World Games

World Games

Overall Rating: 3/5

NES World Games - Gameplay Screenshot

Of the original batch of launch titles for the Nintendo Entertainment System, many were subpar offerings that were limited or even outright flawed in gameplay, such as Gyromite. Others, however, were classic masterpieces that went on to carve formidable legacies, such as Super Mario Brothers and a title called Track & Field.

Track & Field was so successful, with its simple gameplay formula of offering multiple button-mashing or precison events, that it inspired several similar games, such as its sequel Track & Field 2 or the goofy Caveman Games. One of these imitations was a smaller-market cartridge called World Games, an Olympics simulation with many differing events at multiple difficulty levels for one or two players.


NES World Games - Gameplay Screenshot

The looks were standard. As far as NES entries go, World Games was neither spectacular nor terrible. Some events, such as Cliff Diving, looked crisp and clean as the long dive down genuinely did create nervous tension. But other events, such as Slalom Skiing, suffered from crude pixilation and questionable contact detection.


NES World Games - Gameplay Screenshot

The effects were basic, highlighted by breathing noises in Weightlifting and the occasional breaks and shatters of Barrel Jumping, along with the sickening thud of a cliff diver hitting the cliff. Perhaps the best sound, though, belonged to the country selection screen, where the national anthem of each selectable country could be played.


NES World Games - Gameplay Screenshot

World Games did not bring an entirely new formula to the table; as mentioned earlier, Olympics-style games with multiple mini-games had been done before. World Games does deserve credit for coming up with entirely new games, and executing them fairly well, with some better than others. Sumo Wrestling was simplistic and had no real strategy, while others like Caber Toss, Bull Riding, and Log Rolling were actually competitive and required finesse skills.


NES World Games - Gameplay Screenshot

One odd side item worth mentioning is a humorous glitch in the Sumo Wrestling game: Although normal gameplay would not reveal it, the wrestling ring level wraps. In other words, what goes off one side of the screen will appear on the other. While it is not possible to walk outside the bounds of the ring without losing the match, there is a move that throws the opposing player backwards. If done at the very edge of the ring, the flung opponent will reach the edge of the screen; or, at least, his head will. This means that his body will be laying still on one side, while his head suddenly jumps over to the other, creating the appearance of a decapitation! Other weird visuals can be achieved with other games, such as the weightlifter who holds the barbells too long and falls through the floor after turning blue.


Overall, World Games does not establish any fantastic new heights for video games, merely doing a solid job of imitating Olympics-type settings. But it is certainly a piece of fun, especially for two players, thus earning a decent three stars out of five.

Ecstasy of Order now on DVD

Ecstasy of Order now on DVD

Ecstasy of Order now on DVD

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters, a documentary film about the 2010 Classic TetrisWorld Championship, is now available on DVD.

The film, which has won a number of film festival awards since starting on the circuit last year, has ties starting with the 1990 Nintendo World Championships and leads up to the 2010 California event that invited many of the current day Tetris champions to compete, including Robin MiharaJonas Neubauer and Harry Hong.


“It’s a bit surreal to see it actually happen,” 1990 NintendoWorld Champion Thor Aackerlund said of the DVD release. “I’ll always be really impressed with the spectacular amount of work and cooperation it took to get it done. It was truly a community and passion built project.”

To celebrate the release, special screenings will be taking place in Los Angeles on Monday, July 23 and in New York City on Thursday, July 26. Tickets to these screenings can be purchased here.

The DVD, available via direct order, can be purchased here. The film will also join a variety of on-demand streaming services on August 21.

“It’s an incredible story of player versus machine, himself and herself and each other,” Tetrischamp Ben Mullen said. “It charts the stories of the best Tetris players in a manner which is truthful, exciting and heart-pounding at times.”

A review of a pre-release copy can be found here. More about the film can be learned on the official movie website at

Primal Rage: Gameboy

Here comes one of the more decent fighters for the forgotten portable handheld. Primal Rage brings you dino-busting action to the palm of your hand and even though our handhelds nowadays do this with ease, this was a tough task back in the golden age of gameboy. Lots of other fighters were introduced and failed misserably and although not that playable, they still manage to give you an experience to their console predecessors. Primal Rage is one of them. While not offering much, this little cartridge offers more than enough to keep you entertain for a good amount of time, the time of course is your choice. Like many of the old titles of the original gameboy, this game is as simple to pick up and play.


With supreme graphics for its time, Primal Rage was something to look at and tell yourself “What an age we live in”. We sure take games for granted nowadays, back then this was all we had god damn it! Respect the past, and be grateful for what we have today, Oh! And kill some dinos while you are at it.


Ristar: Free on Dotemu


Fans of the classic Sega Genesis platformer can get their hands on Ristar for free thanks to DotEmu. The evil tyrant Greedy holds the galaxy of Valdi under a reign of terror, spreading misery and darkness, but from the depths of space comes Ristar, a shining shooting star who is destined for greatness. Only his special powers can restore happiness to the solar system once again.

Here are the key features from the game:

> A game with original and zany situations

> A difficulty that increases progressively

> An inspired and original level design

> Action, puzzle and strategy are combined in Ristar


Now I played this back in the day and loved the style. The game really excels in its soundtrack that features catchy tunes and themes and the boss music is pretty awesome as well. Most of the game involves jumping, swinging and bashing enemies’ against your head as you make your way towards the boss. However, Ristar features a lot of cool puzzles and secret areas to discovery and there is real strategy involved in the gameplay.


With the DotEmu package you can choose to play in windowed mode or full screen with several resolution options so it will play on pretty much any system. Like emulators, you can save the game at any point which is a pretty awesome feature. The game plays just like the original and you can use keyboard controls or connect a joystick. I use the Xbox 360 controller which was automatically detected by the program.


Normally for $2.99 you can get Ristar free (as well as DRM free) for a limited time so get it now and tell them Obsolete Gamer sent you.

Game of Thrones: 16-bit style

Game of Thrones RPG

Game of Thrones: 16-bit style

Our video of the day comes from the fantastically funny folks over at College Humor. This time they take the season one storyline from Game of Thrones and put it into a Final Fantasy style game. For those who played the SNES versions of FF you will notice the style right away. The video is especially funny if you watched all of season one of Game of Thrones, but is funny nonetheless.


Kingston HyperX 3K Series 240GB SSD Review

When SSD’s first arrived on the market the price point alone made many people turn away from them, but as the prices began to come down, more and more people began to see the benefit to adding a SSD to their existing system. For more novice consumers and those who still find the price a little too high there are remaining questions about when and why to get an SSD. In this review we will cover the benefits of the Kingston HyperX 3K Series 240GB SSD as well as the overall advantages to using a SSD.

Kingston HyperX 3K Series 240GB SSD

Why an SSD?

So let’s start with the basics. An SSD is faster than your normal Hard Drive, much faster. The direct speed difference will vary on the model you get. Using the HyperX 3K we compared it to my previous hard drive, a 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s. The read and write speeds were many times faster with the SSD which translates into quicker load times and faster access of data. This means if you use it as your system drive Windows will boot and respond faster and applications will do the same.

For many gamers, an SSD is added to their existing system to be used as their game drive. What this does is improve the loading and access time of a game and this also comes into play online. Now an SSD cannot help you if your ISP is slow or you have bandwidth issues, but if you have applications running in the background along with your game, say Ventrilo, an SSD can manage the data better meaning a smooth gaming experience with no choppiness, which is a key in FPS, RTS and MMO gaming.

Beyond the benefits for applications and games an SSD can make an older computers seem newer by expanding its usability. Many times, especially for users who are not heavy into games, find themselves with a slow PC, not because of CPU or memory, but their hard drive. The speed and performance of an SSD can inject new life into your existing system even freeing the need to upgrade other parts. Finally, an SSD contains no moving parts so if you move your system a lot it can take the wear and tear that a traditional hard drive cannot.

The Breakdown

We tested the 240GB version of the Kingston HyperX for this review. For people looking to add more programs and games in addition to their operating system, this size is a perfect fit. This model is also lower in price costing a litter over two hundred dollars. For your O/S 100GBs of space is a good number to go with. I personally have used as low as 50GBs with a few applications added, but was always low on drive space. With this 240GB drive, you will have more than enough room for your operating system, your applications and games. If you collect media like movies and music you could add them as well, but its best to run those from a traditional drive as it does not really impact performance.

First thing you will notice is the size. The drive is 2.5 inches with a 9.5mm height, so it is much smaller than your traditional hard drive. The drive comes with a sturdy shinny metallic 3.5 inch bracket and mounting screws, so it can fit into any desktop case. The drive also comes with a handy screw drive that holds various bits as well as the screws keeping everything together and making installation very easy. Of course, if you are not comfortable doing your own installation you can ask a friend, but it is very simple to do and there are many videos showing how to install an SSD.


Kingston HyperX 3K Series 240GB SSD

The HyperX 3K also comes with an USB external drive bay, which looks pretty cool design wise. This allows you to use your SSD as an external drive that you plug into your USB. This also allows you to take the drive on the road which is great for professionals or gamers that travel and since it supports USB 2.0 you will still get the speed and performance you expect.

The drive runs quite since it does not have any moving parts. This is ideal for those who want a silent running PC in their home or office. Another great thing about this drive is that it also draws less power and is cooler than a traditional hard drive meaning it will not add extra heat to your system or the environment it is in and overall is more energy efficient.

Here is a breakdown of the features for the SSD:

  • Features
    • SandForce controller technology
    • High-speed SATA Rev 3.0 (6Gb/s) transfer speeds
    • Advanced Wear-Leveling Technology
    • User-Configurable Over Provisioning4
    • Performance — incredible speeds for enhanced productivity
    • Reliable — much less likely to fail than a standard hard drive
    • Shock-Proof — dropping your notebook no longer means losing your data
    • Cool & Quiet — runs silent and with no moving mechanical parts to generate heat
    • Innovative — uses NAND Flash memory components
    • Supports TRIM — enhances device wear leveling by eliminating merge operation for all deleted data blocks
    • Supports S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology)
    • Guaranteed — three-year warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability.

