Dig Dug

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Dig Dug (Digu Dagu)

A lot of people are probably familiar with this game as it was an arcade game but I never really had an arcade near me when I was growing up so this was a whole new game for me when I played the Famicom version, as I was only familiar with Dig Dug II that actually was released on the NES.

Dig Dug - Famicom


You play as Dig Dug, a little blue guy (kind of like a smurf in white overalls) who is basically an underground exterminator who uses something like a bicycle air pump to exterminate his enemies.  There are only two types of enemies you will encounter, Pookas who are the cute red round guys with the goggles and Fygars the green dragons who breathe fire at you through the dirt.  Gotta be careful or if you get hit you will be BBQ.

Dig Dug - Famicom


Since this is based on an arcade game your objective other than just clearing levels is getting as many points as you possibly can.  This can be accomplished in several different ways. Just digging will earn you 10 points a block, which is alright but your time is better sent going after enemies.  Dropping a rock on an enemy will earn you 1000 points, if you kill 2 or more 1500 points each and any more than 2 is worth 2000 points for each enemy. Once you have dropped 2 rocks in the level other bonus items will appear for you in the middle of the screen, if you are able to get to it.  Fruits and Veggies or other bonus items like the ship from Galaxian, which is awesome by the way, for you to collect to get extra points. The item worth the most at 8000 points is the pineapple so if you see it be sure to grab it!  Also keep in mind that popping an enemy further down in the dirt is worth more so it may be worth trying to lure the enemies further down if you want to try to get max points.

Dig Dug - Famicom


This game originally came our in the arcades in 1982 (I wasn’t even born yet) its not the most graphically impressive game out there, but the sprites are cute and colorful and definitely get the job done.  At first sight this game gives the impression that it is very basic and simple, this is very deceiving.  It definitely requires some quick reflexes if you want to successfully evade and exterminate the enemy.

Dig Dug - Famicom

As far as I can tell we never got a copy of this game in North American on the NES, only Dig Dug II was released here which is also good by the way. So if you want to play this you will need to pick up the Famicom version. The nice thing is you don’t need to know any Japanese, so you really don’t have any excuse not to play.

For some fun arcade action Dig Dug definitely fits the bill!

One eBay you can find it complete in box for $39.60, at the moment there aren’t any loose ones listed though mine was like $2.



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Since 1967, there has been a major event held showcasing the latest in technology called the Consumer Electronics Show (CES for short). It was so popular in fact, that for awhile, the powers that be held two a year, one in the summer and one in the winter. In 1984, Nintendo entered the CES with flyers of a grey box flanked by out-dated looking Atari games boasting the slogan “The evolution of the species is now complete”.

Stack-Up NES


Inside that grey box was the Famicom, an institution in Japan for over a year at that point. Due to the crash of 1983, they couldn’t muster one single order at the event as consumers and retailers had zero to little intrest in risking one cent of hard-earned spending money on video games ever again.

Enter R.O.B., the greatest Trojan Horse in gaming history. At a time when noone was willing to part with their funds for a video game system, Nintendo unveiled the Robotic Operating Buddy along with the Zapper the following year and explained to retailers that it wasn’t a video game console, and instead marketed it as a toy robot and a toy gun. What kid didn’t see this and automatically start erasing shit off their Christmas list? They even went to the lengths of downplaying the televisions in the advertising to focus everything on the accessories.

Stack-Up NES
“Yes, I saved gaming by being unplayable. Suck it Atari!”

It worked and on October 18, 1985, the Nintendo Entertainment System along with 18 available games were launched in a few markets in New York City. The rest as they say is history. By the end of the first fiscal year, R.O.B. was discontinued and sole focus was put on the gaming aspect of the NES but by then, they had already sold one million units and blew the asses off of people used to Atari’s simple graphics and sound. The moment impressionable youth first popped in Super Mario Bros after spending precious and frustrating time trying to figure out the robot’s nuances, it was too late. North America was hooked. The following year, 3 million more units were sold and people never spoke of the robot again. The Zapper had legs however, but that’s a story for a later review.


Stack-Up NES
But…I thought the game was named…

How are the game themselves? Let’s start with Stack-Up, or as it is called in Japan and in the title screen, Robot Block. The reasoning the title on the splash differs from the name on the box is because Nintendo was trying to cut costs and instead of overriding the 10NES lockout chip with new code, they simply created an adapter so basically you had a Famicom game(60 pin circuit board) being converted into a NES(72 pin) game when played. The 10NES chip was the enemy of many collectors who wanted to play games shipped from overseas, so a good deal of R.O.B. games were bought and broken apart for the converter alone, making both titles in the series very collectible. While Gyromite was a pack-in game at first, Stack-Up wasn’t. Being marketed solely to children at the time would be another reason complete sets are hard to come by as God knows what the fate of many of the required pieces were.

Stack-Up NES
If you think this is too much extra shit for a gaming controller, wait until Gyromite.

It comes with five pedestals and five “blocks”, which resemble nothing close to a block. Think more along the lines of Tonka Truck wheels without treading. So, you turn R.O.B. into a deranged looking electronic star and sit the blocks in a pre-arranged pattern. From there, you control Professor Hector (for some reason they put Professor Vector on the box) and jump onto tiles instructing R.O.B. to place them into the pattern the game asks you to. This would be the earliest example of the NES using a digitized voice in a game as the Professor actualy says “up”, “left”, and the like. That’s where the all fun times end. To start, R.O.B. moves in such a lackadaisical fashion, you’d swear he spent all the time confined to his box hitting on the reefer. It takes about twenty seconds for him to turn right and grab something, not counting the time it takes for him to turn back around and put the blocks where they are supposed to go. That, by the way, NEVER happens because while R.O.B. does an admirable job of picking up the blocks, transporting them with any sort of balance where they need to be is lost on the poor fellow. You’re going to spend half your time getting up and picking these damned blocks up and the other half wondering how they thought this game was ever going to be playable. Oh wait, see above, they already knew R.O.B. was a total piece of shit.

Stack-Up NES
My first walkthrough for GameFAQS will be for Stack-Up and will read like this. “Press start. The end”. You read it here first foks!

Parents still bought it for their kids, who all eventually popped in a real game and threw R.O.B. in the closet forever. There is another mode where you play Bingo while trying to instruct R.O.B. what to do by avoiding eneimies and hopping on directional buttons but in all honesty, it’s even worse than the original game. With alot of luck, you might be able to get the robot moving once every two minutes or so. The weirdest part of this game isn’t even the controller, it’s the fact that there is no way for the Nintendo to know what exactly R.O.B. has accomplished so all you have to do is press start and you the level is complete. No bullshit, my 6 month old son beat a level of Stack-Up.

Stack-Up NES
To prove how hardcore R.O.B. was marketed, he is in this old UK advert not once but twice!


