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Welcome To 2012 Chummer

Welcome to 2012. Yes, the world is going to blow up, according to the dead Mayan civilization. Just because their calendar ends on December 12, 2012 12/12/12 doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It’s just the end of that calendar. What, did they have computers back then and used that date format? Do they believe in numerology and Kabbalah? This this Earthdawn and Shadowrun where an Age ends and a new Age begins? Welcome to the Sixth World, chummer!

Anyways, you’re probably just getting up right now at 1 PM from all the heavy drinking, blogging, and trolling from last night. What better way to welcome the new year than with the troll trololol song?

Speaking of heavy trolling, this is as good as it gets!

It looks like she’s grown up already, the little Drama Queen! I’m so proud!

There are worse things in life though, such as getting owned by a public service announcement as seen here:

The look on the father’s face is priceless. I see this horror all the time.

If I have a kid, I’d want him to grow up to be an awesome troll like this:

Let me go get started on that project right now…

So get up from the computer, open the windows and yell “I’m mad as hell as I’m not going to take it anymore!” Break the Network! =P

Anyways, enjoy the rest of your year, we only have until 12/12/12 before our Mayan smart phones crash. Y12K fo life.


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J.A. Laraque

J.A. Laraque is a freelance writer and novelist. His passion for writing mixed with a comedic style and intelligent commentary has brought him success in his various endeavors. Whatever the subject, J.A. has an opinion on it and will present it in writing with an insight and flair that is both refreshing and informative.

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