Kingston HyperX 3K Series 240GB SSD

Defining Technology

So when looking at the top SSD’s you will want to understand the technology that comes with it. Let’s take a look at some of the terms and breakdown their meaning for those not familiar with them.

Sandforce Technology: Sandforce is the processor for Flash Storage devices. Also known as the controller, it is key component of the drive. Sandforce is known for making top rate SSD processors, which contains additional features that improve the performance and power optimization for a drive and the longevity of the SSD.

TRIM: TRIM in a nutshell is Windows 7 memory optimization for SSD’s and was best explained to me like this. When you write something to your drive think about writing on a piece of paper. When you want to get rid of the paper you would toss it away. With a computer you are not tossing the paper, but erasing whatever you wrote on the paper to use again. With an SSD, you may delete or erase a page, which can be a word doc or an entire program, but the SSD needs a stack of papers, or what is referred of as a block before it deletes them. However, when it’s time to delete the block, since there is more than one page to do, it can take time and that time taken can slow down the SSD. TRIM anticipates that you will need to delete that block sooner or later so it does it ahead of time so you do not run into that large block being erased that slows down your system and in turn your SSD runs at optimum speeds at all times.

S.M.A.R.T: This stands for Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology. This is the early warning system that something is going to happen to your disk drive. SMART monitors your drive and its main function is to detect and report and various indicators of reliability giving you a heads up of potential issues. When SMART finds something wrong you have the option to prepare for an outage by backing up your data and getting a replacement drive. In addition to having a warning to back up your data disk drive manufactures may be able to use the SMART data to find out where issues occurred in their drive and even help them make changes to prevent other issues from occurring. Think of it as the little black box for your SSD.

ATTO Disk Benchmark on my old drive
ATTO Disk Benchmark on my old drive
AS SSD Benchmark on my old drive
AS SSD Benchmark on my old drive
Crystal Disk Mark on my old drive
Crystal Disk Mark on my old drive


One thing to keep in mind when testing is how the drive is being used. You will often see faster speeds if you run tests on a free drive being used for gaming than one that you already installed Windows on and then ran the tests. The HyperX features 555MB/sec read and 510MB/sec write speeds, but again these can vary depending on the software and testing conditions. However, the overall speed difference over a traditional hard drive is unmistakable as you can see in the benchmarking screenshots below.

AS SSD Benchmark on the Kingston HyperX 3K Series 240GB SSD
AS SSD Benchmark on the Kingston HyperX 3K Series 240GB SSD
ATTO SSD Benchmark on the Kingston HyperX 3K Series 240GB SSD
ATTO SSD Benchmark on the Kingston HyperX 3K Series 240GB SSD
Crystal Mark SSD Benchmark on the Kingston HyperX 3K Series 240GB SSD
Crystal Mark SSD Benchmark on the Kingston HyperX 3K Series 240GB SSD

As you can see compared to my previous hard drive the HyperX is much much faster in both read and write speeds. As far as daily use, the different is night and day. When logging into Windows after a reboot the load time is cut down to a few seconds. With my old drive, it would be up to a minute before all my programs would open and be ready for use.

This is another point for SSD’s specifically the Kingston HyperX. If you run a lot of programs and/or have a number of programs that start automatically like instant messenger programs and anti-virus software, a faster drive dramatically drops down the loading time of those applications. Even using programs such as Microsoft Office I can see the different when it auto saves or I save the program myself. Finally, for those who work with audio or video programs an SSD is a must for quicker access of your work and loading times.

Kingston HyperX 3K Series 240GB SSD

Final Thoughts

Kingston offers a 3-year warranty with this SSD as well as customer support via their website. In addition, a toolbox software download is available. The Kingston Toolbox enables you to read your drive information such as Serial Numbers, Firmware versions, and S.M.A.R.T. attributes.

Overall the Kingston HyperX SSD is one of the fastest drives on the market at with a price in the low 200’s, it is perfect for the advanced or novice user of any budget. The speed and reliability you get with this drive will make any system better, and for those who demand the best performance it is a must have.


waveform banner
Waveform, the soothing indie game I previewed some time ago, is an elegant and incredibly simple to play offering that has just been released for the PC (with a little help from Steam), though I’m pretty sure it would make a killing over at them touch-based mobile devices. Now, don’t take this wrong reader; I don’t consider Waveform simplistic or shallow – far from it. I’m just pretty confident its unique game mechanics would greatly benefit from touch controls.
Anyway. On to the game proper. Waveform has you using the mouse to control the wavelength and amplitude of a light wave that looks and behaves suspiciously close to a sine wave. Moving your mouse cursor right or left will modify the former and up or down the latter, thus hopefully plotting a route that will help your circular avatar thingy avoid obstacles and grab a ton of points. It’s this simple really or, as some would wisely point out, a triumph of minimalist design.

waveform banner


Happily, said simplicity doesn’t mean that the game is boring. It means instead that this is one traditionally easy to learn yet hard to master offering. Also one that actually affords gradually building up its complexity with a steady introduction of new gameplay elements, new mechanics, new enemies and new ways to treating them, meaning that you will definitely have something fresh to look forward to every few levels. And there’s over 100 well designed of them.
Not all is perfect though. Especially as things get more hectic the controls can feel a tad unresponsive. Oh, and despite the variety on offer and even them hidden levels, said things can actually get repetitive, especially when you are frantically trying to play through the game for a review… Then again, and in what can only be considered a showcase of spontaneous dialects, it remains both fun and addictive; a bit like Tetris actually. What’s more, Waveform is indeed something one has to definitely try in order to experience an oddly relaxing yet essentially arcade game.
waveform banner


As for the game’s graphics, well, they are all spacey and slightly psychedelic and nice, and help that overall feel of a properly polished game. As, of course, does Waveform‘s amazing soundtrack. And the ton of little touches, black hole levels, achievements and extras that the devs have kindly packed in this rather lovely and bravely original game.

Verdict: A refreshing and actually successful attempt at a spectacularly innovative arcade game. Definitely worth a try, if only to experience how something truly new feels like.

Superman: Atari 2600

Superman - Atari 2600 - Video Game screenshot

Growing up a video game and comic book lover, you can imagine how I felt when my two passions merged, and at the age of 9, had a chance to play the Superman cart for my Atari. It was everything I could ever want; Superman flying around, Luthor trying to kill Supes with Kryptonite, Lois needing more saving, etc… Fantastic!
Now, here is how I feel at age 41…
The game starts with Clark leaving one of those old-time phone booths, and as he walks to the next screen, the bridge blows up. The object of the game is to capture Lex Luthor, 6 unnamed criminals, and find/reassemble the 3 pieces of the bridge. Superman has the power of flight, strength, and x-ray vision to help you accomplish this.

Superman - Atari 2600 - Video Game screenshot
The first part that bothers me (and there’s a big list), is there’s actually no proof that Luthor had anything to do with The Great Metropolis Bridge Explosion of 1978. Whatever reason, I felt Superman was just picking on him a bit. All Luthor does is fly around the entire game with a propeller coming out of his head, and for some reason, wearing Aquaman’s Underoos. As embarrassing as that is, I’m guessing he committed no crime. Also, why these random 6 criminals? Only reason I see is they’re carrying these huge tommy-guns (what year is this anyway?), but they never actually use them.

Superman - Atari 2600 - Video Game screenshot
The characters are very blocky, but they’re colorful enough to figure out who is whom, although Supes has no hair. Lois wears a pill-box hat (again, what year is this?) and seems to find herself in trouble, get in the way, etc….so, she’s easy to locate.
The sound effects couldn’t be more annoying, with the flying sound (90% of the game) bringing back horrible flashbacks of 2AM TV static. The flickering when multiple characters are on screen leaves me to believe this should have been the first game to come with the “epileptic seizure” warning. The “maze” of Metropolis is beyond frustrating. You could actually be on the jail screen, fly down 1, then fly back up 1, only to find you’re not at the jail, but somewhere else. Insane.

Superman - Atari 2600 - Video Game screenshot
There are kryptonite satelittes flying around, and if one hits you, Lois magically appears for you to “kiss” to get your powers back. That makes 2 cases in Superman canon where a magic kiss was used, and that’s 2 times too many.
Finally, there’s a helicopter flying around that serves as the same purpose as the bat in Adventure….to piss you off. It just flies around picking up your bridge pieces and making them harder to find, and occasionally carrying Lois around by her hat.

Superman - Atari 2600 - Video Game screenshot
Friday, I talked about one of my favorite co-op adventures in The Wizard of Wor, but this one of the worst. Yes, they made Superman a co-op game. One person can control him flying up and down, where player 2 can jump on the right joystick and control him flying left and right………….seriously.

In conclusion, some games just don’t age well, and this is one. I recommend keeping your fond memories intact, and don’t actually ruin them with reality.

Overall 3/10

First Steps: Guild Wars 2


Just coming off of the third and final beta for Guild Wars 2 we wanted to give everyone a glimpse into the first few moments of the upcoming MMO. Guild Wars 2 is the free to play mmo sequel to the original Guild Wars. The game, developed by ArenaNet features quite a few interesting changes to mmo including the action oriented combat and effect your character has on the world.

Let us start with the character creation. In GW2 you can select from five different races, the Sylvari, Norn, Charr, Asura and Human. Each race has its own unique abilities and backstory that you can read about when you create you character.

On the next screen you select what your classic will be. Some of the classics will be familiar like warrior or Necromancer. Some of the classics you will need to read to understand what your skills will be, but know that for the most part all classes can deal enough DPS (damage per second) and do enough personal healing for you to be effective, at least in the beginning.

