Sex and Video Game Ads

Sex and Video Game Ads

Put a pretty face in front of something we are trying to sell and watch the masses come a running. That is the idea behind the sales model for the most part. When you look at a beer ad, you are not just seeing a sexy girl or guy trying to get you one step closer to alcoholism. You are being sold the idea of a fun sexy lifestyle that comes with drinking cheap beer just like those Pepsi commercials from back in the day showing old people drinking it and acting like teenagers.

When it came to classic game ads you have to remember most of the time these were being sold to store owners who drank that cheap beer and watched those same commercials so the same marketing campaign applied. That and males dominated gaming back then so a sexy girl on a magazine flyer just worked on the most basic level. However, some of these just look crazy now, or maybe not and you are printing these out and heading off to the bathroom.

Bottom of the Ninth


Here we have the perfect combination of pretty down to earth, girl next door and the great American boring pastime Baseball. For the younger readers, again, you have to remember, this ad is more for someone purchasing an arcade cabinet. So the key here is to sell the features to an older guy who most likely hates kids, but wishes he could lure the sexy young girl into his seedy roadside bar.



War, what is it good for? The answer is a stiffy and for selling the Konami arcade game, Devastators. Now sexy women and military hardware have gone hand in hand for a long time. In fact, companies that sell weapons and vehicles to the military often used sexy models in their presentations. You would think that would not been needed considering it’s not like its open to the public and there are other militaries, but maybe the new Stealth Bomber we use was picked because the girl they selected to show it off had the best cans. You got to love the big hair women had back in the day.

Hard Yardage


Are you ready for some innuendo? Seriously, just look at the image for a bit, do you really learn anything about the game from it. Sure, there would be more documentation and the cabinet itself, but here we have three sexy ladies with their come hither looks on their faces and three NFL logo’s above them, oh and the word hard and the word yard. I hope you guys have the goods.

Dark Adventure


Hey look, this one has two guys in it and a monkey! Well, at least this one looks like they took the time to stage it down at the local haunted house and even got the regional fifth place runner up beauty queen to appear in the ad. All jokes aside, at least here you have the overall feel of the game and some screenshots of the gameplay at the bottom which is more than I can say for most of the ads. Honestly, having a pretty girl here is fine, we all expect that in any television show or movie so why not an ad about a video game. I actually like this one.



I love this because it is classic. Sure, we have the pretty girl with the big hair, but if you know the classic game, this pretty much is what it is about. You have the default male in the jeans and t-shirt fighting against the leather wearing punks on the streets of Crime City. I personally loved Vendetta so having played it as a kid and now seeing this ad it really fits the game well from the punk rocker pink in the background to her razor bladed slashed jeans it paints the perfect picture. Well done.

Overall, we know a lot of guys will drool over a pretty face and soon after that drain their bank accounts and marketing firms know that as well oh and ladies don’t think it doesn’t work on you either because it does. While for gamers today it takes a bit more than just that to sell us a product, sex still sells and most likely forever will.

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