Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney: Epic Rap Battles Of History

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney Epic Rap Battles Of History

Maybe this is how we should pick the next president. Okay maybe not, but we can pick this video as one of the best on the internet.




Potap is one of my favorite rappers in general. Sure, he is from the Ukraine and raps in Russian and I don’t know Russian but his music is some of my favorite rap music. Sometimes not understanding is part of the fun!

Most of his songs are performed with Nastya Kamenskih, which complements Potap’s sense of humor and rap style.

Potap and Nastya

Beauty and the BEAT!


This obviously is

a spoof of Beauty and the Beast from Disney done ghetto style. Truly a best of the internet candidate. Check out how many internet stars you can find in this video.


Here are the lyrics:

Little town, it”s a quiet village
Every day like the one before
Little town, full of little people
Waking up to say…

People of the Hood:
What”s good, What”s good, What”s good, What”s good
Get yo tail out the street

There go Bonquesha she wit Trey like always
He”s on the downlow I can tell
Every morning just the same, since the morning that we came
To this busted ratchet town

Good morning Belle

Good morning Cleetus.

Where you going?

The weave shop! I just saw the most wonderful style it”s an up do with some finger waves and some micro braids….

That”s nice…Patrice, where my brownies, hurry up

Hey little mama can I get them digits
So I can hit you on yo cell, yo let me get it though

Her beauty ain”t all that!

But her booty is real fat

No denyin” she a boogie girl that Belle

What”s good?

What it do?

How is yo Mama “nem!


What You Call Me?

How is your wife?

I need 6 legs

Uh-uh, that”s too expensive

There must be more than this old hood rat life!

LaWasha & LaDrya:
Look there she go, she think she got that good hair
Girl that”s a lace-front I can tell.

Where she get that ugly dress?

Miles Jai:
Cause she look a crusty mess!

LaWasha & LaDrya:
Cause she really is a boogie girl that Belle! Mmm.

Oh, isn”t this a hot mess
Who would name their first-born Blue Ivy?
Here”s Kim Kardash “n Kanye
Wonder if they”ll have a brand new show on BET?

Well I had heard that she a chocolate chaser,
They say she like that caramel.

She aint looking for no beast
Less he lookted like Tyrese

Random Mexican:
Very different from the rest of us

Vonzell & Shaqueeba:
Boo you ain”t like the rest of us

Yes different from the rest of us is Belle


Oh shit!

Right from the moment I had met you seent you
I said you bangin and I fell
Baby what”s it gonna be,
Tell me is you feelin me?
Cause I”m makin plans to leave my momma house.

Chicken Heads:
Look there he go, isn”t he awl that
My boo, Jerome…girl he so foine
Uh-uh, 4 real? Girl no he didn”t
If she can”t use yo” comb don”t bring her home

Chaos Section:
Eh-Eh, Mmhmm, Uh-uh, Okrrr
Yo” kitchen nappy…Girl hide yo kids
Sho nuff, Shawty, Okay, Aint nobody got time for that
Yo homie move!
Jamal, Jamel, Jaquan, Jaqual
My baby daddy (Child I don”t know, good mornting, Oh good mornting)

There must be more than this old hoodrat life

If you got good credit, you can be my wife.

Look there she go, she lookted so ridiculous
She thank she in a fury tale
Why she got her weave like that
Tell me where they do that at
She really is a boogie girl
A beauty but a boogie girl
She really is a boogie girl…….THAT BELLE

What”s good

What”s good

What”s good
What”s good

What”s good

What”s good

If you don”t get out the skreet oh I swear for God! uh uh!
Don”t make me take my shoe off!
Ooh get out a my way! Ugh!

WTF Did I Just See?

hot banned commercial

Time for more shocking and weird videos from interzones.

Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend

This is simply the most Japanese thing I’ve ever seen. It’s also the weirdest video ever!

Superhero Movie – Miles Fisher spoofing Tom Cruise with Spanish subs

Miles Fisher is an amazing troll, often mimicking Tom Cruise and Christian Bale.

Gorky Park – Moscow Calling

This sounds a lot like Falco. Hell, I’ll take it!

Scooter – Maria (I Like It Loud)

“Alright everybody, tie your shoes!” enough said.

Celebrate The Nun – Ordinary Town (Eurotops)

If you only know them from Scooter, this video will shatter your world.

“Fuck you” Sign language performance

This one isn’t as much shocking as it is simply brilliant. 😀


Simply because Ramiro plays this video 1000 times a day, I must post this…

Liam Neeson improv with Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Warwick Davis on Life’s Too Short

“I’m Liam Neeson and I’m a funny guy”

DOGSTEP! (Dubstep Dancing Dogs)

If the cat weren’t enough…

Banned 90s LUNCHABLEZ commercial

This commercial is dope!

Banned commercial dangers of working at home

What a great wife!

Young Girl

This could happen to anyone.

Shocking Video Collection

Sexy girl striptease goes wrong

HÕFF 2012 trailer – Sexy girl striptease goes wrong!!!