Once you have selected your class you can configure how you character will look. There are a number of changes you can make from body size to hair, eye and armor color. Overall, you can make your character pretty unique dependent on how much time you wish to spend customizing your character.


Another unique feature to GW2 is after you customize your character you have a list of choices you make that determine the type of character you are. For instance a question might ask, what are the most important teachings you have learned and you have three choices to select from and your choices will affect how NPC’s (non-playable characters) treat you and your various skills and quests.

Each race has their own opening story which deals with how they entered the world. The opening story is in the full world meaning you will see other new players with you right off the bat. The beginning story allows you to get used to the controls and the gameplay and though it is easy for anyone who has played mmo’s before, if you are completely new it can be challenging.


Once you finish the beginning story you are placed in your starting area. From the starting area you have your main story which you can follow or you can begin exploring the world and encountering the random and dynamic events and quests within it, which we will cover in a moment.

Graphically the game was designed to run well on many different systems and to that end on lower end systems the game might not seem as graphically stunning, but on higher settings the world looks beautiful. Guild Wars 2 uses an “art style” for its graphics giving you that painters look, but it is done well where the world and environment changes depending on where you are. There are also day and night sequences in the game which not only effects how the world looks, but what events and monsters will be in the world. There are also cut scenes used for boss battles and important story events and a simple discussion cut scene when talking to some NPC’s.


As far as quests go, unlike many mmo’s where you see an exclamation point over the head of an NPC, in GW2 quests are more dynamic. An example is an NPC will approach you and offer a quest or tell you something is happening and that your help is needed. Since this occurs mainly in the open world you have the option to go to the location and help or not. Say there are bandits attacking a farm, a farmer may run out onto the road you are walking down and ask for help. At this point the farm is already under attack and if you walk away the bandits will burn down the farm and may even camp out there. If you choose to fight you might kill off the bandits and attack their camp meaning you might see them rebuilding it later. Sometimes events will overlap and while you are fighting said bandits something else appears like a monster which will attack everyone.


The idea with this questing system is to keep things fresh and new. The events will change from time to time and what you and other players do will have a real effect on the game. In the main story mode you are mostly in instanced areas, but the random quests still apply there as well. As for dungeons, you first encounter a dungeon in story mode meaning there will be less monsters and difficulty as it is for only you. However, once you finish a dungeon you unlock the “explorer” mode where there are much more monsters, loot and even path choices to make giving the dungeon replayability.

Turning to combat, Guild Wars 2 focuses on action and interaction so you are not standing around watching your character, you are interacting. An example of this is the action bars which are the numbered 1 thru 10 keys on your keyboard. You begin the game with only one or two spells and as you fight and level more will unlock. More to this the action bars or spells change dependent on what weapon you are using.


Say you have a sword in your main hand. The action keys 1 thru 3 will be abilities specific to that weapon. The next few buttons will deal with what is in your off hand like a shield or another weapon. Every class also has a personal heal spell and then special abilities based on the class. Finally you have your special attack which can be devastating, but has a long cool down. So back to the sword, if you then decide to pick up a hammer the first three button skills will change to reflect the new weapon. This opens up a ton of new combinations and abilities each class can access.

There are also defensive moves in the game such as dodging incoming attacks. Your main vitality bars are your normal health, mana and stamina bars. When you double tap one of your movement keys (W,A,S,D) you will perform a defensive move like diving forward or jumping back. When you do this you can avoid damage so unlike many other mmo’s you do not just sit there going hit by hit. As you uses the defensive abilities your stamina runs down so you have to conserve it.


There are also many items in the game which when picked up change your action keys. Sometimes items are for a quest like a water bucket to put out a fire. You can also find items like tree branches or a pipe and these can be used for specific means or as a weapon, each having its own set of action keys. Most of these items tie into events that occur in the open world or are used for questing purposes.

Overall, the game is incredibly fun for anyone who likes sword, shield and magic adventures. The fact that the world is persistent and you only pay once for the game is a welcome sight compared to games that launch with a subscription and then go free to play. There is a lot to do in GW2 from the main story quests to thousands of open world events, dungeons and bosses to fight of all shapes and sizes.

You also will not have to worry about loot since all drops are specific to you. Even if you are in a dungeon with others everyone gets their own loot which solves a lot of problems. As said the graphics as well done and scale well with higher end systems. The music flows with the game and gets you into the mood when in dungeons or while fighting and the combat system brings excitement, keeping you from feeling bored or not engaged.

There is much more to Guild Wars 2 and we will be bringing you more information in the weeks to come. For now you can preorder Guild Wars 2 and receive some cool in game items. Guild Wars 2 officially launches on August 28th.

Joust turns 30


Joust turns 30

The early 1980s marked a huge boom period for the video game industry. As a result, many of the iconic classics of that time seem to be reaching major anniversaries in rapid-fire succession.

The latest to reach the 30 year milestone is Joust, the unique 1982 title from former arcade powerhouse Williams Electronics. According to government trademark records the first appearance of the title was on July 16, 1982.

Created by John Newcomer, the game of Joust put the player in control of an ostrich-riding knight. The object of the game was the turn away the challenges of numerous enemy knights, also riding the odd birds through levels with several platforms. From time to time an almost unbeatable pterodactyl would join into the frantic pace of the game.


The two-player feature helped Joust make an impact in the coin box at arcades across the country. While the ability for numerous players to play together has been a common feature in arcades for some time, in 1982 it was quite the novelty for two players to be able to play at the same time. Adding to the feature were offers of bonus points on certain levels, some of which encouraged teamwork and others that encouraged direct competition.

While the classic has been long removed from most surviving arcade locations today, Kansas City gamer Lonnie McDonald has been bouncing across the country for the past year in an effort to post a high score of 9,999,999 points on every surviving Joust machine he can find. So far on his tour he has hit over 60 different Joustmachines, including one in placed in the former location of a historic arcade just days before the 30th birthday date.

“I have met some cool folks along the way,” he said in a previous interview. “Played with current world champs; seen Joust machines in homes, bars, arcades and museums. I’m not as fast or as handsome or thin, but I am wiser and more strategic. On the other hand when you win 500 free guys you can play silly if you want to.”




Released by Radiance Software in 1991, TaleSpin follows the adventures of Captain Baloo and Kit Cloudkicker from the Disney animated series. In the game, you are after the lost treasure of Ionia, but an evil Witch Doctor called Watusi stands in your way.


Cosplay: The Dark Right

This weeks cosplay is for all the cosplayers out there taking up the mantle of Batgirl. With the release of The Dark Knight Rises we wanted to showcase some awesome Batman related cosplay, so enjoy.


Star Control: The Ships

The first Star Control title really is a game of two-halves. The ‘Main’ game is seen as the strategy side of the game with its turn-based, territorial expansion-based shenanigans, while the ‘Melee’ mode is seen as the action, shoot ’em up side, but it is a lot more strategic than people realise itself. Each of the fourteen starships in the game has many variables, as can be seen in some of the screenshots below and, while it’s possible for any one ship to defeat any one other, there are certain ships that are better or worse against certain others, and many crafty tactics can be employed to exploit their weaknesses.
There really is nothing like an epic Melee battle between two experienced, well-matched combatants. Each lurking on opposite sides of the screen trying to guess what the other is thinking, the occasional skirmish to test each other. They can be very tense affairs! So, for the benefit of any budding Melee-Masters, the next installment in my series of Star Control features will take a look at the ships used by the seven races that comprise the Alliance of Free Stars (the ‘good guys’)…
Chenjesu Broodhome

Star Control

Arguably my favourite ship in the game! This is the flagship of the Alliance fleet, used by the crystalline Chenjesu species. While not particularly quick, it’s big and powerful enough for that not to matter most of the time. It’s primary weapon is the Photon Shard which is a round projectile with an infinite range – when you launch one, keep your finger on the fire button and the shard will continue on for as long as you hold down the button! It’s the longest range weapon in the game and causes devastating damage with a direct hit (some smaller ships can be taken out with one strike), but you can only fire one at a time. When you release the fire button the shard will fragment into eight smaller pieces that travel a short distance causing minimal damage.

Star Control
The Broodhome’s secondary weapon is the D.O.G.I. Creating one of these will use all the fuel supply but the D.O.G.I will then home in on the other vessel and each time it makes contact (and makes an amusing ‘barking’ sound!) it will drain your opponent’s fuel. These are very useful, and you can deploy up to four of them, but some of the ships with powerful, short-range weapons like the Avenger and the Drone can take them out with ease. The Broodhome’s biggest weakness is its lack of maneuverability which, amongst other things, means that it’s the ship most vulnerable to planetary gravity, with each high-velocity collision causing a significant percentage of its crew complement to be lost, but it’s still a imposing, numerously-crewed vessel that you’ll do well to come out of a battle with alive!
Ship Rating: 5/5

Yehat Terminator

Star Control

Smaller and more agile than the Broodhome, this nippy craft crewed by the Pterodactyl-like Yehat is a formidable offensive and defensive craft. It’s armed with twin, rapid-fire Pulse Cannons which can pepper an adversary’s ship with many small, weak shots which can collectively cause a lot of damage, especially to larger ships. The defensive side is catered for by an impenetrable Force Shield which can be activated at will. Both of these eat through the Terminator’s fuel reserves though, and it doesn’t have very big tanks! Luckily its refuel rate is pretty high which, combined with its speed and maneuverability, makes it a tricky opponent that’s hard to beat in the hands of an experienced player. The cannons have a decent range so you can hover just inside it, popping off occasional shots, and using the shields to protect you from the shots you can’t avoid. The cannons have a great sound effect too!

