Dig Dug

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Dig Dug (Digu Dagu)

A lot of people are probably familiar with this game as it was an arcade game but I never really had an arcade near me when I was growing up so this was a whole new game for me when I played the Famicom version, as I was only familiar with Dig Dug II that actually was released on the NES.

Dig Dug - Famicom


You play as Dig Dug, a little blue guy (kind of like a smurf in white overalls) who is basically an underground exterminator who uses something like a bicycle air pump to exterminate his enemies.  There are only two types of enemies you will encounter, Pookas who are the cute red round guys with the goggles and Fygars the green dragons who breathe fire at you through the dirt.  Gotta be careful or if you get hit you will be BBQ.

Dig Dug - Famicom


Since this is based on an arcade game your objective other than just clearing levels is getting as many points as you possibly can.  This can be accomplished in several different ways. Just digging will earn you 10 points a block, which is alright but your time is better sent going after enemies.  Dropping a rock on an enemy will earn you 1000 points, if you kill 2 or more 1500 points each and any more than 2 is worth 2000 points for each enemy. Once you have dropped 2 rocks in the level other bonus items will appear for you in the middle of the screen, if you are able to get to it.  Fruits and Veggies or other bonus items like the ship from Galaxian, which is awesome by the way, for you to collect to get extra points. The item worth the most at 8000 points is the pineapple so if you see it be sure to grab it!  Also keep in mind that popping an enemy further down in the dirt is worth more so it may be worth trying to lure the enemies further down if you want to try to get max points.

Dig Dug - Famicom


This game originally came our in the arcades in 1982 (I wasn’t even born yet) its not the most graphically impressive game out there, but the sprites are cute and colorful and definitely get the job done.  At first sight this game gives the impression that it is very basic and simple, this is very deceiving.  It definitely requires some quick reflexes if you want to successfully evade and exterminate the enemy.

Dig Dug - Famicom

As far as I can tell we never got a copy of this game in North American on the NES, only Dig Dug II was released here which is also good by the way. So if you want to play this you will need to pick up the Famicom version. The nice thing is you don’t need to know any Japanese, so you really don’t have any excuse not to play.

For some fun arcade action Dig Dug definitely fits the bill!

One eBay you can find it complete in box for $39.60, at the moment there aren’t any loose ones listed though mine was like $2.


Holy Diver

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This game features unlimited continues, which is nice cause you are going to need them. ~Alana Dunitz

Holy Diver

Today I’m featuring a really cool Famicom game that you should definitely check out if you have a chance.  It’s called Holy Diver, and no it’s not the song by Dio. (I honestly don’t know that song but everyone on twitter kept mentioning it when I brought up this game)  ** correction! It is based on that song! So crazy!** Holy Diver was actually recommended to me by Parodius Duh on the Famicom World website.  I’m definitely glad that I listened to him cause this game is pretty awesome!

Holy Diver

When I was playing the game, it felt like a mix between Castlevania, Getsu Fuma Den and threw in some Mega Man just for fun.  The company with the crazy idea to release a  game like this was Irem, the same company that put out Spelunker II, Lot Lot and Kickle Cubicle.  Holy Diver hit the shelves in April of 1989, but of course it never saw the light of day in North America.


Story wise there was no manual or anything with my copy so I wasn’t too sure cause you just get tossed right into the action of the game.  So I did some online research and found a few different versions of the story.  One guy had the manual but couldn’t read Japanese so he made up a story based on seeing 666 in the text.  He thought your character was sent to save the world and had to kill the devil.  Luckily I soon found a translation of the story right from the manual…

Holy Diver

“Resurrected-The Legend of the Holy Magic King’s Justice

It is the 666th year of the world of magic. The Black Slayer, Demon King of the Underground Dark Empire, has extended the world of darkness and weakened the power of King Crimson whose wisdom has guided the world of magic for generations.

The 16th Crimson Emperor Ronnie 4th entrusted his two infant sons, Randy and Zack, to his faithful servant Ozzy. The three escaped the forces from another dimension in the hope to bring light back into the world.