What we have here is a girl dancing in front of a webcam in the eve of the destruction of mankind by UFOs. So awesome! 😀 Oh and it looks like they are the UFOs from Saucer Attack the c64 game! Oh and this hot girl is wearing an OCP shirt, an homage to Robocop!

HÕFF 2012 trailer – Ott Lepland fan sings “Kuula” and horrible thing happens!!

This guy is singing on his webcam while the Zombie Apocalypse starts happening… who knew?


The Starbarians have landed! This is a complete parody of some many 80s cartoons.

Electric Company Easy Reader Song

Who knew that Morgan Freeman was such a cool cat!

Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Lightsaber Duel – ThePianoGuys

These are… simply GODS!


I watch Smosh usually every week and they really outdid themselves especially with the Dubstep Twilight Zone episode. ;]

Yelle – Comme Un Enfant (Freaks Remix)

Although some people hate him online I think Nathan J. Barnatt is a dancing genius.

Nicki Minaj – Stupid Hoe (Explicit)

Nicki Minaj is weird but I think she is one of my favorite famous trolls. The Stupid Hoe video will leave the typical watcher saying “WTF did I just watch?” and that’s a good thing considering how much generic shit gets made these days. Sure, it might make you think that we now live in Idiocracy but I think that might be the point.

Top 10 Cagiest Deadfall Moments

This video proves that Nicholas Cage is an acting genius. Sure the movie Deadfall is a piece of shit but who knew that our buddy Nick Cage could turn it into such a great comedy by acting like the Joker and Fire Marshall Bill from In Living Color?

Thanks, Smokey!

Beastiality is funny. Oh and HOT. That is all. END OF LINE

Miles Fisher – This Must Be The Place

The best homage I’ve ever seen for American Psycho. This guy is great because he super trolls Christian Bale and also looks like a bootleg Tom Cruise. So much potential for comedy. The song is an homage to The Talking Heads as well.

Transit – I’m So Indie Official Video ft. Geeze

My favorite anti-hipster video by Transit.

Epic Frog (High Quality)

The theme for Requiem For A Dream can turn anything into something epic, almost like The Guile Theme can.

Best Japanese Ghost Prank Ever


I swear we could never do this in the U.S. because people would ham it up or end up suing or shooting someone. This has to be one of the best ghost pranks I have ever seen. Seriously, this guy is scared out of his mind.


Hot Chip – I Feel Better

Hot Chip I Feel Better a god

Although one might think that they are the big fish, the top dog, there’s always somebody else out there that can own one. Some might even be godlike compared to the norm…

This video shows you what happens when you aggro a freaking GOD!

I love how the floating head of a black dude that looks like the Montgomery Flea Market Rapper shows up at the end and kills everyone. ENHOY!

Hot Chip I Feel Better a greater god


She said ‘How did we get ourselves so lost?’
And I said ‘I don’t know,
But we will not be leaving tonight.
When you hold me I, I feel better’

I only want one night, together in our arms
This is the longest night, we’re meeting arms to arms

Nothing is wasted and life is worth living
Heaven is nowhere, just look to the stars
There is a day that is yours for embracing
Everything’s nothing, and nothing is ours

Nothing is wasted and life is worth living
(I only want one night)
Heaven is nowhere, just look to the stars
There is a day that is yours for embracing
(This is the longest night)
Everything’s nothing, and nothing is ours

And maybe if we’d never come this way
Then we would live and prosper
But I doubt it
We are a violent race
And we deserve what we get
When you hold me, when you hold me
I feel better, I feel better

I only want one night, together in our arms
(I feel better)
This is the longest night, we’re meeting arms to arms
(I feel better)
I only want one night, together in our arms
(I feel better)
This is the longest night, we’re meeting arms to arms

Nothing is wasted, a life is worth living
Heaven is nowhere just look to the stars
There is a day that is yours for embracing
Everything’s nothing, and nothing is ours

Nothing is wasted, and life is worth living
(I only want one night)
Heaven is nowhere, just look to the stars
(Together in our arms)
There is a day that is yours for embracing
(This is the longest night)
Everything’s nothing and nothing is ours
(We’re meeting arms to arms)



Here is the collection of all the Unforgivable videos. These videos are funny enough that my friends and I quote this all the time. I figured I would post them for you in case you weren’t addicted to the internet in 2006, when this first came out, like I am.

