Scambaiter: SandraThompson205: Part 5

scam alert
(7:07:38 PM) sandrathompson205: hello sweet heart
(7:07:49 PM) sandrathompson205: how are you doing today
(7:08:01 PM) c64glen: Hey Sandra!
(7:08:46 PM) sandrathompson205: Glen how are you?hope everything is fine with you
(7:09:34 PM) c64glen: yes, all is good. How about you?
(7:10:11 PM) sandrathompson205: good too,only am bothering about this consigment
(7:10:55 PM) c64glen: Is that thing I emailed about?
(7:11:05 PM) c64glen: because the bloke I emailed didn’t seem too bright
(7:11:19 PM) sandrathompson205: yes
(7:14:28 PM) c64glen: right. so what’s the deal again?
(7:17:50 PM) sandrathompson205: the lawyer told me he send you message to provide yr data as my beneficiary which you never did
(7:19:16 PM) c64glen: I didn’t get any email….
(7:19:28 PM) c64glen: I sent that Emu bloke an email, he was all like
(7:19:37 PM) c64glen: OMG WTF? NOOB?!!!111one
(7:19:42 PM) sandrathompson205: check yr mail very well dear
(7:20:14 PM) sandrathompson205: what is that,OMG WTF NOOB
(7:22:49 PM) c64glen: Hey is that a new picture of you?
(7:23:23 PM) sandrathompson205: yep
(7:23:39 PM) c64glen: Cool. SEND ME MOAR!!!
(7:24:46 PM) sandrathompson205: k
(7:25:10 PM) c64glen: to and I will check for your lawyer email…
(7:27:51 PM) c64glen: tell me when you had sent email…
(7:28:01 PM) sandrathompson205: ok
(7:28:28 PM) sandrathompson205: but did you the email i sent to you previous
(7:28:43 PM) c64glen: what?
(7:28:54 PM) c64glen: the whole coke bottle?
(7:31:41 PM) c64glen: Just tell me when you’ve sent the mail
(7:32:13 PM) sandrathompson205: ok
(7:38:30 PM) c64glen: well? Where are the pics?
(7:39:24 PM) sandrathompson205: wait 1min
(7:46:11 PM) c64glen: ok, it’s now 21 minutes and counting…
(7:46:37 PM) sandrathompson205: my computer is not bootin well
(7:46:54 PM) sandrathompson205: am trying to attach it now ok
(7:47:43 PM) c64glen: ok, hurry. I’ve need to knock one out.
(7:53:35 PM) sandrathompson205: i have sent it now
(7:54:40 PM) c64glen: ok, these are great. You’ve changed quite a bit
(7:56:39 PM) sandrathompson205: i have to go to bed now
(7:56:46 PM) c64glen: However there is only three of them, and you have all your clothes on…..
(7:56:55 PM) sandrathompson205: pls reply the lawyer
(7:57:15 PM) sandrathompson205: oh you wanted the naked one
(7:57:33 PM) sandrathompson205: then you have to do what iwant you to first
(7:57:41 PM) c64glen: right ok.
(7:57:49 PM) c64glen: so what do I send to the layer?
(7:58:21 PM) c64glen: Coz he had swine Flu
(7:59:11 PM) c64glen: or something
(7:59:14 PM) sandrathompson205: he nedd your full name,yr address,your contact number
(7:59:41 PM) sandrathompson205: will stop this mess and listen to me man
(8:01:02 PM) sandrathompson205: i have to go now
(8:01:13 PM) sandrathompson205: am feeling sleepin ok
(8:01:21 PM) sandrathompson205: talk to you tommorow
(8:01:28 PM) sandrathompson205: love you and bye
(8:01:43 PM) c64glen: ok, good bye. I love it

Scambaiter – SandraThompson205 – Part 4

Sandra Thompson is back for round four of our huge scambaiter battle. Who wins? You decide!

am here
am here


am here


how are you doing?

I am good. Just got my computer back
How are you?

am fine
how everything going there darling

I am good. Just got my computer back

ok god

So, I haven’t sent an email, because the bloke next door sold the computer to cash convertors

you dissaponited me

he need to buy a new dog and some heroin.

you need to buy heroin?

no, no.
It’s the man next door. You remember him?
The one who broke the phone.
Sometimes I just want to smash his handsome little face off.

ok i do,
ok i do.
ok lets talk bussiness

ok, ok.
I haven’t got that email address any more
all the things on the computer have gone


and in there place are some rather disturbing pictures
I didn’t know Ladies like Dogs and Horses so much…


right, ok and this is bloke that filled your house with rats?

please try to send
i have to go now ok
take care of yr self
bye for now

sandrathompson205 is offline

I guess it’s time to send Jonny an email at long last. Here goes;


Dear Mr Jonny Emu Obo.

It has come to my attention that you have filled up sandrathompson205‘s house with rats. Now I know she is no oil painting, a little old and rough around the edges but I’ve grown quiet attached to her during our brief and rather demanding chats on the Internet. Also as ex-convict (and a suffer of schizophrenia if you can believe those crazy prison doctors) she’s probably the best I can do.

Now I’m also use to people playing funny jokes on me in my house, I’m sure Sandra has mentioned the man next door and his many hilarious japes (he’s just been crying while masturbating in the kitchen, so it’s not all funny hi-jinks), however Sandra also said something about Rats stealing all her money that her father was going to leave her. I forget the details, but you know women, if you start listening to them the keep talking to you, it’s all nag, nag, nag, stop put drugs in my drinks, nag, etc.

So in summary, Jono, stop fucking about with Sandra or I’ll cut your throat.

Yours in Jesus,


P.S. Why are you named after Emu? Were your parents big fans of Rob Hull?

Let’s see what he comes back with…

Scambaiter – Fun with Bots – senaidazeidan0337

Peter G Butler from The Comedy Poop Podcast makes battle with a Cam Whore Scammer Bot says:
If you want to see me naked goto <DODGY LINK>  and just accept the invite

Peter G Butler says:
hey, hows it going?

Peter G Butler says:
WHO? says:
i’m 21/f your a male right?

Peter G Butler says:
No, I’m a Frog says:
nice, I just got off work and finally got some time to relax which site did i msg you from again?

Peter G Butler says:
Erm, I think it was says:
I know a way we can chat and have a better time.. do you cam?

Peter G Butler says:
What’s a cam? is it like a cog? are they related says:
Well i don’t do yahoo cam or any other cam because i have been recorded before… But i do know one site you can watch me on cam, that assures me no one records…

Peter G Butler says:
I’ll just watch the recording, it’s a cold season at the moment.. i wouldnt want you to catch a chill on my behalf says:
I mean… Do you want to see me on my cam?

Peter G Butler says:
Do you want me to? says:
Ok go to <DODGY LINK> accept the invite on the page baby

Peter G Butler says:
It wont let me.
Oh no! says:
sweet, fill out the info ur info.. i can not wait for you to see me baby let me find something nice to wear

Peter G Butler says:
Somehow I’ve ended up on Friends Reunited! says:
its the sites policy to ensure no minors get access to the site, so they might ask for CC to verify your age babe.

Peter G Butler says:
I’m 9 says:
What color Panties do you think i should wear? i might have you favorite color here somewhere…

Peter G Butler says:
Don’t wear any… says:
Your such a good boy, i’m gonna show you what good boys deserve.. you can tell me to do anything you want me to do!

Peter G Butler says:
Can you buy me a pizza and some beer. says:
Ok let me know when you get in so I can invite you directly to my cam.

Peter G Butler says:
What are you talking about? says:
u have to enter a cc, atm, or debit card so they can tell your of age, thats the ony way to see me sweety

Peter G Butler says:
ok.. My account number is 29817378 and the sort code is 89-67-12 says:
k you in yet babe??

Peter G Butler says:
are we having sex now? says:

I think you’ll find that is complete victory for Pete.

Scambaiter – SandraThompson205 – Part 3

Sandra Thompson is back for round three. Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

(6:25:48 PM) sandrathompson205: hello love how are you doing today
(6:26:17 PM) c64glen: Oh. I’m having such a bad day
(6:27:07 PM) sandrathompson205: oh honey whats has happen to you again
(6:27:21 PM) c64glen: My car was taken away
(6:27:26 PM) c64glen: so now I have no car
(6:27:54 PM) sandrathompson205: yr car taken away by whom?
(6:28:24 PM) c64glen: The police took it, they said it was stolen….
(6:28:43 PM) c64glen: but I found it. Finder Keepers, loser weepers, right?
(6:28:45 PM) sandrathompson205: what a shit
(6:28:54 PM) c64glen: It’s mine far and square
(6:29:10 PM) sandrathompson205: oh you scare me
(6:29:16 PM) sandrathompson205: you are so funny
(6:29:28 PM) c64glen: Also the men next door went a bit funny and broke our phone
(6:29:44 PM) c64glen: he ripped it off the wall and hit the dog with it
(6:29:57 PM) sandrathompson205: oh
(6:30:24 PM) c64glen: Yes, I is crazy
(6:30:32 PM) c64glen: crazy angry
(6:31:18 PM) sandrathompson205: am always happy when i meet you online
(6:31:41 PM) sandrathompson205: you make my day,and i forget all the sorrow of my life
(6:31:50 PM) c64glen: Yes, that would be good.
(6:32:00 PM) c64glen: I will make you forget stuff….
(6:32:13 PM) sandrathompson205: hmmmmmmmm lol
(6:32:49 PM) c64glen: I’m always forgetting things
(6:32:51 PM) c64glen: Like my name
(6:33:09 PM) c64glen: The prison doctor said it was because of all the drugs
(6:33:44 PM) sandrathompson205: hahahahha so funny
(6:34:25 PM) c64glen: yes…. funny @-)
(6:35:16 PM) sandrathompson205: 8-|
(6:35:55 PM) c64glen: anyway, I can’t ring that barrel man, because I have no phone now
(6:36:02 PM) c64glen: also I need to bury a dog
(6:36:11 PM) c64glen: Can I send an email instead
(6:37:37 PM) sandrathompson205: yes
(6:37:49 PM) sandrathompson205: i think email is better
(6:38:13 PM) sandrathompson205: send it now please and the copy to me too for verification
(6:38:26 PM) c64glen: right ok.
(6:38:32 PM) c64glen: Remind me of the address
(6:39:53 PM) sandrathompson205:
(6:40:31 PM) c64glen: ok.. So what do I say to this barrel man?
(6:42:08 PM) sandrathompson205: tell him you want to help me consign rosemond luis father property that is in there company
(6:42:20 PM) c64glen: right ok.
(6:42:32 PM) sandrathompson205: and you want to claim it as beneficiary
(6:42:42 PM) c64glen: ok, that sounds good.
(6:43:08 PM) sandrathompson205: so hhe will tells you what you will do to to claim it for me
(6:43:23 PM) c64glen: ah ok. thats sounds simple enough.
(6:43:28 PM) c64glen: I will send him an email
(6:43:36 PM) c64glen: it might take a few hours
(6:43:43 PM) c64glen: it takes a while for the computer email to open
(6:43:58 PM) c64glen: I get lots of email about pills for having sex
(6:44:09 PM) c64glen: or pills to get a huge penis
(6:44:22 PM) sandrathompson205: tell him you are my fiance
(6:44:38 PM) c64glen: tell the pill people I’m your fiance?
(6:44:49 PM) sandrathompson205: pill for having sex?
(6:44:58 PM) c64glen: they will probably send more pills
(6:45:12 PM) c64glen: you know that blue pill. Viagra
(6:45:43 PM) c64glen: you take one, and then you’ve got a big banana in your pants for the next seven hours
(6:45:54 PM) sandrathompson205: hahahahhah
(6:46:03 PM) c64glen: that can cause some embarrassment in Church I can tell you.
(6:46:06 PM) sandrathompson205: nah nah nah i dont need that
(6:46:11 PM) c64glen: ok…
(6:46:28 PM) c64glen: hang on…
(6:46:33 PM) c64glen: you don’t need that?
(6:46:45 PM) c64glen: Are you saying you already have a banana in your pants?
(6:47:00 PM) c64glen: Because Sandra, the deals off if you do, I don’t swing that way
(6:47:04 PM) c64glen: if you know what I mean
(6:47:09 PM) sandrathompson205: nope am not a man
(6:47:17 PM) c64glen: ok.
(6:47:25 PM) c64glen: but your not a ladyboy either?
(6:47:31 PM) c64glen: you have all lady bits yes?
(6:47:43 PM) c64glen: humps, and a fag-china?
(6:48:15 PM) c64glen: I think it’s fag-china… you know the bit where the babies head comes out,
(6:48:17 PM) c64glen: one of them
(6:48:37 PM) c64glen: humps are where you keep your milk, you know like a camel
(6:50:15 PM) sandrathompson205: hahahahahh
(6:50:22 PM) sandrathompson205: pls dont start
(6:50:53 PM) c64glen: ok, but you can confirm 100% lady bits? :-/
(6:51:08 PM) sandrathompson205: i dont know
(6:51:50 PM) c64glen: you don’t know?
(6:52:03 PM) c64glen: when you take a pee, do you stand up or sit down?
(6:52:32 PM) sandrathompson205: pee whats that?
(6:53:12 PM) c64glen: where the water comes out of your thing-a-ling
(6:54:03 PM) sandrathompson205: oh pee
(6:54:13 PM) sandrathompson205: i sit
(6:54:42 PM) c64glen: ok, good. and you have humps? I like humps, they are very important to me…
(6:55:24 PM) sandrathompson205: whats do you do with it
(6:55:36 PM) sandrathompson205: play with it,ot lick it
(6:56:18 PM) c64glen: yes. all of that. Sometimes I like to relieve myself there too, but only at weekends.
(6:56:42 PM) c64glen: the doctors said I was like that because of my mother becoming a man.
(6:57:14 PM) sandrathompson205: hahha
(6:57:17 PM) sandrathompson205: =))
(6:57:43 PM) c64glen: hey, don’t laugh. it was very sad for me
(6:58:06 PM) c64glen: they said it is why I sometimes do bad things.
(6:58:19 PM) c64glen: like setting that nun on fire at school
(6:58:20 PM) sandrathompson205: really
(6:58:38 PM) sandrathompson205: thats bad
(6:58:42 PM) c64glen: yes. She looked just like mother did, after the operation
(6:59:52 PM) c64glen: but lets go back to play with it and lick it
(7:00:01 PM) c64glen: I like that bit, lets have some more….
(7:07:15 PM) sandrathompson205: more what?
(7:07:28 PM) c64glen: about your humps
(7:07:54 PM) sandrathompson205: please glen you make my hed scatter now
(7:09:22 PM) c64glen: right ok. I’d better go now anyway. the man next door is awake again, I can hear noises, and they aren’t good noises.
(7:09:27 PM) c64glen: I will send that email tonight….
(7:10:20 PM) sandrathompson205: ok i will apprecaite that plz
(7:10:35 PM) c64glen: k k, love you, bye….
(7:11:10 PM) sandrathompson205: ok love i rely on you ok
(7:13:29 PM) sandrathompson205: bye love you too

Will we hear from Sandra again?

ScamBaiter – SandraThompson205 – Part 2

Continued from Part 1. It’s been ages since I did a good scambaiter so when Sandra Thompson popped up and my screen, I thought I would take full advantage.

