores, I always steered clear of this game. Every magazine review I saw of the game slated it, despite its cheaper price point. If it was that bad then, it must be terrible now, right? Well, no actually. Being both a budget game as well as an early release for the Master System, TransBot is understandably basic, in concept as well as aesthetics, but it’s actually not at all bad, and certainly not as bad as I’ve believed all these years! Yes, the graphics and sound are bland and repetitive, and with games like R-Type, Fantasy Zone, Cloud Master, and others available, there seems to be little reason to play this, and I’m guessing this is from where the aforementioned scorn originates, but it’s a decent enough little blaster which is challenging, addictive, and good fun.

                                                                                                [youtube width=”600″ height=”480″][/youtube]

                                                                                                RKS Score: 6/10

                                                                                                Bryan Davies:


                                                                                                Name: Bryan Davies

                                                                                                Tittle: VP of Public Relations, North America




                                                                                                What is your favorite classic game: Deus Ex (Original) developed by Warren Spector

                                                                                                Why is it your favorite classic game: It was a groundbreaking game in the sense of crossing genre barriers, it was also really the first game that the gameplay and story truly changed based on your choices in how you play. 

                                                                                                [youtube width=”600″ height=”480″][/youtube]

                                                                                                Gunther – Christmas Song

                                                                                                Merry Christmas from the crew at Obscure Internet!

                                                                                                Most of us that celebrate Christmas are celebrating by spending time with our family and eating a ton of food. Some are watching Christmas classics such as Christmas Story or It’s A Wonderful Life. Hell, if you’re like me you’re watching Die Hard and Gremlins (my two top Christmas movies).

                                                                                                If you are an internet troll like us though you are probably watching a lot of crap on the computer. Speaking of which… here is the remix to Gunther’s Christmas Song. It’s a lot better than the original version.

                                                                                                If that wasn’t weird enough for you, this will make your brain cave in. Warning: this video is pretty gay.

                                                                                                Who’s Gunther? He’s only a weirdo that makes songs like the Ding Dong Song.

                                                                                                He looks like a rapist to me but what do I know? MERRY CHRISTMAS!

                                                                                                Gunther Merry Christmas Song Dog

                                                                                                The Room Will Kill You

                                                                                                If you don’t know Tommy Wiseau’s The Room then you might probably consider yourself to be a very fortunate person. This is the king of 21st century cheese films. Think along the lines of Troll 2, Plan 9 From Outer Space, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Lady Terminator, Shark Attack 3: Megadolon, and if you say “oh man, all those movies are quality” then this is the film for you.

                                                                                                What better way to summarize the movie than to see the highlights of the Rifftrax version of it?

                                                                                                The movie is legendary in the bad or funny sense for people who are hardcore film buffs. It’s also fairly popular online with the meme and troll community.

                                                                                                There’s much love there. Check out the Tommy Wiseau – The Room (Cheep Cheep Remix):

                                                                                                And remember, not only are you laughing but Tommy Wiseau’s laughing back at you for watching his movie!

                                                                                                Tommy Wiseau The Room laughing

                                                                                                OH HI DOGGIE!

                                                                                                Tommy Wiseau The Room motherfucker

                                                                                                Brain-dead Video:What’s Up (Hey, What’s Going On)


                                                                                                The best thing about Friday is your brain has already left the building. When you are sitting at work or school you realize you really do not care about what’s going on. All you can think about is the weekend and that my friends is brain dead. You are functioning, but not really there. So, for those who are brain dead here is a video to go along with your current state. I don’t know why someone would make a video like this, but it saps your soul and you can’t stop watching Adam from He-Man dancing and singing to this song. So Enjoy.


                                                                                                Song: What’s Up
                                                                                                Artist: 4 Non Blondes
                                                                                                Anime: He Man
                                                                                                Oringal Video:
                                                                                                Mp3 download:
                                                                                                Playlist download:

                                                                                                Omg I found this soooooooooo funny that I wanted to share it with you!

                                                                                                What’s Up (HEY, What’s Going On) He-man AMV LMAO!!!

                                                                                                And so I cry sometimes when I’m lying in bed
                                                                                                Just to get it all out, what’s in my head
                                                                                                And I, I am feeling a little peculiar
                                                                                                And so I wake in the morning and I step outside
                                                                                                And I take A deep breath and I get real high
                                                                                                And I scream from the top of my lungs,
                                                                                                What’s goin’ on

                                                                                                And I say hey, hey, hey, hey hey
                                                                                                Hey, hey, hey
                                                                                                I said hey, what’s goin’ on

                                                                                                And I say hey, hey, hey, hey hey
                                                                                                Hey, hey, hey
                                                                                                I said hey, what’s goin’ on

                                                                                                And he tries
                                                                                                oh my God, do I try
                                                                                                I try all the time in this institution

                                                                                                And he prays
                                                                                                oh my God, do I pray
                                                                                                I pray every single day FOR REVOLUTION!

                                                                                                And I say hey, hey, hey, hey hey
                                                                                                Hey, hey, hey
                                                                                                I said hey, what’s goin’ on

                                                                                                Don’t cry out loud
                                                                                                Just keep it inside
                                                                                                Learn how to hide your feelings

                                                                                                (Hey, hey, hey, hey hey)
                                                                                                (Hey, hey)
                                                                                                HEY EY EY
                                                                                                I say HEY
                                                                                                What’s goin’ on

                                                                                                The beauty of their dreams

                                                                                                attollos technology logo

                                                                                                Hello, my name is Thomas Whitaker and I am the co-founder and director of Attollos Technology Ltd.  During the summer of 2011, myself and my business partner James Robinson worked on taking our first baby steps into game development. Both students at Universities in the United Kingdom, we wanted to stray away from the well trod path of attempting to gain internships and try and gain some industry experience first hand.

                                                                                                As a talented programmer, James took over the main coding responsibilities, whilst I was attempting to take on the most daunting task of all: making a small indie game have a voice in a market that is so quickly becoming overshadowed by multinational companies, who can afford to throw thousands of pounds into generating a download surge.  With this in mind, we decided we wanted to create a simple, addictive game, that would be a good time filler for the casual gaming community.  The concept of a fast paced tapping game emerged at the fore-front of our thoughts and our game – Screen Invaders began to take shape.


                                                                                                The concept:

                                                                                                With this challenge in mind and a notebook on my desk, I started to doodle out the characters and the storyline that would become the foundation behind our game. We wanted a simple, user-friendly interface that would allow the user to simply pick up and play. For me, there was nothing more aggravating with an iOS game than having to trawl through what seems like an eternity of menus in order to get to the actual gameplay.

                                                                                                This meant that the idea behind our game revolved around the notion of attempting to defend earth against hordes of alien invaders within a given time limit. As the levels progressed, the aliens became more and more numerous and difficult to destroy. James created a few prototype games without any of the graphics introduced and I soon became hooked on the concept.

                                                                                                I could barely stop playing my own game and decided that this pick-up and play concept was one that we should try and stick to at all costs.  Taking inspiration from the dynamic art in games such as TinyWings, we decided that we would have a set background for only a few levels and try and keep changing everything round so that the gaming experience was not as monotonous as simply tapping away in a frenzy to try and destroy the last alien before time ran out.

                                                                                                stick sports

                                                                                                The launch:

                                                                                                After months of hard work and hours spent designing characters and icons, Screen Invaders version 1 was finally ready to be submitted to the AppStore.  As newbie developers, this was a proud moment for both of us and where our advanced planning and research became critical.  After recently completing an internship at Stick Sports ltd, the creators of the famous Stick Cricket series, I was able to gain advertising space on their website, a domain that attracts millions of hits a day.

                                                                                                Independent marketing schemes such as those created by Innovatty on twitter, involving all of the indie developers retweeting about each other’s ideas were also invaluable as well as the forums on sites such as TouchArcade.  The challenge was intimidating, attempting to do battle with companies such as EA, in an arena that they were swiftly trying to dominate.   Adverts such as the one above, were circulated across the globe in an attempt to build up a buzz before the game was released.  Finally, towards the end of August, we gained permission from Apple for the game to go live and after hours spent blogging, tweeting, face booking and you-tubing, all we could do was hope.  We averaged a respectable 50 downloads every few days and with the introduction of bonuses and power-ups, we hope the game can spread.