Ship Rating: 4/5

Mmrnmhrm Transformer

Star Control

The Mmrnmhrm are best mates with the Chenjesu, a friendship that would lead to the creation of the devastating Avatar battleship in Star Control 2, but in this original their ship is interesting, but ultimately pretty average. As you may have guessed from its name, this craft is able to alternate between two forms. The first and default form is a slow but maneuverable one with twin short-range Laser cannons. With the tap of a button, however, its wings sweep back and its powerful afterburner kicks in, turning it into a fast, long-range craft which fires twin, long-range homing missiles. Both forms come with problem though – the first form is very slow and the second has a horrendous turning speed meaning it’s basically only usable in a straight line. The trick is to attack with the lasers, retreat with the faster craft, wait until the fuel reserves build back up, then zoom in close to your opponent and, change back, and let rip with the lasers. It’s a sound tactic but the ship is pretty clumsy in practise. It can be reasonably effective but isn’t particularly enjoyable to use.

Ship Rating: 3/5

Ariloulaleelay Skiff

Star Control

They’re a brainy bunch, those Arilou, so it’s odd that the Skiff is one of the weediest ships in the game! This is one of three ships that can be destroyed by a single shot from one of the larger vessels, but of those three, it’s almost certainly the handiest. It’s very fast, has the tightest turning circle in the whole game, and most impressively it comes equipped with an inertialess propulsion system. This means it can reach maximum velocity instantly and stop just as quickly, and is also unaffected by planetary gravity too. As those with a knowledge of astrophysics will know, that makes the Skiff one agile little bastard, and it can even hide next to planets to lure larger ships into the gravity well! On top of all this, the Skiff is also equipped with a ‘Hyperdrive Shunt’ which basically teleports the ship to a random location in the playfield (whilst making a funny noise). This is extremely useful for escaping from any hairy situations, and with the Skiff’s meagre crew complement, there are many! Its weaponry consists of a short-range, rapid-fire, auto-aiming laser, which can do a decent amount of damage if you can get a full volley off without taking any fire. The best tactic with this little ship is to sneak up behind a ship, pummel them for as long as possible with the laser, then ‘shunt’ out of harms way. Repeat until ship is defeated!

Ship Rating: 3/5

Syreen Penetrator

Star Control

Clearly a riff on the sultry green alien women from Captain Kirk’s adventures, the female-dominated Syreen race is one with whom you can have many interesting encounters in the sequel to this game (including shagging one of them!). Here however, the innuendo’s are limited to their ship (and its name) which is pretty fast and armed with a fairly weak Particle Beam. The ship’s most helpful feature though, is its ability to project the hypnotic songs of its crew outside the ship. When done in close range, the song lures crew from the opposing ship out of their airlocks and into space where they can be collected by the Penetrator, adding them to its own crew roster. This can be done until even the largest enemy ship is down to a single crew member so you just have to finish them off with a single shot!

Ship Rating: 3/5

Earthling Cruiser

Star Control

Hooray, it’s our ship, and a pretty decent one it is too! It takes a while to get going and even then it’s a bit lumbering and not particularly fast, but its armaments make up for that. The Cruiser’s main weapon is a plentiful supply of Nuclear Missiles which do a decent amount of damage and have a range bettered only by the Broodhome’s Photon Shard’s and the Podship’s Plasma thingies. This means it can stay as far away from its enemy as possible, using its excellent turning speed to whip round and fire off a missile before continuing on its way. Any time an enemy does get close enough to shoot at the Cruiser, it can take down weaker projectiles with its auto-targeting Point Defense Lasers which can shoot up to four things at once. This means its the only in the game ship to be effectively immune to the Dreadnought’s bloody fighters (much to its users chagrin!).

Ship Rating: 4/5

Shofixti Scout

Star Control

The Shofixti are a proud and courageous species modelled on the Japanese of old, so it’s a shame their ship sucks ass! It’s pretty fast and maneuverable, but has a weedy Energy Dart as its main weapon which, contrary to the picture, can only fire one shot at a time doing minimal damage to your opponent. That’s assuming you even get a chance to shoot as the Scout has a tiny crew complement and can be destroyed by a single shot from larger ships, and still in seconds by some lesser ships. The only thing it’s remotely useful for is its Glory Device – a self-destruct which, when detonated close to an enemy, can do a decent amount of damage. When under computer control, they bide their time waiting for a chance to get close enough to deploy the Glory Device, then blow themselves up! That says it all really…

Ship Rating: 1/5

Alliance Ships Total Rating: 23/35

Michelle Jenneke: Sexy Dancer

Michelle Jenneke

With the Olympics upon us we will have plenty of chances to see sexy athletes doing what they do in their sport. This time around we get an early treat as Austrian runner, Michelle Henneke is caught on video warming up with a sexy little jumping/dancing act. Of course, soon after it hit the internet it went viral complete with music. Enjoy.


Epic Scents: The scent of Mega Man

Epic Scents - megaman and protoman

Epic Scents: The scent of Mega Man

We could go the normal route about gamers and hygiene, but in this case the product is pretty interesting. For anyone that knows even the slightest bit about the fragrance market will know that having a product that captures the sent or expression of a celebrity or famous spokesperson is the key to being successful. In the past, the goal was the capture the perfect sent of a flower or to combine scents that work with the body’s natural pheromones, but today the goal is to smell the fragrance of someone or something you identify with and for many games Mega Man fits that bill.

“We really want gamers to know that we are making a fragrance that is an experience of who that character is,” said Jim Kavanaugh, Epic-Scents project director. “We’re not saying this is what Mega Man the metal robot smells like, this is a fragrance that expresses him.”

Epic-Scents debuted a new air-freshener line at Comic-Con that features two scents, one that is the essence of Mega Man and one of Proto Man. Just in case you were wondering Capcom had to give final approval to the scents before it was to be release to make sure it fit in with the Mega Man legacy.

To make these scents gamers were asked, what are the defining characteristics of Mega and Proto man and from there the scientists went to work to capture the essence of the character in a scent that would be pleasing to gamers.

For Mega Man his character has the heart of a child fighting as a man. So, his scent, called Cool Rush, (wait like Rush the dog?) features the smells of a tropical breeze, a musky note and a slight hint of citrus. On the other hand Proto Man smells like Apple Cinnamon since he is a rebel and nothing says rebel like the spicy sweet scent of Apple Cinnamon.

These scents are meant to be displayed and will come infused in small cut-outs of the characters. These cut-outs can be hung in cars or your mother’s basement or wherever you wish to extinguish the smell of the modern gamer. You will see these air fresheners hit the stories within a few weeks and they will cost around 3 bucks each. Word is if everything goes well they may expand to colognes and perfumes. Can you just imagine buying your girlfriend, “Essence of Metroid”, you might actually pause the game when she comes in the room.

Classic download of the Week: Kid Icarus – Of Myths and Monsters


Kid Icarus - Of Myths and Monsters

Kid Icarus – Of Myths and Monsters

Available today on the Nintendo eShop is the classic Gameboy game, Kid Icarus – Of Myths and Monsters. Released by Nintendo in 1991 this Kid Icarus games features the classic platformer gameplay we all loved from the classic NES title.

Here is the official statement on the release.

A lighthearted adventure with mythical challenges.

The “8-bit Summer” series continues with this classic action game from 1991. Angel Land is up to its halos in woes as mythical monsters are running rampant. Pit, the original Kid Icarus, must save the realm again. Armed with his trusty bow, he’ll zap the bad guys and find the Three Sacred Treasures hidden by Palutena. Only after this grueling training will he be strong enough to take on the dark forces behind Angel Land’s troubles.

Pit will encounter old friends and new enemies – from helpful Centurions to the dreaded Eggplant Wizard – as he journeys from the depths of the underworld to the towers of the sky palace. Find hammers to shatter special walls and reveal helpful items. Collect hearts by fighting off Pit’s foes. Train hard and battle harder. Pit’s challenges make the labors of Hercules look like a walk in the park.

To enjoy the 3D effect of Nintendo 3DS software, you must experience it from the system itself. All screenshots and videos on this website have been captured in 2D mode.
Use Parental Controls to restrict 3D mode for children 6 and under.


You can pick up Kid Icarus – Of Myths and Monsters for $3.99 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Adventure Island

Adventure Island

Overall Rating: 2/5

NES Adventure Island

Adventure Island is one of those early (1987 early) Nintendo Entertainment System games that gamers from the era can still remember sitting on the shelves of so many stores and flea markets. The developer, Hudson, which later formed HudsonSoft, went on to have a hand in the creation of many now-classic titles, and Adventure Island was one of its entries into the foray of home console gaming.Following the exploits of our intrepid explorer Harry, Adventure Island is a fast-paced scrolling platformer in a jungle-type setting with both the appropriate elements (snake and bird enemies) and the eyebrow-raising unexpected features (power-ups like the skateboard or helpful fairy). Does it belong in the famed halls of NES lore?


NES Adventure Island

Borrowing a page from Mario’s playbook, Harry jumps with the A button, attacks (once he finds the hammer) with the B button, and can run while holding B, while also jumping higher. With these moves mastered, the player simply runs to the right, jumping over obstacles and slaughtering any living creature he crosses paths with.

This would be simple (and easy!) enough, except for one very important catch that sets Adventure Island apart: Harry must constantly and continually “eat” the fruit he comes across, to refill and keep his energy at bay, or he will die when his energy bar dips to being empty. This adds a built-in time limit throughout the entire experience, and provides the impetus for moving forward at a torrid pace.


NES Adventure Island

Adventure Island looks okay, with the recognizable jungle greens and browns and trees and animals and such, but it does just look okay and not any better. Even Harry, our main character, the protagonist, combative explorer, looks washed-out and minimally rendered. The developers could have spent a little more time creating defining lines and bolder looks. The atmosphere ends up a little bland.


NES Adventure Island

The music is repetitive, but the track is upbeat, lively, and festively appropriate for fueling a mad dash towards the unknown finish of every stage. The effects, conversely, are rather lacking: Creatures never make a sound, nothing ever rumbles or fires, and beyond the noise of Harry’s jumping, firing, and occasional fairy track, there is very little auditory variety.