2/10 Well, it has barely better controls than my current bar for complete shit, DKJrM, which is saying something for that poor game. However, the game isn’t as unplayable and, not meaning to go out of order, R.O.B. is a little easier to use here than with Gyromite. A video game that operates on a trust system is a pretty worthless one indeed when we as gamers look for any and every cheat available to us to see the end. I can see this being played once if only to try out the awesome looking peripheral, trying out say, Kung Fu, or Clu Clu Land, and then never even recalling having owned it until a closet clean-up and an Ebay auction a decade later. No denying the little fellow has a cult following as he has made as many if not more cameos in gaming than just about any other character in the history of NES.

Stack-Up NES
“If my brother, Johnny Five, could see me now…”


Holy Diver

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This game features unlimited continues, which is nice cause you are going to need them. ~Alana Dunitz

Holy Diver

Today I’m featuring a really cool Famicom game that you should definitely check out if you have a chance.  It’s called Holy Diver, and no it’s not the song by Dio. (I honestly don’t know that song but everyone on twitter kept mentioning it when I brought up this game)  ** correction! It is based on that song! So crazy!** Holy Diver was actually recommended to me by Parodius Duh on the Famicom World website.  I’m definitely glad that I listened to him cause this game is pretty awesome!

Holy Diver

When I was playing the game, it felt like a mix between Castlevania, Getsu Fuma Den and threw in some Mega Man just for fun.  The company with the crazy idea to release a  game like this was Irem, the same company that put out Spelunker II, Lot Lot and Kickle Cubicle.  Holy Diver hit the shelves in April of 1989, but of course it never saw the light of day in North America.


Story wise there was no manual or anything with my copy so I wasn’t too sure cause you just get tossed right into the action of the game.  So I did some online research and found a few different versions of the story.  One guy had the manual but couldn’t read Japanese so he made up a story based on seeing 666 in the text.  He thought your character was sent to save the world and had to kill the devil.  Luckily I soon found a translation of the story right from the manual…

Holy Diver

“Resurrected-The Legend of the Holy Magic King’s Justice

It is the 666th year of the world of magic. The Black Slayer, Demon King of the Underground Dark Empire, has extended the world of darkness and weakened the power of King Crimson whose wisdom has guided the world of magic for generations.

The 16th Crimson Emperor Ronnie 4th entrusted his two infant sons, Randy and Zack, to his faithful servant Ozzy. The three escaped the forces from another dimension in the hope to bring light back into the world.

Holy Diver

The next 17 years were difficult but Randy, Zack, and Ozzy devoted themselves to the cause of Holy Magic Justice. The Black Slayer had further extended his empire over the countryside and the interdimensional forces were even more powerful. Randy needed to find the Royal Coat Of Arms of the Crimson to battle the demons. He set out alone to carry out the will of his surrogate father Ozzy who had passed away. Thus begins the Legend Of The Holy Magic King’s Justice.”

Hmm wonder if Ozzy is supposed to be Ozzy Osbourne and Zack is like Zakk Wylde. It definitely does have catchy music!  Anyways so you basically battle demons, that’s enough of a story for me.


This game features unlimited continues, which is nice cause you are going to need them.  It’s definitely not the easiest game I’ve ever played, but it’s challenging in a good way.  I love how with your magic you have projectiles, just like if you were using the mega buster in Mega Man.  If you had to do close combat with punching, this game would be impossible to beat!  It definitely tests your reflexes, those enemies are fast!

Holy Diver

I’ve recorded myself playing through the first level of the game (this is the first time I’ve ever played).  Notice at the end what happens when you beat the level boss.

[Check out Retro Gamer Girl]

Pipe V

Pipe V - Famicom

Pipe V

I was looking online for must play famicom games and one title kept popping up, Mr. Gimmick.  Problem is there are none for sale on eBay so I decided to do the next best thing, get a Pirate Cart.  For some reason the Pipe V is what its called.

Pipe V - Famicom

So I was super excited when the cart came in the mail the other day. I popped it in the Famicom and everything was awesome!

Pipe V - Famicom

The first level was gonna start then something weird started happening. There was no floor…

Didn’t matter what you did, just kept falling into the water and dying. I was super bummed, didn’t matter what I did it wouldn’t work.

So fast forward 4 days and I read something online that set off an alarm in my head. Pirate copies are made to work with famiclones not the original console. So when I got home I grabbed my Yobo NES and famicom converter and plugged it in.

Pipe V - Famicom

Pipe V - Famicom

Yay it worked!! There’s a floor now! I was super excited so I got up early this morning to try it out. It’s a super cute platformer that is challenging, that’s why the pirate cart has 30 lives on it.

Pipe V - Famicom

I haven’t completed the whole first level yet, I had to get ready for work but check out these screenshots I took.

Pipe V - Famicom

Star projectiles Gimmick throws that bounce around.

Pipe V - Famicom

I think this is the level boss. I think he was one of the “toys” that was in the box at the beginning.

Pipe V - Famicom Pipe V - Famicom

Well that’s as far as I got so far, but look for my 1 hour First Impressions soon!

Hello Kitty World


We come to another edition of Retro Game of the Week, this time around we have a game that seems to be just a hack of a very awesome game for the Game Boy. Nevertheless, it’s here to stay and it’s just totally awesome. If you can look over the Hello Kitty characters, then you’ll be all set. Enjoy as Hello Kitty World enchants you with its magic!


The music is the same one as the Balloon Kid game. The game does a great job at entertaining you with tunes you’ll surely remember. It’s not the best of a soundtrack, but it does the job. You can’t get any better than 8-bit music anyways…it’s making a comeback!!


The graphics are good. Just think of it as being a colored Game Boy title. After all, it is based on a Game Boy game. Either way, everything looks great. You won’t run into any dead ends due to the graphical interface of the levels so you’ll not only enjoy the sights but enjoy the gameplay as well.


The gameplay is quite entertaining. You keep yourself levitated with two balloons and your goal is to get across the level without getting your balloons popped! It may sound simple but believe me, levels get tougher and tougher as you move along. Even if you get your balloons popped you’ll be able to inflate new ones to fly into the sun! Of course, you gotta make sure you don’t land on the different obstacles that will definitely kill you such as fire.


The best part about older games is the their replay value is infinite. That’s why you see people playing such games as Tetris or Pacman in their more advance devices. Simple fun stuff is always welcomed and this is no different. You can go through the entire game and go for it again and again. When you don’t need to remember passwords or save the game, you have less stress going on, believe me.

This is another obscure game that never made it to the NES but if you do want to play the cheap alternative then I suggest getting Balloon Kid, other than that you should import this game as soon as possible. It’s a lot of fun and well…it’s Hello Kitty!!



I got this game for like .99 a while back.  Thought it was worth the  money just for the cool light on the cartridge:) Lights make everything better!  The game is Spelunker made by irem according to the game case, but when the title screen loads up it says Broderbund Software….


