Java Based NES Emulator

This post could have been a rant about Nintendo’s censoring policies of yore, focusing for example on the convenient paradigm of Maniac Mansion (for NES, apparently). Of course, it’s not.It’s a simple, albeit glorified, post about a link. A link to a Java-based NES (or Famicom, accordingly) emulator, wisely code-named Andre’s NES Emulator. Visit it and play such classics as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Punch Out, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mega Man and Castlevania. Each one of them a piece of gaming history. Each one of them quite free and without the need for any downloads.

Oh – it almost slipped my mind – here’s the link. Have fun, but don’t break anything.

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Konstantinos Dimopoulos

Hi, my name is Gnome, a.k.a Konstantinos and I own the blog Gnome's Lair which is all about gaming in all of its many and varied guises. It is thus about computer & video games, old games, new games, indie games, adventure games, free games, board games, ludology, game creation, RPGs, books on games, games on books, and well the theory of and in games.

13 thoughts on “Java Based NES Emulator

  • (dressed in fire brigad uniform) everything looks okay…in firefox

  • and in IE, damn you had me worried for a bit there……dont know what we would have done without our (fans) treasure trove.

  • (steps out of his breathing gear and yellow hard hat)

    I don’t know how you do it, if I had a link that in a year, i’d be sitting back with a smug smile on my face. you manage it nearly every day…….

    appluuuuuuu ????
    (takes of asbestos gloves)

  • If I didn’t already own a PSP with all my Roms on it, this would be a god send for work heh

  • Mr. Elderly, thanks so much for taking care of the lair and checking out on it! Thankfully everything is allright… And from now on each and every Gnome’s Lair template will be also copied in a nice .txt file for safekeeping.

    Jakanden, you are quite the lucky one… I have to live with java emus.

  • good idea gunga din….(elderly follows suit)

  • Gnome, if you were a woman, I marry you right now. Thanks a million for this great link. Finally, I get to play Castlevania 2&3.

  • Ah… thanks… that’s sweet…

    Let’s watch some football now

    (I knew you’d enjoy the Castlevania bit)

  • doesn’t sound very promising…

  • (stares at gnome, stares at the back of gamer C’s head…….sulks!)

  • Pah…
    Let’s forget all this confusing stuff…

    Have a drink Mr. Elderly.

  • thank you gnome…what a novel idea….i don’t mind if i do

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