The 90s Sure Were Weird…

Paradisio - Bailando lazytown singer

Yeah, when I think of the 90s and its music I think about a bunch of weird shit. I mean, damn the 80s was already like wtf is going on but that went overboard in the 90s…

Now I’m not saying this music is bad (I grew up listening to this stuff) but Christ what the fuck were they thinking when they made these videos…

This will be a series of ten videos per article so keep looking for these regularly!

2 Unlimited – No Limit

2 Unlimited – No One

Capella – Move On Baby

Centory – Take It To The Limit

Centory – The Spirit

Highland – Se Tu Vuoi

Magic Affair – Omen III

Masterboy – I Like To Like It

Paradisio – Bailando

Snap – The Power

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