                                                                                                [youtube width=”600″ height=”480″][/youtube]

                                                                                                Ultimately, we released our game at a very similar time to the day Contre-Jour was published by Chillingo.  Without the advertising power and established consumer base dying to download anything with a company stamp on it, we were never going to emerge as real contenders to top the Arcade genre.

                                                                                                However, we have lots of great ideas and with our base of existing customers all around the world, we are hopeful that our next release can really cause a stir and ruffle some angry feathers. Our company motto “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”, a famous Eleanor Roosevelt quote really sums up what we envisage we will one day accomplish.  We have taken our first baby steps and although we did not exceptionally flourish, you must first learn to walk before you can attempt to run.

                                                                                                The Interview: John Wilson – Zenobi Software

                                                                                                Zenobi Software, the Rochdale Balrog, the Cat and the Cockroach were responsible for over two hundred excellent -nay, classic- ZX Spectrum text-adventures. Oh, yes, and quite a few Atari ST ones too. What’s more, John Wilson -a.k.a. the Balrog- the man behind it all is here to enlighten you and me on how things happened and what the future holds. Read on, hop over to the lovely official Zenobi website, grab a DVD with its rich retro offerings, ask for a freebie and come back here to discuss retro 8-bit interactive fiction. After all Zenobi will feature heavily on this blog for quite some time.

                                                                                                Zenobi Software Visual Medley

                                                                                                Tell us a bit about yourself, oh Balrog. Some info on the cat might be nice too.

                                                                                                Fast approaching my 62nd birthday, I was born in Edinburgh (Scotland) in 1947 and moved to South Wales (Cwmbran) at the age of 12. Lived there for a few years and then moved to North Wales (Flint) before enlisting in the Royal Air Force in 1964. Served in various places… as far apart as Valley (Anglesey) and Seletar (Singapore) before settling down in Rochdale in 1970 where I still live to this day. As for the ‘cat’ that is simply one of my many ‘alter-egos’… now, that is a ‘first’ for you and your readers, as I have never admitted to that before. ‘Cat’ is a good one, unlike ‘Cockroach’ who is an evil, mischievous little sod.

                                                                                                Why -and more importantly, how- did you start Zenobi? Were you all alone in this, erm, adventure of sorts?

                                                                                                Had been unemployed for a number of years and during a ‘careers interview’ I blurted out ‘To run a software house’ in answer to one of their questions. Being me, I decided to stick with that choice and Zenobi Software was formed in 1984/85. Like everything in my life, since I met her, my Ann was with me in this enterprise. Without her help I would never have made the success of Zenobi Software that it was … if it ever was a ‘success’.

                                                                                                And the focus on text-adventures on the ZX Spectrum? How did you decide on that?

                                                                                                Because they were what I was ‘into’ at the time. I had been given a ZX81 by a mate and then ‘upgraded’ to a ZX Spectrum … the only things that seemed reasonable to play on these machines were ‘text adventures’ (the arcade games did not appeal) so those became my passion.
                                                                                                ZX Spectrum

                                                                                                Weren’t you afraid of actually competing against bigger software houses?

                                                                                                I am never afraid of a challenge and to be quite honest I never envisaged myself as being in ‘competition’ with anybody. The whole idea of the project was simply to get MY games out to the general public. Things just got out of hand a touch and grew far bigger than I ever imagined.

                                                                                                You’ve created a fair amount of admittedly brilliant, tough, inspired and generally hilarious adventures. Which ones are you favorites? Was there a certain way your games were designed? I mean, really, where did all this inspiration come from?

                                                                                                Of them all, the original ‘Behind Closed Doors’ has to be my favourite, if only for the fact that it was written, tested and finalised in less than 24 hours. However ALL of them are my ‘children’ and just as in real-life I never choose favourites.

                                                                                                How did you come up with those intricate puzzles?

                                                                                                Pinched all the ideas from ‘real-life’ incidents. All it takes is a little imagination and you can convert anything into an ‘adventure-situation’. Alas, I am very lucky to have the kind of mind that can come up with ‘ideas’ without too much thinking… I used to dream them up as I typed them sometimes.

                                                                                                What about them weird names, settings, loading screens and stories?

                                                                                                They are all part of the twisted mind that I have been blessed with… that and the ability to ‘bend’ things to suit. Give me a ‘topic’ and I can generally sit down and just type out a story (complete with characters, plot, descriptions etc) and do all this as I go along. Much in the same way that I am typing out this interview. No preparation, just ‘flying by the seat of my pants’ as my old Dad would say.

                                                                                                Now, as Zenobi published quite a few games from a variety of authors/designers, could you give us some insight as to how this bit actually worked?

                                                                                                Simple… I was unable to produce enough games (personally) to meet the demand, so decided to use the services of other authors to meet the quota. I spread the word I was on the lookout for new games and they just came flooding in.

                                                                                                In retrospect, which would you say were the finest moments in/of Zenobi?

                                                                                                Getting the first game-review published (‘The Boggit’ in PCW), being awarded ‘Mega-game’ status in Your Sinclair and being voted ‘Best Software House’ (the FIRST time).
                                                                                                Atari St

                                                                                                Why stop after the Atari ST games?

                                                                                                It was no longer a viable proposition to produce NEW games for either the ZX Spectrum or the Atari ST . ‘Sales’ were no longer high enough to warrant the financial outlay and I felt that it was stupid to keep squandering my OWN cash on a losing cause.

                                                                                                Any other platforms you developed for?

                                                                                                Not really, though we did produce ’emulations’ of ALL the original ZX Spectrum titles to suit the Commodore Amiga, Mac, PC, Sam Coupe and QL. Not to mention every form there was of the ZX Spectrum… i.e. Plus D, +3, Tape etc.

                                                                                                Oh, and do you still play games? Any thoughts on their current state?

                                                                                                Nope… my real passion has always been music and these days my spare time is spent listening to that. My CD collection numbers in the ‘tens’ of thousands… you can believe that or not!!

                                                                                                Considering there is a strong Spectrum retro scene, a very lively interactive fiction scene and an obvious revival of the adventure genre, well, what does the future hold? More games? A book per-chance?

                                                                                                None of the above. I still write the odd short-tale, but they are either just for my own amusement (and end up in the desk-drawer) or else they get put on the web-site where they bore everybody to death. Though I have promised myself that one day I will bring the ‘Korat’ tale to its eventual conclusion… if only for my own peace of mind

                                                                                                Finally, you do still feel the Zenobi love, don’t you? Mind you, feel free to add anything else you think would be vaguely appropriate and/or titillating.

                                                                                                The ‘Zenobi Love’ .. just what the f*ck is that? Zenobi Software was a part of my life, is still a part of my life and always will be a part of my life – it has nothing to do with ‘love’ it was (and still is) the ‘driving-force’ behind my existence.It was a dark rainy night and Balrog was slumped over a plate of mince & tatties when there was a gentle ‘tap’ on the kitchen door. “Bloody visitors .. and at this time of night as well!” growled Balrog as he flicked the errant pea(s) back on to his plate and shuffled off in the direction of the knock. “John Wilson ?” enquired the chubby-faced gent stood in the pouring rain. “Come in Tam ..” grinned the Balrog and ushered the gent, and his companion, into the warmth of the kitchen. “How do you know me?” asked the gent. “Saw your picture in PCW when you were awarded the prize for completing ‘The Ket Trilogy’ smiled Balrog, flicking on the switch for the kettle and reaching under the worktop for some cups. “Tea or coffee and how many sugars ??”

                                                                                                So it was that ‘Tartan Tam’ encountered the Balrog for the first time … a true story!!”

