Bill Wood Rocks – New Song Playing

Balls out rock. And believe me, I know about balls out.

This is all about knowing that the end of a relationship is looming. This put me in a tricky position as the person to whom I would usually perform my developing compositions was in fact the subject of this song. Thus I had to make it cryptic enough to get away with without sacrificing any of what I was feeling.

I wrote a first verse and chorus and kinda got stuck (crypticity left me). Fate then lent a hand and I dumped said lady, thus enabling me to write a far more “to the point” second verse. A new song playing on the radio describes yet another random inexplicable mental change of course that is oft called the woman’s prerogative but that I would refer to as mansbane. Well. Prerogative this, bitch. You’re dumped.

My singing sucks.


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