Unforgivable #1

I went to Levine’s yesterday to get some pants for me and my niggas. I was gonna steal them; I ain’t have no money. Met a girl there, trying on some skirts. I was like “What that smell like?” She was like “uh…” She didn’t know what to say! I was like “Bitch, don’t make me ask you again!” Anyway, got her number. The next day we went to Chicken-fil-A, some place in the mall. When I got there I was like “Bitch who are all these people out here.” She said, “Well it’s the mall!” I was like “Whatever bitch, gimme a chicken sandwhich and some waffle fries.” I was like “Bitch.” She said “What you gonna have to eat?” I was like “Go up there and just get me a chicken sandwhich with some waffle fries, maybe a Coke to drink or something.” She said “What you gonna get?” I was like “Bitch, go up to the counter, tell that nigga I want a chicken sandwhich and some waffle fries for free!” She said, “Okay.” Then she looked back and asked me what I wanted to drink. I was like “Give me a Dr. Pepper, bitch!” We got the food, she brought it to me, snatched it from her real fast. She sat down, I told her “Bitch, who told you to sit down?! You better wait for my request.” I said, “Go ahead and sit down, cunt.” She sat down and we ate. Later on in the evening took her to Silver Ball play some video games or something. She died she wasn’t having a good time. I said, “Bitch, you ain’t no nerd! I could have sworn you were.” She said “I like to go shopping.” I was like “Bitch, not on this day cause I ain’t got no money and you don’t give me the money you got.” She gave me her purse. Took the wallet out, saw some credit cards and some pictures of some other niggas. I was like “Who are these niggas?” She said “That’s my brother Ti-” I said “Hold on bitch, you better not have no brother cause if you do I’m a-” I said “Bitch, who is this nigga in this picture?” She said “That’s Tommy; that’s my little brother.” I said “Bitch you better not have no little brother. I ain’t trying to deal with no other niggas.” She said, “Well I have two.” I said “Bitch, that’s a mistake.” Took her to the bathroom of Silver Ball, got through playing. I said “Listen, cunt: Today ain’t yo day!” She said “What did I do?” I said “Bitch, you got some siblings and I don’t like it!” She tried to make up for it, sucking my dick a little bit. I was like “Bitch, that feel good but it ain’t enough!” She take it to the new level, started jacking me off while she was sucking my thing. I got a nut. Yeah, I got a nut, so?! Got done with getting my dick wet told her that I wanted some pussy now. She was like “Wait, I just sucked your dick and you just nutted!” I was like “If you sass me one more time, bitch I’ll kill you and your little brothers.” She said “Okay.” I got the pussy from her and I know I nutted cause I didn’t use a condom. Nutted in her pussy and got her pregnant! Unforgivable…

Unforgivable #2

I’ve been with this girl, my main bitch for at least three months and she’s starting to get on my nerves! Anyway, the other day she told me her parents were going out of town or something, some vacation bull. I was like “Whatever.” Then I was like “Can I spend the night tonight and for two weeks straight?” She said, she said “Yeah, I mean you’re my boyfriend, aren’t you?” I said “I guess, bitch.” Anyway, I got there around seven o’clock, pissing me off. Anyway, some of her girlfriends was over there making popcorn and watching movies. I went “What you all watching, hoes?” They said “The Legend of Bagger Vance.” I was like “Get that fool off the TV, I brought a couple of DVDs over.” She said “What’d you bring?” “Doctor Zhivago, A Brief Encounter, and A Bridge Over The River Kwai; A lean night.” Anyway, it was about that time to hit the sack and get some pussy. I walked up to the bedroom she was already laid there bucked naked like I told her she should have been. Went out onto the porch smoked a bag of meth then I smoked a little crack after that. Got in, she said “You smell funny.” I was like “Bitch, that’s just my B.O. Yeah, if you don’t like it I’ll kill your ass.” She said “Okay let’s keep it going.” I hit that ass all night then nutted on her s- belly. Anyway, got hungry in the middle of the night, fixed me a sandwich or something. I went down there, girls were still awake, watching TV. I was like “What you all watching again, hoes?” They was like “We’re watching Date Movie.” I was like “Bitch, turn that off right now!” She said “Oh okay” and turned off real quick. I went to the kitchen made my sandwich with mayonnaise on it. Grr! Went back upstairs, ate my sandwich in front of that bitch’s face. She said “You didn’t make me nothing?” I said “Of course not, bitch! I ain’t your man.” She said “Will you go downstairs and make me something?” I was like “Bitch, no!” Took my gun out and busted her head open with the butt of it. She was trying to piss me off. She was bleeding on the sheets. She had some satin covers or some bull. I was like “When your parents get back, cunt?” She said “Two or three weeks.” I said “Good, I wanna meet ’em. Whenever I do I’m gonna make them make me sandwiches all night.” Anyway, got done and I went to bed! Made her sleep on the couch downstairs. My bed. Left the next day without saying a word to anyone and I left a bag of sass in the mailbox for her parents to find and get her into a little trouble. Unforgivable…

Unforgivable #3

What’s the deal? It’s your boy out here in these woods. Man, I spent the night out here with some of my niggas, man. You know, with Bovice involved. My nigga Van. Anyway, we camped out here, you know what I’m saying? Bovice brought his little sister, little cunt I know she is. Anyway, Bovice left to get some hot dogs or something. Left us here. It was me, Van, and that cunt sister of his. In the tent that nigga Van was asleep. I said “Hey Nikki.” She said “Hi.” Was kind of nervous sounding, made me pissed off. I said, I said “Are you a virgin still?” She said “Yeah, I’m only fourteen.” I said “I don’t care.” I said “You won’t be no virgin after tonight.” She got on her cell phone tried to call Bovice. I took the cell phone out of her hand and slapped that bitch in the mouth. Knocked her braces out of her mouth. She got mad, got scared, crying. I said “Bitch, give the other ear and I’ll slit your throat from ear to ear.” She said “It’s not that serious.” Van woke up then. I said, “Go back to sleep nigga if you know what’s good for you.” Nigga dozed off real quick. Took out my hand cuffs, cuffed her to the tent. “Listen bitch, it’s time for you to lose that V-card, hand it over.” She said “I don’t want-” I said “Bitch, my hand – Your face or my gun in your mouth!” I got what I wanted, got my nut and left Van in the tent by himself. Told that bitch that she didn’t tell Bovice that Van did it I was gonna kill her ass. Now you tell me nigga, out here in these woods, is that Unforgivable?

