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Bionic Commando: 8-bit OST


Bionic Commando:  8-bit OST

Released in late 1988 by Capcom, Bionic Commando follows the adventures of Ladd Spencer, a super solider with a bionic arm that could fire a grappling gun allowing you to pull yourself up or swing from the ceiling. One of the funny things is he could not jump. I guess his arm was too heavy.

Bionic Commando OST

Your mission is to rescue Super Joe from the Commando game and destroy the Empires new weapon. The game was really cool not only because of the gameplay, but that you could choose which way to go and of course if you were bored you could start a fight in the neutral zone and see how long you could survive. The NES music was composed by Junko Tamiya. The soundtrack had a militaristic theme that added to this awesome game.

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    • Justin [Zeke]

      Haha I remember getting owned in that game 😀 I sucked majorly, but even through all the deaths, I loved it 😀

    • This is one of those games where the soundtrack added so much to it.