There isn’t much for controls, directional pad moves from side to side, A jumps and B uses your drill.  Thing is it’s insanely easy to die, jump down a couple pixels to far, you are dead and you will be dying a lot.  Check out my gameplay video…

It’s kind of frustrating, so I’m going to need a lot more practice and figure out what to do so I don’t keep dying constantly.  At least it was only .99 cents!



Spartan X2

Spartan X2 - famicom

Spartan is one of the games we were sad to miss. The list of unreleased games in the USA really makes me sick! So many gems we could’ve cherished and remembered as true classic. Nevertheless, we can now import them quite easy so problem solved! Enter Spartan X2 for the Famicom. The game has a huge fun factor but there are some things that stop it from being great. Lets check it out in this week’s pick!

Spartan X2 - famicom

The music is quite good. You can’t get anything better than an 8-bit track that mimics an action packed game! The game has also a very decent sound effects scheme. It’s definitely better in every way of the first game in the series which we know as Kung Fu.

Spartan X2 - famicom

The graphics are quite good. This game is everything an action pack side scroller is supposed to look like. Even the intro has a very awesome background. The game shows it wasn’t rushed!

Amazingly, the gameplay is the same as Kung Fu except with some exceptions mainly due to the scenery. You go inside trains, the streets, and many more places. You have the main kick and punch as in the first game. You can also jump!! Tapping the buttons at the right time is crucial to survive in this game. I’ll be honest, this game may be short (4 levels) but it’s as tough as you can get especially in the final levels. Better start practicing!

Spartan X2 - famicom

The game is so short that playing it over and over can be quite fun although tiring at the same time. There is only so much you can do and the levels are very linear. There is no other way around any of the levels. Just walk from left to right until you reach the boss. In replay value this game suffers but there is always an urge to come back to it for a quick play especially if you know the length of it. Sometimes, games don’t need to be long to be fun.

This is probably not the best game to spend all your cash on but it’s definitely an interesting title as it’s the long forgotten sequel to Kung Fu. If you ever find it for a decent price, pick it up!!

Gradius 2

We begin with an awesome game for the Famicom/NES. The game was never released here in the States and boy did we miss out…. Nevertheless, the year is 2013 and we have many different ways to enjoy this game. Whether it’s through an emulator, NES reproduction, or the original Famicom title, we will have the same awesome experience. Lets get started!
The music is quite good for this game. It keeps you on your toes for real! Believe me, Konami knows their 8-bit music! The sound effects are improved from its predecessor so your ears will be happy to hear the retro-tunes and sound effects the game has to offer.
The game has some beautiful graphics. They are top notch for the time and you will not get confused on where to go. Be sure to enjoy all the scenery as long as you keep smashing the buttons constantly as the levels are packed with non-stop action.
The gameplay is just wonderful! The controls are just top notch and very responsive. You won’t be disappointed but beware that the game does offer a high level of difficulty. It’s so Konami for the game to have a level of difficulty. All of you whiners, get out while you can.
Gradius 2 -FC
The game is just as enjoyable from beginning to end. If you have the guts to play through it and come back again for another run, you have been warned. As I mentioned before, the game is difficult and will only get more difficult as you go further in the game but it’s so satisfying to come back to.

To conclude, the game is just amazing and should be in your collection even in rom form. This is sadly one of the many gems we missed out on. Be sure to pay your respects to the old shoot’em up games as they are packed with beauty and wonderful challenging gameplay.

Twin Bee

Twin Bee

So this week we have some Twin Bee. I know I’ve talked about this title way too many times but it’s always nice to come back to it. This is the classic shooter you need to have in your collection. Nintendo made it very easy to have this in your Wii or 3DS although I do suggest you pick up the original Famicom port of it. Why? Because it kicks ass! There is nothing like the original! So without further adieu, here is Twin Bee in a nutshell.

twin bee

The music of this game is pure classic! There may only be one theme song on it but it’s only that one that makes it a classic. You can even find places like Youtube packed with remixes of the theme song. The sound effects are as simple as any shooter of its time. Truly enjoyable.

twin bee

The graphics are pure and simple. The game does a good job on making you feel like you are in the air. You fly through islands and even shoot down pineapples that shoot seeds at you. Yes, there is a lot of different weird enemies in this game. Another reason why it’s unique. Gotta love how your flying ship looks like as well. A total array of beautiful yet creative creatures.

twin bee

The game is great to come back to. You can always get together with a friend and play two players at the same time. The game is quite challenging! You can’t get enough of it especially after you get through it once. You get a more difficult second run. Care to challenge it?

The game overall is amazing. I would recommend it to any shooter fan that’s looking for something simple and fun. Games like these are also brought into new generations especially with the release of the 3D classics Twin Bee for the 3DS. Be sure to check it out if you have a 3DS. The game is quite affordable and even comes in the most generic pirate carts. There are so many ways to acquire this one that I won’t even go further. Just go get it and enjoy a good time!

Banana Prince


Banana Prince

Banana Prince is one of those missed gems that very few people know about. The game is genius! It’s such an enjoyable game! Why? Because it’s pure simple side scrolling action. The music is also gorgeous and the animation of the game is excellent. This is a must have for any collector!
The music is incredibly enjoyable. You will definitely not forget the wonderful tunes you’ll hear from this game. They are quite memorable and catchy. The sound effects are also excellent. There is very little to hate about the sound score from this gem.
The game has amazing animation and excellent detail. The developers made sure the game was animated enough for an awesome experience. I can’t say I’ve played a more animated and detailed game as this one for the Famicom. Then again, there are 1050 titles for the console so there might be others. Nevertheless, this game looks stunning!
The game is a simple platformer that is just too fun to put down. The game has a lot of different features from such games as Super Mario and even Zelda 2. Combine those two schemes and you have an awesome title if done right that is. Be sure to check it out! FUN FUN FUN!
The game itself is great. You’ll definitely have to come back for another run. The game is a great experience from beginning to end. Any platformer fan has to try this one out. The animation and beauty of this game makes you want to come back for more!

So to conclude, the game itself is a must have for any retro collector. If you want to go for the Famicom title, might as well get it complete with box and all as it’s very gorgeous to look at. If you want a US release, there isn’t one! You’ll have to get a reproduction of it though which is the next best thing!


Seicross - NES - Gameplay screenshot -1


My brother and I can both agree that Seicross is an underrated game for the NES. If you own a Nintendo Entertainment System and don’t own Seicross, then you probably should.

It might not be the best game ever made, but it sure is a lot of fun. It’s one of those games that no one really talks about, but it’s there and it’s awesome!

Seicross - NES - Gameplay screenshot

Seicross, originally an arcade game called Sector Zone was later ported to the Famicom and NES. It’s kind of a side scrolling future motor bike shooting game.

Seicross - NES - Gameplay screenshot

During game play the player rides a hovering motor bike racing through each level, shooting enemies, collecting energy and saving your blue friends. All of the levels are similar as in they scroll right, but there are the “FAST” levels and the “SLOW” levels and you’ll notice the differences. The fast levels have enemies on motor bikes chasing you around while the slower levels do not, but they have a lot more obstacles.

