Deep Space Bundle: Pay What You Want for 8 Space Themed Games


In space no one can hear you bundle. In Deep Space, on the other hand, you can definitely enjoy eight excellent indie games for a pay-what-you-want price as the second bundle by Kyttaro Games , Bundle In A Box: Deep Space, was released today. It’s the only thematic bundle around, will last for 14 days and offer all games as DRM-free downloads (but not exclusively so; most games are also available on Desura and/or Steam ).

Bundle In A Box 

Bundle In A Box is a thematic pay-what-you-want gaming bundle, that helps new games debut, supports charity and directly strengthens creators via the Indie Dev Grant. As more people buy it the minimum price drops and extras get unlocked.

Game List

Space Giraffe

Space Giraffe

By Llamasoft

Jeff Minter’s Space Giraffe is an abstract action arcade style game that takes place in a succession of dizzyingly beautiful environments generated by advanced graphics synthesizers. It presents itself as a shooter, but the more you play the more you discover the hidden depths and strategies that make the gameplay satisfyingly rich and rewarding.

This is the boldest evolution of the trance-shooter, created by the company that helped to define the genre with the groundbreaking “Tempest 2000”. Expect 200 levels of trance-tastic action, beautiful abstract graphics that respond to audio input, two remixes of the same game, and deep gameplay that rewards strategic and tactical play. Space Giraffe is accessible enough to entertain a novice player, but also deep enough to satisfy the arcade expert.

Death Ray Manta

Death Ray Manta

By Rob Fearon

Death Ray Manta is an attempt at finding the videogame equivalent of the perfect 2 1/2 minute pop song. A flashing, glowing exploration of the history of arena shooters condensed into the now. It’s a game about finding and embracing the moment, celebrating everything videogame and being videogame. It’s also an arena shooter where you blow stuff up and flash lights in your face.

Because videogames.

Death Ray Manta is videogames.

Death Ray Manta also happens to be an arena shooter that knows its history. From Robotron to Llamatron to Geometry Wars and on, Death Ray Manta keeps one eye on what works, what’s worked and tries to explore it all. Quickly. In a condensed few moments of pleasure. What’s more, it is a videogame about flashing lights in your face.

Very, very, pretty lights.

The Wreckless


By Duct Tape Games

The Wreckless is a single player space combat simulator, with a sixteen level fully voiced campaign and a simulator that lets the player create their own custom skirmishes. The missions comprise a variety of different styles including bombing missions, dogfights against tough AI opponents and escort missions. The player can research different fighter crafts to use for each scenario, choosing different fighter/bomber combinations to compliment their own play style.

The gameplay is reminiscent of “old school” space combat games like “Tie Fighter” and “Elite” but uses modern WASD controls, some FPS conventions and does not require a joystick. Most levels are comprised of flying with a squadron of allied drones, dodging huge capital ships and stations. The Wreckless also allows players to customize the difficulty of each scenario by altering the number of crafts deployed.

Dark Scavenger

Dark Scavenger

By Psydra Games

Dark Scavenger is an adventure game that combines strategic turn-based combat with unique point-and-click mechanics. Happily, it features twisted dark humor and dozens of quirky characters.

Filling the role of a powerful space traveler, you find yourself stranded on a mysterious planet in the company of three eccentric, yet resourceful aliens. As you desperately seek a way to repair your ship, a massive conflict unfolds around you involving warring factions and a sinister force that threatens to destroy them all.

Will you adopt the problems of this world as your own or will you just save yourself?



By Psytronik

Armalyte, the stunning Commodore 64 shoot -’em-up, has at long last been converted to the PC  and is looking and sounding better than ever! Yes, the massive boss encounters and the 8 tough worlds are still there.

The PC version of Armalyte is based on the classic Commodore 64 game. The gameplay has been precisely replicated on the PC thanks to involvement from the original Armalyte developers Dan Phillips and Robin Levy. The graphics have been specially enhanced for the PC version by Trevor ‘Smila’ Storey and the game features brand new soundtracks by Chris ‘Infamous’ Bailey.

Sol: Exodus

Sol: Exodus

By Seamless Entertainment

Suit up and take on the role of the Lieutenant Commander, ace fighter pilot and 2nd in command of the UCS Atlas, as you search for a new home, battle a mysterious enemy, and rescue humanity from a fiery end in this visually stunning space shooter.

By the year 2500, Earth had become toxic and unsafe for human life. Pollution and overpopulation had ravaged the planet, forcing humanity to the stars. Colonies and settlements soon sprung up across the solar system, but mankind had not left its thirst for war behind. Then, they learned their sun was dying, and everything changed. Only when faced with a threat greater than each other did the nations of man finally come together. The United Colonies of SOL (UCS) was born, its first and only mission: to locate a new home for mankind, safely beyond the doomed borders of our solar system.

Miner Wars Arena

Miner Wars Arena

By Keen Software House

It is the year 2081. Our Solar System is in the aftermath of a total political breakdown. Humanity is fighting over scarce resources on asteroids. Take control of a mining spaceship, hack your way through asteroids, and crush your enemies in a fully destructible environment in this just released sci-fi gem.

Fast-paced arcade game inspired by the PC gaming classic, Tunneler, with state-of-the-art top-down 2.5D gameplay in a fully destructible environment. Enjoy unlimited gameplay variations by adjusting your arena settings, playing skirmishes, fighting at tournaments and even going for some split-screen multiplayer.

Robot Riot

Robot Riot

By Retromite

Bigger than a nanite! Smaller than a trash can! Feistier than a vengeful princess! Jump, puzzle and shoot through spaceships and their systems as vanguard robot ‘SLUG’. Raid vessels for your galactic debt collecting master in pristine pixel platformer perfection.

Robot Riot features 21 action packed levels, tons of enemy types, plenty of gun-turrets and epic bosses, exciting power-ups and weapon-upgrades, classic platform action with unique environmental hazards and a joyous retro style due to its 16bit era pixel art and chiptunes.

Armalyte Extras

Armalyte Extras

By Psytronik

The retro-tastique, interactive extras of the boxed Armalyte version are finally available in downloadable form. Grab them and complement your 8-bit retro remade experience!

This lovely collection includes Mix-e-Load, the JukeBox containing the game’s music in what can only be described as an impressive music demo and a brilliantly interactive Making Of on the Armalyte box art.

Support upcoming game developers.

$10 will be added to our Indie Dev Grant for every 100 sales and the whole sum will be awarded to a developer selected by vote; no strings will be attached as to how the grant will be used.

Donations to Charity

5% of all revenues will be shared with the Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family.

What’s more, for each 1000 bundles sold new extras will be unlocked for everyone, including the premier issue of the PlaySF sci-fi gaming magazine, the brand new Dark Scavenger soundtrack, the soundtracks of Sol: Exodus and Miner Wars, and an eclectic selection of books, artbooks and storyboards.


Droidcape: Basilica

As an added bonus, all who purchase the bundle will get access to exclusive content for Droidcape: Basilica; KyttaroGames’ own upcoming game for iOS and Android. The top 10 contributors will also get a free copy of the game itself upon release, whereas the Droidscape: Into the Basilica book will be made available as an unlockable extra.


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