                                                                                                Sabre: Frag Dolls

                                                                                                Frag Dolls - Ubisoft

                                                                                                Name:  Sabre

                                                                                                Group: Frag Dolls

                                                                                                Company: Ubisoft

                                                                                                Gamer Tag: SabreFD (Xbox Live)

                                                                                                 The Legend of Zelda - A link to the Past

                                                                                                Favorite classic game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

                                                                                                Why?  This was my very first Zelda game, and I feel in love with it as soon as I started playing it. I can remember taking turns playing the game with my dad, and we’d work together to beat the mini-bosses and temples. It was absolutely amazing 😀

                                                                                                [youtube width=”600″ height=”480″][/youtube]

                                                                                                Mario’s Changing Style

                                                                                                Mario KartIf you were lucky enough to have been born in the late 70s or the 80s, chances are you were hit with the video game bug that was gathering up kids by their thousands in arcades and homes across the world. These video games brought with them a host of new characters who would soon become household names: Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and, of course, Mario. The star of the Mario platform video game series and the hugely popular racing series Mario Kart, Mario, is everyone’s favorite stout little Italian-American plumber, but he’s done a lot of changing over the years to get where he is today.

                                                                                                Created by Shigeru Miyamoto whilst he was in the midst of developing the arcade favorite Donkey Kong, Mario was originally known to the designer as Mr Video and Miyamoto had plans to integrate him into every video game he developed. The character picked up his famous name from the warehouse landlord for Nintendo of America, Mario Segale. Segale had been chasing then-president Minoru Arakawa for back rent and as a way of appeasing him they opted to rename Mr Video in Mario Segale’s honor.

                                                                                                Mario’s distinctive look is a product of happenstance more than design. Back in 1981 when he was still Mr Video, Mario was visualized as a carpenter due to the game taking place on a construction site and gave him a large nose as this made his character design more recognizable as a silhouette. When he appeared again in Mario Bros. in 1983, the setting of the game transformed him into a plumber and this, along with his nose, inspired Miyamoto to give Mario roots in New York. The instantly recognizable red overalls, blue shirt and cap all came about due to design issues owing to the limitations of arcade hardware: Mario’s clothing was designed to make him stand-out and contrast against the background, while his cap and mustache were added to get around the problem of having to animate hair, eyebrows and facial expressions.

                                                                                                After his turn on the arcade machines, Mario finally make his first fleshed out, 3D appearance in 1996’s Super Mario 64. From here Mario’s appearance continued to develop and he was given a white and red “M” emblem on his hat, as well as white gloves, and his costume colors reversed to give him blue overalls with a red shirt. This would be Mario’s final form and the one he has gone on to sport ever since.

                                                                                                The rest, as they say, is history and this feisty little plumber has been making that history ever since
                                                                                                his introduction 30 years ago. He may be one of the oldest venerable video game characters around, but he’s still one of its brightest stars.

                                                                                                Captain America & The Avengers

                                                                                                [youtube id=”xGuK8g3XHeQ” width=”633″ height=”356″]

                                                                                                The game itself is fairly short, similar to the X-Men Arcade game, but in our case it was a good thing because we were popping in quarters until the game was finished. As someone lost all his lives, someone else was cranking them in so we could complete it. ~Matt McKee

                                                                                                Captain America & The Avengers

                                                                                                This review is based on the 1991 Data East arcade game involving the Marvel Comics superhero group.

                                                                                                I was always a huge comic book fan, with Captain America being one of my favorites, and by proxy…The Avengers. Combining my love of comics and games, it seems I would like nothing more than to play a superhero-based game. This game is a traditional side-scrolling beat-em-up that alternates between that and some shooting screens, just enough diversity to make things interesting without taking too much away from the arcadey action.


                                                                                                I remember (what I think) was the first time I played it. My older brother was away at college and a buddy and I went to visit him for the weekend. While we were there, the three of us and a friend of my brother (another comic geek) went to the the mall arcade. Now, there were a lot of heroes present; A man saving a woman from a giant monkey, another flying his spaceship defending the Earth, a third eating ghosts…Okay, the last one is not really a “hero”, but the point is there was no one around to stop the Red Skull and his lackeys, and they needed stopping…. ’cause as the great sports hero, Mark McGwire, once said, “Nazis….is bad.”

                                                                                                The game itself is fairly short, similar to the X-Men Arcade game, but in our case it was a good thing because we were popping in quarters until the game was finished. As someone lost all his lives, someone else was cranking them in so we could complete it.

                                                                                                You play as any one of 4 Avengers who have close-up and long-range battle attacks. Captain America slings his mighty shield, Iron Man shoots his repulsor beams, Hawkeye’s bow and arrows, or Vision…with his……visiony-like thing that he does. You’ll fight through lesser villains like Klaw, The Living LaserWhirlwindSentinelsWizard, TheGrim Reaper, The MandarinUltron, and Crossbones. That’s a lot of sweet Marvel-villain action. Fighting through the levels, you will gain assistance from hero friends like NamorWonder Man, and the Wasp, who will drop power-ups, health, and give you moral support.

                                                                                                Graphically, everybody is bright and comic-book perfect. Even when there’s a lot of action going on at once, there’s no slowdown and it easy to see what’s going on amongst the chaos. Some fun, loud, energetic music accompanies the heroes throughout the mission, and is a welcome addition.

                                                                                                The plot of the game is pretty unimportant sadly, but all you need to know is Red Skull is a bad guy, so give me someone to hit.

                                                                                                Although this game is known for the crazy English translations (you have to play it to appreciate it), it’s truly a fun beat-em-up with 4 people using superpowers, and that’ll always get a thumbs-up in my book. I also owned the Sega Genesisversion, and played that to death…a very fine port. But, if you have a chance to play this on MAME, you won’t be disappointed.

                                                                                                Censored Cartoons


                                                                                                So this video is a parody. It takes several scenes from cartoons and cartoon movies and bleeps part of the dialog. Now there is nothing bad actually being said, but if you list and have a sick twisted mind like we do you can fill in the blanks and all in all it is pretty funny. Honestly, the best is at the very end.


                                                                                                Uploaded by on Oct 11, 2009

                                                                                                This is the Censored Cartoons video that I had on my old channel before it got banned. Surprisingly, this one never got removed.

                                                                                                This was originally made on January 20, 2008. I don’t remember the day it was originally uploaded, though. It couldn’t have been long after. It was probably the same day, actually.

                                                                                                This was originally made as a response to Zigzad4ever’s “Random Cartoons Cesored” series, but for whatever reason, he never accepted it as a video response.

                                                                                                Pixxel: Frag Dolls

                                                                                                Frag Dolls - Ubisoft

                                                                                                Name:  Pixxel

                                                                                                Group: Frag Dolls

                                                                                                Company: Ubisoft

                                                                                                Super Mario World - Title Screen

                                                                                                Favorite Classic Game: Super Mario World

                                                                                                Quote: Super Mario World was my introduction into gaming. When I was about four years young, my mom purchased a SNES and this was my very first game for it. She would play this game with me for what seemed like hours on end and I feel like it really bonded us.

                                                                                                [youtube width=”600″ height=”480″][/youtube]

                                                                                                Top Ten: TurboGrafx-16 HuCard Games


                                                                                                When gamers look back at the heyday of the Genesis/NES wars, NEC’s TurboGrafx-16 is often overlooked.  That’s a darn shame – as big a shame today as it was back in the 1990s, as the TurboGrafx video game system had some quality games that are still fun to play today.  Just for kicks and giggles, here are what I consider the Top 10 huCard (in no particular order) games for this forgotten system.  One more caveat: the CD games aren’t on this list – they’re for another day!

                                                                                                Bonk’s Adventure / Bonk’s Revenge / Bonk 3

                                                                                                bonks adventure
                                                                                                What can you say about this classic game of caveman versus his world.  How can you not like a character that gains enormous health and power from eating giant, meaty bones or who dispatches his enemies by smacking them with his granite-like head?  I’ll always like the first game the best simply due to its original charm, but the others in the series were gold, too, so they’ve been bunched together as some of the best games ever for the T-16 system!


                                                                                                Blazing Lazers

                                                                                                blazing lazers
                                                                                                How about a game that filled the screen with non-stop arcade action – alien ships coming in wave after wave of attack runs, but dropping just the right kind of power-ups to keep your thumbs mashing the pad until defeating each level boss and getting a breather?  Yeah, that’s what I thought, too.  Blazing Lazers was AWESOME.


