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Billy Mitchell: You play Pac Man?

We all know who Billy Mitchell is especially if you love classic games, but sometimes you can know somebody and get the reason you know them just a little bit wrong as Billy explains in this clip from our Q&A event at the Florida Film Festival for ...

William Volk on Is E3 Necessary

E.A. is pulling out of E3. While many gamers might reply, who cares, the question is, will other big names in the video game industry follow suit. William Volk breaks down the company thinking when deciding to attend the video game convention and if soon ...

Regina Carpinelli: Yes, he demanded steak

Regina Carpinelli CEO of Stan Lee’s Comikaze tells us about some of the strange requests celebrity guests can make while at conventions and how Con managers talk to each other to insure the best experience for their customers and fans. Check out the ...

Dragon Age vs Skyrim with Peter Newman

Author of The Vagrant and Albion Online Landfall is a fan of fantasy RPG games, however his controversial stance of Dragon Age vs. Skyrim had to be addressed.

Carrie Swidecki’s Gamer Story

World Record holder Carrie Swidecki tells us the story of her going for the Just Dance world record by dancing for 138 hours, that’s six days!

Joshua Clausen: Classic gaming and the future of Hawken

In this clip from our interview with Producer Joshua Clausen he tells us about some of his favorite classic games as well as the upcoming changes coming to Hawken.

Agustin Cordes: Games that inspired me

Video game designer and president of Senscape Agustin Cordes tells us about some of the classic games that inspired him as well as ones that scared him. He also talked to us about some of his favorite classic games.

The Gaming history of Loris Malek

President of Moon Spider Studios Loris Malek tells us about his video game background including the numerous console and computer systems and games he has owned and played. What was really interesting in this clip was when he talked about getting a NEO ...

Dane Cook is a true gamer

Actor/Comedian Dane Cook shows he is a true gamer during his interview with GameZone.com at the Rage red carpet event.

Rahul Sood talks Voodoo PC, Alienware, HP & Microsoft

Entrepreneur Rahul Sood tells us about Voodoo PC, his thoughts on Alienware as well as the sale to HP and his move to Microsoft before launching his latest venture, Unikrn.

Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel talks gaming preparation.

When preparing for a gaming competition gamer’s have different ways that they get ready or keep cool before their match. In this clip from the Obsolete Gamer Show professional gamer and entrepreneur Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel tells ...

Judy L.Tyrer: Unintended Consequences

During our interview with CEO of 3Turn Productions we asked Judy L. Tyrer her opinion about women in gaming and she shared her thoughts and experience with us on the subject in this excellent clip.

Wrestling memories with Mike -NESquester- Wright

If you did not know that besides being a gamer and a fantastic retrogaming writer, Mike NESQuester Wright was also a wrestler and during our interview with him on the Alt F4 show we just had to ask him to share some stories with us and he was happy to ...

James C. Burns: Correlation

A clip from actor James C. Burns who among others roles places as Sgt. Frank Woods in the Call of Duty Black Ops series from his interview on the Obsolete Gamer Show.

Patrick Scott Patterson talks about celebrity interaction with fans

Here is a clip from Patrick Scott Patterson appearance on the Obsolete Gamer Show where he talks about video game celebrities and personalities and their interactions with fans and how fans sometimes react to their move to other projects outside of gaming.

Jan Kavan: Gaming in the Czech Republic

One of the great things about interviewing people is finding out about their culture and as gamer’s, sometimes we can have blinders on believing everyone had a history similar to our own. During our interview with Jan Kavan creator of J.U.L.I.A: ...