Scambaiter – SandraThompson205 – Part 3

Sandra Thompson is back for round three. Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

(6:25:48 PM) sandrathompson205: hello love how are you doing today
(6:26:17 PM) c64glen: Oh. I’m having such a bad day
(6:27:07 PM) sandrathompson205: oh honey whats has happen to you again
(6:27:21 PM) c64glen: My car was taken away
(6:27:26 PM) c64glen: so now I have no car
(6:27:54 PM) sandrathompson205: yr car taken away by whom?
(6:28:24 PM) c64glen: The police took it, they said it was stolen….
(6:28:43 PM) c64glen: but I found it. Finder Keepers, loser weepers, right?
(6:28:45 PM) sandrathompson205: what a shit
(6:28:54 PM) c64glen: It’s mine far and square
(6:29:10 PM) sandrathompson205: oh you scare me
(6:29:16 PM) sandrathompson205: you are so funny
(6:29:28 PM) c64glen: Also the men next door went a bit funny and broke our phone
(6:29:44 PM) c64glen: he ripped it off the wall and hit the dog with it
(6:29:57 PM) sandrathompson205: oh
(6:30:24 PM) c64glen: Yes, I is crazy
(6:30:32 PM) c64glen: crazy angry
(6:31:18 PM) sandrathompson205: am always happy when i meet you online
(6:31:41 PM) sandrathompson205: you make my day,and i forget all the sorrow of my life
(6:31:50 PM) c64glen: Yes, that would be good.
(6:32:00 PM) c64glen: I will make you forget stuff….
(6:32:13 PM) sandrathompson205: hmmmmmmmm lol
(6:32:49 PM) c64glen: I’m always forgetting things
(6:32:51 PM) c64glen: Like my name
(6:33:09 PM) c64glen: The prison doctor said it was because of all the drugs
(6:33:44 PM) sandrathompson205: hahahahha so funny
(6:34:25 PM) c64glen: yes…. funny @-)
(6:35:16 PM) sandrathompson205: 8-|
(6:35:55 PM) c64glen: anyway, I can’t ring that barrel man, because I have no phone now
(6:36:02 PM) c64glen: also I need to bury a dog
(6:36:11 PM) c64glen: Can I send an email instead
(6:37:37 PM) sandrathompson205: yes
(6:37:49 PM) sandrathompson205: i think email is better
(6:38:13 PM) sandrathompson205: send it now please and the copy to me too for verification
(6:38:26 PM) c64glen: right ok.
(6:38:32 PM) c64glen: Remind me of the address
(6:39:53 PM) sandrathompson205:
(6:40:31 PM) c64glen: ok.. So what do I say to this barrel man?
(6:42:08 PM) sandrathompson205: tell him you want to help me consign rosemond luis father property that is in there company
(6:42:20 PM) c64glen: right ok.
(6:42:32 PM) sandrathompson205: and you want to claim it as beneficiary
(6:42:42 PM) c64glen: ok, that sounds good.
(6:43:08 PM) sandrathompson205: so hhe will tells you what you will do to to claim it for me
(6:43:23 PM) c64glen: ah ok. thats sounds simple enough.
(6:43:28 PM) c64glen: I will send him an email
(6:43:36 PM) c64glen: it might take a few hours
(6:43:43 PM) c64glen: it takes a while for the computer email to open
(6:43:58 PM) c64glen: I get lots of email about pills for having sex
(6:44:09 PM) c64glen: or pills to get a huge penis
(6:44:22 PM) sandrathompson205: tell him you are my fiance
(6:44:38 PM) c64glen: tell the pill people I’m your fiance?
(6:44:49 PM) sandrathompson205: pill for having sex?
(6:44:58 PM) c64glen: they will probably send more pills
(6:45:12 PM) c64glen: you know that blue pill. Viagra
(6:45:43 PM) c64glen: you take one, and then you’ve got a big banana in your pants for the next seven hours
(6:45:54 PM) sandrathompson205: hahahahhah
(6:46:03 PM) c64glen: that can cause some embarrassment in Church I can tell you.
(6:46:06 PM) sandrathompson205: nah nah nah i dont need that
(6:46:11 PM) c64glen: ok…
(6:46:28 PM) c64glen: hang on…
(6:46:33 PM) c64glen: you don’t need that?
(6:46:45 PM) c64glen: Are you saying you already have a banana in your pants?
(6:47:00 PM) c64glen: Because Sandra, the deals off if you do, I don’t swing that way
(6:47:04 PM) c64glen: if you know what I mean
(6:47:09 PM) sandrathompson205: nope am not a man
(6:47:17 PM) c64glen: ok.
(6:47:25 PM) c64glen: but your not a ladyboy either?
(6:47:31 PM) c64glen: you have all lady bits yes?
(6:47:43 PM) c64glen: humps, and a fag-china?
(6:48:15 PM) c64glen: I think it’s fag-china… you know the bit where the babies head comes out,
(6:48:17 PM) c64glen: one of them
(6:48:37 PM) c64glen: humps are where you keep your milk, you know like a camel
(6:50:15 PM) sandrathompson205: hahahahahh
(6:50:22 PM) sandrathompson205: pls dont start
(6:50:53 PM) c64glen: ok, but you can confirm 100% lady bits? :-/
(6:51:08 PM) sandrathompson205: i dont know
(6:51:50 PM) c64glen: you don’t know?
(6:52:03 PM) c64glen: when you take a pee, do you stand up or sit down?
(6:52:32 PM) sandrathompson205: pee whats that?
(6:53:12 PM) c64glen: where the water comes out of your thing-a-ling
(6:54:03 PM) sandrathompson205: oh pee
(6:54:13 PM) sandrathompson205: i sit
(6:54:42 PM) c64glen: ok, good. and you have humps? I like humps, they are very important to me…
(6:55:24 PM) sandrathompson205: whats do you do with it
(6:55:36 PM) sandrathompson205: play with it,ot lick it
(6:56:18 PM) c64glen: yes. all of that. Sometimes I like to relieve myself there too, but only at weekends.
(6:56:42 PM) c64glen: the doctors said I was like that because of my mother becoming a man.
(6:57:14 PM) sandrathompson205: hahha
(6:57:17 PM) sandrathompson205: =))
(6:57:43 PM) c64glen: hey, don’t laugh. it was very sad for me
(6:58:06 PM) c64glen: they said it is why I sometimes do bad things.
(6:58:19 PM) c64glen: like setting that nun on fire at school
(6:58:20 PM) sandrathompson205: really
(6:58:38 PM) sandrathompson205: thats bad
(6:58:42 PM) c64glen: yes. She looked just like mother did, after the operation
(6:59:52 PM) c64glen: but lets go back to play with it and lick it
(7:00:01 PM) c64glen: I like that bit, lets have some more….
(7:07:15 PM) sandrathompson205: more what?
(7:07:28 PM) c64glen: about your humps
(7:07:54 PM) sandrathompson205: please glen you make my hed scatter now
(7:09:22 PM) c64glen: right ok. I’d better go now anyway. the man next door is awake again, I can hear noises, and they aren’t good noises.
(7:09:27 PM) c64glen: I will send that email tonight….
(7:10:20 PM) sandrathompson205: ok i will apprecaite that plz
(7:10:35 PM) c64glen: k k, love you, bye….
(7:11:10 PM) sandrathompson205: ok love i rely on you ok
(7:13:29 PM) sandrathompson205: bye love you too

Will we hear from Sandra again?