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Scambaiter – I love you, please help me transfer some money.

It’s amazing what happens when you have your Yahoo Messenger details listed at Tagword, You can fall in love in an hour just to have some evil robots spoil it all.

[18:57] queentolode1: hello deraling
[18:59] c64glen: Hello there…
[18:59] queentolode1: am tolode
[18:59] c64glen: He tolode, how’d you find me
[19:00] queentolode1: AM FINE
[19:00] c64glen: Ah, You’re from Tagworld?
[19:00] queentolode1: yes
[19:02] queentolode1: i acn send picture now
[19:07] c64glen: Thanks I got it.
[19:07] c64glen: You sure are a pretty girl.
[19:08] queentolode1: so what you do in linving?
[19:09] c64glen: Please. I work in IT.
[19:09] queentolode1: ok
[19:09] queentolode1: so am tolode from benin west africa
[19:10] queentolode1: am working in benin bank
[19:10] c64glen: Benin? Cool.
[19:10] queentolode1: yes
[19:10] c64glen: I never known anyone from Benin before
[19:11] queentolode1: so you no me
[19:12] c64glen: yes, I do now 🙂
[19:12] queentolode1: so can i trust u
[19:12] c64glen: lol, Yes of course you can.
[19:12] c64glen: and I can trust you?
[19:13] queentolode1: yes
[19:13] c64glen: ok then 🙂
[19:14] queentolode1: dearling am going to transfer some money from my     bank to your countri
[19:14] c64glen: right?
[19:15] queentolode1: yes, if you want assist me so i can give you my assistant contact so that you can call him for the transfer
[19:18] queentolode1: so dearling i will like you to calll him so that he can  espln it for you verywell
[19:18] c64glen: cheers.
[19:18] queentolode1: bout after the transfer to your countri
[19:19] c64glen: yup?
[19:19] queentolode1: we can toll bout that, ok
[19:19] c64glen: toll?
[19:19] queentolode1: so can i have your contact
[19:20] c64glen: what contact?
[19:21] queentolode1: you phone number so that he can call u
[19:21] c64glen: k k, hang on.
[19:21] queentolode1: to espln it for u
[19:21] c64glen:  01642 248184, it’s a UK number (This number belongs to the police)
[19:22] queentolode1: thanks
[19:22] queentolode1: so dearling am going to gave him kow so that i can call you
[19:25] queentolode1: so dearling am going to see my director so that i can call u for the transfer
[19:25] queentolode1: love u and i trust u
[19:26] queentolode1: so dearling i love u
[19:27] c64glen: you love me?
[19:27] queentolode1: yes, don’t you love me?
[19:28] c64glen: wow, you work quickly. we’ve only just met. but you are real pretty.. I’d need to know more about you.
[19:28] c64glen: do you love Jizz?
[19:29] queentolode1: what jizz
[19:29] c64glen: You don’t love Jizz? 🙁
[19:30] c64glen: Tell me about yourself?
[19:31] queentolode1: am tolode from benin
[19:31] queentolode1: am30years old
[19:31] c64glen: ok, and what do you like in your Men?
[19:33] queentolode1: men are so bad
[19:33] c64glen: why are men bad? I’m not bad….
[19:34] c64glen: except for when I killed that woman
[19:34] queentolode1: no, couse i have get to usa before couse of one man
[19:35] c64glen: why?
[19:36] queentolode1: he was a bad man
[19:36] c64glen: what did he do. I will hurt him bad…
[19:37] c64glen: I hate bad men,  I just get really, really angry until I’m breaking things and my heart starts thumping like a bass drum.
[19:38] c64glen: Where have you gone my Queen?
[19:38] queentolode1: in tag world
[19:39] c64glen: You still love me, my queen?
[19:39] queentolode1: yes i do dearling
[19:40] c64glen: show me your love, my queen
[19:40] queentolode1: so dearling after the transfer i can come there with my director to see you .
[19:41] c64glen: wow, you would come all the way here to see me?
[19:41] c64glen: when will this be.. .
[19:41] c64glen: I am eager for you now..
[19:42] queentolode1: so no warry i wiill meet you one day
[19:42] c64glen: I must have you soon, my enemys are all around me.
[19:42] c64glen: Do you know my enemys?
[19:43] c64glen: they are evil robots, they tell me to do things, bad bad things…
[19:43] queentolode1: no wy
[19:43] c64glen: are they any robots in Benin?
[19:44] c64glen: queen? are you there, the robots haven’t got you have they?
[19:45] queentolode1: no, what robots?
[19:45] c64glen: the robots that speak to you at night
[19:46] queentolode1: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
[19:46] c64glen: you don’t have these robots there?
[19:46] queentolode1: NO AND U? HAVE U THERE?
[19:46] c64glen: Good, I must go to Benin. The Robot talk to me all the time.
[19:46] c64glen: They get me in bad trouble with the police..
[19:47] queentolode1: OHHHHHHHHHHHH WY IN THE POLICE?
[19:47] c64glen: yes, the tell me to do things, They tell me to look at naked women.
[19:48] queentolode1: wy that dearling
[19:48] c64glen: you aren’t naked are you??!?
[19:49] queentolode1: no
[19:49] c64glen: good, that would be bad.. Don’t go. I can here robots coming….
[19:50] c64glen: help me… the robot is coming
[19:50] queentolode1: ohhh
[19:50] c64glen: GREATINGS
[19:50] c64glen: I AM A ROBOT.
[19:51] c64glen: are you there queen, the robot was here but I think he has gone?
[19:51] queentolode1: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sweety love you buy

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