                                                                                                Neutopia / Neutopia II

                                                                                                Wait a minute – is this game a Zelda game or not?  Well, it sure played like Zelda, even if it just “borrowed” elements of the classic NES series.  Jazeta strapped on his sword and shield and searched for the eight Medallions that would spell defeat for Dirth, the wizard with a bad attitude.  Charge up the Fire Wand and help Link Jazeta burn his way to success!


                                                                                                Military Madness

                                                                                                military madness
                                                                                                Tell me again why we’re fighting the Axis-Xenon scum for the right to control the Moon?  Who cares – this was a turn-based strategy wargame for a console system…and it didn’t suck!  The game’s victory music still pops unbidden into my thoughts (atmostly appropriate times).


                                                                                                Alien Crush / Devil’s Crush

                                                                                                alien crush
                                                                                                I never thought I’d sit in front of my television and play a pinball game for hours, but that was before Alien Crush showed me what a good pinball game looked like.  And Devil’s Crush upped the ante even more.  Great graphics, speed, table feel…these were some great pinball games.



                                                                                                Who wants to play a five-player TurboGrafx-16 game and blow up all your friends?  If you had a TurboTap and enough TurboPads, this game was the ultimate multi-player game for the T-16 system.  Of course, if you had NO friends, the game had a decent single-player mode, too, which, considering many gamers in the 90s didn’t see the sun until the Millennium Bug scared them into going outside to forage for supplies, was a good thing.  By the way, if you had two TurboExpress handheld systems you could link them and play head-to-head.



                                                                                                Did you ever want to put on a hockey mask, pick up a weapon, and lay a beating down on the hapless evil denizens of a haunted house?  Don’t worry about your psyche, so did everyone else.  Lots of gore (not as much as the Japanese version, though) made this a controversial game and gave it a cult following even before its release.



                                                                                                Another super RPG for the TurboGrafx-16, Cadash gave the player the opportunity to play a fighter (heavily armoured and packing a mean damage rating), a mage (with magical firepower), a priestess (a decent fighter who can heal herself), or a ninja (a FAST little guy with the ability to reign death by shuriken from afar or use a spread fire ability to burn enemies to ash).  The game had plenty of Zelda II elements (shades of Neutopia!), and remains a T16 collector favorite to this day.


                                                                                                Dungeon Explorer

                                                                                                dungeon explorer
                                                                                                Long before there were MORPGs letting gamers explore virtual fantasy worlds together, your choices for multiplayer RPG action were slim. Until Dungeon Explorer arrived, that is, with the ability to play with up to four more of your friends (using the TurboTap).  You could even save your progress with a password save game feature!


                                                                                                The Legendary Axe

                                                                                                legendary axe
                                                                                                This game was hard.  And I know I wasn’t alone in thinking this when it came out.  It was also a visual/audio masterpiece that garnered a Video Game of the Year honor from VideoGames & Computer Entertainment.  A game that redefines an entire genre (the platform sidescroller) deserves to be on any TurboGrafx-16 Top Ten list!


                                                                                                Honorable mentionJ.J. & Jeff

                                                                                                OK, I played Leisure Suit Larry when it came out, and loved the infantile humor, but up to J.J. & Jeff, I never saw a steaming pile of defecation in a video game before.  Although the North American version of this game was much tamer than the Japanese version (no public urination, for example), it still had some punch to shock and titillate the North American puritan audience.


                                                                                                Have a different Top Ten TurboGrafx-16 list?  Leave a comment with your favorites – and don’t forget to say why!

                                                                                                Spectra: Frag Dolls


                                                                                                Name:  Spectra

                                                                                                Group: Frag Dolls

                                                                                                Company: Ubisoft

                                                                                                dr. mario

                                                                                                Favorite Classic Game: Dr. Mario

                                                                                                Why is it my favorite: Because I was really really good at it. It was my very first video game addiction. I played it so much that when I closed my eyes at night I would see little pills falling. No other video games at the time appealed to me like this one did. It was the only game I was interested in playing. I played it over and over. I love Dr. Mario.


                                                                                                Tengen Tetris


                                                                                                Tengen Tetris

                                                                                                Yes it’s finally back, another retro game of the week entry! Yay…horray….OK..seriously, this week we are going to look at a wonderful game full of magic and adventure(aren’t most games full of that and then some?) And of course tell you why you should check it out. After Gimmick! you had to think of more titles that made the NES a classic and which one made you think of the NES the most? Probably a game that wasn’t around for a while, Tengen Tetris. This game is very unique in a couple of ways. This version of Tetris is actually a lot better than the official Nintendo release. The game was only released for a short time so there are fewer copies than the millions of official Tetris copies out there. Did I mention it’s two players? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

                                                                                                tengen tetris

                                                                                                If you want to play a good Tetris game for your old 8 bit friend then Tengen Tetris FTW! So there is not much to say….there are so many other Tetris games for multiple platforms, it’s the phenomenom that will never die but as far as the NES, This is a winner.

                                                                                                Check out this episode of Play Value as it talks about the history of Tetris!

                                                                                                [youtube width=”600″ height=”480″][/youtube]

                                                                                                Gamer Profile: Johnathan “Fatal1ty”Wendel

                                                                                                [youtube id=”q9e_w_CYrrk” width=”633″ height=”356″]

                                                                                                The game was the most brutal head to head skilled game. ~Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel


                                                                                                Favorite Classic Game: Mortal Kombat

                                                                                                The Interview

                                                                                                Tell us about your early days of gaming. What was your first video game experience?

                                                                                                First video game experience was playing games like Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC and some Ikari Warriors on the Nintendo.  I did mess around with Atari, but I never owned one.  Mostly played it when I went to friends’ houses, etc.

                                                                                                At what point did you realize you had the talent and want to become a professional gamer?

                                                                                                I guess when I was 18. One of my good friends, Eric Paik, who was a pro gamer and traveled a lot, told me I was very talented and should definitely go to a tournament.  You will win money for sure!  So I saved up about $500 and went off to Dallas, TX and won a qualifier and took 3rd at my very first pro tournament winning $4,550.

                                                                                                Johnathan Wendel -Fatal1ty

                                                                                                So your first professional match was playing Quake 3, what was it like your first time playing competitively? 

                                                                                                Exhilarating!  I was amp’ed every second and wanted to play to my full potential.  It was a do or die experience for my gaming career as I was putting all my money on the line.

                                                                                                Tell us about how you train and prepare for tournaments?

                                                                                                Play about 8 hours a day in the virtual world working on my movement, timing, strategies, fighting skills and hearing the sounds of the game.  I want to be so knowledgeable about the game that if I hear a pin drop or an item picked up from anywhere on the map, I know exactly where my opponent is at all times and where he could be in the next 5 seconds.  Predicting your opponent’s moves is very important.

                                                                                                Personally, what differences do you notice between playing in a tournament solo versus with your team?

                                                                                                I’ve done both extremely heavily but I feel, in a solo environment, you can only blame yourself if you lose.  When you win, you know you won and when you lose, you know you lost.  I enjoy it the best, when the game is in my hands to win or lose.

                                                                                                Johnathan Wendel -Fatal1ty - Motherboard

                                                                                                Tell us about a day in the life when you were actively entering tournaments?

                                                                                                My routine was to play 4 hours, go run 2-3 miles, have lunch, play another 2 hours, relax and play another 2 hours before 4 AM so I could wake up and repeat it the next day.

                                                                                                Many people still don’t understand professional gamers, are there any myths or stereotypes you would want to address?

                                                                                                Most professional gamers are actually in shape and have a pretty good social life in their virtual and real life.  We mostly come from some other competitive sports that we played forever as kids and we’re able to use our skills of hand eye coordination and out thinking our opponents just like we do in our traditional sports.

                                                                                                Which game did you like competing in the most?

                                                                                                PainkilleR was a great game to play because we had a full season where we traveled for almost 18 months, continuously playing all over the world and winning loads of money.  It was also the biggest payday of my career in competitive gaming, taking home $150,000 for the World Tour Finals in NYC.

                                                                                                Johnathan Wendel -Fatal1ty

                                                                                                Do you still have people trying to challenge you to this day?

                                                                                                Yes, I actually go on tour promoting my products to distributors and buyers in different regions of the world, and I do exhibition/show matches for the crowd/press at these events.

