The Artist KcK – Devil Firemix

The Devil Firemix written and sung by The Artist KcK , produced with award winning break mecanix sweden. Its a song about life. Taking you from darkness into the light, taken from the experience of growing up through hardship to find a positive solution. Written in a universal language relating to all people young and old.

[audio:The Artist KcK – DEVIL Fire.mp3]

MySpace Interview – The Artist KcK

So, who are you anyway?

My name is The Artist KcK, singer/songwriter born and raised in London UK.

Describe your sound for us.

The music I create has an old school/modern twist. It’s about real life. It’s a totally new sound yet feels as though it has always been there. The lyrical content is simple yet very effective and the melodies are very hooky. Original, different and never done before. It carries a powerful message, positive vibrations and feel good energy, appealing to a huge gap in the global market.

So you rate yourself then?

I like to think of myself as an artist who has created a sound that the world is waiting for!!

Who are your influences?

My influences are a very wide range of artists. Elvis, Franki Valli, Frank Sinatra,Rat Pack, Amy Winehouse and many more.

Tell us one of your musical secrets.

One of my musical secrets can only be told through the songs I write, which you will understand and hear, when you listen to my music.

What’s your claim to fame?

My claim to fame is being the only artist of my race and colour doing what I do.

Musically, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

In ten years time I see myself having created a platform, developing young talent and pushing them forward into the mainstream music industry on a global level.

Scambaiter – Joyce Kuzagbe – Thick as pigshit.

Joyce Kuzagbe was a random who just started talking to me via Yahoo Messenger one day. Unfortunately she wasn’t too bright.

(11:26:05 PM) joyce kuzagbe has buzzed you!
(11:26:07 PM) joyce kuzagbe: hello
(11:26:10 PM) mikehock20: Hi
(11:27:00 PM) joyce kuzagbe: who is this?
(11:27:33 PM) mikehock20: My name is Mike
(11:27:44 PM) mikehock20: Who are you?

(11:28:41 PM) joyce kuzagbe: u add me to ur yahoo messenger and i added u  as well
(11:29:07 PM) mikehock20: No, I don’t think so. I don’t have you in my list.
(11:29:24 PM) joyce kuzagbe: ok
(11:29:26 PM) joyce kuzagbe: where re u from?
(11:29:41 PM) mikehock20: I am from England
(11:29:44 PM) mikehock20: and you?

(11:30:16 PM) joyce kuzagbe: im from Ghana
(11:30:42 PM) mikehock20: Where is that? Is it in Iraq?
(11:31:15 PM) joyce kuzagbe: no
(11:31:39 PM) joyce kuzagbe: is in the westpart of Africa
(11:31:56 PM) mikehock20: Africa, right….
(11:32:00 PM) mikehock20: Which one is Africa?

(11:32:32 PM) joyce kuzagbe: Ghana is in africa
(11:33:15 PM) mikehock20: Yes, I got that part. Is Africa the one down the bottom, with the Penguins? 
(11:35:50 PM) joyce kuzagbe: yes it is
(11:36:04 PM) mikehock20: excellent, so you must be really cold.
(11:36:26 PM) joyce kuzagbe: not really
(11:36:33 PM) joyce kuzagbe: can i see ur pic?
(11:36:47 PM) joyce kuzagbe: just to know who im talking to
(11:37:40 PM) mikehock20: yes, hang on, I get it
(11:38:00 PM) joyce kuzagbe: ok
(11:38:38 PM) mikehock20: do you have a pic?
(11:38:49 PM) joyce kuzagbe: oh yes
(11:42:53 PM) joyce kuzagbe: my link is kind of slow
(11:43:00 PM) joyce kuzagbe: so pls send it to me now
(11:47:58 PM) mikehock20: I’ve sent
(11:48:04 PM) mikehock20: please send some to me too

(11:48:16 PM) joyce kuzagbe: let me check now
(11:48:46 PM) joyce kuzagbe: yet still urs is not in
(11:51:37 PM) mikehock20: I’ve sent it
(11:51:43 PM) mikehock20: Do you know how to work computer?