The game continues on until you lost all of your lives. This game can be forgiving as you can obtain lives easily by racking up the points. More points = more lives. You can find this game pretty cheap on ebay so if you’re looking for some good cheap fun, check this game out. You won’t be disappointed.

Captain Tsubasa 2

Captain Tsubasa 2 - Famicom - Gameplay Screenshot

One of the most incredible games for the Famicom which combines two genres together is none other than Captain Tsubasa 2. I’m sure this game is something you have never seen before, well just think about it, the game combines RPG elements with sports which is something that has been seen in very few games. The story is simple, you are this kid who joins a soccer team and well you are pretty good at playing soccer and you want to win it all! Of course, you start up in a sucky team, in fact you are the only one that can score for the team so everyone is depending on you to score a hat trick in every match. The controls are simple, once you meet an opponent on the field you will have four options which is usually to pass, dribble, team pass, and shoot. The one I use the most is team pass because you can pass it to your team mate and avoid getting tackle. Of course these options are only when you are holding the ball but when the opponent is coming towards you well you have other options. You can tackle and injure that asshole, or you can try to take the ball away from him “cleanly”. You can also just let him pass.

Captain Tsubasa 2 - Famicom - Gameplay Screenshot

The difficulty of the game increases greatly and keeps you coming for more. If you loose a match you will be sent back a game so you will need to replay that match and then the match that you lost. In the end, this helps you out because your team levels up according to their performance in the match so next time you meet that team that kicked your ass, it might have a different result. Moving on, the storyline gets very interesting as the game goes along, too bad I don’t know how to read Japanese or I would probably have had a bigger attachment to the game. The cut scenes are very well made for a Famicom game, at some times you must have felt like if you were watching a movie….yeah they are good… The music is also very very good and keeps you on the edge of your seat or couch or wherever the hell you play your video games.

Captain Tsubasa 2 - Famicom - Gameplay Screenshot


Overall, the game is a must have for anyone trying to find something different and retro to play. The game doesn’t go for that much, usually ten dollars on ebay. Be sure not to pick up part one as it’s very inferior to the sequel. You will have a better time playing this one. That’s all for now, till next week.



One last thing, the game is packed with super moves each of the characters has but remember not to use them that much as it’ll take a big chunk out of your stamina.


Mr. Gimmick box

So here it is, I was finally able to get a physical copy of this wonderful game and even though it doesn’t contain the special sound chip, I was able to enjoy the gameplay of a game like no other! Gimmick! is one of a kind and it’s the pick of this week!

Mr. Gimmick - Gameplay - Screenshot
The game is very simple. You are this toy, you can move, therefore you must beat the levels! At least, that’s what I could make up of it har har har….the game is not your average platformer. The game showcases the NES/Famicom graphics at its best. Sometimes you think you are playing a SNES game believe it or not. They bring the NES/Famicom to its limits and in some ways opened up new ones(sound chip).


The game tends to start very easy but after level three or so, you will be wanting to break your head open with its difficulty. I haven’t managed to finish the game myself even though my copy of Gimmick! starts you up with 30 lives. By level 3, I have already wasted half of those. I think I just need some practice.



The game is a treat to look at and will make you showcase the best of your skills all the way to the end so it’s highly worth it for hardcore retro gaming fans. The game is also very expensive so be ready to spend the big bucks for it or just be a cheap bastard and play the rom. Either way, pick it up and play! it’s Gimmick!


Gekitou Stadium

Gekitou Stadium - Gameplay Screenshot

With the start of the Famicom Guide Youtube channel why not pick a Famicom title? Well, guess what? I just did! Gekitou Stadium!! is one of the reasons why baseball games are still fun on the classic console. The game is well balanced and has a very moderate setting of gameplay to help make the game fair. You have use the available strategy so that your pitcher won’t get beaten up by the opponent batters. You can hit the hitter if you don’t like him or just trick him to follow a ball outside the pitching box, you decide. The game has a very entertaining soundtrack that will not bore you and will keep you coming for more!

Gekitou Stadium - Gameplay Screenshot
There is a lot to explore as you see in the title screen. You have many settings to choose from. I prefer the 2player vs mode because it’s always a lot more fun to play against a friend. Make sure you hit the ball well though!

Gekitou Stadium - Gameplay Screenshot
Be careful with your opponent especially the ones with lots of HR in their stats, chances are they will try to hit it out of the ball park. My opponent didn’t follow my advice so I swung the bat and make her pay for it!

One of the best parts of the game is you can add yourself in the game. You can see myself right there in the left of the picture waiting to give high fives to my team mate that just scored a home run! Don’t I look sexy? Aha just kidding, this is just one of the many funny cut scenes of this game. Every sport game should have something like this!

Java Based NES Emulator

This post could have been a rant about Nintendo’s censoring policies of yore, focusing for example on the convenient paradigm of Maniac Mansion (for NES, apparently). Of course, it’s not.It’s a simple, albeit glorified, post about a link. A link to a Java-based NES (or Famicom, accordingly) emulator, wisely code-named Andre’s NES Emulator. Visit it and play such classics as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Punch Out, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mega Man and Castlevania. Each one of them a piece of gaming history. Each one of them quite free and without the need for any downloads.

Oh – it almost slipped my mind – here’s the link. Have fun, but don’t break anything.

Pirated Childhood

Very few people here in the States experienced the wonderful yet intriguing world of piracy and that’s due to the fact that companies were on top of each other for copyrights of certain games and what not. Well, where I’m from (Peru) there was no such thing and piracy was as abundant as there could be anywhere in the world. I found myself introduced to the Famicom which over there had various names such as Max Play or Micro Genius. These consoles would come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most of the mimicking the toaster NES console or the Famicom. I personally loved the Famiclones which would bring lots of mysterious games built in or even with a board inside of them. Sadly, I never bought any of them until recent years, I was one of the lucky ones that had the original NES console while everyone else had their awesome looking Famiclones and NESclones.

Why me?? It wasn’t that bad I guess since there were a lot of kick ass games for the original console like the Mario Brothers and Ninja Turtles (Yes, I like the first ones as well and beat that game when I was six years old!). Furthermore, I was one of the lucky ones to be introduced to the most obscure titles during the NES era.

See, there were these game lobbies where you would pay around $0.30 cents to play video games on any console you wanted for an hour. How great was that huh? But wait, it gets better! The games themselves were mostly pirated and the popular originals. Some pirate titles I came across that were engraved in my brain for years to come. One of these wonderful titles was the pirated version of TMNT 2: The Arcade Game. This game’s label art was so wacky I couldn’t ignore it. Below is a photo of what I’m talking about!

tmnt 2 pirated game
tmnt 2 pirated game

Now isn’t this something? I will never forget these turtles, that’s for sure! Not only do they all wear shades but one of them has a shield! It’s funny though, once I found them on eBay to purchase I would keep getting flashbacks of all the memories I had with this game. I bought not one nor two nor three but four copies of this game! The good thing about pirates is that they release this game with different colored pirates (gotta collect them all!). Playing the game with my Famicom sure brings back a lot of memories and joyful occasions. I even remember one time I was playing this game at the lobby and my mom came to pick me up, she wouldn’t let me finish the game and dragged me away from it and all I could hear was Donatello getting the beating of his circuit life while the ice level soundtrack was playing in the background… That memory still comes back to me every time I play that ice level (This “new” level sure made the game longer unlike the original arcade version).

