March 2014

Human Killing Machine

You play as Kwon, who is apparently strong. You have to knock down (no K.O’s here) your opponent a number of times to win, your first battle is against Igor, once you’ve defeated him you then fight his dog (I’m assuming) which in my mind is just plain mean. I didn’t get much further than that, the collision detection is terrible, the controls unmanageable, and the poor animation lets down the relatively good graphics and backgrounds. [...]

Sonic Heroes

The game also made use of Sonic’s friends and enemies being forced upon the player. You can pick between four teams of three. So you had the good team (Sonic, Tails Knuckles), the evil team (Shadow, Rogue, Omega), the girly team (Amy, Cream, Big), and the weird team. The last team was comprised of the awful characters from Knuckles Chaotix. I have to give Sega credit for bringing back such strange characters for no reason. [...]

Cosplay Wars: Tifa Lockhart vs. Samus Aran

This week in Cosplay Wars we have two heavy hitters. From Final Fantasy 7 we have the bounching booby beatdown babe, Tifa Lockhart vs. the Mother Brain buster, Samus “You were a girl all this time and you’re hot!” Aran. There just something appealing about a girl that can kick your ass. These two can do just that. So here is how it works. Team Lockhart vs. Team Aran, 10 images of cosplayers for each team. You vote for the winning team. Now you might notice you have to register to vote. This is because we will be giving away swag we receive based on who votes so we need to know who is voting so if you win we can send you the swag. So spread the word and tell us, which team won? [...]

Alt F4 Episode 2: Dave Vogt

Alt F4 is back for another episode and this week we bring you multiple world record holder, Dave Vogt. Dave holds records in a number of classic games including Castlevania and has been featured on Twin Galaxies and Video Game Score Board. Obsolete Gamer recently posted his Gamer Profile and it was great to talk to him about his gaming history, the fact that his parents were gamers as well as his wife and that he is passing it on to his children. [...]

Karate Blazers Flash Game

Karate Blazer is a classic Beat Em Up game released originally to the arcades in 1991. In the game you choose from 4 disciples of an old martials arts master that was killed. If that was not bad enough his daughter was kidnapped and his special scrolls were stolen. What’s so special about the scrolls? Oh, they just happened to contain knowledge on the secret technique known as the “Killing” blow. [...]


Popeye is given a weapon the Marios and Kongs didn’t have at the time as he can swing his mighty fists at anything that moves with the exception of “Brutus”. To take that huge, burly tub of fatfuck down, there is one can of spinach per level that will make our hero red-dog mad enough to knock the big man halfway across creation. The stages are varied enough to stay fun and there is even a cameo by Swee’Pea. The music is excellent and when the third stage is clear, you are treated to the signature song, complete with the toot-toot, which is a nice touch and causes the ‘Quester to smile everytime. [...]

Dark Souls 2

One major tweak that might infuriate gamers is the new health bar reduction. When you die, a small portion of your health bar is permanently removed. The only way to restore it is with a very rare item called an effigy; these also essentially replace humanity from the first game. This new twist on the formula made me a lot more cautious at first, but eventually I just learned to function with half a health bar at all times. [...]

Mega Man 9

Here’s the problem though. Mega Man 9 is hard, and any fan of the series should expect that. However, Capcom has taken that mentality and multiplied it, creating some absolutely absurd level designs that even die-hard masochists will frown upon. While past Mega Man games relied on memorization and precision, Mega Man 9 requires a higher level of both. You can almost hear the level designers laughing at how devilishly difficult certain segments are. [...]

Batman: Arkham City

While the premise and setting are very effective, the actual plot has some significant problems. The most immediate concern is that the game’s writers seem to have forgotten to include a beginning. The central conceit of the game, that Gotham would rededicate an entire district for a prison, run by known madman Hugo Strange, is pretty outlandish, even for a comic book property, and this is only made worse by the total lack of explanation. [...]

Elf Bolwing 1 & 2

Back in the early days of the Nintendo DS, Elf Bowling 1 & 2 was released. I had no idea the series had a decent amount of popularity on PC. However that wasn’t enough to convince me to get this strange little Christmas game. [...]

Alien 3

One other notable feature is your large arsenal you have at your disposal. A missile launcher and a machine gun are two of the finest from the selection available to you. These weapons aren’t enough to stop the aliens regularly handing you your ass on a plate though. Instead of going down the slow, tension addled route the game throws aliens at you like they’re going out of fashion. They leap at you so quickly that they can be nigh on impossible to avoid completely. Worst of all Ripley takes far too long to get up once hit – not a good thing when you’re up against the clock. [...]

Cosplay Wars Battle of the Princesses

This week on Cosplay Wars we have two of the most well know Princesses in console video games. In one corner we have the ruler of Hyrule and often confused with Link, Princess Zelda. In the other corner we have the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and a woman that has just as many activities going on as, Barbie, Prince Toadstool Peach. We have great cosplayers on each side with each team consisting of ten members representing their character. You decide which one wins. So who is it going to be, Peach or Zelda? [...]

