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A look Back: Journeyman


Sometimes a remake or program that appears to be a remake can be lambasted because it is just a cheap attempted to bring in viewers (cough, Knight Rider, cough). However, there are some shows that give a new generation a chance to experience something good and in my opinion, Journeyman did just that.

In 2007, Journeyman premiered on the NBC network and followed the story of reporter Dan Vasser who one day begins jumping backwards in time. The show had a very Quantum Leap vibe to it because Dan would need to interact with the life of the person he jumped to in order to change his or hers destiny. The different with Journeyman was that Dan did not jump into the body of the person so there was much more room for mistakes.

The story had a decent love story involving Vasser’s wife Kate who began to wonder where Dan was disappearing to. The only part I did not like was the brother Jack who seemed bent on breaking Dan up with Katie, but towards the end, their relationship got better. Dan eventually meets another “jumper” named Olivia, played by Moon Bloodgood who Dan knew and believed had died.


The show had some great stories about the people Dan was meant to interact with as well as the love story between him and his wife. The science behind the jumps came out slowly, but was enough to keep the sci-fi fans interested without scaring off anyone else. Sadly, just as the show was really getting good and we learned more about the jumps and what they really meant the show was cancelled.

This was during a time when NBC was fighting over whether the American public wanted to come home and turn its brain off and watch 24/7 reality television or enjoy shows that could make you think and feel like Studio 60 and Journeyman. Unfortunately, we saw what won out.


There were only 13 episodes aired and because of this, we may not see the show on networks such as Netflix and Hulu. However, you can view clips and show information on NBC’s Journeyman website.

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