(7:31:07 PM) sandrathompson205: this is details of the barrister
(7:32:51 PM) c64glen: where?
(7:33:46 PM) sandrathompson205: Mr John———+233246940083
(7:34:16 PM) sandrathompson205:
(7:35:16 PM) c64glen: ok, where is that?
(7:36:26 PM) sandrathompson205: in ghana
(7:37:10 PM) c64glen: right ok
(7:37:14 PM) c64glen: is there anything else?
(7:37:48 PM) sandrathompson205: give me your details too so i can alert him also to let hm know that my beneficiaery will call so he can pick your call when you call him
(7:38:17 PM) c64glen: ok
(7:38:22 PM) sandrathompson205: your full name your number
(7:38:29 PM) c64glen: so If I kill this guy when can get our moneys?
(7:38:51 PM) sandrathompson205: kill him?why
(7:39:00 PM) c64glen: so we can get the money
(7:39:14 PM) c64glen: can I have my way with him before I kill him?
(7:39:28 PM) c64glen: I still have some Acid left.
(7:39:50 PM) sandrathompson205: you cannot kill him is just the barrister for the company my dad kept the property
(7:39:58 PM) sandrathompson205: hahahahha
(7:40:03 PM) sandrathompson205: :))
(7:40:17 PM) c64glen: oh, hahahahaha.
(7:40:28 PM) c64glen: Ok, I won’t do that….
(7:40:36 PM) c64glen: but I can still do him?
(7:40:39 PM) sandrathompson205: hhhhhhm
(7:41:02 PM) sandrathompson205: yes if he wanted to fustrate me you will od that
(7:41:16 PM) c64glen: excellent, I will teach him…
(7:42:04 PM) sandrathompson205: you can fly to ghana right?
(7:42:16 PM) c64glen: sure. Do they airports there?
(7:42:36 PM) c64glen: proper ones? Not like of the flintstones?
(7:43:13 PM) sandrathompson205: yes they have
(7:43:34 PM) sandrathompson205: what is your full name,i want to call him now
(7:44:03 PM) c64glen: Glen Bowness
(7:44:54 PM) sandrathompson205: phone number pls?
(7:46:17 PM) c64glen: I don’t know the country code
(7:46:57 PM) sandrathompson205: what country code?
(7:47:39 PM) c64glen: for my country
(7:47:53 PM) sandrathompson205: is 44
(7:47:55 PM) c64glen: anyway the number is <SOME MADE UP NUMBER>
(7:48:37 PM) sandrathompson205: what number is this
(7:48:53 PM) sandrathompson205: this is not your number glen
(7:49:08 PM) c64glen: why not?
(7:49:19 PM) c64glen: works for me
(7:50:45 PM) sandrathompson205: i have your number before but i lost it i remmeber your did not start with this 12 what ever
(7:51:06 PM) c64glen: aye, was it the old 16 number?
(7:51:46 PM) sandrathompson205: something like that
(7:52:04 PM) c64glen: yeah, that’s my old number
(7:52:20 PM) c64glen: I don’t live there anymore, coz of the prison thing
(7:52:47 PM) sandrathompson205: where do you live now honey
(7:52:58 PM) c64glen: Guisborough
(7:53:53 PM) sandrathompson205: in uk
(7:55:04 PM) c64glen: aye. In UK
(7:55:18 PM) c64glen: I haven’t move to Mars
(7:55:55 PM) sandrathompson205: ok call me now 07024012592
(7:56:13 PM) c64glen: k k
(7:56:20 PM) c64glen: five minutes
(7:56:31 PM) c64glen: I’ll have to wait for the phone in the room to be free
(7:56:38 PM) c64glen: the other bloke is in there
(7:56:53 PM) c64glen: sometime he has homeless people in there with him
(7:57:11 PM) c64glen: he lures them in with Cider
(7:57:23 PM) sandrathompson205: whos?
(7:57:39 PM) c64glen: then steals their clothes and leaves them in the bin outside. He’s crazy
(7:58:45 PM) sandrathompson205: ahhaha
(7:59:13 PM) c64glen: no I mean crazy like mental hospital crazy
(7:59:30 PM) c64glen: his room is full of piss, he can’t go to the loo
(7:59:51 PM) c64glen: he keeps shitting in the kitchen sick
(8:00:11 PM) sandrathompson205: i just call yr number now
(8:00:24 PM) c64glen: no. he’s on the phone now.
(8:00:32 PM) sandrathompson205: that carzy
(8:00:32 PM) c64glen: we will have to wait
(8:00:42 PM) sandrathompson205: whos ?
(8:00:57 PM) c64glen: the other bloke
(8:01:05 PM) sandrathompson205: dont yo u have cell phone?
(8:01:11 PM) c64glen: the one in the other room in the safe house
(8:01:28 PM) c64glen: the cell phone got removed when the prison guards found it
(8:01:36 PM) c64glen: I was hiding it in my anus
(8:01:55 PM) c64glen: to be honest, I didn’t want it back after that anyway.
(8:02:43 PM) sandrathompson205: hmmmmmmmm……
(8:02:59 PM) sandrathompson205: what do you want me to think about you now
(8:03:27 PM) sandrathompson205: i must be honet with you ,i need you to be honest with me, pls
(8:03:48 PM) c64glen: what’s a honet, is that like a wasp?
(8:04:04 PM) c64glen: because I don’t like wasps
(8:04:09 PM) c64glen: one sting could kill me.
(8:04:20 PM) c64glen: You ain’t gonna sting me are you Sandra?
(8:05:12 PM) sandrathompson205: its a mistake,i said i want you to be honest with me
(8:05:25 PM) sandrathompson205: becasue my heart is fragile
(8:05:27 PM) c64glen: oh honest
(8:05:38 PM) c64glen: Yes. Heart very fragile
(8:05:48 PM) c64glen: Punch in the right way. you kill someone just like that
(8:05:55 PM) c64glen: just like in Kill Bill Part 2
(8:06:05 PM) sandrathompson205: huuuuuuu
(8:07:26 PM) c64glen: are you having a stroke?
(8:09:51 PM) sandrathompson205: nope why?
(8:10:06 PM) c64glen: what is huuuuuuu?
(8:10:53 PM) sandrathompson205: when you want to punch its sound like huuu
(8:11:05 PM) c64glen: if you says so.
(8:11:19 PM) c64glen: Sometimes I don’t think you are serious
(8:11:44 PM) sandrathompson205: am very serious
(8:12:16 PM) sandrathompson205: are you contaction the lawyer now
(8:12:18 PM) c64glen: I am serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer
(8:12:31 PM) sandrathompson205: are you cancer
(8:12:44 PM) c64glen: that’s what they said on /b/
(8:13:21 PM) sandrathompson205: what?
(8:14:11 PM) sandrathompson205: glen i gotta to go now
(8:14:18 PM) c64glen: ok you go. I phone soon
(8:14:33 PM) sandrathompson205: i will be online at same time tomoorow ok
(8:14:39 PM) c64glen: Ok
(8:14:42 PM) sandrathompson205: ok luv
(8:14:44 PM) c64glen: I’ll try and get online
(8:14:48 PM) c64glen: LOVE YOU
(8:15:05 PM) sandrathompson205: take care of your self and keep away from danger
(8:15:10 PM) sandrathompson205: love you too
(8:15:17 PM) sandrathompson205: :-*
(8:17:14 PM) sandrathompson205: one more thing try and get intourch wtih the barrister ok

That’s not all Part 3 is coming next week.

Scambaiter – SandraThompson205 – Part 1

It’s been ages since I did a good scambaiter so when Sandra Thompson <> popped up and my screen, I thought I would take full advantage.

(6:49:58 PM) sandrathompson205: hello dear
(6:50:25 PM) c64glen: hi
(6:51:10 PM) sandrathompson205: where have you been since all this while
(6:51:23 PM) sandrathompson205: hmmmm …
(6:51:44 PM) c64glen: no where special
(6:51:50 PM) c64glen: just prison
(6:52:37 PM) sandrathompson205: prison?
(6:52:51 PM) c64glen: yeah, but not like that…
(6:53:03 PM) c64glen: just for assault and rape
(6:53:39 PM) sandrathompson205: oh am so sorry,is that all serious
(6:53:57 PM) c64glen: nah, that’s not serious
(6:54:03 PM) c64glen: I mean I could have killed them
(6:54:19 PM) sandrathompson205: just be wondering why have yo not be online all this while
(6:54:27 PM) c64glen: sending me to prison was a complete over reaction
(6:54:29 PM) sandrathompson205: hahahha
(6:54:40 PM) sandrathompson205: who are those?
(6:54:40 PM) c64glen: It’s not like they were English
(6:55:03 PM) sandrathompson205: where did they come from?
(6:56:17 PM) c64glen: bah, who cares.. they were all, blah, blah, don’t hurt me, blah, blah. Stupid people can’t even English properly.
(6:57:23 PM) sandrathompson205: they must be crazy,but never mind,am happy they did not kill you
(6:57:46 PM) c64glen: Yeah me too. Kill me with their AIDS
(6:57:50 PM) sandrathompson205: i should have come over there to push them where they belong
(6:58:06 PM) c64glen: Yeah, I would like you to push them right up it
(6:58:26 PM) sandrathompson205: they are aids pati or what?ent
(6:58:51 PM) sandrathompson205: oh honey you have to becareful
(6:59:54 PM) c64glen: Yes, I am always careful. I poured acid on them afterwards…
(7:00:49 PM) sandrathompson205: wow!!!!!!!!!!
(7:01:04 PM) c64glen: just on their bits, you know
(7:01:15 PM) sandrathompson205: nah you went too far honey
(7:01:26 PM) c64glen: that’s what they said
(7:01:43 PM) sandrathompson205: okies
(7:01:48 PM) sandrathompson205: i see
(7:02:29 PM) sandrathompson205: any way lets forget them for now and put them aside okay
(7:02:59 PM) c64glen: Yes. Yes, I forget them already
(7:03:43 PM) sandrathompson205: very good to hear that
(7:03:52 PM) c64glen: so whats up with you then?
(7:04:26 PM) sandrathompson205: so how are you feeling now
(7:04:35 PM) sandrathompson205: am good
(7:05:56 PM) c64glen: I am great. Fresh air is good
(7:06:05 PM) c64glen: so what have you been up to in all this time?
(7:06:27 PM) sandrathompson205: nothing just missed you
(7:06:42 PM) sandrathompson205: and about what i discuss with you last time
(7:06:45 PM) c64glen: you’ve done nothing at all?
(7:07:03 PM) sandrathompson205: am working
(7:07:20 PM) sandrathompson205: am in cotonou now
(7:08:08 PM) sandrathompson205: because of the property issues i told you baout last time we had coversation
(7:09:06 PM) c64glen: yes, yes. Your house fell down, because of the rats or something?
(7:09:45 PM) sandrathompson205: nope
(7:09:56 PM) c64glen: then remind me
(7:10:39 PM) sandrathompson205: my father work with gold field in ghana before he died
(7:11:33 PM) c64glen: Gold in a field? I though it was in Volcano’s, with the Dinosaurs?
(7:12:05 PM) sandrathompson205: hahah pls be serious for once
(7:12:19 PM) sandrathompson205: this is not joke matter at all
(7:12:52 PM) c64glen: I’m not joking. the internet is very serious business. no time for funny
(7:15:21 PM) sandrathompson205: i wanted to claim all my father property an d come to london or go back to canada,but the company lawyer told my that if i dont have husband or beneficiary they cannot realease this propery for me
(7:17:13 PM) sandrathompson205: so i will need your help as my benefiary if you can talk to the solicitor for me please
(7:18:31 PM) sandrathompson205: are you there
(7:18:36 PM) c64glen: right, so I talk to a solicitor
(7:18:44 PM) c64glen: who does that work?
(7:20:52 PM) sandrathompson205: yes iwant you to stand as my beneficiary as elder man,and tell the barrister you are ready to claim sandra father properties
(7:21:15 PM) c64glen: right ok. So I need to talk to a barrister as well?
(7:21:39 PM) sandrathompson205: yes
(7:21:55 PM) c64glen: ok, how do I contact all these people?
(7:22:40 PM) sandrathompson205: i will give the email address so you wil contact
(7:22:56 PM) sandrathompson205: they explain in detail s to you
(7:23:03 PM) c64glen: ok, that would be goooooood
(7:23:12 PM) sandrathompson205: i know i can trust you right?
(7:23:46 PM) c64glen: ofcourse I am nothing but I man of high standing.
(7:23:56 PM) c64glen: well when I say standing, I don’t mean I’m tall
(7:24:07 PM) c64glen: but people still look up to me
(7:24:14 PM) c64glen: or they’ll get hurt
(7:24:40 PM) c64glen: kinda like… Trust me or I’ll smash your face in.
(7:24:45 PM) c64glen: and then your backdoors
(7:24:59 PM) c64glen: and then possibly your face again
(7:25:22 PM) sandrathompson205: hmmm….sound motivated
(7:25:29 PM) c64glen: exactly!
(7:25:46 PM) sandrathompson205: i want to look upon you and God
(7:26:05 PM) c64glen: yes, you will look upon me as god
(7:27:10 PM) sandrathompson205: because the propety worth million of pounds whick i cannot let it go just like thata
(7:27:26 PM) sandrathompson205: thanks my dear,
(7:28:10 PM) c64glen: awesome. Send me the details, and I’ll beat the money out of them with my special stick.
(7:28:34 PM) sandrathompson205: thanks honey
(7:28:58 PM) c64glen: no problems. dearling

Part Two coming next week, it get’s a lot better.

Scambaiter – Jesus is watching you Peter

This one started when I got an a message from a gentlemen claiming to be “manage of ghana gold miner compery of ghana”. He told me he was called John Lugman but during the course of our conversions he also used the following details; Peter Love, kawme kojo and peter_mensah20 which I found highly confusing.

He has been bothering me for a phone number since early September, here the first example of the fun I had with him.

