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Let’s Play Fractured Space: Sentinel, Conquest vs AI, 24T 5D 5SP 15C

If you want to play Fractured Space go here: https://www.fracturedspace.com/ To see more of our Fractured Space videos, click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuqRuL_MxEq9ZJpoC5ogI4_DCqqR19uuX To check out more of our Let’s Plays click ...

Let’s Play Fractured Space: Colossus, Frontline PVE, 17T 2D 1SP 5C

Hector and I were playing against the AI in Frontline mode. I was running the Colossus for the first time and got 17T 2D 1SP 5C.

Let’s Play Dawn of War II Last Stand: Anvil of Khorne VICTORY 1 Ork 2 Necrons 9816913 Points

Feel free to knock back a Fungus Beer as my Ork and Hector’s Necron and another friendly Necron win in this Last Stand earning 9816913 Points! WHHAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!

Let’s Play Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War II: Last Stand Wave 19

Playing my Tau Commander with Hector’s Necron Lord, we got stuck with an Imperial Commander that kept doing over and over. Somehow we made it to Wave 19! What better way to start 2017 than by making a Last Stand?!

Let’s Play Space Hulk Deathwing: Episode 4 Multiplayer

In this Let’s Play, Hector, Bruce, Ray, and I are doing Episode 4 on Normal for Space Hulk: Deathwing. This was our second attempt to do this mission.

Let’s Play w SweetGina: Left 4 Dead 2, Dark Carnival, Normal, Part 1

I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 with SweetGina, my girlfriend, who is not used to playing FPS games so it was pretty challenging, although we only played on normal. =P
world of warplanes

Let’s Play World of Warplanes: NC 1070 Elite Wing Tier 8 In Tier 10 Match

The game decided to throw Blarf and I into a tier 10 match while we were using our NC 1070s in flight. We ended up getting elite wing in this awesome match.

Let’s Play Rocket League: 6-2, 3 vs 3, Match In Progress? No Problem!

We got put in a match in progress… it was no problem! Score started 2-2 and ended 6-2 for us! =P
world of warplanes

Let’s Play World of Warplanes: Westland P.1056 Don’t Mess With Pignose

In this game with my buddy Blarf, we can see how great the tier 8 British Heavy Fighter Westland P.1056 is while I talk nonsense about Crispin Glover and his Clowny Clown Clown video.

Let’s Play World of Warships: Saving Transylvania, Igor Cruiser (5 Kills)

In this fun Halloween PVE mode (scenario), we had to protect the Transylvania from the evil Rasputin super ship and it’s legion of undead battleships and nasty catapults. This Halloween scenario is actually a lot of fun!

Let’s Play Heroes of the Storm: 20-20 PVP Blackheart’s Bay

Fun match with JALaraque while I was using Raynor. Even though Raynor’s simple, he’s one of my favorite Heroes.
Rocket League obsolete gamer

Let’s Play Rocket League: 7-0 4 vs 4 Slaughter!

In this match, Red Baron (Raul), Dirty Tree (Bruce), T2Angell (Dhube), and I pretty much slaughter the enemy team getting 7-0!

Let’s Play World of Tanks: Alex Takes Out A Maus With His ISU-152

While playing with Alex and Bob, Alex managed to take out 4 enemies and score 2678 damage in a match we had up against tier 10s. The best part was when he ripped a Maus to pieces in two salvos. And we weren’t even supposed to win, according to XVM… ...

Let’s Play World of Warplanes – Japanese Threat: Bf 110 B, 8 Group Kills

While playing World of Warplanes’ special Japanese Threat event with Kevin (Blarf) and Gina (SweetGina), we managed to get 8 kills flying our Axis planes. Kevin and I were using Bf 110 B’s and Gina was using her He 112. If you want to play ...

Let’s Play World of Warships: ARP Hiei Hello Kitty Goodbye Kitty

HAIIIIIIIII here is my ARP Hiei video! =^-^= It’s only your friendly neighborhood pink Kongo!!! =] If you enjoy this game you can download and play for free here. To see more of our World of Warships videos, click here. To check out more of our ...

Liz & J.A. play the Sims: Episode 4 – The Date Part 2 – I kissed a guy and got some pussycat

I never read the Twilight books or watched the movies but I assume they went something like this. On part two of Liz and J.A.’s date, Liz’s hygiene isn’t getting any better perhaps that is why J.A. desperately wishes to become a vampire, however, ...