Unforgivable #4

Not too long ago I was at a Christmas party with my bitch. We was having fun eating Christmas cake and whatnot. Saw another cunt I wanted to spit to. Walked over to her and said “What’s up, ya cunt?! What you trying to do?” She said “Excuse me?” I said “Bitch, excuse me! I’m looking for some pussy and some cunt and some butt hole.” She said “Well, I have a boyfriend.” I said “Bitch, no one asked that!” She kind of got a little scared, a little frustrated. I said “I’ll snap your neck like a twig right now bitch, if you sass me again!” Her boyfriend – her man, walked up to the table. I’m like “Nigga, what’s the deal?” He said. He had a Letterman Jacket on, he was from highschool, pissing me off. I said “Nigga what sport you play, you little pansy?” He said “I’m a football player.” I said “I don’t care!” Took him by his wrist, cut him; cut his wrist, vertically. Then I said “What now, hoe?” Oh he was on the floor dying, making a scene. That nigga daddy came over and said “What happened?” I said “Nigga, I slit his wrist.” Took his Letterman from him, put it on, left without paying! That bitch walked to me after I got out. She was like “What’s the problem?” I was like “I’m about to call Bovice. We’re about to run a train on you bitch!” She said “ugh…” Started crying a little bit. I slapped that bitch so fast because I was tired of hearing that. She left. My nigga Bovice came, I was like “Let’s go smoke some weed.” He said “I don’t really got no-” I said “Nigga, you better get me high!” Of course, he abided. I’m turning on my own niggas! I’m pissed off a little bit! Now you tell me nigga, is that whole thing Unforgivable?

Unforgivable #5 click here for this one since embedding is disabled.

Unforgivable #6

Unforgivable #7

What Madeline Did In 2011

What Madeline Did In 2011

This cool girl Madeline made this video showing just one second of every single day for the year 2011.

2011 from hey_rabbit on Vimeo.

Observations based on the video:
-She’s cute.
-She likes going to live shows.
-She lives in Los Angeles.
-She seems to have fun friends.
-She plays the original arcade game for Star Wars.
-She likes True Grit, the 2010 version.
-She has cats.
-She reads poetry.
-She cooks.
-She codes! (holy crap!!! – She’s a KEEPER!)
-She plays the guitar.
-She watches random stuff on the internet.
-She liked Thor (excellent) and saw the 2D version.
-She works doing a kid’s show.
-She reads graphic novels.
-She draws art on the computer (an Apple).
-She goes rollerskating.
-She might be a vegan.
-She likes to sing in the car.
-She also creates art, not on the computer as well.
-She travels a lot.
-She watches X-Files.
-She draws comics!
-She watches Harry Potter movies.
-She knits.
-She parties.
-She likes doing activities outdoors.
-She watched Contagion in the movies.
-She keeps a physical journal.
-She seems to like nature.
-She enjoys photography.
-She watched the movie The Graduate.
-She likes Deadliest Catch.
-She likes Doctor Who.
-She watched King Kong, the 2005 version.
-She is interested in Coast To Coast.
-She is an artist.
-She likes Upright Citizens Brigade.
-She likes The Hobbit.
-She likes children.

Conclusion: This girl is awesome!

Blade Runner mode off.

Okay, so yeah you’re either used to be posting a bunch of braindead shit or stuff that will make the Baby Jesus cry but I do look at happy stuff too, so there!

And yeah, I do realize that list makes me sound like a stalker. 😮


Grayson Poster

This is another awesome fan trailer. The story behind this trailer is that Batman was killed and Dick Grayson begins retraining to avenge the death of Batman.


Vinnie Jones Could End AND Save Your Life

You know Vinnie Jones from his soccer football days as well as his movie career, especially his gangster movies. Who knew he cared so much about saving human lives?

Well… sometimes it’s better to save someone than have to feed a corpse to a bunch of pigs, you know? The PSA is done in good taste and along the lines of the Guy Ritchie funny gangster films (Old, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch).

It is nice to see him giving back to the community, helping out the British Heart Foundation.

I’m not too surprised to see him helping out the community because that’s what he’s known for, helping other people as seen here:

He helped a lot of people here in the US lose a lot of weight.

Here is Vinnie at work in Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels:

Vinnie: “This is one of them high powered jobs, ain’t it?”
Victim: “Yeah, and it’s all over in 60 seconds, just like your film career!”
This is making fun of Vinnie’s role if the horrible remake of Gone In 60 Seconds, where his character basically almost said no lines.