Creativity and Innovation


The power-ups are interesting, and provide the key motivator. Taking the form of eggs, when they are bumped into, they reveal themselves. The most common is the axe, always gathered first to provide a means of attack. But if Harry runs into other eggs once he has the throwing axes, he can gather further power-ups at the same time, such as riding a skateboard that not only moves forward quicker but also means he can now take an additional hit without dying; or the fairy mentioned before, which provides added protection and a temporary period of differing music. The idea is to make players want to see how many power-ups they can continue getting in a row, until they build into this unstoppable SuperHarry and crash through to the end of the level.Even with the power-ups, the game still suffers from a sharp learning curve. Because obstacles and enemies appear on-screen so quickly, and because Harry must continue gorging himself on island fruits and vegetables, the game demands that a player possess either impossibly fast reflexes, or the patience to try levels over and over until he or she masters them by memorization.

And this, ultimately, is what prevents the game from becoming anything special. Without a password function, this becomes the arena of only the most intrepid and hardcore of gamers, regardless of how many invincibility fairies you may find. For its faults both profound and simplistic, Adventure Island becomes an adventure in mediocrity at two stars out of five.

Dangun Feveron

Dangun Feveron-arcade gameplay screenshot

Another in a long line of vertical scrolling shooters that seriously test ones ability to avoid an insane amount of enemies and firepower barreling down on you. Also known as Fever SOS, which I assume is what happens when you play the game too long. Dangun Feveron was developed by Cave and released by Nihon Systems Inc to the arcades in 1998.

Dangun Feveron-arcade gameplay screenshot

So you have pretty much a typical shooter. One of the major differences to note is the soundtrack of the game which features various disco music. I assume this is to further confuse you as you fight against a horde of enemies ships with no real chance to avoid the incoming hail of gunfire.

Dangun Feveron-arcade gameplay screenshot

There are some added features to the game that helps it stand out a little including being able to select how fast you want the ship to move. Therefore those who are really twitchy can select the highest setting while others can select a slower one. Like most other shooters you can select the type of ship you want and its special weapon.

Dangun Feveron-arcade gameplay screenshot

The game features five levels with a boss at the end of each level. The game starts off pretty easily to get you used to the game, then the rain comes and its dodging time. You have your primary weapon, which you can power-up with power-up items by killing enemies and you have your secondary shot you use by holding down the fire button. Finally you have your bomb button which can pretty much kill everything on the screen except for the boss.

Dangun Feveron-arcade gameplay screenshot

Dangun Feveron also has a capture scoring system which consists of catching these little round discs that have an image of a man on it. These are supposed to be cyborgs even though they look like dancing men and by capturing them you increase the points you get for killing enemies. However, if you miss a cyborg or lose all your lives the score counter resets.

Dangun Feveron-arcade gameplay screenshot

There really aren’t any tricks to this game besides using your bomb to avoid death. Beyond that try to save your bombs for the boss. The good thing about the boss is there is a life meter for the boss so you know how much you have left. Also during the game and when you beat a boss, you hear the computer cheering for you and see images of people dancing and a huge disco ball.


Overall a fun game for emulators since you don’t waste real quarters. Give the game a try just make sure the flashing lights, fast motion and disco music doesn’t cause a stroke or something.

Kid Icarus

Kid_Icarus_NES_gameplay screenshot

Kid Icarus

With the release of Kid Icarus it was only fair to pick the classic counterpart as the pick for this week. The game itself is not for beginners or crybabies. It’s one of the toughest NES games around and does rivals the difficulty of Ghost n Ghouls for the same console. The game does require lots of patience but does get a lot more bearable later on especially when you get the better weapons and level up. Yes, you do get more health bars and believe me, you’ll need them. So why not step back into the past and take a look at Kid Icarus for the NES.

Kid_Icarus_NES_gameplay screenshot

the music as with most Nintendo titles is memorable at least for the NES it is. The intro tune is just as awesome as any intro tune from next gen games. The sound does suffer especially when you refer it to the Disk System version which contains the best sound of all. Putting that aside, you’ll have some awesome 8-bit tunes for your ears and soul to enjoy.

Kid_Icarus_NES_gameplay screenshot

So graphics is not what 8-bit games are best at especially with comparison to today’s standards but you know what? They are damn good and enjoyable to see. It’s amazing what gaming developers were able to accomplish with so little to work with. You have everything that a side-scroller game is supposed to have. Even Pit looks like Pit! It’s a truly beautiful game nonetheless.

Kid_Icarus_NES_gameplay screenshot

The gameplay is tough and I mean real tough. If you get past the first part of the game then you’ll be alright but until then, you’ll be suffering and wondering how far to the end of the level you are from. This game is not for beginners because even after the first half you’ll have to use the best of your skills to not fuck up. Remember this, when you die in a level you’ll have to start from scratch and you’ll lose everything that you collected in that same level. Enough said!

Kid_Icarus_NES_gameplay screenshot

The game is tough but always fun to come back to. If you have nothing to do in a weekend and want a classic 8-bit challenge then look no further. Kid Icarus is where you’ll find yourself in.

So to conclude, we have another beautiful gem from the old Nintendo. This game has everything that you ever wanted in a weekend retro challenge! You’ll be crazy not to pick it up especially since they have it at the Nintendo shop for 3DS users. You can’t get anything better than that. I’m also very glad to have Pit back! It’s about damn time!

PSY: Gangnam Style


It has been a while since we had one of our international music videos. Here is a good one I am sure won’t disappoint.


Here is another verison

▶ NOW available on iTunes:
▶ Pre-order at YG-eShop:

From 2 years of break, PSY is finally coming back with his 6th album ‘PSY6甲’!
The album’s weighty title song ‘Gangnam Style’ is composed solely by PSY himself from lyrics to choreography. The song is characterized by its strongly addictive beats and lyrics, and is thus certain to penetrate the foundations of modern philosophy.

가수 싸이가 6집 앨범 ‘싸이6甲(싸이육갑)’으로 2년 만에 전격 컴백한다!
타이틀 곡은 싸이가 직접 작사·작곡한 ‘강남스타일’로 싸이는 멜로디, 가사, 안무 등 다방면에서 강한 중독성을 보여 줄 예정이다.

For More Information @
App Store:
Google Play:


Spelunky-gameplay screenshot

I don’t often do game reviews. I certainly wasn’t planning to do one when I first downloaded Spelunky for XBox Live Arcade when it came out on July 4. However, after becoming totally addicted to the game I feel compelled to do just that. This game is something special.

Spelunky, written by Derek Yu, originally appeared in 2009 as a freeware game for Microsoft Windows. The game will instantly take veteran gamers back in time with a 16-bit console feel and music soundtrack and side-view platformer style. The object of the game is to take your adventurer through four different environments full of challenging enemies, booby traps and random surprises.

Spelunky-gameplay screenshot

Along the way there are various treasures to tempt you. Collecting these are not required to complete a level but are required to run up the score and to ensure you can purchase items when you find a shop. The player is armed with bombs that can blow holes in the floors and walls and ropes to help reach high places.

Health is scarce in Spelunky. You begin with four hearts, all of which can be quickly lost in countless ways on each level. More hearts can be gained by rescuing “damsels” hidden in each stage, but doing so requires carrying her all the way to the exit.

Spelunky-gameplay screenshot

The charm of Spelunky comes with a unique combination of familiarity and surprise. It somehow borrows elements from numerous classic titles while managing to throw curveballs at almost any turn. That treasure chest or clay pot you just busted open could be full of treasure, helpful items or enemies. Picking up a valuable treasure might trigger a trap. Adding to the surprise factor are random levels. While each world has four levels to pass, the levels appear at random from a far larger pool, sometimes adding in total darkness or zombies as well.

Spelunky-gameplay screenshot

Spelunky is also an incredible challenge, yet somehow contains enough balance to remain charming. Personally, I am reminded of the very balance that hooked me on games like Lode Runner in the 1980s and the original Prince of Persia in the 1990s. Spelunky joins those titles on a short list of platformer games that have driven me just insane enough to demand that I have to try again, knowing that I’ll do better on my next go-around, only to dodge my previous mistake in favor of making a new one. Passing a level is extremely satisfying, even if you didn’t get any further than you have before by doing so.

Spelunky-gameplay screenshot

There is also an element of risk versus reward that exists in very few games of this kind. You will often find yourself at the end of the level, able to simply exit the door and move on, but tempted by trying to gain just a little more treasure stashed nearby. If you pull it off it is quite a thrill, but more often than not you’ll simply end up losing valuable health or finding sudden death, wondering afterward why you didn’t just leave while you could. Greed can also be costly due to time. Taking a page from 1980 arcade classic Berzerk, lingering too long on a stage will bring out an invincible enemy (a ghost in this case) that will end your point-pressing attempt cold if it catches you.


All told, Spelunky is easily the most addicting and charming game I’ve come across on XBLA to date. I know people often hesitate on grabbing a game for 1200 Microsoft Points, especially if it doesn’t have a household name attached to it, but in this case it is more than worth the price. Spelunky is as addictive as it is challenging and will provide hours of entertainment before you’ve even realize you’ve been playing for hours. A must-buy.

Weird Games: Boong Ga Boong Ga


This has to be one of the most weirdest games in the series. Boong Ga Boong Ga, translated from Japanese to Spank ‘em is an arcade game where the overall goal is to “punish” various characters by spanking them.

[youtube id=”ejZVgu3QuHY” width=”633″ height=”356″]

The system itself features a large screen, a fist with two fingers pointing forward and a model of jean covered butt and legs bending over.


The game was created by Taff System a South Korean based company and the game states that playing it will make the gamer laugh and relieve the stress of everyday life. Now in the game you do not actually spank anything, at least not in the traditional way you might think. Instead, you preform Kancho, which is a child’s prank where you poke a distracted person in the butt while they are distracted, although in American I think that’s called 5 to 10 years in prison.

