Insidious movie review

Insidious movie review by Honorabili

One Sentence Review:
“Finally a good modern horror movie with enough balls to give us an ending like a classic 70s horror movie.”

Insidious tragic

Simply go watch the movie as I won’t type up a plot synopsis here. If you miss watching movies like Poltergeist or Evil Dead or the Frighteners or even the original The Exorcist, this will be a movie that you will thoroughly enjoy watching. The movie has many parts where the characters react to the insanity that’s going on around them much like a real person would in real life rather than the typical mass produced hollywood script, where you can predict everything even from the trailer. Even the evil stuff has an explanation rather than the typical “oh these are demons, they’re bad“.

From a film maker and movie buff’s perspective, the movie is simply a modern day 70s and 80s horror film. From the movies I mentioned earlier, it reminded me the most of Poltergeist which is by far the scariest movie from that list (the first one, although part 2 was also pretty disturbing). I would also say some parts are sort of like The Omen but that’s not really a ghost movie, rather than about the birth of the anti-Christ. This movie took some of the best aspects from the Paranormal Activity movies and put it into a more movie perspective, rather than just watching a bunch of security cameras. I think that makes it a lot more tolerable and watchable for the normal movie viewer.

IMDB gave this movie 6.9 out of 10 but I think IMDB ratings have been wrong for many years now. I would give it as a HORROR MOVIE (not fucking Citizen Kane or the Wages of Fear level or kind of movie) a score of 8 out of 10. You must rate things within their own environment. Apples to apples!

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4 thoughts on “Insidious movie review

  • Awww, Ignacio. I’m going to have to beg to differ. I did not like this movie. I’ve seen more horrifying episodes of Supernatural than this movie. I felt like it was a waste of resources on par with Transformers 2 and Night at the Museum.

  • Name one that isn’t a total piece of shit like this. Paranormal Activity was much more eerie and terrifying and it didn’t even have to show a demon. The demon in Insidious looked like a character from the Lion King musical on Broadway. The “ghosts” looked like the kind of shit they put in the front of the store of Party City during Halloween. Paranormal Activity just had to play on the sheer eeriness of malicious intent around you. I find more horror taking a shit after eating Chipotle than I did in Insidious.

  • Umar, for you I recommend Fear Dot Com or that movie that had people going online to die using Alienware laptops. I’m not making that shit up.

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