I love how the victim is reading the biography of Vinnie Jones. Such a great scene!

Here is an example of Vinnie’s ultra-violence, also from Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels:

After all that drama, everything is okay! Cheeky bastard!

You might also know him as the ultimate Manchester United soccer hooligan, I mean fan:

Here he is again from Eurotrip going ape shit on the french:

His best scene ever and speech ever is from Snatch, giving his Balls speech:

“There ain’t a pussy here. Just a dose that’ll make you wish you were born a woman.” Classic!

I personally enjoy how he takes care of a Russian gangster:

You know how it takes a box of bullets to take one of those out. “Almost…”

And remember… if you have a problem, you can always call Vinnie!

Vinnie Jones PSA

Montgomery Flea Market

Sammy Stephens has graced us with probably one of the best rap commercials ever about the Montgomery Flea Market. The rap is called Mini Mall Rap which he sometimes pronounces Mini MAUL.

Here are the lyrics to Sammy Stephens – Mini Mall Rap:

living rooms, bed rooms, dinnets, oh yea
you can find them at the market
we talkin bout flea market
Montgomery, its just like, its just like a mini-mall
oh yeah, come shop with us
I said flea market, Montgomery
its just like, its just like, a mini-mall, hey hey
you heard me
come shop, living rooms, bed rooms, dinnets, we got it
you need it, you’ll find it, its just like
its just like a mini-mall, hey hey, you heard me
come shop, I said flea market, Montgomery
its just like, its just like, a mini-mall, hey hey

living rooms, bed rooms, dinnets, oh yea
you can find them at the market
we talkin bout flea market
Montgomery, its just like, its just like a mini-mall
hey hey, don’t stop, lets make it a dance come on now
to the left (to the left)
to the right (to the right)lets do this dance
hey, to the left (to the left),
to the right (to the right), lets make this a dance
flea market, Montgomery, it keeps you from jumpin

its just like, its just like a mini-mall
check it out now, everybody, like this now, hey hey
flea market, Montgomery
its just like, its just like, a mini-mall
don’t stop, lets dance
flea market, Montgomery
its just like, its just like, a mini-mall
(lets break it on down now, aww yeah I know you gunna like this come on now)
its just like, (you know what Im saying)
its just like, (you know what I mean)
its just like,
(you know it, so why don’t you just come on and sing it)
its just like, its just like, a mini-mall
(aww yeah you said it, its just like, its just like a mini-mall, aww yeah you like this come on flea market)

Although you probably already knew the original you might want to check out the Spooky Mix:

Although the video is not as good as the original the song is a lot better. Who knew that it could make such a good techno song? 😉

Sammy Stephens Montgomery Flea Market

Welcome To 2012 Chummer

Welcome to 2012. Yes, the world is going to blow up, according to the dead Mayan civilization. Just because their calendar ends on December 12, 2012 12/12/12 doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It’s just the end of that calendar. What, did they have computers back then and used that date format? Do they believe in numerology and Kabbalah? This this Earthdawn and Shadowrun where an Age ends and a new Age begins? Welcome to the Sixth World, chummer!

Anyways, you’re probably just getting up right now at 1 PM from all the heavy drinking, blogging, and trolling from last night. What better way to welcome the new year than with the troll trololol song?

Speaking of heavy trolling, this is as good as it gets!

It looks like she’s grown up already, the little Drama Queen! I’m so proud!

There are worse things in life though, such as getting owned by a public service announcement as seen here:

The look on the father’s face is priceless. I see this horror all the time.

If I have a kid, I’d want him to grow up to be an awesome troll like this:

Let me go get started on that project right now…

So get up from the computer, open the windows and yell “I’m mad as hell as I’m not going to take it anymore!” Break the Network! =P

Anyways, enjoy the rest of your year, we only have until 12/12/12 before our Mayan smart phones crash. Y12K fo life.


Naked Ape Gives You Sexy Zombie Girls

Naked Ape is a great electronic music group from Sweden. They know the correct formula for what it takes to make a successful and memorable music video. Hey, sex sells but not only do hot babes sell but zombie babes even more!

Sure, it might not make sense to have a bunch of drooling zombies wash your car but hey, they used to look good once! Check out Fashion Freak:

Sure they might be rotting but they will forever (hopefully) look that attractive. Sure, Lucy might be drooling vile from her mouth, but don’t tell me you didn’t think about maybe hitting that (maybe with a baseball bat, chainsaw, or more)…

Undo Redo is a dark fantasy where a man imprisoned a zombie stripper and uses her for his viewing pleasure. Everything has a cost though. He looks a lot like Robert DeNiro at the end of taxi driver, even pointing a finger gun at his head and pulling the trigger.

If you like Naked Ape’s music, I recommend you check out their website here.

Naked Ape Zombie Stripper

The Room Will Kill You

If you don’t know Tommy Wiseau’s The Room then you might probably consider yourself to be a very fortunate person. This is the king of 21st century cheese films. Think along the lines of Troll 2, Plan 9 From Outer Space, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Lady Terminator, Shark Attack 3: Megadolon, and if you say “oh man, all those movies are quality” then this is the film for you.