There is another game that marked my childhood with cherished memories. Many of you never heard of it until the rom was available online and hopefully it’ll get well known for being one of the most strangest but correctly made Mario hacks ever! Behold, Mario 8!

Super Bros 8 for famicom
Super Bros 8 for famicom

This game was the entire reason why I went to the lobby every time I could. This game took me out my seat and brought me to a gaming world I have never experienced, and back. The so called Super Bros 8 is actually a hack of Don Doko Don 2 released by Taito. The whole game fits well for it to be a potential Mario title (if you ignore the storyline that is). You play as Mario holding a hammer and stomping evil looking mushrooms (sounds Mario-like?), as well as other creatures along your way including pigs! I think with some hacking by Nintendo, this could have been the better Mario 2 option rather than stealing Doki Doki Panic. I had to find this game when I had the chance and I did. I currently own two copies of it as well as a copy that’s unhacked for some reason. Once I got my hands on this game two years ago, I couldn’t stop playing it. I even had a Mario 8 marathon once where I beat the game five times in a row. I believe I have beaten this game over fifty times now and it never bores me.

I hope this was an enjoyable article for many of you interested in the obscureness of retro gaming… really you can’t get any more obscure than this! As a matter of fact, there are still many titles I can mention but it’ll have to be some other time. Until next time!

E3 2011: Classic Gaming Museum

Classic Gaming Museum - E3 2011

My eyes lit up like a LED screen when I came across this section at E3 2011. Normally, there would be a small section with a few games, but this place was huge. On the back wall were a ton of classic video games from Dig Dug to Killer Instinct and a few even broke down so you know they were authentic.

Classic Gaming Museum - E3 2011

They had what I called a 80’s living room complete with a couch, a radiation level 6 television and an Atari 2600 and best of all you could sit down and play. Now, while I was still just a baby when the 2600 launched I remember setups that looked exactly like this.

Classic Gaming Museum - E3 2011

There were a ton of classic game systems, add-ons and games spread out for display. I recognized many of the systems, but there were a number I did not recognize. I was totally shocked by how huge the cartridge was for Metal Slug. We met a couple of guys from SNK there and they were totally cool so watch for some articles about them coming soon.

Classic Gaming Museum - E3 2011

Not only did they have the boxes and items to view there were many classic game systems setup that you could play for yourself including an Atari 2600, N64, Sega Master System and Intelivision and more.

What classic gaming museum exhibit would complete without music. There were two different bands there that played classic music. We were able to record a bit from 8-bit weapon, a duo that plays classic music from Commodore 64, Gameboy and more.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”480″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM1bmLk5zLI[/youtube]

All in all it was great to see classic gaming displayed in such a way at E3 2011 and we hope we will see more in the future.

Check out all our E3 pictures on our Facebook page.


Mega Man II

MegaMan 2- Gameplay ScreenshotMega Man II

Mega Man 2 has been named the best Mega Man game for the NES for many different reasons. Unlike the rest of the games excluding Mega Man 1, the game continues on from where it left off. I’m not sure if this entirely true as in some later Mega Man games Dr. Wily gets freed by his robots so that would only indicate that he was successfully placed in jail at the last Mega Man game. It doesn’t really matter anyways because we play these games for the awesome classic gameplay and Mega Man is king of it. The game plays great and with the usually great Mega Man soundtrack, you’ll be loving this game all the way through.

MegaMan 2- Gameplay Screenshot


The Mega buster charge shot is missing in this game as it wasn’t introduced until Mega Man 4 so you’ll be having some tough times ahead. The regular Mega buster does damage the robot masters in strong quantities. In fact, you can defeat all the robot masters with just your mega buster in normal mode. Speaking of modes, the game comes with two modes, normal mode and hard mode. I’m sure you can figure out which is which and what they do so I won’t go into further details. As with every Mega Man game once you defeat the robot master you’ll gain their power and be able to use it for the rest of the game. You will also gain additional gadgets that looked more like Rush’s body parts that will help you in your quest.

MegaMan 2- Gameplay Screenshot

The goal is quite simple as you defeat the eight robot masters and then head to Dr. Wily’s castle. There you will go through various levels until you reach the end. It’s odd that in some Mega Man games he decides to go all around the castle only to end up in an area where he could have just gone around and skip all the battles. It’s alright though, this only benefits to you and the replay value.

There is not much more to say about this game except that it’s a true classic and it should not be ignored. The game is might affordable for the NES but if you are aiming for the Famicom version get ready to pay up big time. The complete in a box Rockman 2 can go well over one hundred dollars. My advice, stick with the NES version.

Rocman X

Rocman X Gameplay Screenshot
There are lots of pirates out there that catch our attention one way or the other. This one is no different as Sachen took Rockman and turned it into something else. Presenting Rockman’s retarded cousin, Rocman X! We are not talking about X from the series by the way, this is Rocman X not X(I hope you see the difference by now). Rocman X is your average pirate platformer. What makes this game unique though is the use of Rocman X who is also known as Rochman X for some reason.

Rocman X Gameplay Screenshot

The game plays better than your average pirate game as you are able to do what you can do in most games actually worth playing. You can jump and shoot your boomerang although half the time you’ll have to aim real well so you can hit your monster. For some reason the monsters evade your boomerang with ease which can get quite annoying. There is also a charge technique which is not a stronger boomerang technique but it rather makes you jet horizontally through the level. If you get hit though, you will stop using your technique so you are at the mercy of the monsters with this technique. You also collect money which must be to buy items or something, I haven’t encounter a shop or anything but then again I never really got that far. Maybe the shops are hidden or you could get an extra life once your money hits 100.

Rocman X Gameplay Screenshot

The game is quite fun if you want to play something challenging but I advice you that if you don’t have any patience you’ll be left with a big gap in your head. There is stuff to like and to hate about this game so I suggest you try it out before you actually purchase it. We have to thank emulators for that. Going back to the game, the levels not only go left and right but up and down, it’ll be up to you to conquer each level but of course you’ll be running into lots of dead ends. Be sure to learn to use your boomerang first as you’ll need it to be able to preserve your energy for the rest of the level. Destroying the monsters help as you can also get pills of energy to be able to recover some life from any damage taken. Sachen did a very nice job with this game but I will say it again, it’s not for everyone.

