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Yu-gi-oh Collecting Continued

Finally, another Yu-gi-oh! find! This time around I found a folder filled with the cards for five dollars. There were a few holograms from the old packs and the usual lame cards from such packs as Legend of Blue Eyes.



The folder was a more than good excuse to buy this.

Yu Gi Oh Cards 7

As you can see some holograms came with this like the classic Blue Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician. There is also a Salamandra! Power up those fire monsters!

Yu Gi Oh Cards 8

Probably the best card in this find is the card Solemm Judgment which comes in handy in any deck which is why it’s only limited to one per deck.

That’s about it for this card haul. There will be more in the future! I’m sure of it! Until next time….

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