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MySpace Interview – The Cast

So, who are you anyway?

I am Christian Dobson, songwriter/guitarist/vocalist for The Cast, I do about 90% of the songwriting. We’re all from Ontario, Canada. I myself was born in Toronto along with our bassist (Thom Heise), who was delivered by the same doctor about 4 hours after I was. Our drummer (Bryan Hadaway) was born in Stoufville, Ontario. We’ve all been playing for about 5 years, though we’ve only been a band for about 10 months.

Describe your sound to us?

I’d say we’re alternative & perhaps indie. That always confuses me, because ‘indie’ isn’t necessarily a genre music, it’s more just for people who aren’t signed, like ‘grunge’ was a media created term that grew into it’s own, so has ‘indie’. Though I don’t think we should/can necessarily be classified as anything other than ‘indie’ nevermind the fact that we are independent, our sound generally fits that classification & our songs can & do vary in styles which is something I’m striving for.

So you rate yourself then?

…..yes? I think everyone does to some degree & in some respect or another, it’s human nature. If I were to give us a rating, I’d probably say five, or six. The songs are amazing I think, we’re just not as tight as I’d like us to be, also we’re in the midst of adding a second guitarist so that dirupts things a bit.

Who are your influences?

First the who’s, then the what’s. Who, would most definitely be, The Beatles, Nirvana, Elliott Smith, Neil Young, The White Stripes, The Strokes, Led Zeppelin, Deftones, Arcade fire & Arctic Monkeys, they basically sum up our musical influences in very short order. The what’s, would be cars, space, hearts, bodies, people, sky, psychology, evolution, empathy, society, countries, sympathy, apathy, being alone, water, animals, disease, condition(ing), belief, machines, devotion, fear, electricity, divination, evolution, prospects of the future, traumas of the past, bones, sex, kinetics, physics, literalisms, isms of any kind, chemicals, light, planets & regret. That’s a very, very shortened list, hah

Tell us one of your musical secrets?

Sometimes writing music is work.

What’s in the future?

Discovery & possibly genocide.

What’s your claim to fame?

Our claim to fame would be, our music? I can’t even think of particular song, hah

Musically, where do you see yourself in ten years time?

Well, there’s three ways to look at it, optimistically, pessimistically & realistically. Optimistically, I think we’ll be signed to a major label, we’ll be doing world tours & we’ll never have to worry about money again. Realistically, I think we could get signed to a label, not a major one but at least through touring & cd sales we won’t starve or be homeless. Pessimistically, I think we’ll have wasted all of this time & effort for nothing & we’ll become welfare dependant alcoholics or coke-heads or something.

Myspace or Facebook?

I would definitely have to say myspace. Myspace is much more open & accessible. Facebook has various issues with uploaidng your music & making a profile, nevermind the fact that it is or is supposed to be a closer knit community. So if you already have a bunch of friends & people you don’t really know on your facebook then it’s somewhat of a better medium.

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