Scambaiter – you are disrespecting my cats memory

Cythia contacted me a number of times, she wanted to me to be an ‘agnet’ and help her transfer some money, but I had some concerns about her choice of bank.

[00:28] cythia_williams2002: hello…………………… to be our agnet/10% intrested should pm me. hello…………………… to be our agnet/10% intrested should pm me.
[00:29] c64glen: whats an agnet?
[00:30] cythia_williams2002: helping us to be recieving payment from our client
[00:30] c64glen: who is us and who is client?
[00:31] cythia_williams2002: i mean our customer’s that in uk
[00:31] c64glen: Can you assure me that this has absolutely nothing to do with the Japanese Mafia?
[00:31] cythia_williams2002: nope
[00:31] c64glen: why not?
[00:32] cythia_williams2002: it not a japanese mafia
[00:32] c64glen: are you selling arms to communist or terrorists?
[00:33] cythia_williams2002: nop
[00:33] c64glen: I’ve never forgiven ETA for blowing up my cat
[00:33] cythia_williams2002: what that?
[00:34] c64glen: when me cat was on holiday in spain it was envolved in a terrorist incident in spain, which resulted his death
[00:34] cythia_williams2002: who is yr cat plz
[00:36] c64glen: my cat. a feline
[00:37] cythia_williams2002: u mean a pussycat?
[00:37] c64glen: yes
[00:37] cythia_williams2002: who take him to spain
[00:38] c64glen: He was one only with the cat club
[00:38] cythia_williams2002: who
[00:39] c64glen: the cat club, a club for the best cats
[00:40] cythia_williams2002: ok
[00:40] cythia_williams2002: i am sorry to hear that ?
[00:40] c64glen: my cat was best in whole of northern europe
[00:41] cythia_williams2002: oh what a good news
[00:41] cythia_williams2002: what are u using it to do ?
[00:41] c64glen: so this is why I not like communist or terrorists
[00:41] cythia_williams2002: i do u think i am one of those
[00:41] c64glen: so what is the nature of your business?
[00:42] cythia_williams2002: will are a computer programmers will design ORACLE JAVA eyc
[00:42] cythia_williams2002: etc
[00:43] c64glen: wow, that sound very good, you do things like;
[00:43] c64glen: 10 Print “Cocks”
[00:43] c64glen: 20 goto 10
[00:43] c64glen: yes?

[00:43] cythia_williams2002: yes
[00:43] cythia_williams2002: so will have work with so many company’s in uk
[00:43] c64glen: A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.
[00:45] cythia_williams2002: and they haven’t paid us and te cost of coming to the uk is very expensive to be coming very weekend that is why will u to be aor agent?
[00:45] c64glen: they haven’t paid you? this is very bad business. So what would I need to do as an agent?
[00:46] cythia_williams2002: what will just need u to do is that u will be helping us to recive the payment?
[00:47] c64glen: what? sorry? Could you say that in English?
[00:48] cythia_williams2002: what?
[00:48] c64glen: What do you NEED ME TO do? how do I help you receive payment?
[00:49] cythia_williams2002: by helping us recive the payment is that u will have to an acct so that they can be paying the money inside the acct?
[00:50] c64glen: I have an account? If that all I need, why can’t you do it?
[00:52] cythia_williams2002: because they can’t transfer money by acct to here?
[00:52] cythia_williams2002: what types off acct do u have with you ?
[00:52] c64glen: I have a strange type of account called a bank account,
[00:53] c64glen: it is crazy, It has money in it

[00:53] cythia_williams2002: which bank do us ?
[00:53] cythia_williams2002: what is the name off the bank ?
[00:53] cythia_williams2002: do u have a hsbc acct ?
[00:53] c64glen: NO! hsbc is a communist bank
[00:54] cythia_williams2002: why is it a communist bank?
[00:54] c64glen: my banks is the bank of Norks.
[00:54] c64glen: hsbc is based in honkey honkey, which china communist
[00:55] c64glen: my credit card has pictures of ladies on it
[00:55] c64glen: becuase of my job

[00:56] cythia_williams2002: but that is the only acct for they can transact money from?
[00:56] c64glen: from?
[00:57] c64glen: I thought they would pay me?

[00:57] cythia_williams2002: but that is the only acct for they can transact money in for now
[00:57] cythia_williams2002: yes
[00:57] c64glen: give me thier details, I will sort out getting their money
[00:58] c64glen: and I will not below this money on Heroin.

[00:58] cythia_williams2002: will be willing to pay u 10per% on every each payment u made for us?
[00:58] c64glen: so they give me money and you only want 10% ?
[00:58] c64glen: ok

[00:59] cythia_williams2002: i said i will offer u 10per% out of the every each payment that u will collect
[00:59] c64glen: ah, oh well that will do
[00:59] cythia_williams2002: u will deduct yr 10% inside the money
[01:00] cythia_williams2002: and wire the rest to the us?
[01:00] c64glen: yes, I think I can manage that, so when do I start getting money
[01:01] cythia_williams2002: when u can start getting money is when u get the hsbc acct for us that is when u can start getting money for us ?
[01:02] c64glen: you are disrespecting my cats memory
[01:02] c64glen: HE IS TURNING IN HIS SHOE BOX
[01:02] c64glen: on my fireplace

[01:02] cythia_williams2002: why it is A COMMUNIST BANK TEEL ME
[01:03] c64glen: argh, the shoebox has fallen to the floor, and my dead cat has fallen out
[01:03] c64glen: this is making me soo sad

[01:03] cythia_williams2002: BUT I THOUGH IS UK BANK ?
[01:05] c64glen: I must go and pray, good night

More fun with ‘Cythia’ next week.

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