The Unsurprising Incompetence of Sony

We all know what’s going on with Sony. For those of you who don’t know, you either don’t game or you live under a rock. The greatest hacking escapade of 2011 has left the company’s loyal consumers hanging on the sideline while they hope to the heavens that their credit card info hasn’t been sold to the highest bidder. If you haven’t cancelled your credit card, asked for a new number, or put out a fraud alert by now it’s best advised you do so now.

What I really wanted to get into with this article isn’t Sony’s time and time again ability to completely fuck up everything they touch. I want to know why anyone would even remain loyal to this colossal abortion of a company?

Because Microsoft is the devil, Umar!

Microsoft can be whatever you want to call it but Xbox Live has provided some of the best online multiplayer entertainment compared to their other console rivals. True, the Xbox live community is immature at best. Again, it is true, most of the games that come out for Xbox are also available on the PC but this isn’t just about comparing PSN to Xbox Live.

I don’t care about the other consoles. Disregard the Wii, Xbox, or the PC in this decision. Why should someone remain devoted to Sony games or devices? If you can’t get past that, you’re missing the point entirely.

What is the point then, you fat asshole?

The point is, as a customer, why should you remain with a company that can’t protect your CC information? Why remain with a company who has been so crippled by the attack they have yet to restart their service? Why remain with a company that markets with an asshat like Kevin Butler? Why remain with a company that barely has anything to show at E3 time and time again and when they do manage to reveal something it becomes an internet meme?

And this is just with their Playstation portion of the company. They recently announced and moved forward with the shutting down of all Sony Online Entertainment games due to this “intrusion”. That means games like Everquest 2, Everquest… and what other games would be affected by this? Didn’t they seize operations on a huge plethora of their games? I know they have DCUO but how many customers can you upset by bringing that game down? Their ten remaining customers? Big deal. If this assault doesn’t put the nail in the coffin for DCUO then its loyal subscribers are used to be being screwed over and over again.

For a company that is already struggling to breathe in the MMO market, this setback is going to draw more players to WoW, LOTRO, and/or Rift. How can they recoup their losses? Offer a free month for the month they’re already going to lose? Give away 700 Station Points?
Thanks for the piece of mind, Sony. I’ll enjoy these small tokens of your appreciation for my loyalty while some criminal abuses the shit out of my credit.

Face it, loyal Sony fanboys. You’re on the Titantic and you can get off the ship and survive or freeze to death in the piercing icy waters of Hell. You aren’t Rose. No one wants to draw you naked. You won’t live through this.

I know a couple of people who are still riding on Sony’s cock. To them I say you’re a complete moron. Enjoy lubing up your ass with olive oil while this company and its attackers continue to fuck you from behind.

Now I want to hear from you, the reader. I want to know why on God’s green and polluted Earth would you want to stay with Sony?

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Umar Khan

Umar is a true gamer and computer wizard. During his time at Alienware, he connected with Obsolete Gamer CEO, Ignacio and COO, J.A. Laraque and created one of the original writing teams that would go on to create Obsolete Gamer. Always willing to speak his mind even when others hate him for it, Umar always entertains as well as informs.

5 thoughts on “The Unsurprising Incompetence of Sony

  • Sony isn’t the only one to have problems with hackers. The XBOX Live service was hacked a few years ago, but it seems most people have a short term memory regarding that. (http://www.zdnet.com/blog/security/xbox-live-hacked-accounts-stolen/131) The fact is, this could happen to anybody and recently it’s been happening quite a bit to various corporations (Gawker is one). It appears that a lot of these corporations are sleeping behind the wheel and it’s not until something drastic happens that security is finally beefed up. Hackers are always evolving and it’s necessary for everyone to be vigilant.

    I think Sony should’ve had better security! (Thanks Captain Hindsight!)

    Seriously though, you know I’m a gamer and primarily game on the PC and PS3. My PS3 is always used whether for gaming or media streaming. Yeah, it sucks that the PSN is down, but I’m glad the security is being improved. In the end though, you’re probably asking me if I will stomp my feet and never purchase a Sony product again because of this? Of course not! However, I will be using PSN cards instead of a credit card for any future purchases on their network.

    All major companies with millions of customers need to wake up and start doing a security overhaul before the same thing happens to them. It’s just a matter of time before we see another company’s name and “Hacked” in the headline.

  • “Sony isn’t the only one to have problems with hackers. The XBOX Live service was hacked a few years ago, but it seems most people have a short term memory regarding that. ”

    Yeahhhh about that. It’s not so much that Sony was hacked, but the depth of Sony’s poor security, and scope of their operations that have been disrupted is just mind-boggling.

    People try to hack MS 24/7, but their systems are isolated and the damage is minimal.

  • well… if you go for the comparation, I agree, PSN is titanic, and we might sink anytime. BUT, XBox Live is Mont Blanc (1917) then.
    Microsoft isnt as much as hacked as psn, believe me. everyone is aiming for the bigger, if we are talking about hackers, crackers, whatever. Sony is greatest Console developer, with some of Greatest games, so Microsoft fanboys go on rampage and try to take it down.. pfffff. as for MS.. only small flies care for such a small company as, that cant even make a good console without constant crashes and so called “Rings of death”… seriously? you gonna cry just because of one hack? and no.. microsoft wasnt hacked just once. they were hacked few times.. incluiding the website hack..
    I can see, by the looks of all your convo, that you are trying to “insult” the PS with everything u got, and you dont have much. People wont chose XBox just because some XBox fanatic wants everyone on XBox side…
    Chill dude.. I feel sorry for you dude.. for trying to convince PS fans to change sides.

  • “I don’t care about the other consoles. Disregard the Wii, Xbox, or the PC in this decision. Why should someone remain devoted to Sony games or devices? If you can’t get past that, you’re missing the point entirely.”

    Did you read the article or do you have selective reading?

    Xbox fanboy? Me? My Xbox has been sitting in my closet for 4 months now. Sure, Xbox has been hacked. I’ll agree with you on that but you’re arguing about the hardware of the Xbox and not so much the Xbox Live network which has more subscribers too it than the PSN.

    The hacks on Xbox are small isolated events whereas the PSN hack was enormous. You think Sony was never hacked before this with “small isolated” events? You think this was the first attempt at hacking Sony?

    Okay, kid. Go finish eating your Cocoa Pebbles and getting your educated view from the Sunday Morning Comics.

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