[18:53] peter_mensah20: hello how are u
[18:54] c64glen: I am good, how are you?
[18:54] peter_mensah20: this john lugmen, ok, do u know me from face-pic, i send u mail
[18:55] c64glen: yes
[18:55] peter_mensah20: do u see my mail
[18:55] c64glen: yes, I mean to rape you very soon
[18:55] peter_mensah20: ok, i hope to se u rapely ok
[18:55] c64glen: I had much business to do today.
[18:56] peter_mensah20: ok, so can u send me mail now
[18:56] c64glen: I will try and look at it now. Please tell me about you while I look
[18:57] peter_mensah20: ok, i am john luman from ghana, i am 25 of age and u
[18:58] c64glen: I am 31 years of age, I am youngest businessman on the east side of western inter nets
[18:58] peter_mensah20: ok, i like that , so can u give me u number so i can call u to night and telk about it, or u can call me to night
[19:00] c64glen: I have Internet Ebusiness, so all my numbers ar Internet numbers. Do you have the internet phones?
[19:01] peter_mensah20: no, but can u call me, so i can give u my number ok, so that u call me
[19:01] c64glen: ok, give me your number
[19:02] c64glen: I will see if I can call it uses my special internet phone
[19:03] peter_mensah20: pls give me u number i will tryn to get one and call u ok
[19:04] c64glen: my internets number =
[19:04] peter_mensah20: u try to end me mail ok i am going to collect the number ok
[19:04] c64glen: Sorry? I don’t understand your crazy speak. what do you mean? Are you calling me names?
[19:05] peter_mensah20: no
[19:06] c64glen: so have you a number?
[19:06] peter_mensah20: how can i call u names
[19:06] c64glen: you better not
[19:06] peter_mensah20: yes
[19:06] c64glen: good
[19:07] peter_mensah20: ok i will mai u with and i will add the number ok, so u see it in ur in box ok
[19:07] c64glen: ok, that is very good. So why do you have so many names?
[19:07] peter_mensah20: ok my good fried
[19:08] c64glen: Peter Love/JOPHN LUGMAN/kawme kojo/peter_mensah20 are you a spy?
[19:09] peter_mensah20: my name is john lugman
[19:09] peter_mensah20: ok i ues those name to join the site ok
[19:10] c64glen: ok, John. I beleive you
[19:10] peter_mensah20: thank u, i are a good friend
[19:11] c64glen: Are you gay? Your face-pic profile says you are Gay
[19:11] peter_mensah20: no
[19:11] c64glen: so you don’t want to get gay with me?
[19:11] peter_mensah20: are u a gay
[19:12] c64glen: not all the time
[19:12] peter_mensah20: ok that is good
[19:12] c64glen: only when Jesus tells me it is ok. I talk to Jesus he tells me what to do, do you like Jesus?
[19:13] peter_mensah20: yes very much
[19:13] c64glen: Good, Good. Jesus tells me he wants to be in your life, Will you let Jesus in your life?
[19:13] peter_mensah20: so u can talk to jesus
[19:14] c64glen: Yes, Jesus is in my heart
[19:14] peter_mensah20: yes need he , very much
[19:14] c64glen: Jesus wants you in his life, but he says you have sins to confess
[19:14] c64glen: he says you need to confess these sins
[19:14] peter_mensah20: yes that is good ok u have to worship god frist
[19:15] c64glen: Jesus wants you to confess your sins now.
[19:15] peter_mensah20: i did not know
[19:15] c64glen: Jesus say I should do business with you, but you must confess to me first
[19:15] peter_mensah20: so if he can tell the type of sins
[19:16] c64glen: Jesus says you know what Sins you need to confuss
[19:16] c64glen: Jesus says he has seen you sin and you should not hide from him
[19:16] peter_mensah20: ok frist i was bad boy but now i am bone again ok
[19:17] c64glen: What did you do to become a bad boy?
[19:17] peter_mensah20: ok i will bey god to forgive me ok
[19:17] c64glen: no, you making Jesus angry. You must confess now
[19:18] peter_mensah20: i was follow bad boy to do bad thing we fight people
[19:18] c64glen: yes… what else
[19:19] peter_mensah20: we smook
[19:19] c64glen: yes… what else
[19:19] peter_mensah20: we take acholic
[19:19] c64glen: yes… what else
[19:19] peter_mensah20: next time ok
[19:20] c64glen: no, Jesus says you must tell us about it now.
[19:20] c64glen: He says there is one more… The worst one
[19:20] peter_mensah20: do u send me the mail now
[19:20] c64glen: He speaks of a carnal sin…
[19:21] c64glen: you wants you confess your carnal sin before we can do business
[19:21] peter_mensah20: ok
[19:21] c64glen: Jesus is waiting
[19:22] peter_mensah20: the lest one is the i fight my mother , father and my eld brothers
[19:22] peter_mensah20: that is the lest one that i know ok, can jesus forgive me now

[19:23] c64glen: no, no, no. Jesus says the sin is carnal
[19:24] peter_mensah20: what is the mean of caral
[19:24] c64glen: Carnal is Sex
[19:24] peter_mensah20: yes i have sex too
[19:24] c64glen: Jesus wants to know the lurid details
[19:25] peter_mensah20: yes
[19:25] c64glen: Jesus likes to hear you carnal sins. tell him more about your sex
[19:26] peter_mensah20: u know that hamen being can not tell all the sins cos he forget some ok
[19:26] peter_mensah20: i have sex with girl and pay their

[19:26] c64glen: Jesus says there is a little more to tell
[19:27] peter_mensah20: my good friend pls i will tell u more if i remeber ok
[19:27] peter_mensah20: if i mail u i will add more to it ok

[19:28] c64glen: ok, I will send email now.
[19:28] c64glen: Jesus is happy for you to email about your sex
[19:28] peter_mensah20: so u try to mail me ok so that i can use to send u that massge
[19:29] c64glen: yes
[19:29] peter_mensah20: i like the way u chat
[19:29] c64glen: me too
[19:29] c64glen: (Jesus is also quite impressed)
[19:30] peter_mensah20: yes jesus like people like u to be with he all the time
[19:30] c64glen: yes, Jesus walks withme
[19:30] peter_mensah20: that is good
[19:32] peter_mensah20: so i will send u all the doucment tomorrow ok
[19:32] peter_mensah20: so that u can see ok

Tune in for more fun with Peter next week.

Scambaiter – OMG they killed Kenny!

Susan Linda aka beautylove2g5 is another one of my yahoo friends from Accra , Ghana. . She has been boring me for a while, when she caught me this time I was in the mood to talk about one of my favorite TV shows South Park, but I don’t think she is a fan….

[20:03] beautylove2g5: hi glen
[20:03] beautylove2g5: how are you doing over there
[20:03] c64glen: I am good
[20:03] beautylove2g5: is been quite long since i chart with you glen
[20:03] c64glen: but I have some bad news
[20:04] beautylove2g5: what is the bad news glen
[20:04] beautylove2g5: can you please share it with me
[20:04] c64glen: Well, I can assure you that it has absolutely nothing to do with the Japanese Mafia.
[20:05] beautylove2g5: i dont understand what you mean glen
[20:05] c64glen: They killed Kenny
[20:05] c64glen: He had sins that he didn’t confess!

[20:05] beautylove2g5: am really really very sorry to hear this, who killed him glen
[20:08] c64glen: North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)
[20:08] beautylove2g5: am sorry, please can you accept my sympathy glen
[20:09] c64glen: In the end, all of the NAMBLA people were arrested, and despite their leader’s impassioned speech about rights to all people, they were all taken away
[20:10] c64glen: Kenny was run over by the ambulance taking his father to the hospital

[20:10] beautylove2g5: his is living with you in london glen or he is in the state glen
[20:11] c64glen: He leave down the street from me.
[20:11] beautylove2g5: does he own his house
[20:12] c64glen: He lived with his parents. He was poor
[20:12] beautylove2g5: ok glen, am sorry. i wish am with you to know more about him glen
[20:13] c64glen: His parents were trying for another baby. Kenny didn’t like the idea, so threw a ball at his dad’s testes while playing catch.
[20:13] beautylove2g5: ohh that is bad glen
[20:13] c64glen: He sliped abortion pills in his mom’s vodka, but his dad accidentally drank it instead and got heavy diarrhea.
[20:14] beautylove2g5: didnt he want to have another brother
[20:14] c64glen: That is why his dad was in the ambulance
[20:14] beautylove2g5: why did he have to do that glen, he want to abort his mothers pregnant glen
[20:16] c64glen: After seeing a commercial for an amusement park ride, informing that pregnant women should not ride, he went with his parents where Kenny’s dad nose is broken.
[20:16] c64glen: Finally, tired of his failed attempts, Kenny chased his mom through the town with a plunger.
[20:16] c64glen: I think he was very sick. It is very sad

[20:17] beautylove2g5: he shouldnt have to do that at all glen, he dont want the good thing for his parent glen
[20:18] c64glen: I think he want to use her unborn child for stem cell research.
[20:18] beautylove2g5: is he a scientist man?
[20:20] c64glen: He was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy,
[20:20] beautylove2g5: ok glen
[20:21] c64glen: He learned that they might be used to help him and gave a speech to the House of Representatives on behalf of stem cell research. He succeeded in getting the ban lifted by singing Heat of the Moment by Asia and he visited abortion clinics around the area to collect more aborted fetuses.
[20:21] beautylove2g5: ohh ic glen
[20:23] c64glen: He slowly began to sing “Heat of the Moment” by Asia in a slow, sorrowful tone while choking back tears. Soon after he finished the second line in the song, Congress begins to join in one by one until everyone is singing the song up until the end of the first chorus.
[20:26] beautylove2g5: am sorry glen
[20:27] c64glen: I cannot speak anymore, I must go. I am too sad

They killed Kenny, and she never said “You Bastards”, oh well, maybe next time.

Scambaiter – my father is late pa timson adedokun

Bimpe was another scammer who found me through tagworld. Her profile shows she was justing looking for someone to ‘rake care’ of her, she must of thought I could do it because I was soon getting messages on MSN from, here is our first conversion.

Bimpe: Hello
GLeN: hija
bimpe: How u doing
GLeN: I am good, and you?
bimpe: am cool, i have a plan for u
GLeN: ok, what is it
bimpe: Coming to meet u in state….
GLeN: in what state?
bimpe: your state as i dont know
GLeN: ok right, so what about it
bimpe: did u want me to come?
GLeN: I do not know you, yet. Tell me about you first
bimpe: my name is bimpe and 29 yesra old my father is late pa timson adedokun am light and a little bit tall…average build,Very romantic, Heart on shirtsleeve, i do Read, listen to music, or watch a movie…. and how about u?
GLeN: I am gent, I am 30 of age of years, I have family of gone. I also like things movie, books, animals
bimpe: ok …so what u want to know ?
GLeN: Do you play the trumpet or the pink oboe?
bimpe: no i play piano
GLeN: oh, coool. you are penist!
bimpe: yes
GLeN: are you religious, Or do you bash the bishop?
bimpe: am a christain
GLeN: good good, I am too
bimpe: ok
GLeN: so do you like food, do you put meat in your mouth?
bimpe: yes, i like potato chips, fried rice and salad with mountain dew
GLeN: you like meat in your mouth?
bimpe: yes
GLeN: I do not put meat in my mouth
bimpe: why?
GLeN: I do not like the taste
bimpe: alright but is look sweetest
GLeN: so what do you do for fun?
bimpe: entertainment and playing games
GLeN: what games?
bimpe: play station2
GLeN: i have some fun games, Doing the five-knuckle shuffle, Cleaning the pipes, Crank yanking, Erupting Ol’ Faithful
bimpe: ok
GLeN: Fondling the fig and Hand Shandy these are good games. I would like to play them with you
bimpe: No soccer and romeo
GLeN: I like soccer and Having one off the wrist
bimpe: yes
GLeN: but sometimes afterwoods I have to Massage Mr. Ho-Ho
bimpe: what did u mean?
GLeN: if I get injury
bimpe: ok

Ok now we know each other, Bimpe decide it’s time to see how much money she can get out of me.

bimpe says: okay…i need a little help beby
GLeN says: whats the problem
bimpe says: my flight paper is not complte
GLeN says: what do you need
bimpe says: i need some money
GLeN says: oh noes! you need money?
bimpe says: yes
GLeN says: oh noes! what can you do?
bimpe says: i dont have much with me baby can u help me out
GLeN says: what can I do?
bimpe says: can u help me with the money
GLeN says: what can I do?
bimpe says: send me
GLeN says: how?
bimpe says: thru western uniuon
GLeN says: I can’t use wetern onion from my bank
bimpe says: why, what u wanna use?
GLeN says: my bank is called the bank of Dirtbox and they don’t like the onion
bimpe says: so what u wanna use? and how will i get the money
GLeN says: Dirtbox transfer to mouth, out of the stink into the pink
bimpe says: when will u send it and how much did u wa t to send me
GLeN says: how much do you need, because I need some money to buy a elephant.
bimpe says: ok 700$
GLeN says: 700 dollars?!??!?! But I need an elephant.
bimpe says: or 400$
GLeN says: keep going
bimpe says: How much did u have
GLeN says: after the elephant money. about 1637 Tunisia Dinars
bimpe says: so u can’t send me any money then
GLeN says: I can come and get you soon. After I get the elephant
bimpe says: i dont love u
GLeN says: waaa?
bimpe says: BYE

Curses bimpe now longer loves me anymore. I’ll have to wait for the next one.

Scambaiter – Butterbabys Bullshit

ButterbabyI am happy to present to you another chat log with a scammer. Our victim this week, Butterbaby pretended to be a female American Car dealer but was really a fat Nigerian bloke called ‘Prince’ Joe Eboh who is a known 419 scammer. We pick up the log after I have agreed to transfer some money to the scammer so they can conclude a business deal then Fly to england to marry me and live happy every after. Here is the small talk…

[00:19] butterbaby_p900: how many kids do you want me to give you ???
[00:19] c64glen: 15
[00:19] butterbaby_p900: hahaha
[00:19] butterbaby_p900: too much

[00:19] c64glen: why?
[00:19] butterbaby_p900: baby be serious

[00:20] c64glen: when you come to England, I keep you in the bedroom
[00:20] butterbaby_p900: k
[00:20] butterbaby_p900: how many bedroom do you have ?

[00:20] c64glen: 1
[00:20] c64glen: but it is also my bathroom
[00:21] butterbaby_p900: ok

[00:21] c64glen: and toilet
[00:21] butterbaby_p900: ok fine

[00:21] c64glen: when I say toilet, I mean bucket
[00:21] butterbaby_p900: what kind of car you drive ?

[00:21] c64glen: Blue Capri
[00:22] butterbaby_p900: k
[00:22] butterbaby_p900: i drive 4×4 jeep

[00:22] c64glen: cool.
[00:22] butterbaby_p900: i will bring it along when i come over

[00:22] c64glen: how you do that?
[00:23] butterbaby_p900: we gonna use to go to many places that will never been b/4
[00:23] butterbaby_p900: when i come where will you take me to ???

[00:23] c64glen: I would like to take you to…
[00:23] c64glen: Whitley Bay!
[00:24] c64glen: and Shotton
[00:24] butterbaby_p900: what are they doing there ?

[00:25] c64glen: It’s a party capital, lots of swingers there
[00:26] butterbaby_p900: cool
[00:26] butterbaby_p900: what about beach ?

[00:26] c64glen: Whitley Bay has big clean beach, except for the johnies
[00:27] butterbaby_p900: ok cool love that my sweetheart
[00:27] butterbaby_p900: @};-
[00:28] butterbaby_p900: so when i come over when do you want us to wed so that we can be living together as husband and wife ???

[00:28] c64glen: yes, I would like a new wife!
[00:29] butterbaby_p900: ok baby

[00:29] c64glen: The last two where rubbish
[00:30] butterbaby_p900: when i come over will you go and see your parents in ireland ???

[00:30] c64glen: If you would like to
[00:31] butterbaby_p900: i will like to
[00:31] butterbaby_p900: i need to know you mum and dad and younger ones

[00:32] c64glen: ok, altought we stay away from my brothers
[00:32] butterbaby_p900: why ??

[00:32] c64glen: because they keep raping my wifes
[00:33] c64glen: I tell them not too, but the love the rape
[00:33] butterbaby_p900: oh that is bullshit baby

[00:33] c64glen: yes, I tell them this
[00:33] butterbaby_p900: so they will rape me too when i go to them ?

[00:34] c64glen: they do also like the bull, the police have told them to stop
[00:34] butterbaby_p900: ok
[00:34] butterbaby_p900: we wont go to them ok
[00:34] butterbaby_p900: we will be living all alone okay

[00:34] c64glen: ok.
[00:34] butterbaby_p900: you and i ok

[00:35] c64glen: yes
[00:35] c64glen: we can make my movies
[00:35] butterbaby_p900: ok love
[00:36] butterbaby_p900: so when i come over what will you prepare for me to eat
[00:36] butterbaby_p900: ?

[00:36] c64glen: Me perpare food?
[00:36] c64glen: No I don’t do that, not since wife #1
[00:36] butterbaby_p900: yes if come i will be preparing the food for you

[00:37] c64glen: good, good. I don’t want to have to pay for another funeral
[00:37] butterbaby_p900: but for the first time i will come to your house you will prepare something for me

[00:38] c64glen: I will get you good english food, a Parmo
[00:38] butterbaby_p900: cool baby
[00:39] butterbaby_p900: so when i come over you will help me to open the website

[00:39] c64glen: yes, do you have a name for this website?
[00:39] butterbaby_p900: and i will start that business i told you about
[00:40] butterbaby_p900: we gonna be rich okay

[00:40] c64glen: I was thinking of JizzCars?
[00:40] c64glen: or SpunkMobiles?
[00:40] c64glen: Perhaps Wankexpress?
[00:41] butterbaby_p900: you mean i should mean use any of this name to open my business ?