Holy Diver

The next 17 years were difficult but Randy, Zack, and Ozzy devoted themselves to the cause of Holy Magic Justice. The Black Slayer had further extended his empire over the countryside and the interdimensional forces were even more powerful. Randy needed to find the Royal Coat Of Arms of the Crimson to battle the demons. He set out alone to carry out the will of his surrogate father Ozzy who had passed away. Thus begins the Legend Of The Holy Magic King’s Justice.”

Hmm wonder if Ozzy is supposed to be Ozzy Osbourne and Zack is like Zakk Wylde. It definitely does have catchy music!  Anyways so you basically battle demons, that’s enough of a story for me.


This game features unlimited continues, which is nice cause you are going to need them.  It’s definitely not the easiest game I’ve ever played, but it’s challenging in a good way.  I love how with your magic you have projectiles, just like if you were using the mega buster in Mega Man.  If you had to do close combat with punching, this game would be impossible to beat!  It definitely tests your reflexes, those enemies are fast!

Holy Diver

I’ve recorded myself playing through the first level of the game (this is the first time I’ve ever played).  Notice at the end what happens when you beat the level boss.

[Check out Retro Gamer Girl]

Hello Kitty World


We come to another edition of Retro Game of the Week, this time around we have a game that seems to be just a hack of a very awesome game for the Game Boy. Nevertheless, it’s here to stay and it’s just totally awesome. If you can look over the Hello Kitty characters, then you’ll be all set. Enjoy as Hello Kitty World enchants you with its magic!


The music is the same one as the Balloon Kid game. The game does a great job at entertaining you with tunes you’ll surely remember. It’s not the best of a soundtrack, but it does the job. You can’t get any better than 8-bit music anyways…it’s making a comeback!!


The graphics are good. Just think of it as being a colored Game Boy title. After all, it is based on a Game Boy game. Either way, everything looks great. You won’t run into any dead ends due to the graphical interface of the levels so you’ll not only enjoy the sights but enjoy the gameplay as well.


The gameplay is quite entertaining. You keep yourself levitated with two balloons and your goal is to get across the level without getting your balloons popped! It may sound simple but believe me, levels get tougher and tougher as you move along. Even if you get your balloons popped you’ll be able to inflate new ones to fly into the sun! Of course, you gotta make sure you don’t land on the different obstacles that will definitely kill you such as fire.


The best part about older games is the their replay value is infinite. That’s why you see people playing such games as Tetris or Pacman in their more advance devices. Simple fun stuff is always welcomed and this is no different. You can go through the entire game and go for it again and again. When you don’t need to remember passwords or save the game, you have less stress going on, believe me.

This is another obscure game that never made it to the NES but if you do want to play the cheap alternative then I suggest getting Balloon Kid, other than that you should import this game as soon as possible. It’s a lot of fun and well…it’s Hello Kitty!!



I got this game for like .99 a while back.  Thought it was worth the  money just for the cool light on the cartridge:) Lights make everything better!  The game is Spelunker made by irem according to the game case, but when the title screen loads up it says Broderbund Software….


There isn’t much for controls, directional pad moves from side to side, A jumps and B uses your drill.  Thing is it’s insanely easy to die, jump down a couple pixels to far, you are dead and you will be dying a lot.  Check out my gameplay video…

It’s kind of frustrating, so I’m going to need a lot more practice and figure out what to do so I don’t keep dying constantly.  At least it was only .99 cents!



Spartan X2

Spartan X2 - famicom

Spartan is one of the games we were sad to miss. The list of unreleased games in the USA really makes me sick! So many gems we could’ve cherished and remembered as true classic. Nevertheless, we can now import them quite easy so problem solved! Enter Spartan X2 for the Famicom. The game has a huge fun factor but there are some things that stop it from being great. Lets check it out in this week’s pick!

Spartan X2 - famicom

The music is quite good. You can’t get anything better than an 8-bit track that mimics an action packed game! The game has also a very decent sound effects scheme. It’s definitely better in every way of the first game in the series which we know as Kung Fu.