                                                                                                What made you want to start Fatal1ty Inc?

                                                                                                I wanted to create a brand that a gamer who lived in the battlefield understood what competitive gamers wanted and needed in order to experience their game at the highest level.  When people shop at the store or online, I want them to know that when they buy a Fatal1ty product, they’re buying a Gaming product.

                                                                                                Thanks for the interview and game on,

                                                                                                -Johnathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel

                                                                                                Be sure to check out our other celebrity gamer profiles.

                                                                                                Yung Humma ft Flynt Flossy – Lemme Smang It

                                                                                                Here is an awesome rap video I just found. I thought I was watching Tim and Eric because of the production value. The lyrics are great though! These guys are geniuses! Who needs a budget to make a perfect rap video???


                                                                                                Mmmmmm, Hmmmmm (Ay) Hhmmmmm (Tummiscratch beat)

                                                                                                [Verse 1: Yung Humma]
                                                                                                Hey, little lady how you feelin’?
                                                                                                It’s Humma-Boo at the crib just chillin’
                                                                                                Tryin’ to figure out what I’m gonna do today
                                                                                                How about you throw on somethin’ sexy and come my way?
                                                                                                I got a truth for you, man you gonna like it
                                                                                                I hear those giggles: go ahead and get excited
                                                                                                You say in the bed that your man is a lame guy
                                                                                                Havin’ sex with him is just like watching paint dry
                                                                                                Daaaayymn, I really hope that that ain’t true
                                                                                                But if it is, here’s what I’m gonna do for you:
                                                                                                And when you get here, I’m not just gonna Bang it
                                                                                                I’mma smash it too, so let’s just say I’m gonna “Smang” It

                                                                                                Lemme Smang it girl (Smash it and Bang It)

                                                                                                [Verse 2: Yung Humma]
                                                                                                The way I work that kitty gonna make your heart sang
                                                                                                Now are you ready baby then let’s get crazy
                                                                                                I hope your muscles warmed up, you caaan’t be lazy (Get loose)
                                                                                                This is what I like to call “Smash Bang fusion”
                                                                                                Gotta focus, mama don’t wanna get a “Cooch Contusion”
                                                                                                I like to mix it up, I like to do stuff;
                                                                                                I like to start slow and then I beat it up
                                                                                                You should be cautious, don’t be scary
                                                                                                I’ma have you lookin’ like a Wild Thornberry
                                                                                                The locals got you dry
                                                                                                Well let me be your tourist;
                                                                                                I’ll leave your body feeling like a rainforest
                                                                                                (Drip drip) so let’s get it poppin’. Tell me can you hang?
                                                                                                Now lemme smang it, baby: Smash it and Bang


                                                                                                [Verse 3: Eff dot Floss]
                                                                                                Flynt Flossy, known across the Nation
                                                                                                Smash & Bang is my favorite combination
                                                                                                Kiss you to your toes till you get that sensation
                                                                                                It’s a love scene, baby, with no communication. (Baby!)
                                                                                                Got mine’s off, now to the next location (baby!)
                                                                                                I need inspiration, your mouth fixation
                                                                                                Smangin’ them drawers is my life’s aspiration
                                                                                                Eff dot Floss loves ladies and relations (Love it!)
                                                                                                Call me Marathon, my Jimmy run long
                                                                                                Call me Schwarzenegger, my sex game strong
                                                                                                I smang it Tarantino, From Dusk till Dawn
                                                                                                I smang it everywhere from the bed to the lawn

                                                                                                Check out more of their music here on the Turquoise Jeep website. We’re serious!

                                                                                                Yung Humma ft Flynt Flossy Lemme Smang It

                                                                                                What are the best-selling video game consoles of all time?


                                                                                                With the holiday season upon us, it appears each modern-day video game console is primed to do more big numbers.  While this is nothing new to video gaming throughout most of the past three decades, the sheer numbers are telling of just how much the industry has grown and how much more it may grow before it levels off.

                                                                                                The original “must have” game console was the Atari Video Computer System, later called the Atari 2600.  While it didn’t catch on right away, the 2600 was the clear sales leader of the early generations, selling around 30 million units in it’s lifetime, six times more than competing consolesIntellivision and ColecoVision sold combined.

                                                                                                Even with such numbers, however, the lifetime figures of Atari’s classic console have been beaten many times over.  While 1996’s Nintendo 64 failed to catch on like retailers had hoped, it still managed to outsell the 2600 in the end my almost 3 million units.  Nonetheless, it was tagged a failure by Nintendo compared to previous consoles.


                                                                                                The biggest Nintendo console for some time was theNintendo Entertainment System, which moved almost 62 million consoles in it’s lifetime, saving the video game industry in North America.  Only recently did Nintendo manage to defeat it’s own sales record with the Nintendo Wii, which has now hit the 90 million unit mark.

                                                                                                The NES may come down the lifetime charts by the end of some other console runs, however.  The XBox 360 is nearing the 58 million unit mark with Sony’s PlayStation 3 not far behind it with over 55 million units sold as of this writing.

                                                                                                Even though it is in last place in the current console generation, the PlayStation 3 may still reach the top five selling consoles of all time by the end of it’s run, giving Sony three of the best selling consoles ever.  The PlayStation 2rules the roost with a whopping 153.5 million units sold, a mark that beat Sony’s own record with the originalPlayStation, which shipped over 102 million consoles.

                                                                                                While this article isn’t including handhelds it is interesting to note that the Nintendo DS has sold 149 million units (not including the 3DS model), a number that means it’s already trumped the unreal sales numbers of the original GameBoyhandhelds that had ruled the market for over a decade.


                                                                                                Here is a list of the top selling consoles of all time, according to Wikipedia.  Where do your favorite systems rank?

                                                                                                1.  Sony PlayStation 2 (2000) – 153.5 million

                                                                                                2.  Sony PlayStation (1994) – 102.49 million

                                                                                                3.  Nintendo Wii (2006) – 89.36 million *

                                                                                                4.  Nintendo Entertainment System (1985) – 61.91 million

                                                                                                5.  Microsoft XBox 360 (2005) – 57.6 million *

                                                                                                6.  Sony PlayStation 3 (2006) – 55.5 million *

                                                                                                7.  Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1990) – 49.10 million

                                                                                                8.  Sega Genesis (1988) – 39 million

                                                                                                9.  Nintendo 64 (1996) – 32.93 million

                                                                                                10. Atari VCS/2600 (1977) – 30 million

                                                                                                11. Microsoft XBox (2001) – 24 million

                                                                                                12. Nintendo GameCube (2001) – 21.74 million

                                                                                                13. Sega Dreamcast (1998) – 10.6 million

                                                                                                14. NEC TurboGrafx-16 (1987) – 10 million

                                                                                                15. Sega Saturn (1994) – 9.5 million

                                                                                                * = Console still in production as of press time.

                                                                                                OMG Shoes

                                                                                                Today we have for you Shoes by Kelly (Liam Kyle Sullivan), a classic video from the internet.

                                                                                                The video shows a realistic portrayal of a girl’s obsession with shoe collecting versus the weight of social pressures such as parents and hipster store keepers.

                                                                                                omg shoes

                                                                                                From the video’s description:
                                                                                                “This is the story about a girl who is going to get what she wants, no matter what. She may not be the prettiest girl on the block. She may be a bit overweight. She may be completely deranged. And even though haters pop up left and right, she doesn’t let them drag her down. I hope that we can all draw inspiration from that strength of spirit; to look beyond our own flaws and see that anything is possible. Thanks for watching, and I hope you check out some of my other videos too.”

                                                                                                You can check out the rest of Liam Kyle Sullivan’s stuff here on his personal website

                                                                                                Super Mario World

                                                                                                Super Mario World - SNES - Box

                                                                                                There’s no doubt that the Mario series is one of the greatest runs in the history of gaming, and no doubt thatSuper Mario World is near the top (if not THE top) of the list. Here is where I give you my opinion. Let me tell you why I’m a bit odd…

                                                                                                I had mentioned during a Sonic review that I preferred that series over Mario. I understand that I’m in the minority, but let me explain…I’ve always preferred my games a bit linear. I like having a goal. I like going from point A to point B to complete that goal. The thing that drives me crazy about the Mario games is that there is so many hidden things, so many warps, so many crazy-ass things going on at the same time, that I sometimes forget why I was playing in the first place…the GOAL. I don’t care about capturing every coin, or every power-up, or finding every secret entrance…I just want to grab that princess and tickle Bowser with my moustache. …or was that the other way around? I just wanted to make myself clear.