What better way to summarize the movie than to see the highlights of the Rifftrax version of it?

The movie is legendary in the bad or funny sense for people who are hardcore film buffs. It’s also fairly popular online with the meme and troll community.

There’s much love there. Check out the Tommy Wiseau – The Room (Cheep Cheep Remix):

And remember, not only are you laughing but Tommy Wiseau’s laughing back at you for watching his movie!

Tommy Wiseau The Room laughing


Tommy Wiseau The Room motherfucker

OMG Shoes

Today we have for you Shoes by Kelly (Liam Kyle Sullivan), a classic video from the internet.

The video shows a realistic portrayal of a girl’s obsession with shoe collecting versus the weight of social pressures such as parents and hipster store keepers.

omg shoes

From the video’s description:
“This is the story about a girl who is going to get what she wants, no matter what. She may not be the prettiest girl on the block. She may be a bit overweight. She may be completely deranged. And even though haters pop up left and right, she doesn’t let them drag her down. I hope that we can all draw inspiration from that strength of spirit; to look beyond our own flaws and see that anything is possible. Thanks for watching, and I hope you check out some of my other videos too.”

You can check out the rest of Liam Kyle Sullivan’s stuff here on his personal website

Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2 Ep 1: Hitler vs Darth Vader 2

Moving on to Season 2 of Epic Rap Battles of History, back by popular demand we have Hitler vs Darth Vader.

Now although I think Hitler beats him rapping this time, Darth Vader does kill him with a Deus Ex Machina. Props go to Stephen Hawking for his special cameo.

Remember if you want to watch more Epic Rap Battles of History you can see them from now on in their own youtube channel.

And Darth Vader says… Yahtzee!

Epic Rap Battles of History Darth Vader Yahtzee

Epic Rap Battles of History Season 1

Of all the crazy series of videos that get posted on youtube, Epic Rap Battles of History are probably the craziest, funniest on there. Epic Rap Battles of History is made by NicePeter and his friends (EpicLLOYD, etc.) and all of the videos each have millions of views. Because the rap battles have grown in popularity so much they have dwarfed all the activities of NicePeter’s channel, so he created a unique channel on youtube just for the rap battles. As a result of that, all the old rap battles have been classified as Season 1 and all the new ones will be Season 2 and up in this youtube channel.

Let’s celebrate this achievement by watching all of Season 1 of Epic Rap Battles of History together:

If you want to see them individually here they are below, one by one:

Epic Rap Battles of History 1: John Lennon vs Bill O’Reilly

Epic Rap Battles of History 2: Darth Vader vs Hitler

Epic Rap Battles of History 3: Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris

Epic Rap Battles of History 4: Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga

Epic Rap Battles of History 5: Hulk Hogan and Macho Man vs Kim Jong-il

Epic Rap Battles of History 6: Justin Bieber vs Beethoven

Epic Rap Battles of History 7: Einstein vs Stephen Hawking

Epic Rap Battles of History 8: Genghis Khan vs Easter Bunny

Epic Rap Battles of History 9: Napoleon vs Napoleon

Epic Rap Battles of History 10: Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin

Epic Rap Battles of History 11: Gandalf vs Dumbledore

Epic Rap Battles of History 12: Dr Seuss vs Shakespeare

Epic Rap Battles of History 13: Mr T vs Mr Rogers

Epic Rap Battles of History 14: Columbus vs Captain Kirk

Epic Rap Battles of History 15 – The Final Battle: Nice Peter vs EpicLLOYD

And remember kids… Dr Seuss is watching you… (he looks like a rapist, and not the cool kind)

Epic Rap Battles of History Dr Seuss

The GAG Quartet: le Internet Medley

The GAG Quartet - le Internet Medley

This is totally awesome, they play over 40 internet tunes in one song.



Gilad Chehover – Drums | Guy Bernfeld – Bass | Or Paz – Guitar

Recording, mixing, pianoing and feminine singing by Eyal Amir ( )
Drums recorded by Martial Bouhassira

le Photography – Dafna Sasson
le Second Unit- Tamari Goddard
le Editing & After Effects – Or Paz
le Animation – Tom Trager

Craigslist Dating

craigslist dating

An awesome video about finding someone “special on craigslist.


For those nights when that one point of compatibility is the only one that matters.

Kevin – Taige Jensen
Bethany – Jenn Lyon
Dennis – Ryan Hunter

Director – Ryan Hunter
Writer – Patrick Timmes
Camera/Editing – Taige Jensen
Producers – Ryan Hunter & Patrick Timmes
Additional Photography – Jacob Russell

Nyan Cat


This reminds me of some of those classic 8-bit themes from my early gaming days and mixed with this Gif its just additive as hell. I mean are they brilliant or high or both, either way, this is awesome and makes our list of Best of the Internet.


Turkish Rambo: The Rampage

Turkish Rambo

We can all make fun of a bad movie or a cheaply made movie, but this one takes the take. Just look at how the RPG fires and how he keeps finding ammo on the ground as if this was Resident Evil. If RPG’s worked like that the war in the middle east would be going much differently.