Rocman X Gameplay Screenshot

If you want a very challenging and obscure platformer for your 8-bit console, then I suggest you pick this one up although it won’t come as cheap or often. Be ready to pay around 15-20 dollars for one as the cheapest although I have seen eBay auctions ending them in the 50s so beware. There is also an even harder to find version for the Gameboy which I luckily own 😉 The game plays the same way as the Famicom/NES version except that it’s portable. It feels exactly the same. It’s very odd that you can only play it on the Gameboy Color or Original Game Boy Advance. The SP won’t run it for some reason but then again maybe it just needed some cleaning, once I get that game out of my storage unit I’ll see if there is anything to be done. Either way, be sure to pick up and play Rockman’s retarded cousin adventure!


Goonies - Gameplay Screenshot 2


This time around, we have a true classic for the Famicom/NES. Goonies was a side scroller like no other for its time. It had very unique items and collectibles as well. I mean why in the world would you need to use an space suit? nevah! Anyways, the game is challenging at times and follows the story well sort off. You do start off at the house where the bad guys were in. You also get a fat guy that keeps shooting at you but you never see that dirt bag old lady at all.

Goonies - Gameplay Screenshot 1

The levels are pretty simple. Just beat up a rat and get the bomb. Place the bomb in the door nearby and get what’s inside. You must find three children and a key to be able to exit the level. Make sure you also pick up the items in the doors, well you’ll have to anyways because you need to blow them all up. The levels take you through an underground level and sewers as well. It’s a pretty fun game overall! The ending is also worth it all the way! You must beat this game!

With simple gameplay and a great fun factor, this game is a must play for any retro gamer. It’s very odd it was never released in the US even though it was based on a US released movie…

I never really got into Goonies 2 as well which was released here in the US because it just didn’t felt like a Goonies game. I’m not saying it’s a bad game, I just should probably give it another chance. Anyways, since there is not US release I suggest you buy one of those multicarts which are really common and have a very good chance of coming with the Goonies game in it. If not just play the rom!

Thriftstore and Flea Market Finds

Well today I went to the thriftstore to see if I could find some Famicom carts but came out empty again well not really. I was able to find some other kewl stuff including a CDX console. At first I though it was a 32X adaptor for the Genesis but when the lady showed it to me it said CDX which I had no idea what it was until I saw the sega logo on the AC adaptor so I took it. When I got home I found out that it was actually a Genesis console with the Sega CD addon which is great because I wanted a Sega CD for a long time and finally got one. I was nervous whether or not the console was going to work but in the end it was all good. I only had crappy games to try out in the Sega CD addon but it was so sweet to see them boot up. Below are my other finds.

Battletoads on a Sega CD

Playing Battletoads on my new CDX hehe….

Sega CDX

A close up of the CDX. I couldn’t figure out what to do with the game Dragon’s Lair….

SNES Controller
I found an extra SNES controller as well. It’s always nice to have extra controllers since one I had recently stopped working.

Double Dragon - World Class Soccer - Stunt Race FX
Here are some more games including Double Dragon(NES), World Class Soccer(SNES), and Stunt Race FX(SNES) which use the FX chip for some enhanced graphics.

We decided to go to sell some of our junk  and came up having a good time in the end. The busiest time was actually when we opened our spot. We made a little bit over fifty dollars but overall it was fun. I was able to pick up some stuff as well.

Flea Market Setup

We had to wake up at 5am but I actually stayed up all night since I got out of work at 1am. This is a photo I took a little bit after we got to our spot. A lot of people didn’t opened their spots until a couple of hours later maybe they were just waiting for people to start walking around or something.

Flea Market Setup
This was our spot. We didn’t bring any tables so we had to place everything in the floor. Of course, we placed a sheet on the floor so that we can place all our stuff. I brought some of the games I wanted to get rid of and ended up selling a few of them by the end of the day.

Flea Market Setup
Of course the flea market has a big porn business going on nowadays. Spots like this one in the photo were all over the place. I didn’t checked them out myself but they do look like burn DVDs. I also saw a lot of perverts at times and even a lady looking to purchase some porn.

Flea Market Setup

As you can see in this photo the flea market was not busy at all! We were still able to sell some of our stuff but I think if we came another day of the week, we could have sold a lot more stuff.

Flea Market Setup

You can find a lot of counterfeit items in the flea market. Right here there is a NES like clone with no cartridge insert so that means you can only play the games that are built in. The seller told me it had the board inside the console so maybe with some tweaking it could be opened and change the cart? The seller was selling it for twenty dollars which is not bad but it’s always a gamble to purchase one of these items. There are also some fake pokemon trading cards that were a dollar each. They used to have Yu-Gi-Oh cards as well but I didn’t see any this time around.

I was also able to find a Power Joy 3 Famiclone. This is the one that comes with the second controller and gun + the built in games. The game that the clone was running is Super Mario Bros. The lady was selling the clone for 25 dollars which is not bad considering it was cib. It would make a good gift for someone who wants a cheap Famicom. The sound is not the same as the Famicom though.

Power Joy 3

Here is a closer photo of the Power Joy 3 box. The controller looks like a N64 controller.

Well enough about the flea market, time to show my finds which weren’t many but it was at least something rather than nothing. Here they are:

Sega Genesis

I saw this while the seller was putting his stuff away. He sold it to me for a dollar which is a good deal since it came complete. I don’t have a genesis 1 or 2 so I can’t make much use of this. Maybe my CDX will fit in here.

I found also a SNES from another seller who wanted to get rid of it badly. She said three dollars then five dollars then ten dollars and finally three dollars. Yeah I got it for three dollars and found the AC adaptor in another store later on that day. The SNES came with the AV output only + game. I tested it when I got home and works like a charm. I’m going to spray paint it to give it a nice new style. I’ll show photos of my finished project.

N64 Gameshark

This is the N64 gameshark! Tada!! The main purpose of this peripheral is to help you cheat. How you say? by inputting codes or using the built in codes. The psx gameshark had built in codes so I’m assuming the N64 gameshark has the same capabilities.


So that’s about it….I hope you enjoyed this nice blog entry and please keep visiting for more retro gaming entries!

The Collectors Corner: New Famicom Carts

Famicom carts

I received in the mail a bunch of Famicom carts. They were all enjoyable except for Toy Story which didn’t work although I knew it would not work anyways. The one that was the most playable was King Kong 2. That game is crazy! You use King Kong to destroy everything in your path. Your goal is to destroy everything because of your rage and find King Kong’s girlfriend? Yeah the intro shows a lady Kong being trapped somewhere. It’s a very cliche story but what matters is the gameplay.

The kitten also agrees that King Kong rocks! Oh yeah Ghostbusters sucks!

FC Genjin

Genjin - Famicom - Title Screen

Well another week and another edition of retro game of the week. This time around I’m basing it off a game for the Famicom/NES that I just got in the mail not long ago. FC Genjin(Bonk’s Adventure) for the Famicom is surely one not to miss. The game is your typical platformer that’s unique in many ways. In this game, you take control of umm Bonk which is a big headed cave boy!


