Dutch Cap and the Rhythm Method – Journey to the Placenta at the Centre of the Earth

An electro-prog rock, rock guitar led, chugging foot stomper of a tune, that will take the lump out of your trousers and put it firmly in your throat. Wordsmith Dutch Cap once again delivers a typically blistering vocal on the unwanted side effects of lying down with a lying lady. Manly Franks frankly manly keyboard lines hold the song together like audio salad cream in a song sandwich, whilst Jimmy Changa (is he Chinese or isn’t he?) keeps on keeping on with them quiet drum bangs. Dutch Caps finger-fuelled, firey, fretboard-freakery fits like a foot-shaped glove around the very very sole of this song. Much like a guitar sock would, if you will. I wouldn’t, but then that’s me.
Find more at Dutch Cap and the Rhythm Method’s  Myspace page 
[audio:Dutch Cap and the Rhythm Method – Journey to the Placenta.mp3]

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