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3D Blood Gaming

I Want This Motherf#$^in’ 3D Out of My Motherf%$@in’ Games!

3D Blood Gaming I’m one of those guys that can look at a piece of technology and already label its longevity either positively or negatively. For example, I don’t see Tablet PCs going anywhere for real household use. It plays a useful role ...
No Mew 4 U

I Had 150 Pokemon But A Charmander Named Pidgey Ain’t One.

No Mew 4 U There are many dismal moments that people linger on. The kind of moments that felt like they cheated their ways into life. A positive note in one’s lifelong journey can easily shift tides and become a time remembered with great disdain. ...
Kill yourself or die trying

Ode to the Evil Twin

In almost every hero’s journey they come to question their actions and the possible outcome of their quest had they taken a step to the left rather than to the right. Could the world have been saved in a different method? Could the fallen comrade ...
The Lion The Witch And The Mouth Breather

The Lion, The Witch, and The Mouth Breather

Angry Multiplayer You are traversing with a small battalion of your closest friends through a seething cave leading toward the coiling serpent dragon which has daunted your whole lot for the past three weeks. This monster has left the nearby village smoldering, ...
The Internet and Real Life

My Favorite Ventrilo Harassments

The Internet and Real Life are two different things My Favorite Ventrilo Harassments by Honorabili Need a good laugh? Check out these videos to show clever pranks done on fellow & noob gamers by the Ventrilo Harassment experts! I love a good prank ...
Summoner Dead Ale Wives DM

Dead Alewives Summoner D&D skit

So it’s friday, time to unwind and make the good old brain melt.~Honorabili Dead Alewives Summoner D&D skit Good chance is that if you’re an old gamer like us you grew up both playing video games and a ton of old pen & paper RPGs. ...
Final Fantasy 7 intro

Final Fantasy 7 Remix for 360 and PS3

Final Fantasy 7 intro After years of fans asking for a revamp of FF7 and the anger fans felt over getting only a small changed to the game in the PSP version Square Enix announced today the Final Fantasy 7 Remix. Everyone remembers Cloud, Tifa, Aeris ...
Steve Baller, full rage

Steve Ballmer Madness

[youtube id=”tGvHNNOLnCk” width=”633″ height=”356″] Since it’s April Fool’s, figured I’d lighten up the mood by posting some of my favorite hits from my buddy Steve Ballmer.~Honorabili Steve Ballmer ...
Chris Taylor talking to his chicken

Chris Taylor is NUTS

Chris Taylor talking to his chicken Chris Taylor is NUTS No… seriously.Game development is like raising chickens.Chris and I were chatting last night about hookers, pr0n, Back to the Future, killing braincells…I’m surprised the ...
Secret of Evermore cover

RPG Heroes Are Jerks

RPG Heroes are JerksThis video is particularly true if you’ve played Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, etc.
Girl Gamer FPS

Why did she Kick My Ass at Fighting Games?

His name was Erwin and he played with Orchid and was able to pull off a combo from the start of the match and chain it into a finisher so you did not get in one single hit. He taught me that trick in exchange for six bags of Skittles, a Mars bar and my ...