                                                                                                Super Mario World - SNES - Map

                                                                                                Anyway, the first thing I wanted to add was…I had fun. I had a lot of fun. There were a couple of times I got stuck and had to hit YouTube for the walkthrough, but …what the hell.

                                                                                                The game starts with the princess getting captured again…which is ridiculous, but these games aren’t known for their clever storylines. Bowser is back with his little minion-creatures, and you have to stop them. Luckily, your brother can help (if you play co-op), and you have a new buddy named Yoshi, who is kind of a cute, lizardy/dino thingy that eats constantly…including most of the bad guys. You can (and will) ride him like a horse, although I personally didn’t have much need for him as long as I had cooler power-ups (more on them later).

                                                                                                Super Mario World - SNES - Gameplay Screenshot- 3

                                                                                                The graphics were the first thing I noticed, where I could tell a huge difference between the NES andSNES processors. The basic look of characters and backgrounds were mimicked from SMB3, but a nice upgrade with the brighter colors. Didn’t look too cartoony, which I thought may be a problem for me. I know this was an early title for the SNES, but was damned impressed with the varied look of the backgrounds, and how smoothly everything ran.

                                                                                                The classic Mario music was all here…light and bubbly for the most part. Very cutesy and expected for the game. It was mixed up for different stages and “boss” fights, the tone changed when necessary…just enough to notice and appreciate, but not distracting.

                                                                                                The sound effects were fun and funny, again expected. Nothing that really jumped out at me…just typical Mario stuff. Jumping, grabbing coins, etc..

                                                                                                The controls were solid, although it can be difficult trying the “combo” buttons like flying (and hold flight). Mario moved fluidly, sometimes a little too fast, but that’s more my problem. Overall, very nice.

                                                                                                Super Mario World - SNES - Gameplay Screenshot- 4

                                                                                                Back to the gameplay, the map system is still present, very similar to SMB3. Complete a level, and a pathway appears for you to travel to the next area. All pretty simple, although there were some hidden areas that needed accessing for pass-through. This is why I needed YouTube. I don’t mind secret areas if they are “bonuses”, but usually frown upon them if they are necessary. Nothing more frustrating to me than completing a level, then finding out I have to redo the level because there was some ordinary block that I was supposed to hit, which will open a secret room, which will give me some key to open another path. Again, I know most people love that stuff, but it irritates the hell out of me. If I’m playing a Tomb Raider game, I don’t want to escape a temple, fly to Rome, complete half that level, then be told the key to the underground tomb is under a rock back in the flippin temple…got it? Having ranted that, this game didn’t nearly have as much of that nonsense as I expected, and (to me) nowhere near as much as some other Mario and Zelda games.

                                                                                                [youtube width=”600″ height=”480″][/youtube]

                                                                                                I will say the overall challenge of the game was not very high (which I liked), not including my cheating. CHALLENGE, I like. Frustratingly impossible, I don’t. I was grabbing power-ups like they were going out of style, and I found an area or two where I could farm the crap out of 1-ups. Not cheating exactly, but I wanted to make sure I could complete the game. Most levels were pretty easy to get through, and the replay value (for most people) is extremely high because of the countless secrets.

                                                                                                The bosses were ridiculously easy, just bounce on their heads a couple of times…and there you go. Not really a challenge.

                                                                                                Mario could get super, ride a dinosaur, swim, fly with a magic cape, spin-kick some dudes…all good fun. I really did enjoy the hell out of this game, and the imagination that goes into developing something like this should always be held in the highest regard, even if you’re not a fan of cute platformers (which I am).

                                                                                                I also found myself highly addicted to completing the game, which is the highest compliment I can give. I certainly never got bored with it, or probably ever would. Maybe I’ll get back to it someday and try to find those many secrets I passed up…the game does have save features after all.

                                                                                                Overall, I give it a 9/10. In most people’s eyes this is a perfect game, and it is great. But, the game was either too easy or too difficult, depending on the level or if the “hidden area“ NEEDED accessing. That balance was just wacky. But, it was fun…and that’s usually all I ask out of a game.


                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2 Ep 1: Hitler vs Darth Vader 2

                                                                                                Moving on to Season 2 of Epic Rap Battles of History, back by popular demand we have Hitler vs Darth Vader.

                                                                                                Now although I think Hitler beats him rapping this time, Darth Vader does kill him with a Deus Ex Machina. Props go to Stephen Hawking for his special cameo.

                                                                                                Remember if you want to watch more Epic Rap Battles of History you can see them from now on in their own youtube channel.

                                                                                                And Darth Vader says… Yahtzee!

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History Darth Vader Yahtzee

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History Season 1

                                                                                                Of all the crazy series of videos that get posted on youtube, Epic Rap Battles of History are probably the craziest, funniest on there. Epic Rap Battles of History is made by NicePeter and his friends (EpicLLOYD, etc.) and all of the videos each have millions of views. Because the rap battles have grown in popularity so much they have dwarfed all the activities of NicePeter’s channel, so he created a unique channel on youtube just for the rap battles. As a result of that, all the old rap battles have been classified as Season 1 and all the new ones will be Season 2 and up in this youtube channel.

                                                                                                Let’s celebrate this achievement by watching all of Season 1 of Epic Rap Battles of History together:

                                                                                                If you want to see them individually here they are below, one by one:

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 1: John Lennon vs Bill O’Reilly

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 2: Darth Vader vs Hitler

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 3: Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 4: Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 5: Hulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-il

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 6: Justin Bieber vs Beethoven

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 7: Einstein vs Stephen Hawking

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 8: Genghis Khan vs Easter Bunny

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 9: Napoleon vs Napoleon

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 10: Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 11: Gandalf vs Dumbledore

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 12: Dr Seuss vs Shakespeare

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 13: Mr T vs Mr Rogers

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 14: Columbus vs Captain Kirk

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History 15 – The Final Battle: Nice Peter vs EpicLLOYD

                                                                                                And remember kids… Dr Seuss is watching you… (he looks like a rapist, and not the cool kind)

                                                                                                Epic Rap Battles of History Dr Seuss

                                                                                                The Interview: Agustin Cordes

                                                                                                Successful independently produced adventures are a truly rare breed, whereas successfully independently produced quality horror adventures are way rarer than a particularly rare thing. Meet then Agustin Cordes, creator of such a rarity, who was responsible (among other stuff) for the splendid Scratches and Scratches Director’s Cut adventure games, and currently runs the excellent and definitely eclectic Slightly Derangedblog. Oh, and as this is quite obviously an interview with the man, it will also let you find out some juicy bits about his forthcoming projects. Tasty, eh?

                                                                                                1.So, Agustin, care to intorduce yourself to the Obsolete Gamer crowd and let ’em know a bit about you and your creations; besides Scratches that is?

                                                                                                Hello little creature of the forest! Oh you know, I’m just a guy who’s hopelessly in love with the past, especially vintage games. I’m like one of those old people who always remind us of just how better things were back in their times, except for the old part that is. My creations can be counted with the tentacles of my left arm, but they’re still worthwhile: there’s Scratches indeed, and we’ll get to that soon, but there’s also Risk Profile, an educational and very fun adventure which is only available in Spanish, a quirky little interactive fiction I wrote many years ago called Valpurgius And I and of course Slightly Deranged, my recent blog about cult movies and games.
                                                                                                .2.Excellent. But, let’s get back to Scratches now, as it is one of the best horror adventures I’ve ever played. How did you first decide to start working on it? What was your inspiration and what were you trying to achieve?
                                                                                                I’m glad to hear you liked Scratches! I’ve always fancied developing an adventure game ever since I tried King’s Quest when I was a small brat. The real decision to start working on such a project came many years later after seeing the impressive achievement of Dark Fall, in my eyes the real beginning of the indie movement (yes, not only adventures but gaming in general). I thought, “Hey someone actually pulled this one off” and decided to give it a shot. It’s been one hell of a ride since then! The inspiration behind Scratches came from countless of vintage horror films, especially from the Hammer era, although two movies in particular stand out:
                                                                                                House Of The Long Shadows, an overlooked little gem with Lee, Cushing and Price, and House By The Cementery by the one and only Lucio Fulci. In fact, you can blame Fulci for my obsession with basements. Of course, H.P. Lovecraft is my ultimate inspiration -with Scratches I wanted to mimic that mood of 70’s horror films and particularly the notion of playing a Lovecraft story, who I think remains the master of literary atmosphere and subtlety. The ending of Scratches(which many found unsatisfying) was pure Lovecraftian in nature in a sense of facing that ultimate horror and coming to a sudden halt.