Phenomenon 32

Phenomenon 32, being Kyratzes’ most ambitious project so far, is much more than the sum of its parts. Besides the beautiful black and white visuals, its atmospheric soundscape and a deeply depressing and simultaneously surreal game world, Phenomenon 32 is an incredibly immersive experience, designed to be savored slowly and carefully. It is after all a hard and demanding game, that simply cannot be completed in one sitting. It also is a game filled with surprises and little touches of excellence, that go far beyond what you might expect from a free game. [...]

Dark Scavenger

You get the usual number-crunching that takes place in this kind of combat behind the scenes. For example, the wolf-like creature you are fighting may be vulnerable to your static gun’s electricity damage, but resistant to another type. Or maybe your weapon and item combination can stun the creature, forcing him to forfeit an attack that round. You do have a health bar, which can be replenished with items as well, and can be diminished by not only combat, but as a result of how you interact with certain environmental puzzles as well. [...]

The Next Evolution in the Golden Age of Board Games

So, my wife and I chose a game and sat to play. As the night was falling, we noticed that more and more people kept coming into the café and join in on some games. At one point, there were so many people that came in that they ran out of tables and people had to wait to play! Since that day, my wife and I have gone back several times to play and it is a delight seeing so many people (especially on weekends) at one place having wonderful moments of fun together. I think board games are successfully gaining more adepts but, I also have to give credit to Devon, as he is very friendly and he truly cares about his customers; he will solve/explain any question about the games that you could have. [...]

Super Metroid

However, I think the overall reason that Super Metroid was so successful was that it constantly drove you to see what was around the next corner. Every few screens you’re presented with some sort of barrier to your progress – perhaps a seemingly impassable lava pit or a platform that’s just out of reach – and one of the game’s joys is collecting a new item or ability and then backtracking through the game to see what new areas it will open to you. [...]

Track and Field 2 Flash Game

In 1988 Track & Field II was released for the NES by Konami following up the success of the first game. The game improved on itself by allowing you to choose a country to represent in the Olympic-style contests. There are a number of events from Fencing to the Triple Jump all controlled with the directional pad and the A and B buttons found on the classic NES controller. [...]

Xevious Flash Game

Namco released the space ship shooter, Xevious in 1982. In fact, it was one of the first forward scrolling shooters and one of the first games to have a television commercial. Your aircraft is called a, Solvalous and you must use it to fight an army of enemy aircraft and strangely enough, you are doing this mostly over the country of Peru. Mouse click to start. [...]

Prince of Persia Flash Game

In 1989 Broderbund brought us the classic computer game, Prince of Persia. The game is set in ancient Persia where the sultan is away fighting a war his vizier, Jaffar seizes power and locks the princess in the tower. His plan is to force her to marry him so he would rightfully control the kingdom, but she is in love with our young hero. You play the young hero who is captured and thrown in a deep dungeon. You must use speed, agility and sword fighting skills to escape in time to defeat Jaffar and save the kingdom. [...]

Puzzle Bobble Flash Game

Created by Taito in 1994 this arcade puzzle game features the dinosaurs from Bubble Bobble. This time you are match up the different colored orbs and once you get 3 or more of the same color they break and you move on. You have to use aim and strategy and be a little quick as the orbs being to drop towards to Space Invaders style and if they reach you it’s game over. Click the ‘push 1p to start’ flashing text to start. Arrow keys to move and space bar to fire bubbles. [...]

Quake Flash Game

In 1996 Quake made its way to computers everywhere after the mega success of Doom. Also created by Id Software, Quake has that same sci-fi style that Doom had except this time you are facing alien hordes not demons from hell, but the weapons are just as badass and the enemies are just as dangerous. [...]

Doom Flash Game

The game that killed office productivity, Doom was released in 1993 by Id Software. It is a first person shooter where you play a space marine who find himself fighting hordes of invading demons from Hell. The good thing is you have a ton of different weapons and power-ups as well as health to help you along the way. The bad news, you’re all alone. [...]

Commando Flash Game

Released in 1985 by Capcom, Commando is a run and gun arcade game where you control a soldier named, Super Joe. You have been dropped off by a helicopter in a jungle and have to take out an entire army, by yourself. At least you have a sub-machine gun with unlimited bullets, but you don’t have unlimited grenades. Good Luck! [...]

Bomb Jack Flash Game

This action platform game was developed and published by Tehkan in 1984. In this classic arcade game you control, Jack, a superhero who can jump and glide and you will need those skills to collect bombs left at famous tourist sites before they explode. Luckily for you, all you need to do to defuse them is touch them. [...]

D-Link Gaming Router AC1300

Another good thing is setup. The D-Link Gaming Router AC1300 comes with the main unit, an Ethernet cable, power adapter and a quick install guide. Trust me, this is a simple setup, and pretty much you plug it in, run the software and you are good to go. Now some people have talked about not using the StreamBoost and as a result you do not get access to some of the features in the UI interface. The interface is reached by entering the IP of the router and setting up your login and password. [...]

