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The bored ramblings of a neurotic heavily pregnant woman – pushchair problems

Apologies for not updating aap on Saturday as promised, the assembly of the pushchair was non existent. After being ordered by Mick not to attempt the asembly until he came home from work around 6/7pm I finally cracked a little after 4pm and broke the box open. I was slightly dismayed to find the pushchair fully assembled. All I needed to do was familiarise myself with how to open and close it along with working out how to use either the stroller chair or the car seat on the main frame. It’s curently sat in the front room with car seat attched awaiting for the cupboard under the stairs to be clutter free so it can be housed. I have to admit I believe I’ve made a good decision wih this pushchair, its quite light and very narrow in comparison to some of the burly beasts you can buy.

I was orginally wanting the quinny buzz, purely based on the fact that it too looked to be light and narrow but also that you were able to have the chair in the rear facing position so little one was always looking at you, but when my friend took me to mothercare for a play I found it to be one of the most horrid contraptions I’d ever seen. – Apologies if anyone reading has one but it simply wasn’t my taste. So I opted for the I’coo plamsa Ipod. Me and Sarah were having a good old play with this, pushing it round the pram section pulling it apart and putting it back together. Yes, this was definatley the one for me. The sales wife came over to see if we needed any help and pointed out that the pushchair had an Ipod docking station. Excuse me?? Yes an Ipod docking station so baby can listen to tunes when your out and about. How class is that!!! So pushchair and car seat fully paid for and orded I had only one problem. I didn’t have an Ipod. That didn’t phase me, a few weeks back we had my brother staying over whilst he worked the outage at the power station, lets just say he arrived with an Ipod but certainly didn’t leave with one!!! We’ve had a play with the Ipod, it goes into the hood for the main chair, I have to admit I did need Mick for this bit. I tried to get it working but was obviously having a true blonde moment when I deemed the Ipod to be the wrong type because I couldn’t get it working. I passed it to Mick as “women and technology don’t work” as I was arguing my case the Ipod sprung to life and music could be heard. It’s quite load so I’ll need to keep an eye on that. It will need emptying of my brothers music and something more tasteful added to it. The choice of music is a little worrying mind as Mick and I have very different tastes. I’ll be having a little classic fm for babies and a bit of jazz on there whilst Mick has announced that he’ll be adding a little Korn and smashing pumpkins. My dad who bless him is quite a young and modern 57 has stated that his grandson will be listening to Reggae when it’s Grandy’s play time. My poor child has no chance, yes he may have an eclectic taste for music but he’ll be very confused at a young age.

Although Friday was non eventful for me, My mate Kirsty as mention in a previous article gave birth to healthy baby girl weighing in at 8lbs 5. I got a fone call from her fella around 2.45 happilly declaring that Millie came into the world at 2min past 2 that afternoon. I had a brief chat with Kirsty, she was well, a little battered and bruised but thankfully suffered no tearing/cutting so therefore was not in need of any stitches. We ended the call with her promising to call me when she’s up for visitors and going back to enjoy her new bundle. Now I would be a liar if I said I hadn’t felt a pang of jealousy that she had her baby in her arms and I still have a little over 4 weeks to go, but I know my time will soon come. So now I’m an auntie and can’t wait to meet the addition to the clan. Kirsty sent me a picture last night and whilst I can’t say she’s the cutest baby in the world as that title will go to my little James when he is born she is certainly the cutest baby girl on the face of the planet!

Saturday started off as a bit of drudge, nothing much happening and no energy to actually do anything anyway. I did get a bit of a nice surprise through the post tho. £50 of capital bonds vouchers from work celebrating that the company had come top with Osprey for operations right across the board for 2006/07. They don’t expire until September 2010, so I’ve decided to keep the for after James is born and treat me. For as long as I can rember now I have been buying baby things and once he’s out that’ll be it. No treats for mum as baby will come first, so a new oufit with the vouchers once the baby weight has gone wil come in handy.

My mate Sarah popped over saturday afternoon, she came armed with a moses basket and stand along with a bouncer. One less thing to spend on, they are both in great condition just need a spin in the washer, she did apologize for not washing them but then stated she knew I would only wash them anyway, which is true. When she first told me I could have them I had ordered her not to bother giving them a clean as me being would only do it anyway. We had a good natter for a few hours then she had to go pick up her little girl from her aunties. Mick was on a night out with mates in boro, so I was dressd in pj’s by 7 and comfy in bed watching a bit of pikey tv. Come 8.30 I was writhing around the bed in agony yet again. For the past 2 nights I been having braxton hicks conractions (prentend contractions), the midwifes state that they are painless but I beg to differ. They bloody knack, if these things are prentend then I dread to think what the real deal is like!!!

Today I’m hoping to again do nothing, perhaps a bit of clothes washing for Mick and I – He will certainly need clean clothes for work. I may even have a snooze later as I’ve been awake quite early today. I used to spend the weekend in the local pub with my mates getting trollie and up until now it hasn’t bothered me that I can’t do it, but even at 8 am this morning I could quite happily do some damage to the Stella pump. Best make a coffee me thinks and banish all thoughts of alcohol.

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