[00:41] c64glen: yes, you need a name
[00:41] butterbaby_p900: yes
[00:42] butterbaby_p900: i will get a name when i come over to you ok

[00:42] c64glen: yes, I would like to help with the business
[00:42] butterbaby_p900: yes

[00:42] c64glen: This one will not have to be set on fire
[00:43] butterbaby_p900: i know baby
[00:43] butterbaby_p900: you will be my husband and the same time you will be my business partner okay

[00:43] c64glen: Yes, but not your uncle like wife #3
[00:44] butterbaby_p900: what ??

Scambaiter – Seriously Annoying Lover 84

serious_lover84 was one the first people to contact my via my tagworld profile. At this point is is claiming she loved me and asking for little presents like 100 dollars or 2500 dollars for a plane ticket. This is me trying to get rid of her (unsuccesfully)

[20:43] serious_lover84: honey i want the pound if u send it the bank will change it to our money for me okay so u just go and look for the westren union money transfer that is the bank that have a branch here and then money gram sg-ssb
[20:43] serious_lover84: how much will u send honey
[20:57] c64glen: I wanted to tell you something before we go on…
[20:57] serious_lover84: okay tell me
[20:57] c64glen: I have told some untruth
[20:58] serious_lover84: tell me wht is it honey am here for u okay
[20:58] serious_lover84: and dont have to hide anything from me okay
[20:58] c64glen: I’m not a thirty year old man, I am fifty years old.
[20:58] serious_lover84: tell me i really love u
[20:58] serious_lover84: is that wht u wanted to tell me
[20:59] c64glen: I’m not a thirty year old man, I am fifty years old.
[20:59] serious_lover84: as i have had this type of love for u nathing can make me stop loving u
[20:59] c64glen: I live in prison
[21:00] serious_lover84: okay i really love u no matter wht the sitiation okay
[21:00] c64glen: I murder my wife and a few other people.
[21:01] serious_lover84: oh why did u do that
[21:01] c64glen: I had a bad time
[21:02] serious_lover84: oh am sad to hear this but i still ove u okay
[21:02] serious_lover84: love u
[21:02] serious_lover84: okay
[21:02] c64glen: Also I don’t have much money, because I’m have to pay some women I raped.
[21:03] serious_lover84: okay honey
[21:03] serious_lover84: u just send me wht u can okay
[21:03] c64glen: But I will be out of prison in 38 years, so I will ask them to deport me to your country so I can live there.
[21:04] serious_lover84: i love u hope u can get 100pounds
[21:04] c64glen: I may be able to kill someone and take 100 pounds for you.
[21:04] c64glen: see I love you so much, I will kill for you…
[21:05] serious_lover84: okay honey i love u too
[21:05] c64glen: Would you like me to kill someone for you?
[21:05] serious_lover84: no
[21:05] c64glen: I can cut them up and you some bits.
[21:05] serious_lover84: no
[21:05] c64glen: That was going to be your present.
[21:06] serious_lover84: dont do that it a very big sin
[21:06] c64glen: I was going to send you a heart.
[21:06] serious_lover84: no dont
[21:06] c64glen: don’t you want a heart?
[21:06] serious_lover84: so fedex did not say anything honey
[21:07] serious_lover84: u just send me 100pounds okay and stop alll tis
[21:07] c64glen: fedex told the police I was sending bad things, so I had to stab the fedex man and the police man with a fork
[21:07] c64glen: but I left a note telling them it was for you
[21:08] serious_lover84: u send me 100 pounds okay
[21:08] serious_lover84: seee u totmorrow
[21:08] c64glen: no, you tell me. you love me even like I am ok>
[21:08] c64glen: I hurt those men for you?
[21:08] c64glen: Don’t go without telling me you like it
[21:09] *** “serious_lover84” signed off at Tue Mar 07 21:09:08 2006.

Scambaiter – I love you, please help me transfer some money.

It’s amazing what happens when you have your Yahoo Messenger details listed at Tagword, You can fall in love in an hour just to have some evil robots spoil it all.

[18:57] queentolode1: hello deraling
[18:59] c64glen: Hello there…
[18:59] queentolode1: am tolode
[18:59] c64glen: He tolode, how’d you find me
[19:00] queentolode1: AM FINE
[19:00] c64glen: Ah, You’re from Tagworld?
[19:00] queentolode1: yes
[19:02] queentolode1: i acn send picture now
[19:07] c64glen: Thanks I got it.
[19:07] c64glen: You sure are a pretty girl.
[19:08] queentolode1: so what you do in linving?
[19:09] c64glen: Please. I work in IT.
[19:09] queentolode1: ok
[19:09] queentolode1: so am tolode from benin west africa
[19:10] queentolode1: am working in benin bank
[19:10] c64glen: Benin? Cool.
[19:10] queentolode1: yes
[19:10] c64glen: I never known anyone from Benin before
[19:11] queentolode1: so you no me
[19:12] c64glen: yes, I do now 🙂
[19:12] queentolode1: so can i trust u
[19:12] c64glen: lol, Yes of course you can.
[19:12] c64glen: and I can trust you?
[19:13] queentolode1: yes
[19:13] c64glen: ok then 🙂
[19:14] queentolode1: dearling am going to transfer some money from my     bank to your countri
[19:14] c64glen: right?
[19:15] queentolode1: yes, if you want assist me so i can give you my assistant contact so that you can call him for the transfer
[19:18] queentolode1: so dearling i will like you to calll him so that he can  espln it for you verywell
[19:18] c64glen: cheers.
[19:18] queentolode1: bout after the transfer to your countri
[19:19] c64glen: yup?
[19:19] queentolode1: we can toll bout that, ok
[19:19] c64glen: toll?
[19:19] queentolode1: so can i have your contact
[19:20] c64glen: what contact?
[19:21] queentolode1: you phone number so that he can call u
[19:21] c64glen: k k, hang on.
[19:21] queentolode1: to espln it for u
[19:21] c64glen:  01642 248184, it’s a UK number (This number belongs to the police)
[19:22] queentolode1: thanks
[19:22] queentolode1: so dearling am going to gave him kow so that i can call you
[19:25] queentolode1: so dearling am going to see my director so that i can call u for the transfer
[19:25] queentolode1: love u and i trust u
[19:26] queentolode1: so dearling i love u
[19:27] c64glen: you love me?
[19:27] queentolode1: yes, don’t you love me?
[19:28] c64glen: wow, you work quickly. we’ve only just met. but you are real pretty.. I’d need to know more about you.
[19:28] c64glen: do you love Jizz?
[19:29] queentolode1: what jizz
[19:29] c64glen: You don’t love Jizz? 🙁
[19:30] c64glen: Tell me about yourself?
[19:31] queentolode1: am tolode from benin
[19:31] queentolode1: am30years old
[19:31] c64glen: ok, and what do you like in your Men?
[19:33] queentolode1: men are so bad
[19:33] c64glen: why are men bad? I’m not bad….
[19:34] c64glen: except for when I killed that woman
[19:34] queentolode1: no, couse i have get to usa before couse of one man
[19:35] c64glen: why?
[19:36] queentolode1: he was a bad man
[19:36] c64glen: what did he do. I will hurt him bad…
[19:37] c64glen: I hate bad men,  I just get really, really angry until I’m breaking things and my heart starts thumping like a bass drum.
[19:38] c64glen: Where have you gone my Queen?
[19:38] queentolode1: in tag world
[19:39] c64glen: You still love me, my queen?
[19:39] queentolode1: yes i do dearling
[19:40] c64glen: show me your love, my queen
[19:40] queentolode1: so dearling after the transfer i can come there with my director to see you .
[19:41] c64glen: wow, you would come all the way here to see me?
[19:41] c64glen: when will this be.. .
[19:41] c64glen: I am eager for you now..
[19:42] queentolode1: so no warry i wiill meet you one day
[19:42] c64glen: I must have you soon, my enemys are all around me.
[19:42] c64glen: Do you know my enemys?
[19:43] c64glen: they are evil robots, they tell me to do things, bad bad things…
[19:43] queentolode1: no wy
[19:43] c64glen: are they any robots in Benin?
[19:44] c64glen: queen? are you there, the robots haven’t got you have they?
[19:45] queentolode1: no, what robots?
[19:45] c64glen: the robots that speak to you at night
[19:46] queentolode1: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
[19:46] c64glen: you don’t have these robots there?
[19:46] queentolode1: NO AND U? HAVE U THERE?
[19:46] c64glen: Good, I must go to Benin. The Robot talk to me all the time.
[19:46] c64glen: They get me in bad trouble with the police..
[19:47] queentolode1: OHHHHHHHHHHHH WY IN THE POLICE?
[19:47] c64glen: yes, the tell me to do things, They tell me to look at naked women.
[19:48] queentolode1: wy that dearling
[19:48] c64glen: you aren’t naked are you??!?
[19:49] queentolode1: no
[19:49] c64glen: good, that would be bad.. Don’t go. I can here robots coming….
[19:50] c64glen: help me… the robot is coming
[19:50] queentolode1: ohhh
[19:50] c64glen: GREATINGS
[19:50] c64glen: I AM A ROBOT.
[19:51] c64glen: are you there queen, the robot was here but I think he has gone?
[19:51] queentolode1: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sweety love you buy

Scambaiter – Fun with bots – CAPS LOCK

Here’s another cross dressing bot, this time dannygarret was trying to convince me it was called Rebecca. I’ve got to hand it to this bot, it didn’t even get flustered with CAPS LOCK, CRUISE CONTROL FOR THE COOL.

14:51:07 dannygarrett – u there
14:51:57 c64glen – EAT ME YOU COMMIE
14:51:59 dannygarrett – hey, whats going on  
14:52:08 c64glen – FLAPS
14:52:14 dannygarrett – i got ur info from Rebecca, i hope u dont mind
14:52:39 c64glen – I DO MIND, REBECCA IS A WHORE
14:52:47 dannygarrett – I just moved here last week,and im looking to meet some new people
14:53:25 dannygarrett – she said you were cool,¯so u wanna meet up? grab a drink… have a lilil fun
14:54:47 c64glen – I AM NOT COOL, I AM AT ROOM TEMPERATURE. Also what is a ‘lilil?
 14:54:54 dannygarrett – i got my pix and info here <<Crappy URL>> check it out, shoot me a message if u think i’m cute
14:55:31 c64glen – How about I just shoot you?

Scambaiter – Fun with bots – I’m on Fire.

A big problem with the believability of these bots is that people will always find it difficult to believe a user with the ID rupertoneill64 is really called Alexis.  Also these bots refuse to help people when they are obviously in serious trouble.

Scambaiter – Fun with Bots – brb

As I discussed in the last Scambaiter Bot post, these Bots aren’t very convincing. This bot was exceptionally stupid, because in the first instant message it sent was so illogical it would convince even the most inexperienced user that it was a Bot.

Scambaiter – Fun with Bots – Marissa explains it all

Scams come in all shapes and sizes, but they are usually ridiculously poor. The latest type of scam is a series of rather pathetic bots which infest Yahoo Messenger. These bots pretend to be a sexy young lady who wants to meet you, just before giving the a link to some awful website. If you click the link your personal details are sent straight to a Cyber-cafe in Nigeria and your soul becomes propriety of scientology.

Scambaiter – Bimpe – The Return

Bimpe was a scammer I’d spoke to before, but said she didn’t love me anymore after a disagreement over an Elephant. This time she had some to forgotten all about that.

[17:38] bimpe: Hello hun
[17:39] bimpe: How u doing today?
[17:39] Glen: I am good, how are you.
[17:39] bimpe: Im doing great? Where u now?
[17:40] bimpe: im in west africa now doing some workand u?
[17:40] Glen: I am at home, I just my computer working again.
[17:40] Glen: I am in England

[17:40] bimpe: Okie cool. hun i could like u to come olver here in west africa cos im really stuck here
[17:41] Glen: You are stuck?
[17:41] bimpe: yes hun… really hard…that’s why i need u to come and get me out of here….cos i own the hotel manager some money which i can afford
[17:42] bimpe: so…im just really upset
[17:43] Glen: oh that is bad. Why do you owe the money?
[17:44] bimpe: I stay here with him and he seize my visa and travel document that’s why i could nt be back to nothingham
[17:44] bimpe: since last 7 month…
[17:44] bimpe: beside all the goods i want to sell cost about 4,900$ all the document of the Goods ‘re with him
[17:45] bimpe: and i dont have any money to pay him so i can get all the document back…he is just playing me …and i dont want that..
[17:45] Glen: oh that is very bad…
[17:45] Glen: you want me to come over and smash his face in..?

[17:47] bimpe: Wow….u understand what i mean hun
[17:47] bimpe: u so intelligent 
[17:47] bimpe: so how is work and england?
[17:47] Glen: All is good, I am doing all the stuff
[17:48] bimpe: hun can u call him so u can talk to him concerning the money i own him hun
[17:48] bimpe: cos i will be paying this bill next week tuesday okie the bill is about 570$ so it left to u okie
[17:48] Glen: I will not do much talking.
[17:48] Glen: I will hurt him good.

[17:49] bimpe: okie….hun can u email him?
[17:50] Glen: what do I tell him?
[17:50] bimpe: may be i shd give u his email address cos he will reply u soon as posible cos he is always with his laptop
[17:50] Glen: yes, that is good idea.
[17:50] bimpe: the payment
[17:50] Glen: I will pay him with many kicks to the lungs
[17:51] bimpe: sure?
[17:51] Glen: I will eat his arms off
[17:51] bimpe: sure
[17:51] bimpe: are u still single hun?
[17:52] Glen: I am very single
[17:52] bimpe: and how is work 
[17:52] Glen: I still think of you all the time.
[17:52] Glen: Perhaps you could send me your pic, I lost the last one

[17:53] bimpe: okie hun…
[17:53] bimpe: me too i think of u all the time
[17:53] bimpe: cos im always honey all day and night
[17:53] Glen: tell me more….
[17:54] bimpe: sure?
[17:54] Glen: yes, I want to hear more…
[17:55] bimpe: im here looking for fair, kind, decent and cheerful for the man which in the future it becomes possible my husband. I the nice cheerful and charming woman to whom has bothered to be one. I search for the one to whom I can present the tenderness and love. I the interesting and individual woman. I love sports, tourism and reading of interesting historical novels. 
[17:56] bimpe: I search for the one to whom I can present the tenderness and love. I am honest, loyal, faithful, trusting, kind, caring, loving and fun, with a compassionate and generous nature. Some time I have a wild adventurous side of me, I definitely have morals and integrity but some time its guide my behavior in some ways or another,im always single all my life looking for thr right and the honest man..
[17:56] bimpe: who will always take care of me….I don’t play games with a person heart or their feelings. I am very ambitious and intelligent, I also have a wonderful attitude about life. I have a wonderful sense of humor. 
[17:57] Glen: yes, that is all very good
[17:57] bimpe: I can easily adapt to most situations. I love to travel, explore new things, catch a movie, or read a book, I love listen to variety of music, I enjoy in sharing a meaningful, intimate conversation with my partner. I believe in communication, honest, trust and respect are very important in any relationship I’m involved in.
[17:57] Glen: so what are you like in bed?
[17:57] bimpe: and u re that man
[17:57] bimpe: just lonely
[17:57] bimpe: some times i do watch movies when im lonely
[17:57] bimpe: so i think u could have to talk to him weel
[17:58] Glen: what movies?
[17:59] bimpe: sex
[17:59] bimpe: u shd expect me to watch that when i dont see any man beside me
[17:59] bimpe: i wish im with u hun
[18:00] Glen: yes, what do you do when you watch movie?
[18:00] bimpe: just play with my self hun
[18:01] Glen: tell me more
[18:01] bimpe: hun i just cant hun i wanna be with u

I think she loves me again.

Scambaiter – talkmebabe – Talk to Me

talkmebabe (we could only assume they meant to pick the user name talktomebabe) is another person who randomly contacted me via Yahoo Messenger, but instead of wanting to give me their undying love I was going to be offered a brilliant part time job.