Spartan X2 - famicom

The graphics are quite good. This game is everything an action pack side scroller is supposed to look like. Even the intro has a very awesome background. The game shows it wasn’t rushed!

Amazingly, the gameplay is the same as Kung Fu except with some exceptions mainly due to the scenery. You go inside trains, the streets, and many more places. You have the main kick and punch as in the first game. You can also jump!! Tapping the buttons at the right time is crucial to survive in this game. I’ll be honest, this game may be short (4 levels) but it’s as tough as you can get especially in the final levels. Better start practicing!

Spartan X2 - famicom

The game is so short that playing it over and over can be quite fun although tiring at the same time. There is only so much you can do and the levels are very linear. There is no other way around any of the levels. Just walk from left to right until you reach the boss. In replay value this game suffers but there is always an urge to come back to it for a quick play especially if you know the length of it. Sometimes, games don’t need to be long to be fun.

This is probably not the best game to spend all your cash on but it’s definitely an interesting title as it’s the long forgotten sequel to Kung Fu. If you ever find it for a decent price, pick it up!!

Gradius 2

We begin with an awesome game for the Famicom/NES. The game was never released here in the States and boy did we miss out…. Nevertheless, the year is 2013 and we have many different ways to enjoy this game. Whether it’s through an emulator, NES reproduction, or the original Famicom title, we will have the same awesome experience. Lets get started!
The music is quite good for this game. It keeps you on your toes for real! Believe me, Konami knows their 8-bit music! The sound effects are improved from its predecessor so your ears will be happy to hear the retro-tunes and sound effects the game has to offer.
The game has some beautiful graphics. They are top notch for the time and you will not get confused on where to go. Be sure to enjoy all the scenery as long as you keep smashing the buttons constantly as the levels are packed with non-stop action.
The gameplay is just wonderful! The controls are just top notch and very responsive. You won’t be disappointed but beware that the game does offer a high level of difficulty. It’s so Konami for the game to have a level of difficulty. All of you whiners, get out while you can.
Gradius 2 -FC
The game is just as enjoyable from beginning to end. If you have the guts to play through it and come back again for another run, you have been warned. As I mentioned before, the game is difficult and will only get more difficult as you go further in the game but it’s so satisfying to come back to.

To conclude, the game is just amazing and should be in your collection even in rom form. This is sadly one of the many gems we missed out on. Be sure to pay your respects to the old shoot’em up games as they are packed with beauty and wonderful challenging gameplay.

Captain Tsubasa 2

Captain Tsubasa 2 - Famicom - Gameplay Screenshot

One of the most incredible games for the Famicom which combines two genres together is none other than Captain Tsubasa 2. I’m sure this game is something you have never seen before, well just think about it, the game combines RPG elements with sports which is something that has been seen in very few games. The story is simple, you are this kid who joins a soccer team and well you are pretty good at playing soccer and you want to win it all! Of course, you start up in a sucky team, in fact you are the only one that can score for the team so everyone is depending on you to score a hat trick in every match. The controls are simple, once you meet an opponent on the field you will have four options which is usually to pass, dribble, team pass, and shoot. The one I use the most is team pass because you can pass it to your team mate and avoid getting tackle. Of course these options are only when you are holding the ball but when the opponent is coming towards you well you have other options. You can tackle and injure that asshole, or you can try to take the ball away from him “cleanly”. You can also just let him pass.

Captain Tsubasa 2 - Famicom - Gameplay Screenshot

The difficulty of the game increases greatly and keeps you coming for more. If you loose a match you will be sent back a game so you will need to replay that match and then the match that you lost. In the end, this helps you out because your team levels up according to their performance in the match so next time you meet that team that kicked your ass, it might have a different result. Moving on, the storyline gets very interesting as the game goes along, too bad I don’t know how to read Japanese or I would probably have had a bigger attachment to the game. The cut scenes are very well made for a Famicom game, at some times you must have felt like if you were watching a movie….yeah they are good… The music is also very very good and keeps you on the edge of your seat or couch or wherever the hell you play your video games.