Genjin - Famicom - Gameplay Screenshot

Anyways, here we go with the game! The game like I said is your usual platfomer. Probably the best part is when you find a piece of meat and eat it! Then Bonk goes crazy! Kinda of like the star power in Super Mario Bros. Afterward, Bonk stays in a tan color which gives him more powers. You can you Bonk’s head to create an earthquake and destroy all the monsters that are currently in the screen. Your powers will be gone in no time so you have to use them to your advantage. The game plays a lot like say Joe and Mac for the same console. So I’m hoping this is enough to make you guys pick it up unique title. I’m sure that the TG-16 fans will agree the superiority of the Bonk games for that console. Since I haven’t played them, I can’t make a comparison. Hopefully, one day I will be able to pick those games up(even though I had the chance at a flea market and let it go….). Until next time!

Genjin - Famicom


Also credit for the photos goes to good old Nintendo Dork(Tyler) har har har


Exploring the NES – Part 1

As I briefly mentioned in my ‘Exploring the Commodore 64‘ feature, the computers or consoles we look back upon with most affection are usually the first ones we got, and these are usually gifts from our parents for Christmas or something similar. Just as I missed out on C64 gaming by virtue of receiving the splendid gift of a ZX Spectrum, I also completely missed out on Famicom / NES gaming by becoming a Master System owner. Although it wasn’t a gift this time (the details surrounding the purchase can be found here), the enjoyment my MS provided soon turned me into a Sega fanboy who looked upon the ‘inferior’ NES with scorn.

Of course, the fact that the NES was a bit of a flop here in the UK just reinforced my belief that I had chosen wisely, it was irrelevant that it was crushing all before it in Japan and the US, and in a coincidental parallel of my Speccy situation, I didn’t know a single person who owned an NES. This meant I missed out on Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, Castlevania, and all the other classic franchises born on this famous console, but I didn’t care at the time – it took the SNES to break my disdain for Nintendo and by then the NES was old news. Fortunately however, it turned out my evolution as a gamer meant that once I’d reached the Dreamcast and my beloved Sega had gone down (well, as a hardware manufacturer), I fell out of love with modern gaming and instead sought refuge in gaming’s past.

Before starting Red Parsley I had, somewhat startlingly never played an NES game. I have since played a few here and there for the odd review or feature, but the console remains largely unknown to me. It was mainly for this reason that I asked Eric, Facebook friend and purveyor of fine NES reviews and features website, Nintendo Legend, to recommend five games that he felt would give me a well-rounded experience of his favourite console. Though there will be a follow-up to this feature at some point, here I present my first impressions of the games Eric chose and of the console generally.

Super Mario Bros 3 (1988)

Okay, yes, I’ve played this one before, albeit as part of Super Mario All-Stars on my SNES, so I already know how frickin’ awesome it is! Having said that, the ‘Best Mario Game’ argument often comes down to this or Super Mario World, and I have to confess, I prefer the latter. But that’s like trying to decide what’s best between two Ferrari’s – neither is exactly a pile of crap! Like most Mario games, it’s possible to just casually pootle through each of the many stages that make up the eight worlds here and then play something else but just as much fun comes from trying to uncover all the many secrets the game holds too. In my opinion, as a Master System owner I had access to a game as equally fantastic as this in Wonder Boy 3, but it’s possible I may change that viewpoint after a long-overdue delve into this amazing game.

Maniac Mansion (1987)

I confess, there’s not many game genre’s I don’t really get on with but ‘point and click’ adventures are one of them. I know how well regarded this game is though, so I approached it with an open mind and… it’s not bad! It’s set in an evil professor’s large mansion of some sort from which you must help Dave rescue his girlfriend. Joining him are two friends who you can choose yourself from six who all have unique abilities. I’m sure I’m just preaching to the converted here though! It’s easy to see why this game was so popular in its day – it and its sequel still command a loyal following today, as well as many other LucasArts games. The graphics and music are pretty nice but the most fun comes from exploring the mansion which has a lot of replay value thanks to the multiple characters. I may not finish this game, being something of a genre beginner, but I’ll certainly give it a go! Much more fun than I thought it would be!

Dragon Warrior (1986)

Long have I known of the immense popularity of the Dragon Quest series in Japan but I haven’t actually played any… until now! I was a bit nervous too. I love action RPG’s like Zelda, Grandia, and the Shining series, for example, but this is a proper RPG, you have to actually learn how to play these things! My first 30 minutes or so playing this was great though. I generally like games with fantasy settings and it’s no exception. The graphics and music are rather basic, even for a NES game, but everything is neat and tidy and it’s an enjoyable game world to explore. Well, until I left the first town that is, where I encountered the infamous ‘random battles’ syndrome whereby monsters appear every five seconds or so! Luckily it’s not mandatory to fight each of them (although I initially tried and was soon defeated!). It will of course take me much longer to make any significant progress into this game but I like it a lot so far.

Tecmo Super Bowl (1991)

Hooray, an American Football game, thanks Eric! It was actually thanks to gaming that I became interested in this sport and I remain a loyal 49ers fan to this day (for my sins). The first thing that struck me about this offering from Tecmo, which is notable for being the first sports game to be officially licensed and therefore able to use all the correct team and player names, was its superb presentation. I’ve played US Football games older than this before but Tecmo really put a sheen of polish on it to show up all competitors. As with most complicated sports games, it took a while to get the hang on this one, but once I did I couldn’t stop playing it! Witness my 80-odd yard touchdown run against the stupid Packers to the right! It’s not been hard to see why this game is still popular today.

Contra (1988)

It’s rather ridiculous that I’ve never played a Contra game quite frankly, especially given my appreciation of other run ‘n’ gun games such as the Shinobi series. Nonetheless, I guess it’s fitting my first one is the first one and it was immediately obvious to me why this series has always been held in such high regard. It’s not a very complicated game and mere seconds after starting it I was running, jumping, and shooting through the first stage as though I’d been doing so for years. That’s not to say it was easy though, far from it. I’ve heard many complaints from gamers over the years about how tough these games are and they appear to be well founded! I feel sure though, that if I’d had an NES in my youth rather than an MS, this game would’ve occupied a lot of my time. The graphics are pretty good, the music is fantastic, but it really is superbly playable, not to mention addictive. Top stuff!

That’s it for now! These first five games have all been great fun to discover. Although I’ve played similar games to Dragon Warrior and Tecmo Super Bowl on my Master System, the others were not really something for which MS fans were catered. I’m not finished yet though. Given the rather extensive back-catalogue that NES owners enjoyed (and something the poor old Master System could certainly have done with), I’ll be covering five more games in the next part of this post along with a final verdict of the much-loved NES. Perhaps my fellow blogger, and Famicom collector, Sean, will be kind enough to suggest the next five? 😉

Famiclone: Power Joy 3

Famiclone Power Joy Controler

So which Famiclone have you used the most? For me, the Power Joy 3 is the only Famiclone I’ve used but lately it has been giving me problems. For example, this Famiclone is only made up of a N64 style controller with the cartridge slot in the back of it. The problem with that is that I can easily move the cart out of place and therefore mess up the whole game and then I’ll have to start over.