(12:51:30 PM) talkmebabe: Are U Intrested In a Part-time Job Offer 
(12:51:49 PM) c64glen: maybe, tell me more about it
(12:53:25 PM) talkmebabe: First off all  i will like to know your asl and Am 28/female / England, london, I work for  BenMarvic Textiles company Inc. in uk
(12:53:56 PM) c64glen: 32/m/North East, England
(12:56:51 PM) talkmebabe: Our main factory is located in Uk were we extract the raw materials need for the manufacturing of fabrics
(12:57:00 PM) c64glen: so what do I do?
(12:57:35 PM) talkmebabe: We manufacture duvets,pillows,bedlinen, covers, mink blankets, satin bedspread.
(1:00:20 PM) c64glen: aye, so what do I do?
(1:01:04 PM) talkmebabe: These are the main Products which we manufacture and supply to our customers to our customers out there in the states
(1:01:16 PM) talkmebabe: So we are looking for a representative in the states, someone who would help us recieve payments from our customers in the states.
(1:01:16 PM) c64glen: aye, so what do I do?
(1:01:35 PM) talkmebabe: My customers will pay in money for the products they bought to you through your EQUITY LINE OF CREDIT ACCOUNT. You will be receiving the payment through your Equity Line of Credit to maintain trust on both ends. With your line of credit, it will show that you received some funds and also that you don’t get away with the company fund.  
(1:01:55 PM) c64glen: boring, cut to the chase please
(1:03:33 PM) talkmebabe: After you receive the funds, you withdraw it and send the money to the Branch which will be provided to you. You will be getting 10% of any money transferred to you for working with the company. Efficiency and honesty is required in this business. 
(1:04:22 PM) c64glen: so how is that a part time job?
(1:04:38 PM) talkmebabe: Wht Do u mean  
(1:05:08 PM) talkmebabe: Man If U want to Work Then let get Start and Stop This Question 
(1:05:33 PM) c64glen: stop asking questions? 
(1:05:55 PM) talkmebabe: Wht u Ask Don Make Any Meaning 
(1:06:57 PM) c64glen: “Wht u Ask Don Make Any Meaning ” has no meaning. 
(1:07:20 PM) c64glen: If you are supposed to be English, try and learn the language. 
(1:07:44 PM) talkmebabe: ok
(1:08:04 PM) c64glen: so, how many people fall for this?

You really can’t stress that enough; if you are pretending to be English, don’t type like a Nigerian scammer.

Scambaiter – Joyce Kuzagbe – Thick as pigshit.

Joyce Kuzagbe was a random who just started talking to me via Yahoo Messenger one day. Unfortunately she wasn’t too bright.

(11:26:05 PM) joyce kuzagbe has buzzed you!
(11:26:07 PM) joyce kuzagbe: hello
(11:26:10 PM) mikehock20: Hi
(11:27:00 PM) joyce kuzagbe: who is this?
(11:27:33 PM) mikehock20: My name is Mike
(11:27:44 PM) mikehock20: Who are you?

(11:28:41 PM) joyce kuzagbe: u add me to ur yahoo messenger and i added u  as well
(11:29:07 PM) mikehock20: No, I don’t think so. I don’t have you in my list.
(11:29:24 PM) joyce kuzagbe: ok
(11:29:26 PM) joyce kuzagbe: where re u from?
(11:29:41 PM) mikehock20: I am from England
(11:29:44 PM) mikehock20: and you?

(11:30:16 PM) joyce kuzagbe: im from Ghana
(11:30:42 PM) mikehock20: Where is that? Is it in Iraq?
(11:31:15 PM) joyce kuzagbe: no
(11:31:39 PM) joyce kuzagbe: is in the westpart of Africa
(11:31:56 PM) mikehock20: Africa, right….
(11:32:00 PM) mikehock20: Which one is Africa?

(11:32:32 PM) joyce kuzagbe: Ghana is in africa
(11:33:15 PM) mikehock20: Yes, I got that part. Is Africa the one down the bottom, with the Penguins? 
(11:35:50 PM) joyce kuzagbe: yes it is
(11:36:04 PM) mikehock20: excellent, so you must be really cold.
(11:36:26 PM) joyce kuzagbe: not really
(11:36:33 PM) joyce kuzagbe: can i see ur pic?
(11:36:47 PM) joyce kuzagbe: just to know who im talking to
(11:37:40 PM) mikehock20: yes, hang on, I get it
(11:38:00 PM) joyce kuzagbe: ok
(11:38:38 PM) mikehock20: do you have a pic?
(11:38:49 PM) joyce kuzagbe: oh yes
(11:42:53 PM) joyce kuzagbe: my link is kind of slow
(11:43:00 PM) joyce kuzagbe: so pls send it to me now
(11:47:58 PM) mikehock20: I’ve sent
(11:48:04 PM) mikehock20: please send some to me too

(11:48:16 PM) joyce kuzagbe: let me check now
(11:48:46 PM) joyce kuzagbe: yet still urs is not in
(11:51:37 PM) mikehock20: I’ve sent it
(11:51:43 PM) mikehock20: Do you know how to work computer?

(11:52:19 PM) joyce kuzagbe: not really
(11:52:33 PM) mikehock20: great! this should be fun
(11:52:48 PM) mikehock20: I’ve sent the email, if you wait it will come
(11:52:55 PM) mikehock20: send me your pics while you wait

(11:57:20 PM) joyce kuzagbe: re u there?
(11:57:35 PM) mikehock20: yes
(11:57:37 PM) mikehock20: I was talking

(11:57:42 PM) joyce kuzagbe has buzzed you!
(11:57:43 PM) mikehock20: you weren’t answering
(11:57:56 PM) mikehock20: please try and read before you buzz 

(11:58:45 PM) joyce kuzagbe has buzzed you!
(11:58:59 PM) mikehock20: oh Jesus! are you awake
(11:59:09 PM) mikehock20: Stop buzzing me when I’m talking to you.
(11:59:58 PM) mikehock20: Right I’ve got your email

(12:00:03 AM) mikehock20: have you got mine?
(12:02:31 AM) mikehock20: Earth to Joyce

Perhaps my picture turned them off.

This is the picture I received;

and this is picture I sent;

Scambaiter – Fun with Bots – Don’t remember?

I’ve just found this Conversation with fredricwagner32 in my archives. This is my first encounter with one of these bots, and it has all the classic hallmarks; Male ID but a female name and an urge to plug some awful dating site.

(1:42:48 PM) fredricwagner32: Yo u there?
(2:26:18 PM) c64glen: Yup
(2:26:19 PM) fredricwagner32: Hey there c64glen 
(2:26:24 PM) c64glen: hi
(2:26:25 PM) fredricwagner32: U remember me? i think we went to high school together 
(2:26:30 PM) c64glen: of course
(2:26:31 PM) fredricwagner32: it’s me Julia! 
(2:26:36 PM) c64glen: hi julia, where you the fat one?
(2:26:38 PM) fredricwagner32: need a hint? <crappy url> i have a profile on this singles site 
(2:26:53 PM) c64glen: Is that a new site?
(2:26:54 PM) fredricwagner32: dont remember? Check out my pic on this adult singles site <crappy url>
(2:27:04 PM) c64glen: I’ve not heard of <crappy url> before, is it good?
(2:27:08 PM) fredricwagner32: dont remember? Check out my pic on this adult singles site <crappy url>
(2:27:44 PM) c64glen: Ah, you seem to be a bot, if you are bot say the same thing again
(2:27:45 PM) fredricwagner32: U dont remember? Check out my pic on this adult singles site <crappy url>
(2:27:48 PM) c64glen: if you like Donkey’s Dicks say the same thing again
(2:27:49 PM) fredricwagner32: need a hint? <crappy url>  i have a profile on thisxfrsbsingles site lmqqn
(2:27:53 PM) c64glen: hehehehe

Scambaiter – fiona2f2 – Awesomio

Fiona2f2 claimed to be a lady called Fiona Kane, who I chatted to a number of times. Most of those chats consisted of her demanding that I answer he two seconds after she finished typing and her generally being stupid (boring stupid, and not the good stupid which is funny stupid). So I’ve summarised the best of Fiona2f2 below;

[01:10] fiona2f2: ding
[01:11] c64glen: Hi!
[01:17] fiona2f2: i dont know much abut u my dear
[01:18] c64glen: my name is Glen, I am teacher, from UK, I am 27
[01:20] fiona2f2: are u single man
[01:20] fiona2f2: my dear
[01:20] c64glen: Yes, I’m looking for a sexy lady
[01:20] fiona2f2: really
[01:20] c64glen: yes
[01:20] fiona2f2: but ur profile says u are not single man my dear
[01:21] c64glen: I have need to change it, it is old
[01:21] c64glen: am a window

[01:21] fiona2f2: really, sorry, sorry to hear that my dear
[01:22] c64glen: yes, thanks you. It make me sad
[01:22] c64glen: but I get lonely now

[01:22] fiona2f2: i need my soul mate and i hope u will like me
[01:22] fiona2f2: and will be urs
[01:22] c64glen: sounds good to me
[01:23] fiona2f2: really, thanx u my dear
[17:52] fiona2f2: dont u want to chat with me my dear
[17:53] c64glen: yes, but my computer buttons are slow
[17:53] c64glen: think they where made in Taiwan or something

[17:53] fiona2f2: ok, honey tell me more about ur self my dear
[18:17] c64glen: what do you want to know
[18:17] fiona2f2: what u like and what u dont like
[18:18] c64glen: I like lots of things
[18:18] fiona2f2: and what u dont like
[18:18] c64glen: I like money, beer, girls, death, comics, computers, cats, rape, horses, theft, donkeys 
[18:19] fiona2f2: really 
[18:18] c64glen: and I dislike people who steal, people who lie, men pretending to be women, that sort of thing

[18:19] fiona2f2: i see
[18:20] c64glen: yes, but I like most people so it’s ok
[18:20] fiona2f2: where are ur parents
[18:20] c64glen: they died
[18:20] fiona2f2: sorry my dear
[18:21] c64glen: it’s ok. they wouldn’t do as they where told
[18:21] fiona2f2: i see
[18:22] fiona2f2: honey why dont u ask me anything?
[18:22] c64glen: I want you to ask first
[18:23] fiona2f2: u re the man u have to ask ok my dear
[18:23] c64glen: ok, full name, age, location, sex, gender, age, height, weight, measurements please
[18:24] fiona2f2: ok, fiona kane from usa but living in ghana 30 years single height is 6. 7 weight is 55kg
[18:25] fiona2f2: and u if i may ask
[18:27] c64glen: what sorry?
[18:27] fiona2f2: sorry for what
[18:27] c64glen: what does “and u if i may ask ” mean?
[18:28] fiona2f2: ok
[18:28] c64glen: ok, what?
[18:28] fiona2f2: and u if i may ask
[18:30] c64glen: oh.
[18:30] c64glen: my name is Glen, I am teacher, from UK, I am 27
[18:30] fiona2f2: ok
[18:31] c64glen: I am 7.6 weight is 56PbM
[18:31] fiona2f2: ok
[18:31] fiona2f2: go on
[18:32] c64glen: Am Singled, look for right laddie
[18:32] fiona2f2: can i ask u one thing?
[18:32] c64glen: you can ask anything
[18:33] fiona2f2: am i the right one ?
[18:33] c64glen: maybe
[18:33] c64glen: you could be
[18:33] fiona2f2: ok
[18:33] c64glen: are you a proper laddie that will treat me good?
[18:34] fiona2f2: yes i will really treat u good my dear
[18:34] c64glen: excellent, tell me how you treat your man
[18:35] fiona2f2: i will really treat u like baby ok
[18:35] c64glen: cool, can i wear a nappie?
[18:35] fiona2f2: honey u can if u want to waer
[18:36] c64glen: awesomio
[18:36] c64glen: you would feed me like a baby yes?
[18:36] fiona2f2: yes
[18:36] fiona2f2: awesomio
[18:36] fiona2f2: what is that my dear
[18:37] fiona2f2: awesomio this my dear?
[18:37] c64glen: awesomio, means “good”
[18:37] fiona2f2: language my dear ?
[18:38] c64glen: English
[18:38] fiona2f2: ok
[18:38] c64glen: all the kids are saying it. That and “twat” which means “how are you doing”
[18:38] fiona2f2: ok
[18:39] fiona2f2: where are u now my dear
[18:39] c64glen: I’m at my lovely hovel
[18:40] fiona2f2: i see … honey i cant wait to see u in uk my dear
[18:41] fiona2f2: i have to go now
[18:41] c64glen: ok, speak to you again soon
[18:41] fiona2f2: ok
[18:41] fiona2f2: byeeeeeeeee

Scambaiter – Lola Benson – I am Born and raised In Texas

I came accross Lola Benson on Face-Pic (it says a lot for Face-Pic that her profile is still on there six month later) after she sent me the following message 

Hello how are u doing today i am so happyu to hear from u well i will like to talk to u through yahoo IM on

So we got chatting;

(10:41:31 PM) abuchi_lol1: Hello hun how are u doing today i am Online 
(10:41:45 PM) mikehock20: Hi
(10:42:57 PM) abuchi_lol1: I am Born and raised In Texas Dallas Sherman ……I am the only Child of my parent and I already lost my parent when I was Young. I have been taking care of myself…I have been engaged before and I was hurt by my Ex-boyfriend…I caught him in the shower with my best friend. I have been since for over 4years now without any man…… believe that I have everything that any man could want from a woman, I know that but am not saying that am the best woman on earth, but I still believe in me, and in God almighty father, I believe that one day my soul mate and dream man will surely come for me. I’m open, sensual, kind, gentle, romantic… a different lady, I’m a very family oriented, sensitive and tender person, I want to give all of my tenderness and care to my special man
(10:43:13 PM) abuchi_lol1: so tell me a Little about your self
(10:43:43 PM) mikehock20: I am Mike, from LA. I’m 27 single with no kids
(10:43:48 PM) mikehock20: What else do you need to know
(10:45:50 PM) abuchi_lol1: what do u do for a Living 
(10:45:56 PM) mikehock20: I’m a actor
(10:46:08 PM) abuchi_lol1: Ohh that is nice
(10:51:25 PM) abuchi_lol1: well i am Looking for a man that will show me Love
(10:53:38 PM) mikehock20: So how is your life in Texas?
(10:55:02 PM) abuchi_lol1: well i am Not in Texas right now i am In a Country Named Nigeria i am here with my mom the reason why i am here Is Because when my dad Died His family was Treating mom and i bad and then mom now decided to come back Home
(10:55:52 PM) mikehock20: ah, you’re in Nigeria? Isn’t that a back wards African country?
(10:57:44 PM) mikehock20: wow, living there must be horrible?
(11:01:06 PM) mikehock20: you still there?
(11:01:29 PM) mikehock20: I have to go now, I’ll speak to you again soon. 

I must have insulted it’s national pride, because it we didn’t chat for months after that. Then one day, it got back in contact.


