MySpace Interview – Sylva tha Poet

So, who are you anyway?

Well i am Sylva tha poet, i am a lyricist/songwriter/musician from a small town called Leamington spa in the county of Warwickshire in the west midlands, i work with two other artists called Fayte mc who is also a lyricist, and my main man Visual audio Replicant he is our producer and engineer.

Describe your sound for us.

Erm well we are mainly categorised as Hiphop genre, but our music touches into the realms of Triphop, Electronica, Electro, Metal, Soul, jazz and funk. We utilise analogue and digital synth’s, aswell as using a lot of live instruments in our music also. Our music was once descibed as a mix between Wu tang clan, Prodigy and BB king combined, hahahha.

So you rate yourself then?

I am a student of music, i am always learning i will never find perfection within my music because i strive to make it continuously better, but i think our fan base and hits to my myspace page for example speak for themselves..

Who are your influences?

Influences eh, hmmm, well i could list every artist that ever touched me but i think i would be here for hours, but to cap off a few, i have always been a major fan of the Wu tang, Eric b and Rakim, KRS one, Black moon, Guru, Megadeth, Metallica, James Brown, Ric james, there really is to many to list, but its safe to say our influences are not contained within a list, the world is our main influence as it gives us our topical range, without a reason to express we may as well be silent..

Tell us one of your musical secrets.

One of our musical secrets eh, i think i would have to kill you if i did, but no seriously our secret is to make music that appeals to a multitude, age, creed, sex and intelligence shouldn’t factor within our listener base, as people will always find songs they prefer to others, but the true secret is listening to the fans!!

What’s in the future?

Well we are organising a tour for next yr, but with a twist, we have asked our fans to choose where we play within the country because we want them to be involved in that choice, i think its an interesting experiment really, besides that we have lots of collaborations with other artists in the pipeline for 09, but what may come tomorrow is a secret hidden from all..

What’s your claim to fame?

My claim to fame, hahaha. Not sure if i really have one, i am not in the music for fame, jus respect and recognition, and to spread a positive message to the masses.

Musically, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

In ten yrs time, shit it doesn;’t bare thinking about, i will be old then haahahaha. No i think we will still be doin our thing, probably on an even bigger scale , but then i cannot predict the future, but i hope it will be a prosperous and challengin one regardless, i enjoy tackling the problems that present themselves throughout this life, its character building to say the least.

Myspace or Facebook?

Myspace is definately the site for me when it comes to music promotion and building a fan base, i try not to get myspace and facebook mixed with each other, as i keep Facebook sacred for stayin in touch with real friends, the people that are real in my life…

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