Captain Tsubasa 2 - Famicom - Gameplay Screenshot


Overall, the game is a must have for anyone trying to find something different and retro to play. The game doesn’t go for that much, usually ten dollars on ebay. Be sure not to pick up part one as it’s very inferior to the sequel. You will have a better time playing this one. That’s all for now, till next week.



One last thing, the game is packed with super moves each of the characters has but remember not to use them that much as it’ll take a big chunk out of your stamina.


Mr. Gimmick box

So here it is, I was finally able to get a physical copy of this wonderful game and even though it doesn’t contain the special sound chip, I was able to enjoy the gameplay of a game like no other! Gimmick! is one of a kind and it’s the pick of this week!

Mr. Gimmick - Gameplay - Screenshot
The game is very simple. You are this toy, you can move, therefore you must beat the levels! At least, that’s what I could make up of it har har har….the game is not your average platformer. The game showcases the NES/Famicom graphics at its best. Sometimes you think you are playing a SNES game believe it or not. They bring the NES/Famicom to its limits and in some ways opened up new ones(sound chip).


The game tends to start very easy but after level three or so, you will be wanting to break your head open with its difficulty. I haven’t managed to finish the game myself even though my copy of Gimmick! starts you up with 30 lives. By level 3, I have already wasted half of those. I think I just need some practice.



The game is a treat to look at and will make you showcase the best of your skills all the way to the end so it’s highly worth it for hardcore retro gaming fans. The game is also very expensive so be ready to spend the big bucks for it or just be a cheap bastard and play the rom. Either way, pick it up and play! it’s Gimmick!


Gekitou Stadium

Gekitou Stadium - Gameplay Screenshot

With the start of the Famicom Guide Youtube channel why not pick a Famicom title? Well, guess what? I just did! Gekitou Stadium!! is one of the reasons why baseball games are still fun on the classic console. The game is well balanced and has a very moderate setting of gameplay to help make the game fair. You have use the available strategy so that your pitcher won’t get beaten up by the opponent batters. You can hit the hitter if you don’t like him or just trick him to follow a ball outside the pitching box, you decide. The game has a very entertaining soundtrack that will not bore you and will keep you coming for more!

Gekitou Stadium - Gameplay Screenshot
There is a lot to explore as you see in the title screen. You have many settings to choose from. I prefer the 2player vs mode because it’s always a lot more fun to play against a friend. Make sure you hit the ball well though!

Gekitou Stadium - Gameplay Screenshot
Be careful with your opponent especially the ones with lots of HR in their stats, chances are they will try to hit it out of the ball park. My opponent didn’t follow my advice so I swung the bat and make her pay for it!

One of the best parts of the game is you can add yourself in the game. You can see myself right there in the left of the picture waiting to give high fives to my team mate that just scored a home run! Don’t I look sexy? Aha just kidding, this is just one of the many funny cut scenes of this game. Every sport game should have something like this!

FC Genjin

Genjin - Famicom - Title Screen

Well another week and another edition of retro game of the week. This time around I’m basing it off a game for the Famicom/NES that I just got in the mail not long ago. FC Genjin(Bonk’s Adventure) for the Famicom is surely one not to miss. The game is your typical platformer that’s unique in many ways. In this game, you take control of umm Bonk which is a big headed cave boy!


Genjin - Famicom - Gameplay Screenshot

Anyways, here we go with the game! The game like I said is your usual platfomer. Probably the best part is when you find a piece of meat and eat it! Then Bonk goes crazy! Kinda of like the star power in Super Mario Bros. Afterward, Bonk stays in a tan color which gives him more powers. You can you Bonk’s head to create an earthquake and destroy all the monsters that are currently in the screen. Your powers will be gone in no time so you have to use them to your advantage. The game plays a lot like say Joe and Mac for the same console. So I’m hoping this is enough to make you guys pick it up unique title. I’m sure that the TG-16 fans will agree the superiority of the Bonk games for that console. Since I haven’t played them, I can’t make a comparison. Hopefully, one day I will be able to pick those games up(even though I had the chance at a flea market and let it go….). Until next time!

Genjin - Famicom


Also credit for the photos goes to good old Nintendo Dork(Tyler) har har har