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Iridion 2


So the music in this game is just like any of the great shoot ’em up titles there. You feel an atmospheric rhythm as you fly through the level shooting your enemies down. You can’t ask for any better music for a game. It fits with the action packed levels and does justice to your ears. Well done!
  The graphics are well done and not lazily developed! You have some great scenes especially during level gameplay. It’s amazing that developers were able to fit the size of these levels in such a tiny screen. Portable development is always challenged by it so it’s great to be able to see a game taking a savvy turn to the way it looks. With great SNES-style graphics, you can bet this game is worth a look.
The gameplay is very enjoyable nonetheless. You are able to pick up power ups and shoot down your enemies. You can also pick up other items along the way and recover your energy. You’ll have a lot of fun dodging the rain of bullets coming your way and just like any games of this genre, you have to keep your button on the trigger in order to defeat the massive bosses you come across.
This is the perfect game to have in your collection that will make you come back to it especially for a shoot ’em up fan. If you are one of those perfectionist that doesn’t want to be damaged a single time in the entire run, then you will surely come back to this one. It’s no Ikaruga, but it’s a great alternative especially when you are short in space.
The game is definitely worth a purchase. This is one of those obscure games that everyone turn their heads away from because it wasn’t released by Nintendo. I gotta say, give these third party developers a chance and they’ll gladly invite you to play their most amazing titles. Be sure to not miss this one, highly recommended!

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