(8:39:47 PM) abuchi_lol1: hello there am on line 
(8:39:54 PM) mikehock20: hey
(8:40:34 PM) abuchi_lol1: am ok an u
(8:40:50 PM) mikehock20: Yes, and am very good, how are you doing
(8:41:21 PM) abuchi_lol1: am ok 
(8:41:56 PM) mikehock20: good to hear
(8:41:58 PM) abuchi_lol1: so how are u doing and how is work 
(8:42:31 PM) mikehock20: work is ok, now strike is over
(8:42:37 PM) abuchi_lol1: yes am happy to meet u on line 
(8:42:46 PM) mikehock20: yes, I bet you are
(8:43:02 PM) abuchi_lol1: thanks that means i will chat with u all the time 
(8:43:14 PM) mikehock20: that is good news
(8:44:18 PM) abuchi_lol1: so tell me what are u up too 
(8:44:36 PM) mikehock20: I am just on the internet listening to slayradio
(8:45:12 PM) abuchi_lol1: ok, tell me do u mist me on line
(8:45:43 PM) mikehock20: yes, I always mist you online. this makes me sad
(8:46:28 PM) abuchi_lol1: ohhh am so sorry that is why i am hear to make u happy
(8:46:52 PM) mikehock20: excellent, so what are you up to…?
(8:48:29 PM) abuchi_lol1: nothing im  just here thinkink of u an i been to gethere
(8:49:38 PM) mikehock20: what?
(8:50:19 PM) abuchi_lol1: i mean i am here thinking of u
(8:51:33 PM) mikehock20: ah, oh. nothing better to think off. You like slayradio?
(8:52:08 PM) abuchi_lol1: yes
(8:53:39 PM) mikehock20: excellent, not many birds are into 8bit music
(8:54:11 PM) abuchi_lol1: yes
(8:54:30 PM) mikehock20: I’m listening to Boz’s bit of Bollocks now, are you?
(8:55:00 PM) abuchi_lol1: nop
(8:55:06 PM) mikehock20: oh, why not?
(8:55:27 PM) abuchi_lol1: is like u love music alot
(8:55:47 PM) mikehock20: yes, It is, isn’t it
(8:56:42 PM) abuchi_lol1: yes
(8:57:20 PM) mikehock20: I’m glad we agree. So where you a spectrum or C64 owner?
(8:58:08 PM) abuchi_lol1: i don;t understand 
(8:58:28 PM) mikehock20: ah right, a Atari owner then. never mind…
(8:59:31 PM) abuchi_lol1: ok
(8:59:43 PM) mikehock20: So tell me how class I am then…
(9:02:26 PM) abuchi_lol1: u mean a lot to me 
(9:02:37 PM) mikehock20: of course I do, and…
(9:03:47 PM) abuchi_lol1: u are the onlly man that i will ever think of 
(9:04:24 PM) mikehock20: goodo, did you send me any pics?
(9:04:46 PM) abuchi_lol1: nop i will send it to u ok
(9:05:13 PM) mikehock20: try and find some nudes, ok
(9:05:28 PM) abuchi_lol1: ok i will send it to u 
(9:05:35 PM) mikehock20: excellent
(9:06:17 PM) abuchi_lol1: thanks

The following pictures arrived, surprisingly the exactly match the original picture from the Face-Pic profile.



(9:15:58 PM) mikehock20: I got your pics
(9:16:18 PM) mikehock20: went in spam folder for some strange reason? Can you believe it Yahoo are crazy
(9:16:29 PM) mikehock20: but there are no nudes, why not?

(9:16:44 PM) abuchi_lol1: did u get that 
(9:18:33 PM) mikehock20: I got some pics
(9:18:38 PM) mikehock20: but I want pics with no clothes on
(9:19:06 PM) abuchi_lol1: why that wii be when i get to u 
(9:19:22 PM) mikehock20: You gonna get me a Wii?
(9:22:03 PM) mikehock20: I would rather have naked pics, so i could see what I was getting

(9:23:08 PM) abuchi_lol1: i don;t have a naked pics 
(9:23:28 PM) mikehock20: boring, ok. what can you do for me then?
(9:23:39 PM) abuchi_lol1: as ssoon as i get to u i will show u every thing u want to see
(9:23:57 PM) mikehock20: this I like, TELL ME MORE
(9:23:58 PM) abuchi_lol1: do u have cam
(9:24:05 PM) abuchi_lol1: ok
(9:24:31 PM) mikehock20: away then, MOAR
(9:34:04 PM) abuchi_lol1: are u there talk to me 
(9:35:38 PM) mikehock20: I’m waiting for you
(9:35:46 PM) mikehock20: See where I say more?
(9:35:58 PM) mikehock20: that means more; as in, tell me more
(9:36:25 PM) abuchi_lol1: ok
(9:36:45 PM) abuchi_lol1: i told u that i don;t have a neked pics
(9:37:04 PM) mikehock20: jesus,  no tell me more what you gonna do when you get to me
(9:38:05 PM) abuchi_lol1: i will show u that i love u so much 
(9:38:29 PM) abuchi_lol1: and i will show u what i have for u 
(9:38:37 PM) mikehock20: and…
(9:39:08 PM) abuchi_lol1: i will talk to u later
(9:39:33 PM) mikehock20: what? what? what?

…And with that it was gone. I don’t know, It’s was almost like I was asking a man, who was pretending to be a women, to discribe performing sexual acts on another man.

Scambaiter – Final Asking Price

Hello we are back again with another Scambaiter. This one is just a quickie, and involved a Gentleman called Peter Smith replying to advertisment for a room for rent 

Hi, I am highly interested in making payment for the room you advertised for rent. I want to make the payment on behalf of my Daughter who intends to be at your location to further her education,I am currently in the Dubai (UAE). so I would like you to let me know how much you will be charging per month.Therefore try to get back to me as soon as you can and also I hope the environment is a quite condusive and peaceful place for her to concentrate and further her education, and note that the price will be moderate and affordable.I look forward to receiving your response as soon as possible with the FINAL ASKING PRICE.

I’m sure an offer of the FINAL ASKING PRICE would be enough for most people, but it’s ObscureInternet you are dealing with here Peter.

If you let my friends all gangfuck her you can have it for free.

Strangely Peter didn’t reply again, he must not have liked the offer.

Scambaiter – Miranda’s profound dump

Hello all, it’s been a long while since we had a good Scambaiter. So here we go again, this time with someone calling themselves ‘Miranda Lawrence’ who wants to buy a car.

Good Evening,
Thanks for your quick response and am also excited to hear from you the car is still available for sale and thanks for the information you just gave about the car and am quite delighted to hear from you the car is still in great conditions .

I just want you to know that I’m buying the CAR on behalf of my husband as our family are expanding because we are expecting our tripplet babies soon as our first children since we got married for the past 5 years because my pregnancy is due i could deliver the babies at any time from now.
I’m glad that i will soon become a mother.

Really my self and my husband owed only one CAR at present now that we would be having our tripplet as our first children our only one CAR would Not contain us any more that was myself and my husband decided to get one additional CAR.
Without taking much time i should be arranging for the payment and shipping process right away hopefully before this week runs down.

Please i want you to email me more pictures if is still available both the exterior and interior i would really appreciate that soo much.
Really i would ‘ve come for the viewing of the CAR due to my conditions now am heavily pregnant ‘cos the doctor told me that i should not stress my self any more as a woman that is carrying a tripplet in her this case i would not be able to come for the viewing.

You should understand my predicament,but according to what you had already explain to me in your previous email i’m fully satisfied with all the conditions of the CAR.

I will offer you £5,100 inclusive the advert fees just because i know the worth of the car and more so what you’ ve stated about the car details in the advert and in additional including the advert charges you’ve spent soo far .
Presently we are in Guernsey in channel islands in United Kingdom.

Mind you that i never requested for your bank details all i needed from you is the details below where by the payment would be send to you by post office.Never give out your bank details to anybody over the internet is too risky.
All i needed from you is the FULL NAME that would be on the bankers draught, and your PHYSICAL ADDRESS that the payment would be send to by post office

My self and my husband will take care of the shippment we had already consult a private shipping company who’s going to handle it professionally for us both the shipping cost and other necessary activities concerning the shipment of the CAR.
Apart from the car being shipped at your location there is other consignments the shipping company needs to ship for me some state in uk but have made it clear to him your location will be his first arrival before moving to any other destination .

However,as for the payment am paying you a united kingdom bankers draught in (GBP) POUNDS that’s the only option and safest way for me to transfer CASH ,which am going to instruct my business associate to send you a bankers draft via royal mail.

The bankers draft would CLEARED in any bank in united kingdom my bank advised and it will take maximum of 3 to 4 working days to FULLY CLEARED INTO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT, and once you’ve confirm the payment clearance and the money is finally available in your bank account the car should be hand over to the shippingagent and papers document as well once they arrive your location.

Thanks soo much and i really appreciate your efforts for taking your time to response to my inquiry.Hopefully to hear back from you today in order to proceed further with the payment and shipping arrangements as soon as possible. I look forward to hear back from you today.
Mrs Miranda Lawrence

Wow, Miranda is offering more than the asking price, there is nothing suspious about that at all. No, sir.

Hey wow, you want to pay me MORE than I am asking for the car is worth is what you are offering MORE than the car is worth at £5300? That is a very good deal.

I am very pleased to hear about your womb. 3 babys is really a joy I wish you very much happiness. Yes, my car would be perfect for you as the back seats are very small, just like a baby.

Yes because as you can see that the car is yes in fine, fine condition, really fine and worth more than the £4900 I am asking, £5300 is a very fine price and thankyou.

Yes you will defintitely hear back from me today, please tell me how I can get the money into my bank account, do you need some details from me?

Thankyou very much, if you confirm that this is all ok and lovely then I will stop selling the car as I will consider it to be SOLD to you fine and thanks to you.

I am very happy to hear you will soon be a mother and to have three, well that is really something but be careful because Guernsey is near Jersey and you know what they do to children in Jersey. They molest them, so be careful not to let your baby get molested.

Thankyou and good morning i hope to hear from you today with your £5300 thankyou.


Would Miranda brave the child molesters of Jersey (which is near Guernsey) to pursue the purchase of a car with baby sides back seats? Of course she would, she’s soo excited about it.

Good Morning,

Thanks for your response and i really appreciate that from you soo much and am soo excited that you’ve made up your mind to sell the car to me and As for the price which is pretty good for the lovely CAR.

And as for the registration of the CAR i shall provide you all the new OWNER details as soon i have your details to enable the payment to gets to you on time.’cos according to the law here in uk all the DVLA document must be done before you could hand over the CAR to me.<

I really assure you that my husband would ring you as soon as we have all the details below because my husband travelled to California in Unites State of America and he would NOT be back till the end of this week, i would ‘ve call you mysef but sadly i’m profound dump, i could only read and write please just bear with me.

And also the shipping company would sign all the necessary document that needs to be sign on my behalf before the CAR leaves your possession.
Assumed that the CAR has been sold to me cos the payment will be made to you first thing tomorrow morning.

and i really want you to count on me that you shall receive the payment within 72HRS from tomorrow as soon as i have all the details below.

As i have said in my previous i will take care of the shipping cost myself which have already consult a private shipping company who is going to handle the shipping process professionally for me .

Now i want you to get me right on the payment and shipping status which have arrange with the shipping company;

Firstly am going to pay you an amount which is going to cover your asking for the car and the shipping cost as well as you already knew am responsible for the shipping bill.

Sameday your bank as confirm the payment cleared you deduct your asking price first and the balance left you withdraw that in cash in hand after you must deducted your asking price for the car £5,300 out of the total amount deposited.The funds left you take it to any nearby local western union agency arround you send it to my shippingagent.I shall provide you my shippingagent details where you are to transfer the cash balance immediately the payment get to you.

So right now am going to instruct my business associate to send you a bankers draft issue by united kingdom bank base in total sum of £9,600 in your name and it’s going to be post to you via postal mail which have all ready cover your asking price for the car and the shipping expenses as well.

As soon as you receive the bankers draft all you needed to do make the deposit into your bank account and when it CLEARED FULLY which will take few days to cleared fully into your bank account my bank advised .

Mind you am 100% agree with you THE PAYMENT MUST FULLY CONFIRM CLEARED IN YOUR ACCOUNT FROM YOUR BANK as i’ve said earlier on that before i can take full possession of the car which i belief you have no problem regarding to that and my shippingagent will sign the DVLA papers and all other necessary documents related to this car upon is arrival to your location on my behalf he has all the full details with him for the DVLA and moreso,regarding the Vehicle Registration Document i shall prepare that myself .

I ‘ll giving you £300 for your efforts and western union charges out of the shippingagent money.

I want you to understand immediatly my shippingagent claim the balance from you same day the bankers draft clears is going to make use of the funds left to come down to your location for the pick up arrangements and to settle some shipping bills such as bill of lading,insurance and custom charges etc during the process of shipping and his coming down alongside with a mechanic who’s going to assist the shipper to drive the car to a nearby sea port because my shippingagent is not perfect in driving.

So right now i want you to provide me where the payment will be address to such as :
I’ll need your data for the BANKERS DRAFT, viz;
Pls mail me today to let me know the CAR is SOLD to me

Thanks for selling to me.


Mrs Miranda Lawrence

If your husband travelled to California in Unites State of America you would be profound dump too.

Hi Miranda, I am very sorry to hear about your profound dump, but either way I would be happy if you called me Bill, not Myself. Thanks!

Yes that is right all of the document must be done before I can put the car on your boat so please send me a photo of yourself so I can place that on the form. Usually I would do this in person but if you are on the dump then it is difficult to make the photo hide that, I am very sory about this but once you have sent me the photo we can sort that out. 28/m/NI, btw.

I am concerned about one thing, the car was being advertised for £4900. You then said that you would pay me £5700 for the car. And now you are only offering me £9600, I am worried where this money is going, but I trust that you will get this sorted out before I take the car to the boat.

Before we go on, I am happy to give you my details. I am on 0xxxx xxxxxx. (I almost forgot the blank out the number)

I look forward to greeting your mechanic, but please, will this be a girl mechanic? I am happier in my car with girls, I think you know why 😉

It looks like Bill succesfully managed to freak out a Miranda with his girl ‘mechanic’ talk, because she didn’t write back.

Scambaiter – I want to be your representative, Harry!

Harry Jones was a good guy from China who wanted me to represent his business in England, how could I turn down an offer like that?