(11:52:19 PM) joyce kuzagbe: not really
(11:52:33 PM) mikehock20: great! this should be fun
(11:52:48 PM) mikehock20: I’ve sent the email, if you wait it will come
(11:52:55 PM) mikehock20: send me your pics while you wait

(11:57:20 PM) joyce kuzagbe: re u there?
(11:57:35 PM) mikehock20: yes
(11:57:37 PM) mikehock20: I was talking

(11:57:42 PM) joyce kuzagbe has buzzed you!
(11:57:43 PM) mikehock20: you weren’t answering
(11:57:56 PM) mikehock20: please try and read before you buzz 

(11:58:45 PM) joyce kuzagbe has buzzed you!
(11:58:59 PM) mikehock20: oh Jesus! are you awake
(11:59:09 PM) mikehock20: Stop buzzing me when I’m talking to you.
(11:59:58 PM) mikehock20: Right I’ve got your email

(12:00:03 AM) mikehock20: have you got mine?
(12:02:31 AM) mikehock20: Earth to Joyce

Perhaps my picture turned them off.

This is the picture I received;

and this is picture I sent;

The Who? What? Where? Did Dodo Go? Show

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Bryony Marie Fry – Stolen Grace

Hey every, ObscureInternet Music is back with a new peice of music from recent Myspace Interviewee Bryony Marie Fry and here she is again to tell us about this track.

It’s called “Stolen Grace” after a short while of just being called “untitled”! It’s another one of my songs where my lyrics are quite personal to a situation i’ve been in in the past. I hope other people can point out certain parts of the song and relate to it as it touches on a few subject matters most people must have delt with in their life times. It’s also one my favourite songs that i have written recently.

The song, not unlike Bryony, is very beautiful, so just press play below and enjoy.

[audio:Bryony Marie Fry – Stolen Grace.mp3]

Mulch Dougladams…

During these turbulent times of etcha-sketch banking (created by the banks – repeating history again a-gain gain gain gain) the value of paper has decreased substantially. Recently I have been running around rounding up leaves in parks and gardens. It is only a matter of time before the introduction of the “Mulch Dougladams” currency (&) At present cons(v)erv(s)ation rates I am already a millionaire…

MySpace Interview – Bryony Marie Fry

So who are you anyway?

Well, to cut a long story short My name is Bryony Marie Fry and I’m a 20 year old, female, Singer songwriter and musician. My main tool of the trade is a guitar but I can also play the bohdron, flute, penny whistle and a bit of the piano when needs be. I’ve played the guitar from about the age of twelve and I am completely self taught. I had singing lessons for about a year but I’ve loved to sing and write songs from a very young age. I’ve even kept all the tattered bits of paper with lyrics on (spelt dreadfully!) from when I was a child!

Describe your sound for us.

I would say my sound is warm and honest, both lyrically and musically. This is because I tend to write straight from the heart and try not to over complicate my songs. It’s acoustic, soulful and soft, yet I do love to belt out the lyrics in the right places also!

So you rate yourself then?

Everyone has a personal opinion about their music but there is a fine line between arrogance and simply just feeling proud of something you have worked hard on. I enjoy what I do and when other people enjoy listening to it as much as I do performing it…I think you have a healthy balance.

Who are your influences?

My influences vary from going to folk festivals as a child and picking up that sound (especially obvious in my older songs). To artists such as Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Eva Casidy, to more modern less known artists such as Laura Marling, Jay Jay Pistolet, Kid Harpoon and Mumford and Sons etc…The life I have led has played a very big part on my music also which is explained in a lot of my lyrics.

Tell us one of your musical secrets.

I don’t really have any secrets when It comes to my music as I lay myself pretty bare enough already!

What’s in the future?

In the future I would love to be earning enough money from my music (and art), so that I never have to do a dead end job ever again….right, that’s got the obvious out the way!