                                                                                                3.Did you epxect its success? Did you believe a horror adventure game could be succesful or were you mostly indulging yourself?

                                                                                                Hell no! Scratches was always supposed to be a quaint adventure game for a very specific audience. It was designed to be challenging and please hardcore adventure gamers in the first place. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined so many people enjoying the game; even brand newcomers to the adventure genre.

                                                                                                4.Are there any interesting facts from the game’s development you’d like to share?

                                                                                                Well yes, sort of. As you may recall, the game was first announced with a small playable teaser that featured a “slideshow” style. Shortly after, Cellar Of Rats came onboard the project and was the first to suggest the possibility of updating the gameplay to the 360 panoramic panning. Given that the first teaser got such a great reception, I thought that upping the ante would be a wise move and went to develop the panoramic format. The game looked great with it! In the end it was a good decision, but back then we decided to launch a second teaser featuring this new improvement. We figured that, since the first teaser became a hit of sorts, this one would blow everyone’s minds. Funnily enough, the new teaser wasn’t that hot and some even questioned the change! It’s a really strange world out there…

                                                                                                Scratches directors cut

                                                                                                5.What about Scratches: The Director’s Cut? It was a pretty unique decision in our world of PC gaming.

                                                                                                Do you think so? I believe there have been similar “upgrades” in the past. The success of Scratches was huge and people wanted more, but there wasn’t any sequel planned, so it seemed like a good idea to give them some more of Scratches. Furthermore, the new release was bound to attract the attention of gamers who were on the fence about buying the first game or maybe missed it.

                                                                                                6.How did you decide what to improve for the Director’s Cut? Was it the feedback? Where there choices that were only made possible after the first version of Scratches brought in some cash?

                                                                                                Some was feedback by fans, yes, particularly regarding the controls. The new scheme with a fixed camera was so much better and granted more dynamism to the game. Other things were left unsaid the first time and came back as comments from Michael, especially the journal feature. And of course, The Last Visit was intended to show what happened after that enigmatic ending and provide a few more answers. Last, but not least, the entire graphics were revamped to support a higher resolution, one of the biggest complains about the first version. All in all the additions were worthwhile but I would have wanted to make the Director’s Cut even bigger with more features, most importantly a commentary track that would have given players plenty of behind the scenes details as they explored the house.

                                                                                                7.And, well, how have you been keeping yourself busy after Scratches?

                                                                                                After Scratches Nucleosys became involved in this huge project in Argentina called Risk Profile, an educational adventure commissioned by the government of Buenos Aires. It was quite surprising to say the least, I mean, an actual government supporting adventure games! And they even brought references such as Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion to the table. The project lasted about 18 months and was pretty hectic. The game was very large (over 50 characters to interact with and 80 lush background scenes) and ideally would have required 24 months for a much less stressful development.


                                                                                                8.Care to describe Risk Profile a bit?

                                                                                                Sure, the style of the game is reminiscent of Runaway, but it is far more lighthearted. Keep in mind it was intended for kids between 9 and 16 years. The idea behind the game was to teach youngsters what are taxes for, lessons in morality and what it’s like being a good citizen. It probably sounds utterly boring, but the actual game was great fun and even adults loved it! There are 12 lengthy missions ranging from auditing a dubious software company to investigating a mine apparently haunted by ghosts a la Scooby Doo. I was given nearly complete freedom with the script and included lots of jokes although many of them would probably get lost in translation.

                                                                                                For instance, there’s a sequence where the protagonist (Martina) has to mix a beer for a loser hanging out in the street to get some crucial information, so the player has to pick a dumped half-eaten box of cereals, put them inside a running car engine and get the resulting liquid from the exhaust pipe. Needless to say, the bum loves the revolutionary taste. There are also some great cutscenes between missions where two news reporters inform players about the outcome of Martina’s achievements. These segments get more and more bizarre as the game progresses though and at one point the anchorman warns people about a giant Lovecraftian creature invading the city while you can see behind him huge tentacles hugging a skyscraper. I still can’t believe they allowed me to get away with that!

                                                                                                9.Any chances of it reaching an English speaking audience in some form or another?

                                                                                                Unfortunately I’m not sure, though I would certainly love to bring the game to a bigger audience. I think it would be highly entertaining, even to hardcore adventure gamers looking for something different. There has been some interest about translating the game, but I can’t really say it will happen.

                                                                                                10.So, what have you been doing lately?

                                                                                                You already know about Slightly Deranged, a project I had been toying with for a few years. These hobbies can get extremely time-consuming so I’m always in awe when I find remarkable sites such as Gnome’s Lair and many others, managed by a small group of people or even one person. The dedication you show is enviable and the internet just wouldn’t be the same without you!

                                                                                                Besides working on Slightly Deranged, I’m preparing the imminent announcement and website of my new company, Senscape Interactive. Hey, that’s a scoop!

                                                                                                11.Any plans on new games? What does the future hold?

                                                                                                Yes, many plans as usual, but one thing at a time. I’m working with a new team on an exciting adventure game, definitely a dream come true for fans of Scratches. And what’s even better, this game has been secretly in development for a while so you won’t have to wait that long to play it. Believe me when I tell you this is going to be one scary and unforgettable experience! In fact, we’ll be referring to this game as “Unnamable Project” until it’s officially announced.

                                                                                                Now wait a minute… those have been TWO scoops! I guess you caught me in a good mood today. Thank you again for giving me this great opportunity to chat and I wish you the very best with Gnome’s Lair!

                                                                                                Thank you, and please stop making me blush! Can’t wait for more of your games, mind…

                                                                                                Master The Internet

                                                                                                Remember when the Internet was brand new, when people were just leaving BBSes, if you even know what those are. A lot news stations made special reports trying to teach people about the Information Superhighway (man, I feel old to even know that term). Well, a lot more people were trying to teach people how to use Internet when it was brand new.

                                                                                                Check out this ridiculous video… Figure out of it’s real or not…

                                                                                                This video makes me think of Mosaic, Netscape, CompuServe, AOL, AIM, newsgroups, 5.25″ floppy disks, 3.5″ floppy disks, dial up modems, VHS tapes, Windows 95, Microsoft Plus!, Microsoft Bob, ASL, FTP, etc.

                                                                                                Remember, you can use the internet for:
                                                                                                – Sports scores
                                                                                                – Chatting with women
                                                                                                – Taxes
                                                                                                – Football scores
                                                                                                – Chatting with men … about football
                                                                                                – Egyptian literature
                                                                                                – Sending electronic M

                                                                                                According to the video, the capital of Dallas is … 73 degrees with a low of 42?

                                                                                                How many videos do you want? All of them?! (hangs up)

                                                                                                Oh, remember, nobody makes money on the internet.

                                                                                                master the internet

                                                                                                Retro Games Roundup: Nintendo Legend Reviews #1-5

                                                                                                Welcome to Retro Games Roundup, where we go back through Nintendo Legend’s library of NES reviews and go over them five games at a time, providing a summarized report of the titles and disseminating a lot of information into a more condensed, casual format.

                                                                                                1. Super Mario Bros.


                                                                                                Rating: 5/5 Stars
                                                                                                Blog: Here.
                                                                                                Review: There.

                                                                                                Commentary: The original, the killer app, the world-changer – given the max score of five stars for its tight design, revolutionary vision, imaginative elements, and iconic brand. Could there have been any other choice for the first review? Maybe, but this starts things off right, with a game still enjoyed today, even in competitive arenas such as speed running.

