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Super Dungeon Explore Review

Super Dungeon Explore Review

Randy reviews the board game, Super Dungeon Explore.

Late Shift Review

J.A. reviews the FMV game, Late Shift

Rick and Morty Mr Meseeks Box O Fun Review

J.A. reviews the dice game, Rick and Morty Mr  Meseeks Box O Fun.

Geek Salad 002: Player Unknown Battlegrounds, LateShift, Rick & Morty and more

Randy breaks down Player Unknown Battlegrounds while J.A. gives his thoughts on the FMV game, Late Shift. This weeks board game reviews include Super Dungeon Explore and Rick and Morty Mr. Meeseeks Box O’ Fun.

Side Salad: Terminator board game

We take a look at the Terminator board game.

Side Salad: Miami Heat & The E Sports PGA

The Miami Heat are sponsoring an E-Sports team and Randy has an idea for an older gamer tour.

Geek Salad 001: Mysterium, Terminator board game and NBA Sponsored E-Sports

Our new show featuring news, reviews and commentary from board games to video games and everything in-between. In our first episode we look at Mass Effect Cards against humanity’s new deck, Terminator the Board Game, the Miami Heat sponsoring an ...