Another problem with this Famiclone is the cartridge slot itself. It seems it was only made for pirate carts because most of my licensed carts can’t seem to fit in any possible way. It’s very annoying since the Famiclone is supposed to make it real handy to just plug and play but it becomes annoying in the end. I have to end up playing my Famicom carts in my NES or Famicom.

Well I wouldn’t recommend this Famiclone unless you are a pirate freak and hate license games. There are also built in games that make it real handy when you just don’t want to take your carts out. Of course, you get the usual games like Super Mario Bros and Contra but to this day, those games are awesome! Enjoy and hope this little blog helps you decide on future Famiclone purchases.

One last thing, I give this Famiclone a rating as well! This Famiclone gets a three out of five. I’ll have to work on some number graphics for this heheheh.

POD: King Kong’s Queen Kong

King Kong 2 - Ikari no Megaton Punch - Title Screen
As I was playing this game I decided to take a break and check out the demo gameplay that is shown. I was also introduced to what the story is behind this game. King Kong 2 is probably one of the more fun smashing games for the Famicom. The story should make you want to smash even more especially when Queen Kong is taken away! Oh NO!! Behold some snapshots of the intro:

King Kong 2 - Ikari no Megaton Punch - Storyline Screenshot 1

King Kong’s heart is pounding faster more and more!!

King Kong 2 - Ikari no Megaton Punch - Storyline Screenshot 2

Those bastards have taken Queen Kong. Lets go teach them a lesson.

King Kong 2 - Ikari no Megaton Punch - Storyline Screenshot 3

Never mess with an ape on mating season!

King Kong 2 - Ikari no Megaton Punch - Storyline Screenshot 4
Now to have revenge on the world! Go King Kong GO!

Mega Man 7: Famicom Version

I was finally able to play this game which is a PC exclusive. The game plays great just like a Famicom/NES game. These guys didn’t leave any details out of the SNES version. The game is not a rom hack of any kind or a rom at all, it’s a PC game. Finding it wasn’t that hard all you have to do is go to Google and search for Mega Man 7 NES. So there you have it, the game is incredibly similar to the SNES version and has most of the details done to it. I would love to see Mega Man 8 for the NES as well although only time will tell if it’ll become a reality. If you are too lazy to try it out then here is the link to the site Mega Man 7 NES and download away. One more thing, the site is in Japanese but don’t worry the download link should be on the front page.

Earthbound OST

Earthbound OST

Original known as Mother, Earthbound was an RPG released on the Super Nintendo in 1995. Earthbound is actually the follow up sequel of Mother that was released in Japan for the Famicom gaming system in 1989.


The music of Earthbound was composed by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka.


What video game(s) do you wish would be made but were not?

Lost highway fog
Lost highway fog

As gamers we always want more, even when we claim a game was a masterpiece and should never be redone secretly most of us hope a great follow-up will be done so we can enjoy it all over again. This goes for remakes as well. Many may rally against the idea, but if done well can easily become yet another classic hit.

Then there are those games that everyone was waiting for. It was a given that a sequel would be made and gamers were chomping at the bit eagerly waiting for its release. Unfortunately, some of those games never made it to light and worse yet, in some cases the fans would never know what happened unless they dug for information in the few gaming magazines there were at the time. So what happened to these games that were to be released only to disappear?

In many cases the games were remade for the next generation of consoles. The problem with this was many fans never knew their new favorite game was the old game they were waiting for. The reason for this was normally because the name was changed and the game slightly tweeked to take advantage of the more powerfully system. In other cases licensing expired or there were behind the scene troubles that prevented the original title from being used.

Sometimes the game was just scrapped and never came to light. There were many reasons for this from money to contract disputes to the creator just walking away. It happened more often in the PC gaming market, but was certainly there in the console gaming market as well.

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy 4 NES
Final Fantasy 4 NES

Now we all know that FF4 was released, but originally it was to be released for the Famicom (Japanese name of the NES). In this case it was decided to make FF4 for the Super Famicom (SNES) instead. Originally FF5 was going to be the SNES title with FF4 being the last Square (Now Square Enix) title of that series on the NES.

Sonic Crackers

Sonic Crackers
Sonic Crackers

You can actually find this as a ROM file under the name Sonic Stadium. Now there is a lot of information on Sonic Crackers and a lot of missing information as well. What we do know is supposedly SC was to be released as the last Sonic game on the 16-bit platform. Reports indicate the game was in the development stage with a few zones and sprites. In the end the game was redone and became Knuckles Chaotix on the 32X Sega Console. Though Chaotix looked and played different it is believed that was what became of Sonic Crackers, to bad most did not like the game or the 32X for that matter.

Star Fox 2

Star Fox 2
Star Fox 2

This was another great game that was to receive a direct follow-up. Star Fox was a hit on the SNES and fans everywhere held their breaths waiting for SF2. In the end the game was remade into Star Fox 64 and it was the N64 pending release that was the reason for Star Fox 2 being put on the shelf. The game was highly covered at the time and according to Star Fox 2 lead programmer Dylan Cuthbert the game was fully completed and ready to go.

This is just a taste of many games that were to be made, but never saw the light of day. Over the next few months Obsolete Gamer will be taking a look at more of these “lost” games and bring you a report on them. For now we asked our panel of insiders:

What video game(s) did you wish would be made but were not?

Grace Snoke from EOGamer wrote:

There are a couple of games high on my list that were in development, but never made it live or were just killed in the production stages.  Sadly, all of these games were being made, but didn’t make it to the end.

Stargate Worlds is at the top of my list. While I’ve heard rumors it is still “in production” I don’t have a lot of belief in that with the side projects the same company is working on.  I just don’t think they have the funding to make the game what they promised us it would be in the past.

Ultima Online: 2 I think that’s what they were calling it.  Either way, it was supposed to basically be an Ultima Online sequel, but with huge improvements on the current Ultima Online Game.  The game never had a chance, despite a lot of the community standing behind the game for it.

Wish Online:  For those of us that played in the beta, the game was simply amazing. The game engine created a wonderful playing environment.  It was lush, in-depth, had a great crafting and fighting system, but unfortunately was not meant to be.  Unfortunately it was a problem of money available verses development time and money ran out.  I know a group of us had looked into purchasing the game engine, but we couldn’t afford the price of it.

Aaron Hunter from Playtechtonics Inc wrote:

If I answered that about the current market, I would be giving away my secrets! I always wanted there to be a massively-multiplayer version of Star Control, and that’s why I made Starport! (www.starportgame.com)

What about you, what game do you wish would have been made?

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Super Mario Bros 3 Box Cover

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