(21:03:35) harryjones_7: hello
(21:03:46) harryjones_7: i know u are there
(21:03:57) c64glen: I know I am here
(21:03:57) harryjones_7: we need to talk now
(21:05:00) c64glen: now?
(21:05:07) c64glen: sounds urgent
(21:05:22) harryjones_7: so when can we talk now
(21:05:34) c64glen: when can we talk now
(21:05:35) c64glen: yes
(21:06:03) harryjones_7: so we can talk now
(21:06:15) c64glen: I am talking now
(21:06:27) harryjones_7: good
(21:06:35) c64glen: yes, it is
(21:06:40) harryjones_7: i will like to send u the full details
(21:06:51) c64glen: ok, send away
(21:07:39) harryjones_7: ok, hold on why i send it now
(21:07:57) c64glen: why not
(21:08:20) harryjones_7: where are u from?
(21:08:29) c64glen: England
(21:08:41) harryjones_7: good, so i will be so happy if you will be our representative in england
(21:09:29) c64glen: really, how happy?
(21:10:28) harryjones_7: cos our company realy need a representative in england very urgent
(21:10:51) c64glen: right, ok. that sounds good
(21:11:14) harryjones_7: just hold on why i send the details now
(21:12:13) harryjones_7: are u there?
(21:12:19) c64glen: hang on
(21:12:24) c64glen: I’m just checking my email
(21:12:27) harryjones_7: have u recive it?
(21:12:33) c64glen: hang on
(21:13:04) harryjones_7: kindly go through it very slow so u could understand very good
(21:14:39) c64glen: ok, ok
(21:14:42) c64glen: I got it
(21:14:56) c64glen: so you is called “SUCCEED_TEXINDEX” ?
(21:15:35) harryjones_7: yes
(21:15:44) c64glen: what does that mean?
(21:16:02) harryjones_7: that is the name of the company
(21:16:27) c64glen: ok, it’s a strange name with an underscore and all
(21:16:41) c64glen: So, it’s a china company?
(21:16:50) harryjones_7: u mean the subject
(21:17:21) c64glen: So, it’s a china company?
(21:17:50) harryjones_7: yes, you can see it in the details and web site
(21:18:05) c64glen: but I thought you where from Darkest Africa
(21:19:06) harryjones_7: know
(21:19:11) harryjones_7: how?
(21:19:34) c64glen: because you said you were, didn’t you?
(21:20:03) harryjones_7: know
(21:20:07) harryjones_7: when?
(21:20:17) c64glen: what is ‘know’ ?
(21:20:28) harryjones_7: i mean no
(21:20:37) c64glen: say no then, it’s confusing
(21:20:44) c64glen: So you are from China?
(21:21:12) harryjones_7: yes
(21:21:32) harryjones_7: any problem
(21:21:35) c64glen: Cool. So you speak Chinese and everything?
(21:21:50) harryjones_7: yes
(21:21:53) c64glen: Eat Chinese Food?
(21:22:03) harryjones_7: with good english
(21:22:22) c64glen: You eat the English?!?!
(21:22:25) harryjones_7: have u gone through the details?
(21:22:34) c64glen: I’m going through them now
(21:22:40) harryjones_7: ok
(21:22:44) c64glen: So do you know Kung-Fu?
(21:22:45) harryjones_7: are married?
(21:22:57) harryjones_7: are u marriend?
(21:23:10) c64glen: Why, Harry? Are you going gay on me?
(21:23:13) harryjones_7: sorry pls i mean married
(21:23:24) harryjones_7: no
(21:23:27) harryjones_7: why that
(21:23:32) harryjones_7: am just asking
(21:23:38) c64glen: Because, you know that might not be a bad thing, you know
(21:23:42) c64glen: I’m just saying
(21:23:48) c64glen: So the Kung-Fu?
(21:24:06) harryjones_7: yes
(21:24:13) c64glen: You kick asses?
(21:24:44) harryjones_7: so do u like kung fu?
(21:25:23) c64glen: I like Bruce Lee, I think he could shit out Chuck Norris for Breakfast and then eat Vin Diesel in some sort of low fat brunch
(21:25:50) harryjones_7: realy
(21:26:20) c64glen: yes, very much so. He is the strongest of all the fighters, even Stronger than Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Worrier
(21:26:38) harryjones_7: yes
(21:26:49) c64glen: Hang on, I’ve got to take a shit
(21:26:56) harryjones_7: let talk about business pls
(21:29:46) harryjones_7 just sent you a Buzz!
(21:37:53) c64glen: right I’m back
(21:38:01) harryjones_7: ok
(21:38:20) harryjones_7: so i belive you have gone through the details
(21:38:43) c64glen: I was looking at the picture
(21:39:06) c64glen: is that the factory?
(21:39:37) harryjones_7: i will like you to fill the information needed so that i could forward it to the board of directors and get back to you
(21:39:50) harryjones_7: yes that is the factory
(21:39:53) c64glen: away, harry. I’m asking the questions here.
(21:40:01) c64glen: Stop hurrying me
(21:40:07) c64glen: I want to get all this right, ok?
(21:40:08) harryjones_7: no problem
(21:40:26) c64glen: So you have lots of machines, but no people working them?
(21:40:34) c64glen: Are your machines mindless robots?
(21:40:42) harryjones_7: no
(21:40:46) harryjones_7: you are funn
(21:41:00) c64glen: This is very serious, Is there a possibility these machines could become evil?
(21:41:06) harryjones_7: that is just a pic of the factory
(21:41:31) c64glen: I have seen many things on the television about machines becoming evil and I think I would worry about that if I was a representative
(21:41:38) harryjones_7: i love some one like u so mucvh cos u ask a lovely question
(21:41:56) c64glen: thank you harry. I love you too
(21:41:58) c64glen: so moving on
(21:42:18) c64glen: “We make lots of supplies to some of our clients”
(21:42:28) c64glen: What supplies do you make?
(21:42:32) harryjones_7: i dont know what to say again cos a just laughhing over here
(21:42:46) harryjones_7: carpet rugs for now
(21:43:03) c64glen: I asure you I am not laughing this is very serious business for me
(21:43:17) c64glen: so Carpets, that is good.
(21:43:44) c64glen: Also, I note “Pls note you dont have to be a book keeper to apply for the job.”
(21:44:11) c64glen: I own some books will this be a problem?

Harry stopped talking to me after this, which is shame because it looked a like a really profitable business endeavour.

Scambaiter – I still did not kill my wife, lrn_fish!

lrn_fish was one the scamming jerks that had added me to yahoo messenger a while ago but until stop talking to me after I kinda said I may have killed my wife.

(5:55:47 PM) lrn_fish: hi
(5:55:55 PM) c64glen: harrlo
(5:56:29 PM) lrn_fish: wassup
(5:56:33 PM) lrn_fish: how have u ben
(5:56:44 PM) c64glen: I have been, and how have you?
(5:56:47 PM) lrn_fish: each time i come around u are always idle
(5:56:59 PM) c64glen: because I’m not always at my computer
(5:57:11 PM) lrn_fish: have been too
(5:57:23 PM) c64glen: that is great
(5:57:36 PM) lrn_fish: well
(5:57:43 PM) lrn_fish: no workin today?>
(5:57:51 PM) c64glen: not much no
(5:58:19 PM) lrn_fish: hope nothing much?
(5:58:42 PM) c64glen: I hope for that too
(5:58:59 PM) lrn_fish: hows ur gf
(5:59:17 PM) c64glen: ur gf? what is that?
(5:59:27 PM) lrn_fish: girl friend
(5:59:57 PM) lrn_fish: u told me u had 1 the last time
(6:00:19 PM) c64glen: erm, no
(6:00:21 PM) c64glen: I didn’t
(6:00:28 PM) c64glen: I had a girl friend
(6:00:31 PM) c64glen: but she died
(6:00:44 PM) lrn_fish: oh am sorry
(6:00:56 PM) c64glen: I may have sodomised her corpse, but she is dead
(6:01:51 PM) lrn_fish: i am in a dilenma
(6:02:11 PM) c64glen: what’s a dilenma?
(6:02:24 PM) c64glen: Is that a dirty disease?
(6:02:35 PM) lrn_fish: no
(6:02:19 PM) lrn_fish: i really need some help from a friend
(6:02:29 PM) lrn_fish: am in a tight corner right now
(6:02:51 PM) c64glen: are you stuck in the corner? is that where the computer is?
(6:03:13 PM) lrn_fish: its a situation where u have two unfavorable options at ur reach,
(6:03:24 PM) lrn_fish: where are u now?
(6:03:33 PM) lrn_fish: are u in the states
(6:03:37 PM) c64glen: at my computer
(6:03:41 PM) c64glen: which is in the corner
(6:03:47 PM) c64glen: but I’m not stuck in the corner
(6:03:51 PM) c64glen: or at the computer
(6:03:59 PM) c64glen: no matter what people say
(6:04:12 PM) lrn_fish: i dont mean corner literally, i mean it literary
(6:04:23 PM) lrn_fish: are u a numbskull?
(6:04:33 PM) lrn_fish: or a schmuck
(6:04:38 PM) lrn_fish: or a schnook
(6:04:47 PM) lrn_fish: or a nimcompoo?
(6:04:57 PM) lrn_fish: did u go to school at all?
(6:05:00 PM) c64glen: I choose nimcompoo
(6:05:04 PM) lrn_fish: are u a kid?
(6:05:07 PM) c64glen: nimcompoo, sound cool
(6:05:09 PM) lrn_fish: good
(6:05:23 PM) lrn_fish: i gat to go
(6:05:28 PM) lrn_fish: talk to u soon
(6:05:47 PM) c64glen: ok, but i herd u liek mudkip.
(6:05:50 PM) lrn_fish: i hope u are at ur computer next time alright , so take care nimcompoo
(6:06:02 PM) lrn_fish: later
(6:06:05 PM) c64glen: ta-ta
(6:06:15 PM) lrn_fish: cha -cha

Mr Fish seems to be getting quite brave, insulting his betters. Just wait until I speak to him again.

Scambaiter – I did not kill my wife, lrn_fish!

lrn_fish was one the scamming jerks that had added me to yahoo messenger a while ago but until this point had never contacted me.

[13:37] lrn_fish: hi
[13:38] lrn_fish: Buzz!!
[13:38] c64glen: Hey
[13:38] lrn_fish: are u there
[13:38] lrn_fish: hi
[13:38] lrn_fish: how have u been
[13:38] c64glen: I am good
[13:39] c64glen: and you
[13:39] lrn_fish: not bad
[13:39] lrn_fish: hows ur g friend
[13:40] c64glen: my g friend?
[13:40] lrn_fish: yea how is she
[13:41] lrn_fish: or u mean to tell me she doesnt exist
[13:41] c64glen: No, she is dead
[13:41] lrn_fish: oh
[13:41] lrn_fish: am sorry.
[13:42] c64glen: Yes, I am sorry too
[13:42] lrn_fish: so for how long she’s being dead
[13:43] c64glen: A couple of days now
[13:43] lrn_fish: really
[13:43] lrn_fish: u must be very sad
[13:43] c64glen: aye, hopefully no one will notice
[13:44] lrn_fish: was it an accident or just natural
[13:46] c64glen: Yes it was
[13:46] c64glen: A natural accident
[13:46] c64glen: I didn’t kill her
[13:47] lrn_fish: an accident? oh
[13:47] lrn_fish: i know, i couldnt have thought u killed ur gfriend
[13:47] c64glen: Yes, I didn’t kill my girlfriend, no matter what they tell you
[13:47] lrn_fish: where are u now
[13:48] c64glen: I am in secret location
[13:48] lrn_fish: you mean they ve been lookin for you
[13:49] c64glen: Why would they look for me, I haven’t done anything. I never even had a knife
[13:50] Meebo Message: lrn_fish is offline

For some reason Mr Fish didn’t want to speak to me after this, but he will be back.

Scambaiter – Who do you want to marry Osmaney?

Osmaney claimed to be somali refugee living in south africa, who wanted to move to the US and What better way to get a green card then marry a member of the ObscureInternet staff?

Fact fans may be interested to know this was the first scammer to contact us via Myspace IM.

(11:36:08 AM) osmaney: hello
(11:36:19 AM) osmaney: ok
(11:36:36 AM) osmaney: can you help me
(11:41:48 AM) hello
(11:44:19 AM) osmaney: hello
(11:44:34 AM) you wanted help?
(11:45:02 AM) osmaney: yes
(11:45:40 AM) so how can I help?
(11:46:51 AM) osmaney: i am somali my name is mohamed i live in south africa ,i mean i am a refugee so
(11:47:13 AM) right, ok
(11:47:34 AM) osmaney: i want to get green card loterry but i do not have
(11:47:51 AM) osmaney: any gerrn card o visa
(11:47:56 AM) ok
(11:48:28 AM) osmaney: also i want to be one of the winners of this year
(11:49:01 AM) so naturally you asked us…
(11:49:07 AM) osmaney: because i am afraid here because there is to much killings
(11:49:48 AM) indeed
(11:50:01 AM) so naturally you asked us…
(11:50:11 AM) a humour website
(11:50:21 AM) osmaney: you know the only reason that i run away my country is no peace
(11:50:30 AM) have you thought of marrying a us citizen?
(11:50:51 AM) you could marry one of our members for a small fee
(11:51:04 AM) osmaney: ok
(11:51:13 AM) have a look at our pictures, and pick the one you like the best
(11:51:25 AM) osmaney: ok
(11:51:43 AM) osmaney: so where is that pictures
(11:51:48 AM) on our profile
(11:51:59 AM) osmaney: ok
(11:52:53 AM) osmaney: i could do every thing that you need me
(11:53:15 AM) have you picked a member yet?
(11:53:20 AM) osmaney: so please and please try to help me
(11:53:30 AM) osmaney: no
(11:53:37 AM) look here
(11:54:00 AM) osmaney: ok
(11:56:31 AM) have you picked one?
(11:57:08 AM) osmaney: yet i did no see pictures
(11:57:31 AM) what did you see?
(11:57:54 AM) osmaney: ather picture
(11:58:07 AM) osmaney: but i did no see girls
(11:58:17 AM) you want to marry a girl?
(11:58:27 AM) Oh, that will cost lots of money….
(11:58:32 AM) do you have lots of money?
(11:58:45 AM) osmaney: no
(11:58:55 AM) osmaney: you say to members
(11:58:59 AM) then you will have to marry one of the men
(11:59:10 AM) osmaney: so i am looking members
(11:59:19 AM) osmaney: no
(11:59:43 AM) osmaney: men for what i am a man
(11:59:53 AM) osmaney: are carzy
(12:00:04 PM) osmaney: i am not a lady
(12:00:15 PM) no, men marrying men in US is ok.
(12:00:21 PM) Do you want to come to US or not?
(12:01:21 PM) osmaney: if i want who could be the wife me or anather gay
(12:02:04 PM) you could take turns, or toss for it
(12:02:36 PM) osmaney: i could take
(12:02:54 PM) I bet you could

Osmaney disapeared stopped talking to us after this, but we still got the odd message on myspace, but only because his account has been phished, silly Osmaney.

Scambaiter – I am an Autobot, Peter. You can trust me.

You remember Peter? Sure you do, we talked about Jesus and Iraq while he tried to get money out of me. Well yet again he is back, and trying to bribe an Autobot with his dirty gold.

[17:27] peter_mensah20: hello
[17:28] c64glen: Hello
[17:28] peter_mensah20: how are u my good friend
[17:28] c64glen: I am the most awesome person in the whole of western interwebs
[17:29] c64glen: and you are you my space friend!
[17:29] peter_mensah20: yes i can see
[17:30] c64glen: excellent
[17:30] peter_mensah20: yes my dearline when will u came to ghana
[17:31] c64glen: Oh, That is a good question. Where is ghana again?
[17:31] peter_mensah20: west african
[17:31] c64glen: so it’s still on Earth?
[17:32] peter_mensah20: yes why
[17:32] c64glen: thought it might have been damaged in the Cybertronian wars, but not that is good.
[17:37] peter_mensah20: my father died during the war and
[17:37] c64glen: did he? Curse those Decepiticons!
[17:38] peter_mensah20: and he live me some consignment which i willlike umy good friend to help me
[17:38] c64glen: ah I understand… is it Energon?
[17:39] peter_mensah20: this consignment contain a lot of gold
[17:39] peter_mensah20: GOLD
[17:40] c64glen: ah, ok. GOLD
[17:40] c64glen: the postman is going to love delivering that.
[17:40] peter_mensah20: yes, so i will like u to help me ok, so that i can get thos goods ok
[17:41] c64glen: so how can I help, I’m millions of miles away
[17:41] c64glen: on the moon
[17:43] peter_mensah20: ok
[17:43] c64glen: so how can I help?
[17:43] c64glen: I can send cheese
[17:43] peter_mensah20: u will stand as my foregn benefit ok
[17:43] c64glen: BRILLIANT
[17:44] peter_mensah20: and i will disopoat the thing to ur conutry ok and u will manager tham until i cmes to ur conutry ok
[17:44] c64glen: ok, do you have a space bridge? for the transit?
[17:45] peter_mensah20: yes
[17:45] c64glen: are you ok? you fingers appear to be on upside down. you are typing like this…: helo my na,mdioe is the sforegein tuekry for the moon plewase sned money now
[17:46] peter_mensah20: so can u help me my good friend
[17:47] c64glen: of course, I took a vow when I joined the Autobots to help all life.
[17:47] peter_mensah20: thank
[17:48] c64glen: don’t thank me thank our fearless leader Optimus Prime!
[17:49] peter_mensah20: my lawyer will like to know ur full name ane ur phone number so that he can all u and let u know all the doucment which will help he two of as ok
[17:49] c64glen: your lawyer? What is his name?
[17:50] peter_mensah20: mr moses
[17:51] c64glen: Like the Bible?
[17:51] c64glen: WoOWOWOowowo! Can he part the sea?
[17:51] c64glen: does he have a big beard?
[17:51] peter_mensah20: i am not hear to joke ok
[17:51] peter_mensah20: i will liketohave ur number ok
[17:51] c64glen: hey, don’t fucking push me.
[17:52] *** You have been disconnected. Mon Dec 11 17:52:11 2006.