This get’s put in best of the internet.

The Picard Song

The Picard Song

The original song was created by, Dark Materia featuring clips from Star Trek the next Generation and original music. The original video was uploaded by, CoJux. Perhaps you have to like Star Trek somewhat to like this song, but I still consider it one of the best of the internet.



Fuckin Tea

A lot of people think that drinking alcohol will man you up… Little do they know that only the most hardcore men drink tea, motherfucker, as this video shows.

“I prefer the taste of Pilsner”

This video is brought to you by the brilliant comedy group Upright Citizens Brigade. You can view similar crazy videos over at their youtube channel here.
fuckin tea - Are you man enough?

“Empires will fall, but steam will RISE!”
“I’m tame!”

So many good lines in this one. 😀

Hey Hitler, Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

I just love how much Hitler has become a running joke on the internet. This recurring meme is getting out of hand.

This one was surprisingly good but I still think that Hitler is best for singing the theme song to the Jeffersons “Movin’ On Up”

If Der Fuhrer weren’t so busy turning over on his grave, I’m sure he’d fall on his ass laughing.

Wait a second… I think Hitler is still alive!

Hitler lives? wtf!

He’s been spotted! Best not piss him off…

Power of the Penis

Alexyss K Tylor

This is a video from the public access cable show called, The Distorted View Show. Pretty much this is an adult oriented show and is hosted by Alexyss K. Tylor and covers topics such as sexuality and women being taking advantage of by men. Believe me, my description does not do the video justice, just check it out.

Ghetto Leprechaun


This is a news story for a few years ago. Just before St. Patrick’s day in Mobile, Alabama residents reported seeing a leprechaun in a tree. What resulted was a Decouvrez une machine a sous purement et simplement sublimissime ! Avec ses 5 lignes et ses 3 rouleaux, ce bijou videoludique vous plongera au c?ur d?une atmosphere digne des plus grands casino online s ! Agremente d?un look resolument vintage, Jackpot Jester 50 000 propose une manche Super Game au cours de laquelle vous pouvez empocher une somme fantastique : 50 000 pieces ! Gonzo’s Quest est la machine a sous video avec 5 roues, 3 colonnes et 20 lignes presentee par un incroyable film video, animations 3D et une avalanche tout nouvelle qui remplace la traditionelle roue tournante. pretty funny news report with accounts from residents on the leprechaun and what they would do if they caught him.

Antoine Dodson: Hide yo kids


Almost everyone should know this story by now, but in case you do not here it is. An unidentified man snuck into the bedroom window of Antoine’s sister and tried to assault her. The man got away and when the police came, her brother had a few words for the perp.

Here is the original news story:

After this story itself going viral, a music video using autotune was created to spoof this news report and that became viral.


Here is the music video spoof:

Both videos are great and one of the best of the internet.

Angry Birds Peace Treaty


After watching the video for the Angry Birds movie we had to repost the Angry Birds Peace Treaty video from late last year. In this video the Angry Birds attempt to work out a peace with the pigs and it does not go well.

24: The Unaired 1994 Pilot

24 - The Unaired 1994 Pilot

Even if you were never a fan of 24 you would at least have heard of the show and its use of high tech technology and spilt second timing. The people over at College Humor created a parody of the show a few years ago that asked, what would happen if the show used 1994 technology. What resulted was a fantastic trailer and one of what we consider the best of the internet.

Chocolate Rain


His real name is Adam Nyerere Bahner and he was born in Minneapolis in 1982. Before his song Chocolate Rain appeared on YouTube he had already preformed it on a number of shows including VH1 and Jimmy Kimmel. However, when Chocolate Rain hit the internet he became a web superstar and current has over 64 million views on YouTube.

Chocolate Rain Lyrics

Chocolate Rain
Some stay dry and others feel the pain
Chocolate Rain
A baby born will die before the sin

Chocolate Rain
The school books say it can’t be here again
Chocolate Rain
The prisons make you wonder where it went

Chocolate Rain
Build a tent and save the world as dry
Chocolate Rain
Zoom the camera out and see the light

Chocolate Rain
Forecast to be falling yesterday
Chocolate Rain
Only in the past is what they say

Chocolate Rain
Raised your neighborhood insurance rates
Chocolate Rain
Makes us happy ‘livin in a gay

Chocolate Rain
Made me cross the street the other day
Chocolate Rain
Made you turn your head the other way

Chocolate Rain
History quickly crashing through your veins
Chocolate Rain
Using you to fall back down again

Chocolate Rain
Seldom mentioned on the radio
Chocolate Rain
It’s the fear your leaders car control

Chocolate Rain
Worse than swearing worse than calling names
Chocolate Rain
Say it publicly and you’re insane
[ Lyrics from: ]
Chocolate Rain
No one wants to hear about it now
Chocolate Rain
Wish real hard it goes away somehow

Chocolate Rain
Makes the best of friends begin to fight
Chocolate Rain
But did they know each other in the light?

