Obama Works It


Regardless of what party you are part of or who you are voting for a good dance video is a good dance video.  Nathan Barnatt is an awesome dance no matter what mask he is wearing so enjoy this video.


Here is the video info from Youtube

Danced, edited, directed by Nathan Barnatt
Song – “Something Good Can Work” (RAC remix) by Two Door Cinema Club
Michelle Obama – Angela Trimbur http://www.youtube.com/angela
Michelle & Barack choreography by Kathryn Burns
Body camera rig by Dan Bartolucci http://www.inFluxLab.com
Body rig digital clean up by Brian Garcia http://www.tacolamp.com
Steadicam op Antonio Pullano http://www.lovinlife.ca
Intro scene camera op Eric Thompson
Driver/Coordinator Ricky Mammone
Produced by Tarika Khan
Thanks to Siobhan Price
Thanks to Macy’s for the suit by bar III

Please Register to Vote http://tinyurl.com/cu8uyos

Get the song here http://tinyurl.com/8wjbyka
Two Door Cinema Club http://www.youtube.com/twodoorcinemaclub
RAC http://www.youtube.com/rac

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