Greg Moore: Capcom

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Name: Greg Moore

Company: Capcom

Title: Community Specialist & Liaison

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Favorite Classic Game: Bionic Commando


Why it is your favorite game: A great blend of fine-tuned action, adventure elements, and intense theatrics with a delightfully subversive twist on pre-established platform gaming norms.

Bionic Commando: This week’s Classic Download

bionic commando gameboy

Fans of the classic GameBoy version of Bionic Commando will be able to purchase this classic on the 3DS, Virtual Console and Nintendo eShop. The Game Boy version of the NES classic BIONIC COMMANDO arrives on Nintendo eShop to take you on a daring action-packed mission. As Rad Spencer, use your high-tech grapple hook and assault rifle to infiltrate the enemy’s stronghold in order to rescue Super Joe. You can be the difference between war and peace. Are you ready for the challenge?


Classic Videogame Politicians

Are you bad enough to have a burger with Reagan after you save his life? ~J.A. Laraque

Classic Videogame Politicians


So we are in a presidential race season, this means you will be hearing about who you should vote for and why and most likely it will make television watching a pain. Seeing all these people looking to becoming your representative’s made me think about some politicians from classic video games. Maybe you would vote for one of these guys or gals if you could.

Princess “Peach” Toadstool

Princess Peach

While Princess Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom she really does not do much as far as us gamers can see. It seems as if she is more like the head of a board of directors and the real power comes from her mushroom retainers that are always with her. Perhaps it is a good thing since she is always being kidnapped. By the way, she is estimated to be worth over 1 billion dollars. Perhaps that’s the true reasons she was always being kidnapped. She is the one present.

Master-D: Bionic Commando


I don’t think there are many people who would vote for Master-D since he really seems like a copy of Hitler, but you never know, with the right platform he could be a third party candidate or spoiler.  In the original version of the game Nazi imagery and references were everywhere, but were removed by the ever censoring hand of Nintendo. Master-D is currently working on having his civil war era flag restored and we hear he has 70% of the vote in Mississippi.

Mayor Mike Haggar: Final Fight


Mike ran on a platform of cleaning up the streets of Metro City and he meant to do it in the blood of his enemies. I guess when you can body slam all your opponents into the concrete and kick an arrow shooting wheelchair bound man out of a high rise you are bound to win the popular vote. Jesse Ventura said Mike was his “Regan” and followed in his footsteps. Currently there has been some scandal as Mike has been seen hiking the appellation trail and caught at other fighting tournaments instead of governing. Mike tried to appease his constituents by giving them the WWE channel for free, but in the end he had to quit after only two years as governor due to “distractions.”

President Reagan: Bad Dudes

Ronald Reagan Bad Dudes

Are you bad enough to have a burger with Reagan after you save his life? I really think this was an inside joke because his name is Ronald and you know, burgers, get it? Either way like Reagan’s trickle down economics being offered a grilled meat sandwich after fighting an army of bad guys to save him leaves you with not much of worth. Did you know the bad guys offered 10 million for the Bad Dudes to walk away? If only there was a working time machine.

So who would you vote for, who could lead us to the promise land?

Top Five Spectrum Compilations

Spectrum Compilations

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s and had a classic 8-bit micro would have worshipped the game compilations that appeared regularly throughout the latter half of that decade, and with good reason – a single new game would cost us upwards of £8, so who could say no to a collection of five, sometimes even more, games for a pound or two more? Whoever thought them up was a hero to all of us Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and Commodore 64 owners! I was a proud Spectrum owner and of all the years I enjoyed gaming on it, a large percentage of this time was spent with compilations and the treasures contained therein. Here are my favourites:

Spectrum Compilations - The In Crowd 2

5. The In Crowd (1989)

I remember for many years my favourite Spectrum mags were going on and on about this one but it was one of the few ‘big name’ compilations I didn’t own. It wasn’t until the 8-bit era was coming to an end that I finally managed to get hold of a copy. Was it worth the wait? Well, it has some decent games that’s for sure: Karnov, Gryzor, Barbarian, Crazy Cars, Predator, Combat School, Platoon, and Target Renegade. While it’s true there’s not many classics on here, this compilation still proved amazing value for money by sheer weight of numbers!

Spectrum Compilations - Arcade Muscle

4. Arcade Muscle (1989)

This is another one I got quite late on, but given my love of arcade games and conversions of them, it was inevitable it would make an appearance here! There’s a bit of everything too. Platform fans get the rock-hard Bionic Commando to vex them, car (and shooting) fans get the never-ending Road Blasters, shmup fans get one offering of each type with the fantastic Side Arms and 1943, and lastly fighting fans are also catered for by the original (and oft-forgotten) Street Fighter! Quite amusing to see after playing the later games in the series, but it’s a decent enough Speccy brawler all the same. A nice variety of highly playable games from US Gold.