Chocolate Rain
Every February washed away
Chocolate Rain
Stays behind as colors celebrate

Chocolate Rain
The same crime has a higher price to pay
Chocolate Rain
The judge and jury swear it’s not in the face


Chocolate Rain
Dirty secrets of economy
Chocolate Rain
Turns that body into GDP

Chocolate Rain
The bell curve blames the baby’s DNA
Chocolate Rain
But test scores are how much the parents made

Chocolate Rain
Flippin’ cusin in France the other night
Chocolate Rain
Cleans the sewers out beneath Mumbai

Chocolate Rain
‘Cross the world and back it’s all the same
Chocolate Rain
Angels cry and shake their heads in shame

Chocolate Rain
Lifts the ark of paradise in win
Chocolate Rain
Which part do you think you’re ‘livin in?

Chocolate Rain
More than marchin’ more than passing law
Chocolate Rain
Remake how we got to where we are

Bitches love smiley faces

Bitches love smiley faces - first

Some of you remember the saying, I believe first used on The Boondocks on Adult Swim, perhaps before, either way it made its way across the internet in a variety of ways including pictures, here are some of them.

Here are some others:

Bitches love smiley faces 2

Bitches love smiley faces 1

Bitches love smiley faces 3

Bitches love smiley faces 5

Here are some alternatives

Witches Love PotionsBitches love headsBitches love googleBitches love horsesBitches love eaglesBitches love droids

Wesley Willis: I Whupped Batman’s Ass

Wesley Willis

Wesley Willis was one of the first musicians to gain a cult following not only in his hometown of Chicago, but on the internet as well. Willis, who was a schizophrenic, released several hundred songs in the 1990’s which propelled him to a cult icon in Chicago music. Willis not only appeared all over the internet, but also on MTV and The Howard Stern Show. One of Willis’s most famous songs was, I Whupped Batman’s Ass.

Sadly, Willis died in the summer of 2003 due to complications from chronic myelogenous leukemia.


I Whupped Batman’s Ass Lyrics

Batman got on my nerves
He was running me amok
He ridiculed me calling me a bum

I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass

Batman thought he was bad
He was a fucking asshole in the first place
He got knocked to the floor

I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass

Batman beat the hell out of me and knocked me to the floor
I got back up and knocked him to the floor
He was being such a jackoff

I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass
I wupped Batman’s ass

Cooking by the Book: Remix by Mastgrr


There is an Icelandic children’s show called Lazy Town that features a main character named Stephanie whose main goal is to get her friends to go and be more active and less lazy. On the show there are various songs and one is called cooking by the book.

Well it seems someone decided to mix the song with a Lil John song with awesome results. There has even been a court battle over the song where they tried to get it removed, but in the end the video was restored.

So without further ado, here is the video remixed to Cooking by the Book.

You can download the MP3 here.


Epic Rap Battles of History: Darth Vader vs Hitler


This is part of what makes the internet great. All you need is an idea and people willing to submit their opinion and you can truly have something great. Epic Rap battles are one of those such things where someone had an idea to act out rap battles of various real and fictional character. Besides the funny raps and funnier costumes the rap battles are chosen by the internet public.

This is personally one of my favorite epic rap battles it features Darth Vader versus Adolf Hitler. This series is truly one of the best of the internet.


Commercial Wars: The Insurance Battle


The internet is about choice and what could be a better way to show freedom and choice then by voting on which video is the best or worst? This week we have two auto insurance companies from Chicago Illinois fighting for worst and/or funniest video.

Eagle Insurance

This is a car insurance company that is based in my home town of Chicago. In 1993 this commercial was created by RDR productions and since it aired has become part of internet fame even showing up on E! channels, The Soup, the BBC and Late Night with David Letterman.

Linoln Insurance

These guys have been in business for over 50 years and you can see that they know making a weird commercial will get them traffic. The company even added a category to their website called Funny TV Commercials to profile what they have done.

We post, you decide

Time to vote fans of Obscure Internet, which companies commercial wins this week’s battle.

[poll id=”2″]


Charlie Sheen Winning Recipes

Charlie Sheen Winning Recipes

You ever get the feeling you are being trolled? Everyone knows about Charlie Sheen and the issue with Two and a Half men and the drinking, drugs, women and gambling. We saw Charlie do a bunch of interviews with the media where people called him crazy, but is he?

Ever think he is just trolling us all. Perhaps he did have an issue with CBS and yes we know he is a lot like his character on his show, but did he lose his mind or is he just making himself more famous than he already was?

Either way, his videos are great and this one about Charlie Sheen cooking is proof of just how awesome this guy is. The man knows how to do a YouTube skit and he knows how to market himself. Rock on Charlie, you are a smarter man than your critics.

Japan’s Nuclear Reactor (Boy)

Yes, recently what happened in Japan with the Earthquake AND Tsunamis is a terrible thing but I do think some people that are ignorant are blowing the nuclear powerplant meltdown out of proportion. The wise people of Japan made this comical video to explain what is going on in that situation:

I like how optimistic the announcer is and how great these analogies are so that even a simpleton can understand a nuclear disaster.

Japan Nuclear Disaster Kawaii