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You know you are making it big time when you can finally give away things to your readers. So as you know we love Wargaming and Wargaming loves us and we have a bunch of World of Warplanes beta keys to give away. However, we can’t toss em out there at least not without a little something extra from our readers.

So it’s simple if you want a free key post in the comments your favorite classic game and tell us why it is your favorite and we will send you the code. Now, to make this easier we ask that you register using your Facebook then we can just message you the code. Otherwise you can post your commend then e-mail us by clicking here. Then we can e-mail the key to you, but honestly attaching your Facebook is best because we will be getting more give-a-ways and will randomly send them to people who post comments on our website.

Now believe me, I get it, signing up to something new is a drag, but we are entering our fourth year and really want to build a community here where people post on our site. The feedback makes us better and in turn the site better. We also like hearing what games people like so there is that too. We have a lot of keys to give-a-way so spread the word to people who want one to come and post here and we will hook them up too.

Remember, something is only Obsolete if you allow it to become so.

Here is the format for posting your comment:

Favorite Classic Game: (Put name here)

Explain why it is your favorite game: (Put as much detail as you wish)

Here are the details once you get the codes:

World of Warplanes Beta Key Instructions

  1. Have or create a Wargaming account at
  2. Once that step is complete, click on the “Join Closed Beta” pane on the main homepage
  3. On the “World of Warplanes Closed Beta Application” page, click on the “Have an Invite Code?” link located under the system requirements
  4. Enter your beta key
  5. Download and install the game!

Also, these keys are valid only on the US server and expire on May 31st, 2013.

Thanks to Wargaming U.S.A. for the codes!

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J.A. Laraque

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5 thoughts on “World of Warplanes Beta Key Give-a-way

  • my favourite classic game is red alert 1. the soviet storyline, where stalins generals poison themselves for power, then ultimately poison stalin was just :oooo

    it was the first game that made me want to really play rts. tanya commando missions were great. alot better than the commando missions from c&c1. oh damn and the spy missions! 😀

    and the ones in the nuclear silo bunkers? or the ones with the nerve gas bunkers? that took me days to accomplish. so hard then when i was just a kid. save/load. was awesome. too bad the only way to get it now is downloadkey or buying a dvd c&c:the first decade. i just want red alert1! not 2 and 3 (those were crap).

    and maybe tiberian sun with firestorm expansion. that was my favourite tiberium game.

  • Fave Classic Game: F/A-18 Interceptor for the Amiga.

    Why?: Was first good jet fighter Sim I ever played. SO MANY hours were spent playing that after school.

  • Favorite game would be Vanguard Saga of Heroes. But it has been nerfed. The world is huge, the pvp was awesome but they took it away. Anything you did in the game was hard work crafting, housing and adventuring but were fun, It was one of the best mmorpgs around, but bugs and the take over of a corporation to stop it from competing with their mmorpg ruined it.

  • Final Fantasy IV, originally sold as Final Fantasy II in the US. I got to play this on christmas day on the new SNES I had just gotten when it came out and the audio and graphics were amazing. As the days progressed I enjoyed the story and the much-evolved JRPG mechanics compared to the last RPGs I had played which were the super basic mechanics of Final Fantasy 1, Phantasy Star and Dragon Warrior.

  • My favorite old school game would have to be the original Quake. I can’t even begin to fathom the number of hours I spent on this game. Single player was epic, and multiplayer set the bar at the time. With sites like there were no shortage of people to play with. It was online FPS gaming at it’s finest. You know, back before 12 year-olds yelled hate speech and told you what they have done to your mother.

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