                                                                                                2. Spot The Video Game


                                                                                                Rating: 2.5/5 Stars
                                                                                                Blog: Here.
                                                                                                Review: There.
                                                                                                Let’s Play Video: Where.

                                                                                                Commentary: A quirky, distinctive board game video game that actually stars a licensed character: Spot, the old red-dot-with-shades mascot of the 7-Up beverage. Offers support for up to four human players and a surprising amount of tactical depth; but, ultimately, little else, best for niche fans of the genre or those looking for an offbeat challenge.

                                                                                                3. Captain Skyhawk

                                                                                                Captain Skyhawk

                                                                                                Rating: 3/5 Stars
                                                                                                Blog: Here.
                                                                                                Review: There.

                                                                                                Commentary: A sci-fi shoot-‘em-up with both isometric overhead missions and from-behind dogfights, offers a rich visual along with challenging gameplay as the stages progress. An invincibility code may be required to beat it, but ultimately stands as a decent, if not spectacular, foray into level-by-level scrolling shooters.

                                                                                                4. Racket Attack

                                                                                                Racket Attack

                                                                                                Rating: 2/5 Stars
                                                                                                Blog: Here.
                                                                                                Review: There.

                                                                                                Commentary: A fairly bland sports genre title, left with the challenge of how to appeal to anyone but tennis fans; and, for the tennis fans, how to satisfy their standards. One interesting note, though, is the timing mechanic used to control shot placement, a scheme perfectly prescient of Wii Sports.

                                                                                                5. Demon Sword

                                                                                                Demon Sword

                                                                                                Rating: 4/5 Stars
                                                                                                Blog: Here.
                                                                                                Review: There.

                                                                                                Commentary: Legend Of Kage’s soulmate cartridge and one of those love-or-hate games that some people “get” and some, well, do not. Nintendo Legend seems to like it, emphasizing its high-flying action best expressed in the intensely gravity-defying leaps across the screen, the quick-reflex difficulty of oncoming enemies, and the solid stage progression throughout. Apt movie companion: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

                                                                                                Bonus Review: Check out Questicle’s reverent, insightful take of the NES classic epic Castlevania.

                                                                                                Eric Bailey is a retro gamer on a crazy quest to write a quality review for every single American-released NES video game over at

                                                                                                Knights of Badassdom Trailer

                                                                                                These days we see LARPing, Ren Fairs, and cosplay getting more popular as well as showns like Game of Thrones, Spartacus, and Community. Imagine mixing all that and you’d get something like this movie, Knights of Badassdom. Check out the trailer here:

                                                                                                I already want to see this since it has the brilliant Peter Dinklage which I already saw as a great actor before he took over Game of Thrones.

                                                                                                All the guy geeks seem funny and all the girls look hot, especially the succubus they summon. I’ll watch this for sure. It has that Evil Dead kind of feel to it.

                                                                                                Knights of Badassdom

                                                                                                Holiday Hardware Guide


                                                                                                Do you remember getting your first console system or computer? The feeling inside must have been great, so much so that you most likely did not realize how much your parents suffered to get it for you. Check out my tale about one Christmas and the NES hunt.

                                                                                                You would think that you could not replicate that feeling once you are buying your own gifts, but that isn’t true. When I purchased my black Xbox 360 I felt just like a kid again even though I was spending my hard earned bucks and the same can be said for games like Batman Arkham City and the upcoming Star Wars, The Old Republic.

                                                                                                So you may have purchased your gifts this year and if you are lucky you have others buying gifts that you know you will love. Here at Obsolete Gamer, we look at modern games and systems that can also have a Retro twist to it, but in the end will bring smiles to our faces when we open it.

                                                                                                Genesis Desktop System: Origin PC


                                                                                                Here is the simple truth, you can build your own system or buy similar systems from any of a thousand retailers, but like the sexy MILF next door told you experience counts.

                                                                                                The Genesis is the premier desktop system offered by Origin PC and what makes this system and the company great is the different configurations they offer and the service and support they provide. You can go with an Intel P67 or X79 or even AMD. You can select the case you want and have multiple choices for everything you put inside. Best part is if there is something you want to add that you don’t see, ask them and they can hook you up.

                                                                                                Sure, you can have a nice house that looks like everyone else’s home on the block or you can create your own masterpiece by custom designing your rig with paint, artwork, lights and more and since pretty much everyone at Origin PC has been a gamer and in the business for over a decade or more you know when you need help you will get real answers.

                                                                                                The key for the holiday shopper is you don’t have to spend 5K on a system, you can build it to exact specifications and remove anything you don’t need guaranteeing you get exactly what you want.

                                                                                                You can check out the Genesis here.

                                                                                                iCADE: ION

                                                                                                I got a chance to see this system at the last CES and was impressed of how well it played using an iPAD. Now we all know you can find classic games on emulators, downloads and even in flash, but there was just something about using the arcade style joystick and buttons that made the iCade really fun to play.

                                                                                                Now currently it only runs Atari classic games which you can find more on the App Store so for Apple haters this might not be for you, but for everyone else this is a really cool device to have in your office or wherever you might game and for just under 100 bucks it won’t break the wallet.

                                                                                                You can check out the iCade here.

                                                                                                Siberia Headset & Sensei Mouse: SteelSeries


                                                                                                Everyone has their favorite devices, for me it is all about comfort, control and durability. Having played pretty much every type of game and game system I learned what works best for me. For instance, I like the Xbox 360 controller the best because it works for me and the same is true for the mice I have tested and use from SteelSeries.

                                                                                                From turn around blind shots in FPS games to fast scroll movement in RTS games the SteelSeries mice have the precession and comfort that makes gaming and everyday tasks a breeze. I still use the XAI mouse I tested some time ago today and have no plan to replace it and the new Sensei mouse is now married to my gaming laptop.

                                                                                                Now as for headsets I fell in love with the Siberia because of its comfort and sound quality and the black and gold edition is pretty bad ass. Check out the full review here. I have been impressed with Steel Series products and their price point doesn’t leave you in debt after the holidays so for the people in your life that need computer accessories they are a great place to shop.

                                                                                                You can check out SteelSeries products here.

                                                                                                M.A.M.E. Arcade Cabinet

                                                                                                Northcoast Custom Arcades

                                                                                                Before the anti-pirate people come out the woodwork there are plenty of legal ways to play classic games on a M.A.M.E system including owning the original game. Honestly, one of the best ways to play M.A.M.E is on a full size arcade cabinet which you can have built or build yourself.

                                                                                                Personally, I never owned one, but I know a few that have and they built them themselves and it is pretty awesome. Pretty much the hardest part is knowing how to cut the wood and put it together, the wirework is not too hard, and there are a ton of websites that can show you step by step how to do it or you can search for several companies that will build you a system.

                                                                                                If you are going to go with a builder go with a professional like Northcoast. Just check out the awesome arcade cabinets they have already built and see images from customers. You also know they do good work because they were featured on the DIY network. Sure, these can get pricy, but it is worth it and if you are going to spend the cash make sure you get the best.

                                                                                                Just keep in mind this is a full size arcade cabinet so if you live in your dorm or small apartment you will quickly find yourself out of space, but if you have the room this is just an incredible addition to the classic gamer’s game room.

                                                                                                Check out NorthCoast arcade cabinets here.

                                                                                                Supaboy: Hyperkin


                                                                                                So I first heard about this product on the Jace Hall Show page and knew I had to try one out. This handheld system plays original SNES carts and plays them on a 3.5 inch display that can even be connected to your television and two original SNES controllers.

                                                                                                Sure, you can get these on phones or pads or your PC and consoles, but there is something about having the original cartridge sticking out while gaming. Well, at least to me it is cool. The SupaBoy can be picked up for only 80 bucks which isn’t bad especially if you have a large SNES collection. I’m thinking Retro Stocking stuffer!

                                                                                                Check out the SupaBoy Portable SNES console here.

                                                                                                Get to shopping!

                                                                                                Now there will be more to come, but for now check out these products and see if any of them fit into your holiday gift giving plans. We also want to hear from you. Suggest to us some great holiday gaming hardware and we will bring a review to you.