Always leave them wanting more.

Scambaiter – you are disrespecting my cats memory

Cythia contacted me a number of times, she wanted to me to be an ‘agnet’ and help her transfer some money, but I had some concerns about her choice of bank.

[00:28] cythia_williams2002: hello…………………… to be our agnet/10% intrested should pm me. hello…………………… to be our agnet/10% intrested should pm me.
[00:29] c64glen: whats an agnet?
[00:30] cythia_williams2002: helping us to be recieving payment from our client
[00:30] c64glen: who is us and who is client?
[00:31] cythia_williams2002: i mean our customer’s that in uk
[00:31] c64glen: Can you assure me that this has absolutely nothing to do with the Japanese Mafia?
[00:31] cythia_williams2002: nope
[00:31] c64glen: why not?
[00:32] cythia_williams2002: it not a japanese mafia
[00:32] c64glen: are you selling arms to communist or terrorists?
[00:33] cythia_williams2002: nop
[00:33] c64glen: I’ve never forgiven ETA for blowing up my cat
[00:33] cythia_williams2002: what that?
[00:34] c64glen: when me cat was on holiday in spain it was envolved in a terrorist incident in spain, which resulted his death
[00:34] cythia_williams2002: who is yr cat plz
[00:36] c64glen: my cat. a feline
[00:37] cythia_williams2002: u mean a pussycat?
[00:37] c64glen: yes
[00:37] cythia_williams2002: who take him to spain
[00:38] c64glen: He was one only with the cat club
[00:38] cythia_williams2002: who
[00:39] c64glen: the cat club, a club for the best cats
[00:40] cythia_williams2002: ok
[00:40] cythia_williams2002: i am sorry to hear that ?
[00:40] c64glen: my cat was best in whole of northern europe
[00:41] cythia_williams2002: oh what a good news
[00:41] cythia_williams2002: what are u using it to do ?
[00:41] c64glen: so this is why I not like communist or terrorists
[00:41] cythia_williams2002: i do u think i am one of those
[00:41] c64glen: so what is the nature of your business?
[00:42] cythia_williams2002: will are a computer programmers will design ORACLE JAVA eyc
[00:42] cythia_williams2002: etc
[00:43] c64glen: wow, that sound very good, you do things like;
[00:43] c64glen: 10 Print “Cocks”
[00:43] c64glen: 20 goto 10
[00:43] c64glen: yes?

[00:43] cythia_williams2002: yes
[00:43] cythia_williams2002: so will have work with so many company’s in uk
[00:43] c64glen: A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.
[00:45] cythia_williams2002: and they haven’t paid us and te cost of coming to the uk is very expensive to be coming very weekend that is why will u to be aor agent?
[00:45] c64glen: they haven’t paid you? this is very bad business. So what would I need to do as an agent?
[00:46] cythia_williams2002: what will just need u to do is that u will be helping us to recive the payment?
[00:47] c64glen: what? sorry? Could you say that in English?
[00:48] cythia_williams2002: what?
[00:48] c64glen: What do you NEED ME TO do? how do I help you receive payment?
[00:49] cythia_williams2002: by helping us recive the payment is that u will have to an acct so that they can be paying the money inside the acct?
[00:50] c64glen: I have an account? If that all I need, why can’t you do it?
[00:52] cythia_williams2002: because they can’t transfer money by acct to here?
[00:52] cythia_williams2002: what types off acct do u have with you ?
[00:52] c64glen: I have a strange type of account called a bank account,
[00:53] c64glen: it is crazy, It has money in it

[00:53] cythia_williams2002: which bank do us ?
[00:53] cythia_williams2002: what is the name off the bank ?
[00:53] cythia_williams2002: do u have a hsbc acct ?
[00:53] c64glen: NO! hsbc is a communist bank
[00:54] cythia_williams2002: why is it a communist bank?
[00:54] c64glen: my banks is the bank of Norks.
[00:54] c64glen: hsbc is based in honkey honkey, which china communist
[00:55] c64glen: my credit card has pictures of ladies on it
[00:55] c64glen: becuase of my job

[00:56] cythia_williams2002: but that is the only acct for they can transact money from?
[00:56] c64glen: from?
[00:57] c64glen: I thought they would pay me?

[00:57] cythia_williams2002: but that is the only acct for they can transact money in for now
[00:57] cythia_williams2002: yes
[00:57] c64glen: give me thier details, I will sort out getting their money
[00:58] c64glen: and I will not below this money on Heroin.

[00:58] cythia_williams2002: will be willing to pay u 10per% on every each payment u made for us?
[00:58] c64glen: so they give me money and you only want 10% ?
[00:58] c64glen: ok

[00:59] cythia_williams2002: i said i will offer u 10per% out of the every each payment that u will collect
[00:59] c64glen: ah, oh well that will do
[00:59] cythia_williams2002: u will deduct yr 10% inside the money
[01:00] cythia_williams2002: and wire the rest to the us?
[01:00] c64glen: yes, I think I can manage that, so when do I start getting money
[01:01] cythia_williams2002: when u can start getting money is when u get the hsbc acct for us that is when u can start getting money for us ?
[01:02] c64glen: you are disrespecting my cats memory
[01:02] c64glen: HE IS TURNING IN HIS SHOE BOX
[01:02] c64glen: on my fireplace

[01:02] cythia_williams2002: why it is A COMMUNIST BANK TEEL ME
[01:03] c64glen: argh, the shoebox has fallen to the floor, and my dead cat has fallen out
[01:03] c64glen: this is making me soo sad

[01:03] cythia_williams2002: BUT I THOUGH IS UK BANK ?
[01:05] c64glen: I must go and pray, good night

More fun with ‘Cythia’ next week.

Scambaiter – o boy u no serious oooooooooooooo

Let me introduce you to another internet love scammer, this one was fun, I was in no doubt she was fake when her name changed from Katherine to Sharon. She found me via bingbox and she was soon sending me emails telling me about herself and how she had $93,000 worth of Antiques seized by the customs before finally contacting me via Yahoo messenger

tropicahillsron: Hello babe, how u doing today
c64glen: Hi! I am alive and well, how are you ?
tropicahillsron: im not feeling bad, im not happy
c64glen: why is that? Are you on? Is Aunt Flow visiting?
tropicahillsron: im here, About the money now
c64glen: the money now?
tropicahillsron: yes, have you forgetting what i told you about the money transfer?
c64glen: I am very busy this week. I have much masturbating to do
tropicahillsron: where are you now?
c64glen: I am home, with it all in hand.
tropicahillsron: location love right now country?
c64glen: the same one as when we last spoke? You have already forgotten? This makes me sad
tropicahillsron: yes love
c64glen: why do you forget me so quickly?
tropicahillsron: sorry all is about my goods at the custom office
C64glen: but what about me,I thought you wanted my cock?
tropicahillsron: sure, when I back to state we can meet in person
c64glen: ok… which state?
tropicahillsron: to UK and state,..florida in usa
c64glen: hang on, one minute… I’m just having a wank
tropicahillsron: okay sweetie
c64glen: Oh that was a good one. I jizzed in your name….
tropicahillsron: how? jixxed?
c64glen: shot my load, cum
tropicahillsron: how??????
c64glen: I was rubbing myself over your picture until my cock exploded
tropicahillsron: i don’t still understand sweetie….
c64glen: I took my hand and put it on my cock and took my other hand and took a dump on it and then I was rubbing the dump in my face
tropicahillsron: wow………. that cool country pls?
c64glen: then I pulled my cock
tropicahillsron: tell me
c64glen: and hot love piss came out
tropicahillsron: wow ty, country? tell me
c64glen: My country is Hans Island
tropicahillsron: usa or where?
c64glen: It is Island between Cananada and Denmark
tropicahillsron: Do you have cam?
c64glen: I have cum
tropicahillsron: But,. you told me you from UK.
c64glen: it is part of UK, we honour our Queen
tropicahillsron: Oh ic, do you have webcam?
c64glen: no, my webcam was made of fire
tropicahillsron: really, how does your cam made of my fire?
c64glen: yes, it did make big noise and orange
tropicahillsron: yes love, But hun im sure you can asista me about the money i want to use to clear my good at custom office
c64glen: how can I do this strange and wonderful act?
tropicahillsron: love what do you mean?
c64glen: HOW CAN I HELP, Jesus Christ, you are slow sometimes
tropicahillsron: If you can assist me with teh 1,000$ So i can give you my hotel manager info to send me the money via western union
c64glen: with teh 1,000$? What is that in proper money?
tropicahillsron: proper money?
c64glen: proper money is the good old British Euro pound not the NAZI AMERICANIO DOLLAORS
tropicahillsron: So You have us dollars,pounds,euro?
c64glen: yes, one of those
tropicahillsron: okay,..
c64glen: also what is western onion?
tropicahillsron: thats is where you will go to send the money to me, you can send money via western union money transfer to anybody in any part of the world
c64glen: why is it an onion?
tropicahillsron: its union, western union money transfer
c64glen: ah yes, this is a thing my friend told me, you know my friend he works for a company in Africa
tropicahillsron: what
c64glen: is called EFCC do you know it?
tropicahillsron: you mad
tropicahillsron: no
tropicahillsron: nop
tropicahillsron: nop
c64glen: why mad?
tropicahillsron: nothing
tropicahillsron: I don’t no efcc
c64glen: my friend he says he works for EFCC, I met him on Internet, he say don’t use that onion
tropicahillsron: can you send me the money now? love
tropicahillsron: Its not EFCC okay, its a lie, How can efcc be talking to u online
c64glen: I don’t know, so you know EFCC?
tropicahillsron: nop
tropicahillsron: yes
c64glen: yes or no? I don’t understand. this man, he speaks to my other friend he tell him about Internet people
tropicahillsron: yes
c64glen: they look for them, or something
tropicahillsron: Wait do you have the efcc address and number
tropicahillsron: o boy u no serious oooooooooooooo
tropicahillsron: kilo se e bayi now
c64glen: what I don’t understand? I gave him your details he asked about my African friends He said he would like to visit them
tropicahillsron: give me his address name phone number
c64glen: Yes, I gave him all your details.
tropicahillsron: u did not
c64glen: no, I give him your details
tropicahillsron: how why? What my details
c64glen: Because he asked for all my African friend details. I sent your name, your emails, your friends details, your IP address. His name was Shehu
tropicahillsron: bye
c64glen: he said he visits Internet cafes to see my African friends
tropicahillsron: get away, what is my IP address? TELL ME
c64glen: IP address is the address of your computer. It tells people where you are
tropicahillsron: sorry, don’t talk to me again okay
c64glen: can we not still be friends, I have money?
tropicahillsron: nop i don’t need your money
c64glen: ok, thanks bye. I tell me friend all about you,
c64glen: Hope he visits you soon.

If you want to know more about the EFCC check this

Scambaiter – They sent me to Iraq Peter

Remember Peter from last week? Well weeks after that last conversation we had, he was still bothering me for my telephone number.

[14:09] peter_mensah20: hello hiow are u are u theere\
[14:09] c64glen: I am the Greatest
[14:09] peter_mensah20: yes so how are u
[14:09] c64glen: I am good
[14:09] peter_mensah20: ok but i did not haer g from u again why
[14:09] c64glen: what is hear g?
[14:10] peter_mensah20: haer from u again
[14:12] c64glen: I had to join the army
[14:12] peter_mensah20: yes
[14:13] c64glen: I have been to Iraq
[14:15] c64glen: do you think it is important to serve your country?
[14:16] c64glen: I’ll give you my name, rank and number
[14:17] peter_mensah20: OK
[14:17] c64glen: C64Glen, Private, 90210
[14:17] peter_mensah20: WHAT NUMBER IS THAT
[14:18] c64glen: It is my number, it is the number on my dog tags and it is the number of the number one killer in all Iraq
[14:18] c64glen: Do you like Iraq Peter?
[14:18] peter_mensah20: YES
[14:18] c64glen: Why do you like Iraq Peter?
[14:19] peter_mensah20: IT IS A GOOD PLS TO LIVE
[14:19] c64glen: Iraq is a mess, Peter. We need to kill all the Terrorists there
[14:19] peter_mensah20: SO YES
[14:19] c64glen: Do you know what they should do
[14:19] peter_mensah20: NO\
[14:20] c64glen: They should send all the lazy Nigerian scammers from their Cybercafés to Iraq, they should be covered in explosives and when they get to Terrorists in Iraq they should all blow up.
[14:21] c64glen: That would rock
[14:21] c64glen: Do you agree, Peter?
[14:21] peter_mensah20: NO
[14:21] c64glen: why not?
[14:22] peter_mensah20: CAN U GIVE THE CORRT NUMBER PLS
[14:22] c64glen: why not, Peter?
[14:23] c64glen: not really, they are more like slugs in brain power
[14:23] c64glen: put some salt on them and you will see
[14:24] peter_mensah20: YES I, LIKE THEM
[14:25] peter_mensah20: SO CAN U HELP HE
[14:26] peter_mensah20: BUT CAN U HELP MY FRIEND
[14:26] peter_mensah20: HE NEED UR HELP
[14:26] c64glen: I’m in Iraq
[14:26] peter_mensah20: OK BUT U CAN ALSO HELP OK
[14:28] c64glen: how? The government only lets us spend our money on crack and whores now
[14:29] c64glen: fine, send it here. It could get blown up, but maybe not
[14:29] peter_mensah20: I SHOULD SEND WHAT
[14:30] c64glen: I dunno, what are to trying to send me? Your sister or something
[14:32] c64glen: HOW????
[14:33] c64glen: don’t make me get my tank
[14:33] peter_mensah20: i know but can u help he
[14:33] peter_mensah20: pls
[14:34] peter_mensah20: is the number inter number
[14:35] c64glen: I can’t give my number out in Iraq, do you want me to be killed?
[14:35] c64glen: Are you a friend of Saddam?
[14:35] c64glen: Is that it?
[14:35] c64glen: Is your friend a commie terrorist arab?
[14:35] peter_mensah20: no u will not be kill ok
[14:37] peter_mensah20:
[14:37] peter_mensah20: are u thjer
[14:37] c64glen: yes, I am here
[14:37] peter_mensah20: so can u help my friend
[14:37] c64glen: ffs, what is with this DING shit if I don’t type 2 seconds after you post
[14:38] c64glen: I might be doing other shit you know, like torturing people
[14:38] peter_mensah20: i knnow but he have to get ur number
[14:38] peter_mensah20: ok so if he post he will call u and tell u ok
[14:39] c64glen: Torturing Testicles is my favourite
[14:39] peter_mensah20: so u give me the corrt number ok
[14:39] c64glen: So where you from Peter?
[14:39] peter_mensah20: i an from ghana\
[14:43] c64glen: my troops and I want to go on holiday somewhere we can kill people without getting told to by the army
[14:43] c64glen: would ghana be good for this?
[14:43] peter_mensah20: yes
[14:44] peter_mensah20: but give unmber ok pls
[14:44] c64glen: awesome, do you know where 20 dirty murdering soldiers can stay?
[14:44] c64glen: we need to practice murder and rape
[14:44] c64glen: which reminds me to you have a wife/sister/mother?
[14:45] peter_mensah20: yes
[14:45] peter_mensah20: and the number
[14:45] c64glen: cool would you mind some rape and torture?
[14:46] peter_mensah20: yes but u give me the number ok
[14:47] c64glen: so we can rape and torture your wife/sister/mother?
[14:47] c64glen: how about you, can we kick your back doors in?

Funnily enough he stopped talking at this point, but he was back later.