Here is an example of Kancho from the anime Naruto:

In the game you can select from eight characters players can punish including a “Ex-Girlfriend”, “Ex-boyfriend”, “gangster”, “Mother In Law”, “Gold-digger”, “Prostitute”, “child molester” and “Con-artist”. When you select the character, you can see their face on the screen and watch their expression change and you punish them.

It appears you can just hit the butt as well to score points and is that the Adams Family them during the character select?

If that was not weird enough the game also dispenses these cards that rate players on their sexual behavior. For players who receive a high score the machine will dispense a small plastic trophy in the shape of a pile of crap, a perfect ending to one of the weirdest games ever.

Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams

cotton - fantastic night dreams

Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams

This week’s video review features the 1993 scrolling-shooter, Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams. Developed by Success the gameplay consisted of guiding a long female witch on her broomstick while she avoided enemies and gathered power-ups to take down bosses. The game was similar to other shooters like R-type with a mix of Parodius thrown in. This video review features the TurboGrafx-CD version.


The Razer Anansi MMO Keyboard Review

The Razer Anansi MMO Keyboard

There are always a number of requirements for gamers looking for the perfect keyboard. One of the most important things is the key placement and additional keys or functions that allow the user to more easily play their favorite games. The Anansi MMO keyboard from Razer gives gamers a number of options to make gaming easier and thus allowing you to pwn.

One of the first things you will notice are the seven thumb modifier keys you can press just below the spacebar. These keys allow you to press the standard one thru seven keys you see in most MMO’s for your various spells or abilities. These keys can also be used for combination keys such as “Alt-Control” or “Shift+Alt” allowing you to put off your abilities and spells faster and with less movement so you can play more.

The Razer Anansi MMO Keyboard

Second, you will notice the five macro keys on the left hand since of the board. These keys can be configured to allow you to combined key strokes to pull of multiple combinations of spells or abilities in games, of course within the games design.

Razer’s configuration software allows for a ton of configuration options. You can literally change every key function on the board so in essence you can make any key a hot or macro key.  You can also configure the backlighting, which shines though each key and if you wish, set the backlighting to randomly change color (16 million of them) which is pretty awesome when playing in a dark area.

The Razer Anansi MMO Keyboard

The keyboard itself has a good length and low profile, which works well for small and large hands alike. Al l the basic functions keys are there including the numeric keys and while not mechanical, pressing the keys feels comfortable and gives a good feedback response be it in games or typing. The keyboard sits stable when using the legs or lying flat and is sturdy so you heavy key pressers will not have to worry about damaging your keyboard.

I did find myself hitting the caps lock keys when going to type the “A” key, but I found that was more my own issue than the keyboard. You can also lock the Windows key, which is great for those who have ever been in the middle of an FPS game and found themselves kicked to Windows by a missed key stroke.

The Razer Anansi MMO Keyboard

Now it does take two USB ports to run the Anansi so make sure you have the room and there are no port connections on the keyboard itself so you are unable to connect another USB device or headphones. Overall, the keyboard itself is a prefect mix of style, functionality and durability that will make any gamer happy. You can pick up the Razer Anansi for about $99.99.

Tech Specs:

  • 7 thumb modifier keys
  • Over 100 programmable Hyperesponse keys
  • One-button profile switching
  • Five additional gaming keys
  • Optimized key matrix
  • Gaming mode option
  • Easy access media keys
  • Approximate Size : 515 mm / 20.28” (Width) x 190 mm / 7.48” (Height) x 20 mm / 0.79” (Depth)
  • Approximate Weight: 1020 g / 2.24 lbs

Hardware Requirements

PC with USB port
Windows® 7 / Windows Vista® / Windows® XP / Mac OS X (v10.5 to 10.6)
Internet connection (for driver installation)
At least 35MB of hard disk space

TGI Trading Card Profiles: Matt Bradford


Matt Bradford

Name: Matt Bradford

Favorite Classic Game: TRON: Deadly Discs


Details as to why it is your favorite: One of the first games I used to play (and got addicted to) with my Dad when we first brought home the Intellivision. Like many classics from that time, it connects me back to the 80s when gaming was still new to me, and I wasn’t spoiled by all the advancements that came after.

Bio: I’m a freelance editor/writer who contributes as daily news contributor for and as 2012’s Puzzle Expert in the latest Guinness World Records Gamers Edition. I was also the Editorial Director for Twin Galaxies International until earlier this year. When I’m not living and breathing video games, I’m also writing for numerous radio stations and publications from my home in Barrie, Ontario; where I live with my most excellent wife, Marijana, and our soon-to-be gaming child.

Upcoming MMO : Marvel Heroes


Our video of the day comes from Gamespot and features the first gameplay footage of the upcoming Marvel MMO titled, Marvel Heroes. This free to play game is dubbed an action MMO and plays more like Diablo than your traditional 3D MMO and features existing Marvel characters.

Currently there is no release date for the game.

SNK Playmore releases the classic NeoGeo game Metal Slug 3 onto Android

metal slug 3

One of the most awesome series on the NeoGeo, Metal Slug now has one if it’s best sequels on the Android platform. A lot of us are excited to try out the classic shooter where you go up again evil armies of man and alien.

Here is the scoop on the release:

– 2 game modes to choose from: Mission and Arcade

– A whole lot more Slug vehicles to command. More than the original game had.

– Multiple paths and routes to the end of the game with the branching map system.

– Co-op gameplay available via Bluetooth

– Comes with OpenFeint Achievements and Player ranking

There is much more coming from SNK regarding the Metal Slug series so stay tuned. For now, you can pick this up for 6.99 on the Google Play Store.

The Old Republic Now Free Until Level 15


Sure one could say that adding a free-to-play till 15 component to an MMO is a good move. By doing this you get people to try the game and the changes you made and maybe people will subscribe. In the real world of MMO’s this means the first (or second) steps towards free-2-play.

BioWare’s , The Old Republic was to be the World of Warcraft-killer, but the only dying we have seen has been its own. We first saw the signs when people reached max level quickly and complained about endgame content. We saw more signs with bugs not fixed and features not implemented a true sign the game was rushed even more than other rushed MMO’s. There was the promise of patches that would fix everything, but as each patch came, more people became upset and left.

Subscription rates dropped faster than a greasy Huttball and the PR spin was in full force, but it was clear what was happening.  The game lost over 400,000 subscriptions, many leaving after the free month and now the EA backed company is following World of Warcraft in offering players to play for free until level 15.

We have seen the free trials and now the up to level 15 free play. With the release of coming titles like Tera Online, Guild Wars 2 and the Secret World, this is a march to free-2-play just like DC Universe Online and many before it.

Now with all that said I think Old Republic is worth a play through. The game has a good story and fun gameplay, just not really an MMO, at least not a monthly subscription MMO. You can try out Old Republic for yourself by signing up and downloading the game client at SW: TOR’s free trial page.

Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty

Dune II The Building of a Dynasty - Gameplay Screenshot

Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty

If Empire Deluxe was the mother of “just one more turn,” Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty was the father of real-time strategy games. Published in 1994 by Westwood Studios, Dune II was based on the David Lynch Dune movie, which was in turn based on the classic novel by Frank Herbert, and was a sequel – in name only – to the previous 1992 Virgin Games PC adventure/strategy hybrid game, Dune.  The game’s designers further deviated from the film, novel, and game versions of Dune by adding House Ordos, which was not mentioned in either Herbert’s novels nor in Lynch’s film.  Of course, this was not an adventure game, so what cannon the game was based on didn’t make much of an overall impact on gameplay.

Dune II The Building of a Dynasty - Gameplay Screenshot

A sandworm swallows a harvester in Dune II

The plot was straight-forward: the Emperor needs more Spice from the planet Arrakis, and offers up the prize title of Governor of Arrakis to whichever House delivers the most Spice to him. Three Houses vie for the governorship: House Atreides, House Harkonnen, and House Ordos. Each House has different strengths and weaknesses based on their particular House zeitgeist: House Atreides uses speed, House Harkonnen uses brute strength, and House Ordos uses sneakiness. (Their prime units represent those traits, with House Atreides using the speedy sonic tank, House Harkonnen using the slow but incredibly powerful Devastator, and House Ordos using the allegiance-altering Deviator.) The Emperor’s Sardaukar make an appearance toward the end, providing an elite challenge just when you think that your victory is at hand.

Dune II The Building of a Dynasty - Gameplay Screenshot

A Harkonnen base in Dune II

As the game progresses, Spice blooms in the desert, and the Houses (either a player or the computer) sends harvester units to gather the bounty and return it to their base. The harvesters are exposed while gathering the Spice, and can be destroyed by enemy units or by the sudden appearance of a gargantuan Sand Worm. Protecting them from dangers is an integral strategic element of playing Dune II, as your score is determined by how much spice you harvest and return to your base. Of course, securing your base from enemy attacks and sending out an invasion force to wipe out your rival Houses are also important.

Dune II The Building of a Dynasty - Gameplay Screenshot

An Atreides base in Dune II

The list of features that Dune II debuted in real-time strategy gaming is impressive. It was the first RTS to use the mouse to move individual units. It was the first to use building bases and then units. It was the first to use a development technology tree, permitting the construction of advanced units only after certain buildings were constructed. It was the first to use units that you could move and then deploy as a base. It was the first to use different factions with different goals (and strategies). It was even the first to use a world map that you chose your next mission from. This is an impressive list, and these features are now commonplace in RTS games, but were fresh and new back when Dune II was released. All these would be found in Westwood’s own Command & Conquer series that would dominate the gaming industry for over a decade!

