The Ultimate History of Video Games

From Pong to Pokemon - The Ultimate History of Video Games

I came home from work the other day only to find this awesome 600 page book lying on my table top, big thanks to my wife!

From Pong to Pokemon, The Ultimate History of Video Games. I’ve only just begun but I can tell I love this book already. I highly recommend this book to anyone out there wanting to know all they can about gaming history.. It even has a little bit about old Pinball machines as well.

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Derek Heinbokel

Derek Heinbokel was born in Owosso Michigan in 1988, and by the early 90s began playing video games on a regular basis. Growing up in the 90s the premier video game systems he owned were the Nintendo Entertainment System, and the Super Nintendo. Having played many of the current systems he still considers the NES a favorite. Some of most loved NES games in his collection include Batman, Rad Racer, Pinball Quest, Castlevania, and River City Ransom. Derek currently resides in Adrian Michigan where he continues to review and play video games of a wide variety. To him gaming is just a part of life, as it is to many.

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