I also want to still be as happy, productive and as passionate and enthusiastic about my music as I am now. I guess in one word I just want “success”.

What is your claim to fame?

I don’t really have a claim to fame musically but I was on the news for something else once! I was about 11 years old and pictured in the background at the top of a hill kicking mud down into a wheel barrow! I was helping out with the “house in time” event that took place at Beaulieu. Everyone was dressed up in old fashioned clothes from centuries ago and we all had one day to build a cottage and the whole day was filmed, photographed and even crowds came to watch! The cottage is still there today and I’m proud to say I did my bit in helping to make it! ….Don‘t laugh!

Musically, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

In 10 years time I hope to be a pretty established artist at the peak of my career! I’d love to be touring and gigging regularly and I hope by then I would have touched thousands of people all over the world with my music. I hope I would have released a good few albums by then too!

Myspace or Facebook?

Myspace is great for music and it’s simple to use and everyone knows how it works. It’s a great and easy way for people to know and hear everything they need to know on the subject of your music. Facebook is something I’ve mainly used on a more personal level talking directly to people I know. Saying that, it’s always good to promote yourself on many different social platforms so I shall look into getting a Facebook artist page set up ASAP!

Scambaiter – Fun with Bots – Don’t remember?

I’ve just found this Conversation with fredricwagner32 in my archives. This is my first encounter with one of these bots, and it has all the classic hallmarks; Male ID but a female name and an urge to plug some awful dating site.

(1:42:48 PM) fredricwagner32: Yo u there?
(2:26:18 PM) c64glen: Yup
(2:26:19 PM) fredricwagner32: Hey there c64glen 
(2:26:24 PM) c64glen: hi
(2:26:25 PM) fredricwagner32: U remember me? i think we went to high school together 
(2:26:30 PM) c64glen: of course
(2:26:31 PM) fredricwagner32: it’s me Julia! 
(2:26:36 PM) c64glen: hi julia, where you the fat one?
(2:26:38 PM) fredricwagner32: need a hint? <crappy url> i have a profile on this singles site 
(2:26:53 PM) c64glen: Is that a new site?
(2:26:54 PM) fredricwagner32: dont remember? Check out my pic on this adult singles site <crappy url>
(2:27:04 PM) c64glen: I’ve not heard of <crappy url> before, is it good?
(2:27:08 PM) fredricwagner32: dont remember? Check out my pic on this adult singles site <crappy url>
(2:27:44 PM) c64glen: Ah, you seem to be a bot, if you are bot say the same thing again
(2:27:45 PM) fredricwagner32: U dont remember? Check out my pic on this adult singles site <crappy url>
(2:27:48 PM) c64glen: if you like Donkey’s Dicks say the same thing again
(2:27:49 PM) fredricwagner32: need a hint? <crappy url>  i have a profile on thisxfrsbsingles site lmqqn
(2:27:53 PM) c64glen: hehehehe

Scambaiter – fiona2f2 – Awesomio

Fiona2f2 claimed to be a lady called Fiona Kane, who I chatted to a number of times. Most of those chats consisted of her demanding that I answer he two seconds after she finished typing and her generally being stupid (boring stupid, and not the good stupid which is funny stupid). So I’ve summarised the best of Fiona2f2 below;

[01:10] fiona2f2: ding
[01:11] c64glen: Hi!
[01:17] fiona2f2: i dont know much abut u my dear
[01:18] c64glen: my name is Glen, I am teacher, from UK, I am 27
[01:20] fiona2f2: are u single man
[01:20] fiona2f2: my dear
[01:20] c64glen: Yes, I’m looking for a sexy lady
[01:20] fiona2f2: really
[01:20] c64glen: yes
[01:20] fiona2f2: but ur profile says u are not single man my dear
[01:21] c64glen: I have need to change it, it is old
[01:21] c64glen: am a window

[01:21] fiona2f2: really, sorry, sorry to hear that my dear
[01:22] c64glen: yes, thanks you. It make me sad
[01:22] c64glen: but I get lonely now

