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OGS aka Frank Woods

Don’t ever tell James C Burns that you’re bored

In our interview with actor, James C. Burns (Call of Duty, films), he tells us about what really get’s him upset.

The Penetration Game

When Randy first told J.A. about Genital Jousting, J.A. thought it was an invitation to a personal game. Little did he know the game was real.

Billy Mitchell on negativaty and keyboard warriors

Billy Mitchell tells us about all the hate he has received and the difference between the online hate, the phone calls and how the haters react in real life.
clickbait countdown

Clickbait Countdown: When T&A just aren’t enough

We have all seen the Twitch and YouTube streamers that love to show off their “assets”. In our latest clickbait segment we discuss at a few ladies who showed off a little extra and paid the price.
Twin Galaxies

Ben Gold on discovering Twin Galaxies

Twin Galaxies hall of famer, Ben Gold tells us about his first experiences at Twin Galaxies.

Teddy Ruxpin and the 1 900 Sex Line

In our countdown of top Christmas toys from 1980 to 2017, the guys come up with some interesting uses for the Teddy Ruxpin.

This War of Mine Breakdown

Randy breaks down the PC game, This War of Mine.
steam censors adult games

Clickbait Countdown: Replace Steam with Steamy

The are several adult oriented games on Steam, but before they could be added they had to go through some modifications. We come up with an idea to have your cake and eat it too.

You don’t get the show #26: Christmas in July

With all the sales on games, toys and electronics this summer we decide to celebrate Christmas in July by looking over the top Christmas toys from the 80’s to today. From Transformers to the BeyBlades, we reminisce about our favorite toys, watch some ...

Geek Salad 004: Video Games to Board Games and Vice Versa

J.A. reviews Star Crusade and Randy talking about video games made in to board games. Gameplay in this episode is from: Hearthstone Star Crusade Deadly Premonition This war of mine

You don’t get the show #25: The Copyright Troll

Randy tells us about a new kind of Copyright Troll that has been targeting the YouTube pages of people displaying his game. We also cover how YouTube has become a bastion for people looking to report your channel for any reason. In our Clickbait segment, ...
e3 2017

Geek Salad 003: E3 2017 Review

Better late than never, the Geek Salad crew gives their impressions on everything that came out of E3 2017, the good , the bad and the strange. Game Trailers shown in show: Anthem Super Mario Odyssey Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Marvel’s Spiderman ...

World of Warplanes IL-10M: LOL How’d We Win

A win that by all accounts should not have happened.
Obsolete Gamer Show

The Obsolete Gamer Show: John Robert Matz

We’re talking video game music with award-winning composer, John Robert Matz. He recently earned at GANG award for the indie game, FOSSIL ECHO and has worked on a number of games such as Artemis and Gunpoint. A lover of games both modern and classic, ...

The Alt Right approved video game

A game where you play a skinhead or Neo Nazi and your mission is to kill minorities and Jewish people. We think we found the perfect game for the Alt-Right.

World of Warships: Nagato, Coming Back From The Brink (Final Battle)

Final Battle and a good send off for one of my favorite Battleships, the legendary Nagato!