Dune II The Building of a Dynasty - Gameplay Screenshot

An Ordos base in Dune II

I fondly remember playing Dune II into the night (and the next day), cursing the computer as it launched a devastating attack on my base and thrilling to the total destruction of that same enemy. And I wasn’t the only one. The reviews for both the MS-DOS and Commodore Amiga versions were very positive (as were unit sales!), making Dune II a hit for Westwood Studios, which paved the way for the entire Command & Conquer series.   Two official follow-up games were also released,Dune 2000 and Emperor: Battle For Dune, in 1998 and 2001, respectively.  There’s even a non-official version: Super Dune II: The Destruction (in which you play either Mercenaries, Fremen, or Sardaukar).


The game’s influence is still recognized by the gaming industry, evidenced by it’s placement in IGN’s Top 10 Most Influential Games, GameSpy’s Hall of Fame list, and Computer Gaming World’s Best Games of All Time list.  With both industry accolades and sales success, it is obvious that Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty has the pedigree to belong on any retro gamer’s ‘must play’ list, and is yet another in a long line of Westwood Studio masterpieces!

The Dark Knight & 60’s Robin

Robin and the Dark Knight

Anyone who remembers the 60’s campy Batman television show will love this video. They take the 60’s Robin and pair him with the Dark Knight and I have to admit it is pretty damn funny.


Pic-O-Funny: Poems are Hard

funny pictures

I remember being in freshman English and being asked to write a poem about love. I gave it some thought and wrote a pretty long one and after the teacher read it she called me to her desk and asked me if I plagiarized it. I told her no I did not, not because I am above plagiarism, but because I don’t like reading poems. She smiled and said it was great and I had talent. Over the summer she got divorced and returned next year a real bitch. It almost made me hate reading and writing.

funny picturesfunny picturesfunny picturesfunny picturesfunny picturesfunny picturesfunny picturesfunny picturesfunny pictures

The Flash

The Flash - Sega Master System - Gameplay Screenshot

Let’s start by adding Sega and Probe Entertainment to the List of Flash’s Rogues’ Gallery, because they seem to be more against him than with him.

Clearly, they were trying to ride the Sonic popularity wave from 2 years prior and make a “sequel” with another fast guy, but this game just didn’t work.

The Flash - Sega Master System - Gameplay Screenshot

The object of the game is to defeat The Trickster, who has somehow become the mayor of Central City. Now, I know his job is tricking people, but am I to believe that he’s smart enough to convince an entire city to vote him into office, then declare Flash a criminal so everyone is against him? Even for an early-90′s comic story, this is ridiculous. The Flash needs to get through various levels of the city to reach/stop Trickster, so there’s a lot of running and jumping. Problem is, while Sonic had this huge, open area….Flash has these little city neighborhoods, and it gets confusing. He really moves too fast to see where you’re going, or sadly, what you’re landing on. Obviously, Trickster’s first order of business was to create huge potholes and spiked-pits throughout…was this the platform on which he ran? Who would have voted for this?

The Flash - Sega Master System - Gameplay Screenshot

You must reach the far end of the level in a certain amount of time, or Trickster releases a remote robot/droid that will actually outrun the Flash and kill him. Question: If he can invent this mechanical marvel that can run faster than the speed of light, why doesn’t he just patent it, sell it to the government, and retire? Why go through all the crazy shenanigans?

The Flash - Sega Master System - Gameplay Screenshot

Flash does have 2 forms of combat; If he’s standing still, he can waste flunkies or open “boxes” by “vortexing” his hands. Also, if he’s running, he’ll spin like a top. Both of these look cool, and are a classic use of his powers. The game looks good, and has a neat comic style. Also, love it or hate it, there are tons of the obligitory coins…er…lightning bolts that Flash can collect, even though I don’t see the point. The Barry Allen-Flash was one of favorite characters when I was a kid, so I love me some Flash, but this just do too much for me. Too crazy-difficult and pointless. And I’ll leave you with 2 words……….Trickstermobile, really?


Overall 4/10

Mobile Reboot of Pitfall coming soon

It looks as if Activision Leeds is working on a reboot of the Atari 2600 classic Pitfall. In the original game, your goal was to guide Pitfall Harry through a jungle filled with dangerous hazards such as crocodiles, scorpions and even the deadly barrel.


“We’ve been working on Pitfall since earlier in the year when we set up and it has been really good to revisit that and bring it to a modern audience,” Martyn Brown director of Activision communications said.


Pitfall celebrates its 30th anniversary this year so it makes sense to see a reboot in the works and what better place than a smartphone. A release date has not been established yet, but look for it to be available before the end of the year.

The Adventures of Bayou Billy

The Adventures of Bayou Billy

Overall Rating: 2/5

The Adventures of Bayou Billy-NES-Gameplay-screenshot

In 1989, Konami released a Crocodile Dundee-inspired title for the Nintendo Entertainment System called The Adventures of Bayou Billy. Hyped as a beat-’em-up that also featured driving and shooting segments, it was thick in Louisiana flavor and unrelenting in its action, even receiving some exposure on the promotional cartoon series Captain N: The Game Master.

The plot centered around our protagonist, Billy, going after swamp-mod hoodlums in pursuit of a girl, Annabelle Lee. How did it fare on the 8-bit scene, and why did it appear on Captain N’s show? Let’s dig in and find out.


The Adventures of Bayou Billy-NES-Gameplay-screenshot

The backgrounds were snazzy and seemed to be taken right out of New Orleans. The characters themselves were large and fairly detailed, considering the platform. In some areas, though, the Adventures could use improvement. For example, the driving stages had cloddy-looking cars and a clunky method of lobbing grenades at planes (yes, grenades at planes). Other times, the game was susceptible to be choppy and slow when overloaded with action, but otherwise was a passable romp.


The Adventures of Bayou Billy-NES-Gameplay-screenshot

The developers clearly wanted an emphasis on the effects, considering the voiceover of the title, The Adventures of Bayou Billy! There were only a scant few other instances of voice work in the game, but for an 8-bit title, any digitized voice work is great. The music was lively and fit the theme, while every hit and blow was keenly effected.


The Adventures of Bayou Billy-NES-Gameplay-screenshot

This one tried to set itself up as being revolutionary, since some portions were driving, some were beat-’em-up, and some were shooting; however, in the end, Bayou Billy suffers from the disease of trying too much at once and not doing any of it excellently. Sure, it was okay, but the driving scenes were not as good as Rad Racer, the shooting scenes were not as fun as Hogan’s Alley, and the beat-’em-up scenes were not on the quality tier with Double Dragon II. The developers could have looked to Battletoads for a quality example of how to seamlessly blend different types of experience within the same basic storyline, but Bayou Billy crumbles under its own weight.

Replay Value


And now we come to the reason why this game earned notoriety and an appearance on Captain N: It was overwhelmingly difficult! Rumor has it that the Japanese release was too easy, so for the international version they gave the enemies triple the life energy and lowered the ammo on shooting levels. Despite having practice modes for each of the three types of Bayou Billy levels, the entire ordeal is still excruciating and nightmarish. Only hardcore gamers should bother seeking this one out for its ardent, horrifying difficultly level. All others can safely stay away, leaving this to score a mild two stars out of five.

Raccoon vs Possum

Raccoon vs Possum

In life, you will run across those that will boldly take from you and no have a care in the world. Fight as you may you soon realize it is hopeless and search elsewhere for scraps. Sadly this is a truthisum even in the animal world as you will see in this video. Take notice of how the Raccoon does not give a care what the opossum thinks.


Video Game Cakes

Video Game Cakes

Video Game Cakes

When you are a kid, most of the time when your birthday rolls around you are thinking about the gifts first and maybe the party second. While some people view a card with the right words as a thoughtful gift for us gamers, the best gift might just be the right cake to go along with whatever game or system you happened to buy us. Here are some lucky people who got some awesome video game related cakes for their birthday. By the way, my birthday is February 19th, just saying.

3-D Bomberman

3-D Bomberman-gameplay screenshot

3-D Bomberman (1984)
By: Hudson Soft / Kawaguchi  Genre: Action  Players: 1  Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Featured Version: MSX  First Day Score: 000,000 (seriously!)
Also Available For: Sharp X-1

It’s been a while now since my last look at this great series but since returning to it I’ve discovered, apparently in my eagerness to progress through the series, that I missed one out! Now that I’ve realised this, however, I wish this particular offering had remained obscured from my sight until the end of time. For better or worse though, it does exist, and as you may have guessed from the title, it tries to do something a little different. In more recent years there have been a few attempts to turn our hero’s world into a three-dimensional one but I thought Bomberman 64, which itself got a rather lukewarm reception, was the first one. It now appears that this isn’t the case, for as far back as 1984, and immediately after the original game’s release, Hudson released 3-D Bomberman, and it was something of unbridled horror.

3-D Bomberman-gameplay screenshot

Usually when writing about a game I try to remain impartial and detail the various facts and figures of a game before praising or criticising it accordingly, but this game is different. It is, you see, quite literally the original Bomberman but from a first-person viewpoint. This would be a concerning prospect on a modern consoles but on an MSX? It is, quite frankly, terrifying. The first problem is that all the walls are red with nothing to differentiate ‘soft blocks’, or destroyable parts of the wall. This means there’s lots of identical-looking corridors that you’ll most likely end up walking around aimlessly. If you walk into a dead-end, it’s a good bet that it’s a soft block in your way, so you can try laying a bomb. The viewpoint also makes it difficult to judge distance accurately though, so you’ll have to run far away to be sure of avoiding the blast (which looks like a untuned TV). Once you’ve turned back round you’ll probably be unable to find where you were so you’ll have to wander aimlessly some more.

