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Scambaiter – fiona2f2 – Awesomio

Fiona2f2 claimed to be a lady called Fiona Kane, who I chatted to a number of times. Most of those chats consisted of her demanding that I answer he two seconds after she finished typing and her generally being stupid (boring stupid, and not the good stupid which is funny stupid). So I’ve summarised the best of Fiona2f2 below;

[01:10] fiona2f2: ding
[01:11] c64glen: Hi!
[01:17] fiona2f2: i dont know much abut u my dear
[01:18] c64glen: my name is Glen, I am teacher, from UK, I am 27
[01:20] fiona2f2: are u single man
[01:20] fiona2f2: my dear
[01:20] c64glen: Yes, I’m looking for a sexy lady
[01:20] fiona2f2: really
[01:20] c64glen: yes
[01:20] fiona2f2: but ur profile says u are not single man my dear
[01:21] c64glen: I have need to change it, it is old
[01:21] c64glen: am a window

[01:21] fiona2f2: really, sorry, sorry to hear that my dear
[01:22] c64glen: yes, thanks you. It make me sad
[01:22] c64glen: but I get lonely now

[01:22] fiona2f2: i need my soul mate and i hope u will like me
[01:22] fiona2f2: and will be urs
[01:22] c64glen: sounds good to me
[01:23] fiona2f2: really, thanx u my dear
[17:52] fiona2f2: dont u want to chat with me my dear
[17:53] c64glen: yes, but my computer buttons are slow
[17:53] c64glen: think they where made in Taiwan or something

[17:53] fiona2f2: ok, honey tell me more about ur self my dear
[18:17] c64glen: what do you want to know
[18:17] fiona2f2: what u like and what u dont like
[18:18] c64glen: I like lots of things
[18:18] fiona2f2: and what u dont like
[18:18] c64glen: I like money, beer, girls, death, comics, computers, cats, rape, horses, theft, donkeys 
[18:19] fiona2f2: really 
[18:18] c64glen: and I dislike people who steal, people who lie, men pretending to be women, that sort of thing

[18:19] fiona2f2: i see
[18:20] c64glen: yes, but I like most people so it’s ok
[18:20] fiona2f2: where are ur parents
[18:20] c64glen: they died
[18:20] fiona2f2: sorry my dear
[18:21] c64glen: it’s ok. they wouldn’t do as they where told
[18:21] fiona2f2: i see
[18:22] fiona2f2: honey why dont u ask me anything?
[18:22] c64glen: I want you to ask first
[18:23] fiona2f2: u re the man u have to ask ok my dear
[18:23] c64glen: ok, full name, age, location, sex, gender, age, height, weight, measurements please
[18:24] fiona2f2: ok, fiona kane from usa but living in ghana 30 years single height is 6. 7 weight is 55kg
[18:25] fiona2f2: and u if i may ask
[18:27] c64glen: what sorry?
[18:27] fiona2f2: sorry for what
[18:27] c64glen: what does “and u if i may ask ” mean?
[18:28] fiona2f2: ok
[18:28] c64glen: ok, what?
[18:28] fiona2f2: and u if i may ask
[18:30] c64glen: oh.
[18:30] c64glen: my name is Glen, I am teacher, from UK, I am 27
[18:30] fiona2f2: ok
[18:31] c64glen: I am 7.6 weight is 56PbM
[18:31] fiona2f2: ok
[18:31] fiona2f2: go on
[18:32] c64glen: Am Singled, look for right laddie
[18:32] fiona2f2: can i ask u one thing?
[18:32] c64glen: you can ask anything
[18:33] fiona2f2: am i the right one ?
[18:33] c64glen: maybe
[18:33] c64glen: you could be
[18:33] fiona2f2: ok
[18:33] c64glen: are you a proper laddie that will treat me good?
[18:34] fiona2f2: yes i will really treat u good my dear
[18:34] c64glen: excellent, tell me how you treat your man
[18:35] fiona2f2: i will really treat u like baby ok
[18:35] c64glen: cool, can i wear a nappie?
[18:35] fiona2f2: honey u can if u want to waer
[18:36] c64glen: awesomio
[18:36] c64glen: you would feed me like a baby yes?
[18:36] fiona2f2: yes
[18:36] fiona2f2: awesomio
[18:36] fiona2f2: what is that my dear
[18:37] fiona2f2: awesomio this my dear?
[18:37] c64glen: awesomio, means “good”
[18:37] fiona2f2: language my dear ?
[18:38] c64glen: English
[18:38] fiona2f2: ok
[18:38] c64glen: all the kids are saying it. That and “twat” which means “how are you doing”
[18:38] fiona2f2: ok
[18:39] fiona2f2: where are u now my dear
[18:39] c64glen: I’m at my lovely hovel
[18:40] fiona2f2: i see … honey i cant wait to see u in uk my dear
[18:41] fiona2f2: i have to go now
[18:41] c64glen: ok, speak to you again soon
[18:41] fiona2f2: ok
[18:41] fiona2f2: byeeeeeeeee

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