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World of Warplanes: Me 265 8 Kills Anniversary

Fun match for my anniversary event for my Me 265! If you want to play this game for free, go here: http://worldofwarplanes.com/ If you want to see all our World of Warplanes Videos, go here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuqRuL_MxEq-Xn1Kn4Dy9H9rd-Itoc5N3 If ...

World of Tanks: Jarrod40k KV-2 7 Kills

Jarrod40k gets 7 Kills in the derp-master, the KV-2, in this match. 🙂
steel rain

Steel Rain: Glacus Prime Stage 2

Steel Rain is a shoot ’em up game with a base creation game in between battles. To view more of our Gameplay Videos, click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuqRuL_MxEq_Mxw7tk0Dplg09MyOo6DSA To check out more of our Let’s Plays, ...

World of Warplanes: P-80A Shooting Star, The Chase For The GA

Fun chase at the end of this video! 🙂

World of Tanks: Lago 5 Kills 808 Base XP

The Lago is a tier 4 Swedish Medium Tank. It’s decent in mobility and has a great gun!

Battleborn: Episode 8 The Heliophage Normal Thorn Pt 1

First part of the playthrough for the last storyline mission of Battleborn.

World of Warplanes: Ki-162-I Almost An Ace 3476 Base XP 4 Kills

My ace gets denied but it was still a fun match in my tier 9 Japanese fighter Ki-162-I.

Battleborn: Bots Battle Echelon Incursion Thorn

Fun PVE Bots Battle mode using Thorn in Echelon Incursion. To see all our Battleborn videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuqRuL_MxEq_UHMbrk805kEu4OmXnYH1j

World of Warplanes: IL-10M We Are About To Oh Wait Nevermind

My ace got robbed by the bot’s stupidity. He went for a swim instead!

Trackmania Forever: 6 out of 21, The Last Ride

Trackmania is the ultimate track-building, racing game. In this match I was racing in the track The Last Ride. The song that’s playing is Kungs – I Feel So Bad Ft Ephemerals.

Zolg: Initial Gameplay

Gameplay from a interesting indie game with fun levels and good music.

World of Warplanes: IL-10M Last Survivor, Ace, Destroyer

I count the tier 8 Chinese Ground Attack IL-10M as one of the best GA planes in the entire game. It is usually a solid money maker and it’s quite capable of defending itself against regular airplanes.

Trackmania Forever: 5 out of 14, Simon vs Bioos Lol Race 13

Trackmania is the ultimate track-building, racing game. In this match I was racing in the track Simon vs Bioos Lol Race 13. The song that’s playing is Nelly Furtado – Spirit Indestructible.

World of Warplanes: P-80A Shooting Star 6 Kills 3610 Base XP

Here is the P-80A Shooting Star, the special premium tier 8 American fighter. It’s a solid money maker if you can get it through the special Christmas mission for 2016. I highly recommend it! It shoots very accurate because of the gun placement ...

Paladins: Fernando, Casual, First Time Playing

Here is my first time playing Fernando in Casual mode.

World of Warplanes: Bf 110 B Untouchable, Gorovets Medal 9 Kills

I took no damage and got a Gorovets Medal (9 Kills) in this match with the overpowered tier 4 German Heavy Fighter, the Bf 110 B. It is simply the most powerful overall tier 4 plane in the game unless you get a fast fighter that headhunts you and takes ...