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GameBoy Color 23

GameBoy Color 23 in 1 Cartridge

The front of the cart says 23 in 1 but really it’s 7 games in 1. The games included in this cart are…Bonk’s Adventure Ninja Boy Tennis Klax Minesweeper Bomb Jack Battle CityGameBoy Color 23 in 1 Cartridge I’m not going into great details of ...
KT-Super 90 in 1

Pirate Games: The KT-Super 90 in 1

KT-Super 90 in 1I picked this Game Boy cartridge up from Sao Paulo Brazil. I’ve got quite the little collection of pirated GB games now most of which are from Brasil. This particular GB cart says it has 90 games in 1, but really it’s just 7 in 1. ...
Pirate Games - Castlevania Dracula X

Castlevania Dracula X

I thought it’d be interesting to start showing off some obscure pirated/counterfeit games. Pirated games can be a weird thing. They are fake, rare, and cared for or hated. Allow me to introduce the pirate of the day… Castlevania Dracula X for SNESThere’s ...