[01:22] fiona2f2: i need my soul mate and i hope u will like me
[01:22] fiona2f2: and will be urs
[01:22] c64glen: sounds good to me
[01:23] fiona2f2: really, thanx u my dear
[17:52] fiona2f2: dont u want to chat with me my dear
[17:53] c64glen: yes, but my computer buttons are slow
[17:53] c64glen: think they where made in Taiwan or something

[17:53] fiona2f2: ok, honey tell me more about ur self my dear
[18:17] c64glen: what do you want to know
[18:17] fiona2f2: what u like and what u dont like
[18:18] c64glen: I like lots of things
[18:18] fiona2f2: and what u dont like
[18:18] c64glen: I like money, beer, girls, death, comics, computers, cats, rape, horses, theft, donkeys 
[18:19] fiona2f2: really 
[18:18] c64glen: and I dislike people who steal, people who lie, men pretending to be women, that sort of thing

[18:19] fiona2f2: i see
[18:20] c64glen: yes, but I like most people so it’s ok
[18:20] fiona2f2: where are ur parents
[18:20] c64glen: they died
[18:20] fiona2f2: sorry my dear
[18:21] c64glen: it’s ok. they wouldn’t do as they where told
[18:21] fiona2f2: i see
[18:22] fiona2f2: honey why dont u ask me anything?
[18:22] c64glen: I want you to ask first
[18:23] fiona2f2: u re the man u have to ask ok my dear
[18:23] c64glen: ok, full name, age, location, sex, gender, age, height, weight, measurements please
[18:24] fiona2f2: ok, fiona kane from usa but living in ghana 30 years single height is 6. 7 weight is 55kg
[18:25] fiona2f2: and u if i may ask
[18:27] c64glen: what sorry?
[18:27] fiona2f2: sorry for what
[18:27] c64glen: what does “and u if i may ask ” mean?
[18:28] fiona2f2: ok
[18:28] c64glen: ok, what?
[18:28] fiona2f2: and u if i may ask
[18:30] c64glen: oh.
[18:30] c64glen: my name is Glen, I am teacher, from UK, I am 27
[18:30] fiona2f2: ok
[18:31] c64glen: I am 7.6 weight is 56PbM
[18:31] fiona2f2: ok
[18:31] fiona2f2: go on
[18:32] c64glen: Am Singled, look for right laddie
[18:32] fiona2f2: can i ask u one thing?
[18:32] c64glen: you can ask anything
[18:33] fiona2f2: am i the right one ?
[18:33] c64glen: maybe
[18:33] c64glen: you could be
[18:33] fiona2f2: ok
[18:33] c64glen: are you a proper laddie that will treat me good?
[18:34] fiona2f2: yes i will really treat u good my dear
[18:34] c64glen: excellent, tell me how you treat your man
[18:35] fiona2f2: i will really treat u like baby ok
[18:35] c64glen: cool, can i wear a nappie?
[18:35] fiona2f2: honey u can if u want to waer
[18:36] c64glen: awesomio
[18:36] c64glen: you would feed me like a baby yes?
[18:36] fiona2f2: yes
[18:36] fiona2f2: awesomio
[18:36] fiona2f2: what is that my dear
[18:37] fiona2f2: awesomio this my dear?
[18:37] c64glen: awesomio, means “good”
[18:37] fiona2f2: language my dear ?
[18:38] c64glen: English
[18:38] fiona2f2: ok
[18:38] c64glen: all the kids are saying it. That and “twat” which means “how are you doing”
[18:38] fiona2f2: ok
[18:39] fiona2f2: where are u now my dear
[18:39] c64glen: I’m at my lovely hovel
[18:40] fiona2f2: i see … honey i cant wait to see u in uk my dear
[18:41] fiona2f2: i have to go now
[18:41] c64glen: ok, speak to you again soon
[18:41] fiona2f2: ok
[18:41] fiona2f2: byeeeeeeeee