Spectrum Compilations - Giants

3. Giants (1988)

Say what you want about the OutRun conversions, but I still enjoyed the Speccy effort included here, monochrome graphics and all! The only game here I didn’t play much was 720 and that’s just because I didn’t really ‘get’ it. California Games is here and as much fun as ever (I particularly enjoyed the BMX event on this version) and Gauntlet 2 and Rolling Thunder are both fantastic games, and great conversions too. The latter is rather hard but very playable, and Gauntlet 2 is… more of the same old Gauntlet action really, but who’s complaining?

Spectrum Compilations - Magnificent 7

2. Magnificent Seven (1988)
A bit of a stupid name considering it had eight games on it (although one them was ‘free’ to enable Ocean to still use the catchy moniker). I had this one for near enough the entire time I had a Speccy. I remember my sister and I having great fun trying to work out what to do in Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s minigames thanks to this one, and it also led to my lasting affection for Arkanoid and Head Over Heels. The other games weren’t bad either – The Great Escape, Yie ArKung Fu, Wizball, Cobra (by the late, great Jonathan ‘Joffa’ Smith – RIP), and the slightly wiffy Short Circuit. Cracking compilation and nice variety too!

Spectrum Compilations - Taito Coin-On Hits 2

1. Taito Coin-Op Hits (1989)

Yeah, good old Taito! A compilation featuring eight games is good enough, but eight Taito games? They have long been one of my favourite games developers and this is one big reason why (or eight). I was already a big Arkanoid fan by the time I got this, so to find Arkanoid 2 included alongside the first game here was great news, and there’s some equally great news if you’re a vertical scrolling shmup fan with the amusingly-named Slapfight as well as the blinding Flying Shark included, both receiving great conversions, particularly the latter. Fans of close-quarters combat are accounted for with Rastan, Renegade, and Legend of Kage providing many hours of violence. Lastly, we have the immortal Bubble Bobble. The only thing that could’ve made this collection even better is the inclusion of The New Zealand Story! Taito Coin-Op Hits is, in my opinion, the Spectrum compilation with the consistently highest quality of games on it. I’d certainly be impressed if there’s any better!

Bionic Commando: 8-bit OST

Bionic Commando:  8-bit OST

Released in late 1988 by Capcom, Bionic Commando follows the adventures of Ladd Spencer, a super solider with a bionic arm that could fire a grappling gun allowing you to pull yourself up or swing from the ceiling. One of the funny things is he could not jump. I guess his arm was too heavy.

Bionic Commando OST

Your mission is to rescue Super Joe from the Commando game and destroy the Empires new weapon. The game was really cool not only because of the gameplay, but that you could choose which way to go and of course if you were bored you could start a fight in the neutral zone and see how long you could survive. The NES music was composed by Junko Tamiya. The soundtrack had a militaristic theme that added to this awesome game.

Daniel Haffner: Highbrow Games

Avatar Boogie 2 box art
Avatar Boogie 2 box art

Name: Daniel Haffner

Company: Highbrow Games

Profession: Game Designer

Favorite Classic Game: Bionic Commando

Quote: The bionic arm made you feel like a badass all the way through the game, and allowed you to do some really cool things once you got some skill.  All the music maintained the consistent military theme while being catchy and inspiring – every once in a while I’ll go download and listen to some remixes of the level 1 theme.

Finally, the whole end sequence (spoiler alert – killing Hitler) was a over-the-top for a NES game!  I liked both BC: ReArmed and the 3D Bionic Commando remake too, though of course not as much as the original.  I was really disappointed that the 3D remake was so poorly-received by critics, and the company that made it (Grin) had to disband, but maybe I was blinded by nostalgia.

Bio: I founded Highbrow Games in 2009; the name was chosen out of irony, since the game I was working on was called Barf and Beer.  I shipped that and several other projects for the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, the latest being Avatar Boogie 2.   I try to make products that are unique and can carve out a niche, as opposed to competing in crowded genres such as shooters and platformers.

Project: I just released Avatar Boogie 2, in which your Xbox 360 avatar can perform dance moves, or you can simply watch NPC avatars dance (to your own music, or the included music).  It’s not so much a game as it is a neat visualizer.  I plan to return to game development with my next project, which involves rapping and is still in the prototype phase.

Project Info: Player avatars can now dance freestyle with a troupe of 100 other avatars following along! Add to that 100% brand new music, dances, and dance floors, and user-controllable strobe and multi-colored lighting, and you’ll be tearin’ up the dance floor! 11 canned dance animations and songs, and 20 freestyle dance animations await you in this awesome follow-up to the original hit, Avatar Boogie!