Weird Games: Zombie Nation


One would think that with a name like Zombie Nation the game itself would have to be awesome. However, this is based on the Japanese game, Abarenbō Tengu and features a disembodied samurai head as the main hero.


Released in 1990 for the NES by KAZe, Zombie Nation follows the story of an alien named, Darc Seed, (See what they did there?) that fell to earth on a meteor. Unfortunately, the meteor fell right smack in the middle of the Nevada desert, (See what they did there?).Then the alien used magnetic rays to turn everyone in the United States to zombies.


One  also might think that would be enough to send in the head of the samurai, but it was not until Darc Seed stole the legendary samurai sword, Shura that the cavalry came, in the form of a headless, undead samurai.


In Zombie Nation you control the samurai head as you blast American zombies with your laser eye beams and you can take out structures as well which will come in handy when you have to take out the Statue of Liberty who has come to life and is wreaking havoc, (Yes, they went there.) Oh, and if eye beams are not enough you can vomit. Where does the vomit come from? Do not ask those types of questions.


Overall, the game is weird, but not that good. There are four stages and two difficulty settings (easy and hard) and at the end you fight Darc Seed and free the Americans, you did not kill, from their zombification.

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