Space Invaders Arcade Flash Game

Developed by Taito, Space Invaders was released to the arcades in 1978. The game consisted of a laser cannon being controlled by the player whose job is to shoot down the attacking aliens. You can move from left to right and also hide behind barriers that protect you from the enemy’s fire. However, the barriers can be destroyed in time and one shoot from an invader kills you. The aliens themselves move side to side and will slowly move down and the more you kill the faster they go. You either kill them all or they kill you or they reach the ground and it is game over. There is also a UFO that flies across the very top of the screen, if you kill it you get bonus points. [...]

Q Bert Arcade Flash Game

Developed by Atari, Q*Bert was released to arcades in 1982. The game has a 3D look to it, but it is a 2D platform game which mixes puzzle solving with an action-type chase game. You control Q*Bert by jumping from cube to cube changing its color and once you change all the cubes color you advance. However, there are enemies that try to stop you and you cannot kill them, you can only run from them and use the flying discs on the side of the board to travel to the top of the pyramid. There are also balls that drop from the top, a red one kills Q*Bert while a green one stuns all the enemies on the board. [...]

Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Flash Game

Developed by Bally, Midway and Namco, Ms. Pac-Man is the follow-up to the arcade hit, Pac-Man. Just like the original you guide Ms. Pac-Man through maze eating pellets as she is chased by Ghosts. You can eat the few power pellets that are around the maze to power you up and eat the ghosts that will then retreat to their home in the center of the maze to regenerate. You can also collect fruit and travels around the screen for additional points. Once you clear all the pellets from the board you move on to the next stage. [...]

Joust Arcade Flash Game

Developed by Williams Electronics, Joust was released to the Arcade in 1982. You control a knight ridding a flying ostrich and you use your controls to take out other jousters. You hit the button to flap the ostrich’s wings to get height which is the key to taking out the other knights by flying into them, dropping on top of them or somehow getting them to fall in lava. When you take out a knight then turn into an egg which you can collect for points, if you do not it will turn into a knight after a time. [...]

BurgerTime Arcade Flash Game

Created by Data East, BurgerTime was released to the arcades in 1982. You play the role of, Chef Peter Pepper who I swear must be having a nightmare about being chased by various food items. All you can really do is run and use the few pepper shakers you have to stun the enemies. You can drop burger makings on the food to take them out and once you build all the burgers you move on to the next stage. [...]

Berzerk Arcade Flash Game

Berzerk was developed by Stern Electronics and released to the arcades in 1980 before being released for the Atari 2600 in 1982. You play as a human fighting his way through a maze of robots who can kill you with one shot. If that wasn’t bad enough you have a smiling face that can also kill you but you can’t kill it, this is to speed the game along. [...]

Infinite Crisis What Do You Fight For?

A few of us have been playing the Infinite Crisis MOBA and I personally have to say it is fun and interesting if you are into games of that type. Right now the Open Beta is starting for Infinite Crisis and with it comes a new trailer, What do you Fight for? I admit, anytime I have an excuse to show off some comic book related fighting I am all for it and as usual, DC doesn’t disappoint. Here is the official press release for the new Trailer and Open Beta. [...]

Cosplay Wars Mario Versus Sonic

With the launch of the update website we are bringing back Cosplay Friday’s with a twist. We will be picking two video game characters from random games and search the internet for the best cosplay images for those characters and then put them head to head. There will be two teams and you decide which team had the overall best cosplayers for that character. If you have suggestions for teams or cosplayers to be in them just contact us or post a comment. Enjoy! So, which team wins? [...]

Time Pilot Flash Game

Time Pilot was one of those flying games that just kept me interested as a kid. It had the feel of Sinistar without the heart attacking inducing, “Beware I live!” You could fly in any direction you wanted taking out bad guys while traveling through time to rescue your fellow pilots. Now you can play the flash version right here in the Obsolete Gamer arcade. [...]

Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360)

These opening scenes set the tone for the game. The car arriving represents the onward thrust of modernity into a west that, in 1911, was still very wild. The land of Red Dead Redemption is one of liars, thieves and murderers. But it is not a soulless world, and that is something that lends the game a stark beauty. Amidst the gorgeous yet savage setting, there are people with good hearts who need saving but who also, frequently, offer help to Marston. [...]

Feel like throwing a tantrum, there’s a Game for that

This is the game. You have various scenarios like Dad and the Kids, Bride at a Wedding and one of my favorites, Frustrated Office Worker. So you can pound on the table and knock things off the shelves and cause damage which not only sets a very bad precedent but scores you points. As the timer runs down you grab the table and flip it. Well, not really since it’s attached to the machine, but the feeling of tossing over a table is there. [...]

Running Battle

Okay, first off, the graphics are what you’d expect from a game on the Master System. Simple, yet effective for the given hardware there (granted I’ve seen decent graphics pulled off nicely on a Master System, I mean look at Sonic Chaos for example, or Fantasy Zone even! They’re very colorful games, Running Battle tends to go for blander colors. [...]

Super Mario Bros Crossover

So the game plays just like the original NES game, but as you can see in the trailer, the characters and levels are different such as being able to play as Ryu and Link and using special abilities from the different characters. The overall goal is the same, you go from left to right making your way through the worlds and defeating the enemies until you get to the fourth level of each world where you face Bowser. Now the levels have been tweaked and changed since different characters have different abilities to add more challenge and re-playability to the game. [...]