sex and video games

Sex and Video Game Ads

When it came to classic game ads you have to remember most of the time these were being sold to store owners who drank that cheap beer and watched those same commercials so the same marketing campaign applied. That and males dominated gaming back then so a sexy girl on a magazine flyer just worked on the most basic level. However, some of these just look crazy now, or maybe not and you are printing these out and heading off to the bathroom. [...]

Sex Sells Video Games

The infamous Everquest ad with the two models received a lot a backlash whereas twenty years prior it would have been accepted as the norm.You can’t blame marketers for placing pretty women next to products they want men to buy, that has been working for a long time just look at any car show or trade show for that matter. So it is no surprise that early video game ads pretty much were the exact same thing. [...]

The Gamers Guide to Sex

Surprise sex can be fun when it is wanted and legal. However, with the gamer it can go 50/50. Here are a few examples. You are playing a console game and your girlfriend is frisky and begins pushing your buttons. It is a simple matter to pause the game and have a little non-digital fun. On the flip side, you are in the middle of your StarCraft 2 tournament match and your boyfriend is poking at your boobs. This is a bad time and will most likely get you yelled at and a faction loss, which might result in no sex even once she is done with her game. [...]