Punch Quest

Punch Quest

Endless runner games are very popular at the moment, especially on mobile devices. As they seem to be very sutied to the format but still provide a fast arcade like gaming experience. Punch Quest is an Endless runner game, but with a twist. It dispenses with the simple run and jump format and adds punching, graphics that hark back to games like Double Dragon and Golden Axe, punching, explosion, punching, monsters and so much more punching.

Punch Quest

Punch Quest, is collaboration between RocketCat Games and Madgarden. It features varied, randomized dungeon with branching paths. customization unlockable special moves and abilities and Monsters. Take a look at the trailer to get a better look;


Punch Quest is slated to arrive this autumn on iOS. I can’t wait, but here’s the link to website in the meantime;

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