Tales of a driver: The Tailors Tip

I worked in the richer area of Chicago so many of the people I delivered to had money. I delivered to this one guy in an awesome house you could tell was custom built for him. He was a heavyset Caucasian man and after about ten deliveries to him he became more friendly and talkative.

He told me he was the owner of three big and tall stores and was a big-man clothing designer and that he would like to higher me to test out clothes for his urban line. I thought it was great, he said he would pay me twenty bucks and hour just to try on clothes and if my picture went into his catalog, he would give me two hundred bucks per picture.

This was too good to be true. About a week later when I was not working I went to his home. He had a studio in the back of the house and a crew was there, a lady took my measurements and another lady picked out a few pieces for me and directed me towards the back.

The shoot went well and I was there about six hours, I realized I couldn’t do it for a living because in those six hours I only tried on ten different outfits and in the end none went to print but he gave me the clothes and paid me for the time.

About three days later, he invited me over again, this time it was just him. Boy his house was nice he had big screen TVs in every room and CD jukebox, pool and everything. He told me he was sorry none of the pictures went to print but said I looked great in the outfits.

I thanked him again then he offered me a drink. Ok this is kind of weird but he is a rich designer and they do things differently I mean it was just a glass of wine. He then offered to pay me a grand to take some pictures just for his collection.

I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions but I told him no thanks I’ll just stick with the original deal. He told me I had a unique body, it was round but with good curves. I didn’t want to go the whole gay designer route but this was creeping me out. He then said I didn’t have to take my clothes off but he would pay me more for underwear shots.

That was it, I had to go, he had a nice house and all but there would not be an indecent proposal here. I told him I had to go and it is best if I just delivered his food and kept it at that. He looked hurt. He told me it wasn’t sexual and he wasn’t even gay. He said designers just think differently and many people don’t understand that. I could have been a star he said but he understood that not everyone is cut out for it.

He thanked me for coming and I left, I still delivered food to him but besides normal small talk, he never said much else however, one time I did see another big guy in there with the photo crew, I wonder if he is a star now.

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J.A. Laraque

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