Couples and Co-Op, The Divorce Maker?

Sometimes gamers can rage out when a game isn’t going well. This is especially so if you are playing with other gamers. However, what happens when that other gamer is someone special? Can you become a helpful instructor or will the; “Git Gud Noob” come out and risk the relationship?

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Super Hornio Brothers vs Strokemon

Did you know there is a adult parody for almost anything that is popular? We found that our in this story of Nintendo purchasing the rights to Super Hornio Brothers after the Super Mario Bros movie bombed in the theaters and while doing so Randy informed J.A. about the Pokemon adult parody called Strokemon.

You found gameplay videos on where now?

The guys were astonished to discover that you can find legitimate gameplay video for many of your favorite video games of pornography websites.

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OGZ: Gamers can eat

Almost every gamer has had that moment where they eat a little (or way) too much during a gaming session. In this clip the gamers discuss some of their more embarrassing eating moments while gaming and how they were received when eating out as a group.

As always OGZ has gamer (re:adult) language and is more than likely not safe for work.

OGZ: If Rage Gamers created a video game

Anyone that has played games know there are rage gamer’s, those special few who get really mad when someone is awfully bad at playing the game or sometimes being just awful in general.

Sometimes it’s warranted, sometimes not. The gamer’s discuss what they would do it they were rage gamer’s in charge of a game company and the dictatorship-like power they would wield against their player-base.