Xbox One

The Xbox One from Microsoft was released in 2013 and is the follow-up to the Xbox 360. Due to announcements from Microsoft that annoyed gamers, such as always on and the inability to share games with friends the launch underperformed gaming the PS4 the lead in the console wars. There are a number of excellent titles for the Xbox One and you can check out our reviews here.

Xbox One

Killer Instinct

All in all, Killer Instinct is pretty disappointing for a next-gen release, especially since the game is a glut of microtranscations. If you want the full game, it’s a standard twenty bucks. You can also just buy the individual characters if you want, which would be really cool if there were more than seven to choose from. If you want everything the game has to offer, which basically boils down to a couple of aesthetic character accessories and a playable version of the original KI, prepare to double-up on that Andrew Jackson. The only thing I was interested in besides the core game was the original that, unlike everything else, isn’t available separately. This fact, my friends, is worthy of ire right there.

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