Scambaiter – Who do you want to marry Osmaney?

Osmaney claimed to be somali refugee living in south africa, who wanted to move to the US and What better way to get a green card then marry a member of the ObscureInternet staff?

Fact fans may be interested to know this was the first scammer to contact us via Myspace IM.

(11:36:08 AM) osmaney: hello
(11:36:19 AM) osmaney: ok
(11:36:36 AM) osmaney: can you help me
(11:41:48 AM) hello
(11:44:19 AM) osmaney: hello
(11:44:34 AM) you wanted help?
(11:45:02 AM) osmaney: yes
(11:45:40 AM) so how can I help?
(11:46:51 AM) osmaney: i am somali my name is mohamed i live in south africa ,i mean i am a refugee so
(11:47:13 AM) right, ok
(11:47:34 AM) osmaney: i want to get green card loterry but i do not have
(11:47:51 AM) osmaney: any gerrn card o visa
(11:47:56 AM) ok
(11:48:28 AM) osmaney: also i want to be one of the winners of this year
(11:49:01 AM) so naturally you asked us…
(11:49:07 AM) osmaney: because i am afraid here because there is to much killings
(11:49:48 AM) indeed
(11:50:01 AM) so naturally you asked us…
(11:50:11 AM) a humour website
(11:50:21 AM) osmaney: you know the only reason that i run away my country is no peace
(11:50:30 AM) have you thought of marrying a us citizen?
(11:50:51 AM) you could marry one of our members for a small fee
(11:51:04 AM) osmaney: ok
(11:51:13 AM) have a look at our pictures, and pick the one you like the best
(11:51:25 AM) osmaney: ok
(11:51:43 AM) osmaney: so where is that pictures
(11:51:48 AM) on our profile
(11:51:59 AM) osmaney: ok
(11:52:53 AM) osmaney: i could do every thing that you need me
(11:53:15 AM) have you picked a member yet?
(11:53:20 AM) osmaney: so please and please try to help me
(11:53:30 AM) osmaney: no
(11:53:37 AM) look here
(11:54:00 AM) osmaney: ok
(11:56:31 AM) have you picked one?
(11:57:08 AM) osmaney: yet i did no see pictures
(11:57:31 AM) what did you see?
(11:57:54 AM) osmaney: ather picture
(11:58:07 AM) osmaney: but i did no see girls
(11:58:17 AM) you want to marry a girl?
(11:58:27 AM) Oh, that will cost lots of money….
(11:58:32 AM) do you have lots of money?
(11:58:45 AM) osmaney: no
(11:58:55 AM) osmaney: you say to members
(11:58:59 AM) then you will have to marry one of the men
(11:59:10 AM) osmaney: so i am looking members
(11:59:19 AM) osmaney: no
(11:59:43 AM) osmaney: men for what i am a man
(11:59:53 AM) osmaney: are carzy
(12:00:04 PM) osmaney: i am not a lady
(12:00:15 PM) no, men marrying men in US is ok.
(12:00:21 PM) Do you want to come to US or not?
(12:01:21 PM) osmaney: if i want who could be the wife me or anather gay
(12:02:04 PM) you could take turns, or toss for it
(12:02:36 PM) osmaney: i could take
(12:02:54 PM) I bet you could

Osmaney disapeared stopped talking to us after this, but we still got the odd message on myspace, but only because his account has been phished, silly Osmaney.

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