3-D Bomberman-gameplay screenshot

As you might expect, there are enemies in the mazes but you’ll rarely spot one and when you do it’s very difficult to kill one. Lest we forget, the most effective way of doing this in normal Bomberman games is to trap them in a dead-end but it’s no longer possible to watch them from afar and then move in when the timing’s right. There is a very basic scanner in the corner which shows enemies, but it doesn’t show walls so it’s not a great deal of help really! Technically the game is reasonable enough – the mazes (and they literally are mazes now) move pretty quickly and smoothly, more so than I would’ve expected, but that’s not the problem – this style of game just shouldn’t have been attempted in 3D, back then or now! It’s really, really not an entertaining game to play – it’s confusing and very easy to get lost, and there’s no variety whatsoever. There’s probably a few power-ups and maybe a few different enemies to be found if you persevered, but to be honest I couldn’t handle playing it long enough to find out. I feel like I need a shower…

RKS Score: 2/10

Pre-Order The History Of Sonic The Hedgehog

The History of Sonic the Hedgehog

The History Of Sonic The Hedgehog

Fans of Sonic you can now preorder the upcoming book titled The History of Sonic the Hedgehog. . Amazon is not taking pre-orders for the book that outlines the history of Sonic from the development stages through all the games we know and love.  Here is a scoop on what to expect:

The History of Sonic the Hedgehog

The History of Sonic The Hedgehog covers every 2D and 3D Sonic game in detail, ensuring that every generation of ‘Sonic’ fan will find a lot to love! The book also details every spin-off game, every crossover, and even rare cameo appearances by Sonic across the gaming universe! Whether you’re looking for a detailed history, character profiles, promotional art, game packages, or even rare concept art, you’ll find it in The History of Sonic The Hedgehog!

The History of Sonic The Hedgehog is the book that fans of this series have been waiting for, and whether you’re an avid gamer, a Sonic comic reader, or just have fond memories of this series, you’ll want a copy on your shelf!

The History of Sonic the Hedgehog

Currently the exactly release date is unknown, but you can reorder yours right now.

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2

Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs

The war between PC and Apple continues and this time in rap battle form thanks to the guys over at Epic Rap Battles of History. I think this is one of their best.


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Hi. My name is Nice Peter,
and this is EpicLLOYD,
and this is the Epic Rap Battles of History, Season 2.

You can vote for your winners on our website:
and follow ERB on Twitter: @erbofhistory

As always, these videos could not be possible without your suggestions, your subscription, and the help of a lot of awesome people.


Steve Jobs: Nice Peter

Bill Gates: EpicLLOYD

HAL9000: Nice Peter
Model By:

Written by: Nice Peter, EpicLLOYD, Lauren Flans and Zach Sherwin aka MC Mr. Napkins

Beat Produced by: Tristan Krauss
Check out more of his music at

Song Produced by Nice Peter
Mixed by: Rafael Serrano and Nice Peter

Directed by Dave McCary

On Set VFX Coordinator and Compositing by Sean Barrett

Edited by Dave McCary and Nice Peter

Assistant Editors:
Andrew Sherman
Marc Chester

Director of Photography: Jon Na
Gaffer: Arthur Hong

Music Supervisor and Playback: Dante Cimadamore AKA Dante Motion

Costume Design and Art Direction: Mary Gutfleisch

Key Costumer: Natalia Fedner

Makeup and Hair: Ashlyn Melancon

Script Supervisor and Production Assistant: Marc Chester

Production Assistants: Jose Mendoza,
Atul Singh and Russell Ford

Produced by Michelle Maloney
Executive Producer: Mickey Meyer
Maker Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Mythbusting six common video game trivia mistakes

Mythbusting six common video game trivia mistakes

Welcome to the return of Know Your History, a feature column that aims to cover proper video game history. Normally, an edition of Know Your History would compare past history to current headlines in an effort to put current topics into proper perspective. This week, however, the aim is to correct a number of video game history facts that I either seen often or have recently run across.

With that said, let us get started with one of the longest running mistakes I’ve seen.

– Pong was NOT the first coin-operated video game.

know your history

A lot of people think and commonly publish that Pong was the first arcade video game. This mistake is incredibly common and with good reason, as I’ve found this mistake printed in video game publications as far back as the late 1970s. While the first successful coin-operated arcade video game, Pongwas not the first, nor was Computer Space, Nolan Bushnell’s first attempt at bringing one to market.

Galaxy Game actually gets the title of being the first coin-operated arcade video game. This space battle game appeared on the campus of Stanford University in 1971, at least two months before Computer Space and almost a full year before Pong.

– The Pac-Man ghosts only have one name each, not two.

know your history

Another long-running mistake is the misconception that the monsters in the original Pac-Man have two names each, such as Character: Shadow, Nickname: Blinky. This is incorrect.

The term of “Character” on these screens is not attempting to list a name but to describe the personality traits of that monster. As top Pac-Man players know, each of the four monsters has a different AI than the others. The “two names” on the title screen are attempting to point that out with one word each, probably losing something in translation.

The original Japanese listings under “Character” paint the picture a little better, with the red ghost described as Oikake (“to pursue”), the pink ghost as Machibuse (“to ambush”), the blue ghost as Kimagure (“moody”) and the orange ghost as Otoboke (“pretending ignorance”).

Compare those “Character” listings to the American versions and they make a little more sense. The character term of “Pokey” (Clyde) is describing him as “a little slow in the head” or something similar.

Make no mistake, the monsters have only one name each: Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

– Mario was NOT named Jumpman during production of Donkey Kong.

know your history

Another very common error, despite being easy to disprove with a quick Google search. I’ve heard people tell me that “Jumpman” was the name for Mario in the original Donkey Kong arcade game, with some going so far as to tell me he wasn’t even named Mario until Donkey Kong Junior or even the original Mario Bros.

None of this is quite correct. While it is true that Mario’s working name was Jumpman, and that the instructions on the original arcade version do call him that, the name of Mario came along before Nintendo was even pushing Donkey Kong machines out the door. The original advertising flyer, released at the time the game was released, refers to the character as Mario numerous times.

While Jumpman was almost the character’s name at this time, he was referred to as Mario far earlier than most websites claim and throughout all the merchandising released for the game.

– Sega Channel was NOT the first online console gaming.

know your history

Sega might have claimed this at the time of their short-lived online console service, but to do so would mean ignoring GameLine for the Atari 2600 and PlayCable for the Intellivision console, both from the early 1980s.

– Wolfenstein 3D was NOT the first of the first-person shooters.

know your history

Saw this error listed a lot during Wolfenstein 3D‘s recent anniversary. Numerous mainstream media reports called the classic the first-ever first person shooter, a fact that is nowhere near accurate, as there were numerous others that came before it.

The first is often credited to 1974’s Maze War, which is shown in the slideshow for this column.

– Oh, Guinness Book, how could you make this error?

know your history

I like the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition books, and not just because I’m listed in them every year. I enjoy the great cross-section of gaming that is covered inside.

However, the 2012 edition lists a pretty harsh error on page 202, calling WWF WrestleMania for the NES the “first wrestling video game” in the bottom left corner. How this was not fact checked is a huge mystery, as this 1988 title wasn’t even the first pro wrestling game on the Nintendo console, nor was it the first WWF title to market, either, which would be Micro-League Wrestling.

Numerous popular pro wrestling games came out going as far back as 1983, including Tag Team Wrestling, Mat Mania and Mania Challenge in the arcades and Pro Wrestling on the NES. How did this error make the book?

Then again, this isn’t the only error I noted in the book this year. Page 47 attributes a quote and some information about Galaga champion Andrew Laidlaw as coming from “local newspapers” when, in fact, that quote and information was obtained and first written by me, the person who broke the story to the mainstream media. Click here and see for yourself.

These are just a handful of the common video game history errors out there, but some of the most common. Hopefully this article can go a long way toward helping fix these misconceptions.

Cat Interrupts Reporter By Climbing On Her


We have seen reporters fall down, curse and get in fights, but sometimes a “bad thing” can happen to a reporter that is pretty cute. Apparently the cat in the video is already around that area and decided to get in on the report.


Mom Spanked the Gay Out of Me!

mom spanked the gay out of me

This seriously is one of those, is it fake, videos. In it a man talks about being disciplined by his mother and how that helped him be happily married today. So far it sounds weird, but believable right? Well, check out when he describes how he was punished in his mothers voices.


Nintendo Download Highlights: Vol 23

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

Nintendo eShop 

The legend of zelda

The Legend of Zelda™ – Celebrate the Nintendo eShop “8-bit Summer” series with this smash-hit adventure, originally released on the NES™ console in 1987. Help Link™ restore the Triforce, rescue the princess and thwart Ganon’s evil plans. (For Nintendo 3DS™)

NES Open

NES Open Tournament Golf™ – This classic NES game from 1991 – now available for Nintendo 3DS as part of the Nintendo eShop “8-bit Summer” series – lets you challenge another player in Stroke, Match and Tournament modes. (For Nintendo 3DS)

Heroes of Ruin

Heroes of Ruin™  (demo version) – Enter the Elder Forest using a customized character from one of two classes – Vindicator or Gunslinger. Discover fierce villains, optional side quests and the ability to link up with friends through local or worldwide multiplayer. (For Nintendo 3DS)

Family Tennis 3D

Family Tennis 3D – This casual tennis game features eight playable characters and six different courts, all packed with variety. Start with the Tournament mode to unlock everything in the gallery, then try the minigames. (For Nintendo 3DS)

Game of the Weekend

Sakura Samurai - Art of the Sword
The “Game of the Weekend” program is featuring   Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword™. For a limited time this precision sword-fighting game is available at a special price of $4.99. Offer is valid from 9 a.m. Pacific time on Friday, July 6, through 9 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday, July 8. (For Nintendo 3DS)

Also new this week:
•  Akari by Nikoli (Nintendo eShop)
•  Topoloco (Nintendo eShop / Nintendo DSiWare™)
•  3, 2, 1… WordsUp! (Nintendo eShop / Nintendo DSiWare)
•  Let’s Create! Pottery (WiiWare™)
•  2020 SUPER BASEBALL (Virtual Console™ for Wii™)