Scambaiter – I want to be your representative, Harry!

Harry Jones was a good guy from China who wanted me to represent his business in England, how could I turn down an offer like that?

(21:03:35) harryjones_7: hello
(21:03:46) harryjones_7: i know u are there
(21:03:57) c64glen: I know I am here
(21:03:57) harryjones_7: we need to talk now
(21:05:00) c64glen: now?
(21:05:07) c64glen: sounds urgent
(21:05:22) harryjones_7: so when can we talk now
(21:05:34) c64glen: when can we talk now
(21:05:35) c64glen: yes
(21:06:03) harryjones_7: so we can talk now
(21:06:15) c64glen: I am talking now
(21:06:27) harryjones_7: good
(21:06:35) c64glen: yes, it is
(21:06:40) harryjones_7: i will like to send u the full details
(21:06:51) c64glen: ok, send away
(21:07:39) harryjones_7: ok, hold on why i send it now
(21:07:57) c64glen: why not
(21:08:20) harryjones_7: where are u from?
(21:08:29) c64glen: England
(21:08:41) harryjones_7: good, so i will be so happy if you will be our representative in england
(21:09:29) c64glen: really, how happy?
(21:10:28) harryjones_7: cos our company realy need a representative in england very urgent
(21:10:51) c64glen: right, ok. that sounds good
(21:11:14) harryjones_7: just hold on why i send the details now
(21:12:13) harryjones_7: are u there?
(21:12:19) c64glen: hang on
(21:12:24) c64glen: I’m just checking my email
(21:12:27) harryjones_7: have u recive it?
(21:12:33) c64glen: hang on
(21:13:04) harryjones_7: kindly go through it very slow so u could understand very good
(21:14:39) c64glen: ok, ok
(21:14:42) c64glen: I got it
(21:14:56) c64glen: so you is called “SUCCEED_TEXINDEX” ?
(21:15:35) harryjones_7: yes
(21:15:44) c64glen: what does that mean?
(21:16:02) harryjones_7: that is the name of the company
(21:16:27) c64glen: ok, it’s a strange name with an underscore and all
(21:16:41) c64glen: So, it’s a china company?
(21:16:50) harryjones_7: u mean the subject
(21:17:21) c64glen: So, it’s a china company?
(21:17:50) harryjones_7: yes, you can see it in the details and web site
(21:18:05) c64glen: but I thought you where from Darkest Africa
(21:19:06) harryjones_7: know
(21:19:11) harryjones_7: how?
(21:19:34) c64glen: because you said you were, didn’t you?
(21:20:03) harryjones_7: know
(21:20:07) harryjones_7: when?
(21:20:17) c64glen: what is ‘know’ ?
(21:20:28) harryjones_7: i mean no
(21:20:37) c64glen: say no then, it’s confusing
(21:20:44) c64glen: So you are from China?
(21:21:12) harryjones_7: yes
(21:21:32) harryjones_7: any problem
(21:21:35) c64glen: Cool. So you speak Chinese and everything?
(21:21:50) harryjones_7: yes
(21:21:53) c64glen: Eat Chinese Food?
(21:22:03) harryjones_7: with good english
(21:22:22) c64glen: You eat the English?!?!
(21:22:25) harryjones_7: have u gone through the details?
(21:22:34) c64glen: I’m going through them now
(21:22:40) harryjones_7: ok
(21:22:44) c64glen: So do you know Kung-Fu?
(21:22:45) harryjones_7: are married?
(21:22:57) harryjones_7: are u marriend?
(21:23:10) c64glen: Why, Harry? Are you going gay on me?
(21:23:13) harryjones_7: sorry pls i mean married
(21:23:24) harryjones_7: no
(21:23:27) harryjones_7: why that
(21:23:32) harryjones_7: am just asking
(21:23:38) c64glen: Because, you know that might not be a bad thing, you know
(21:23:42) c64glen: I’m just saying
(21:23:48) c64glen: So the Kung-Fu?
(21:24:06) harryjones_7: yes
(21:24:13) c64glen: You kick asses?
(21:24:44) harryjones_7: so do u like kung fu?
(21:25:23) c64glen: I like Bruce Lee, I think he could shit out Chuck Norris for Breakfast and then eat Vin Diesel in some sort of low fat brunch
(21:25:50) harryjones_7: realy
(21:26:20) c64glen: yes, very much so. He is the strongest of all the fighters, even Stronger than Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Worrier
(21:26:38) harryjones_7: yes
(21:26:49) c64glen: Hang on, I’ve got to take a shit
(21:26:56) harryjones_7: let talk about business pls
(21:29:46) harryjones_7 just sent you a Buzz!
(21:37:53) c64glen: right I’m back
(21:38:01) harryjones_7: ok
(21:38:20) harryjones_7: so i belive you have gone through the details
(21:38:43) c64glen: I was looking at the picture
(21:39:06) c64glen: is that the factory?
(21:39:37) harryjones_7: i will like you to fill the information needed so that i could forward it to the board of directors and get back to you
(21:39:50) harryjones_7: yes that is the factory
(21:39:53) c64glen: away, harry. I’m asking the questions here.
(21:40:01) c64glen: Stop hurrying me
(21:40:07) c64glen: I want to get all this right, ok?
(21:40:08) harryjones_7: no problem
(21:40:26) c64glen: So you have lots of machines, but no people working them?
(21:40:34) c64glen: Are your machines mindless robots?
(21:40:42) harryjones_7: no
(21:40:46) harryjones_7: you are funn
(21:41:00) c64glen: This is very serious, Is there a possibility these machines could become evil?
(21:41:06) harryjones_7: that is just a pic of the factory
(21:41:31) c64glen: I have seen many things on the television about machines becoming evil and I think I would worry about that if I was a representative
(21:41:38) harryjones_7: i love some one like u so mucvh cos u ask a lovely question
(21:41:56) c64glen: thank you harry. I love you too
(21:41:58) c64glen: so moving on
(21:42:18) c64glen: “We make lots of supplies to some of our clients”
(21:42:28) c64glen: What supplies do you make?
(21:42:32) harryjones_7: i dont know what to say again cos a just laughhing over here
(21:42:46) harryjones_7: carpet rugs for now
(21:43:03) c64glen: I asure you I am not laughing this is very serious business for me
(21:43:17) c64glen: so Carpets, that is good.
(21:43:44) c64glen: Also, I note “Pls note you dont have to be a book keeper to apply for the job.”
(21:44:11) c64glen: I own some books will this be a problem?

Harry stopped talking to me after this, which is shame because it looked a like a really profitable business endeavour.

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