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The bored ramblings of a Neurotic Mother – Going Abroad

Well guys, I’m 4 Months in with the little fella and it’s time to take to sunny Spain for the first time to visit his grandparents. Am I silly?? Yes I think I am.

These first 4 months of James life have been somewhat entertaining and bloody tiring. Since my last blog, the little blighter has had a trip to A&E. He was only 3 months old and suffering from a chesty cough. He had his second lot of injections as I was smack bang in the middle of fighting off the flu and it hit him like a ton of bricks. The A&E trip was due to him managing to choke twice on his phlegm whilst I was in the shower. It was horrifying. I had to swing him upside down and wedge him between my legs to pull the phlegm from his throat. Turns out when we got to A&E poor bugger had bronchiolitis, a form of baby bronchitis. When he was first seen there was a comment from the doctor that he may have to been admitted for the night but thankfully 3 hours later we were sent home with an inhaler for him and a volumatic. I was advised that he may continue with a cough and a slight wheeze for several years after over coming the bronhiolitis, and so far the cough has gone and the wheeze comes and goes. Not sure if any of you are aware of what a volumatic is. It’s like a small facemask that you press against babies face and the inhaler goes in the other end. I have to hold it on James face for 10 seconds to ensure that he actually breathes in some of his drugs. As you can imagine James does not like this one little bit and now recognises what it is. When I make a move towards him with it I get the evil eyes and a look that anounances that I am public enemy number 1. Thankfully James is A-ok and back on top form.

Anyhoo getting back to the subject of the blog. We are currently in Spain staying at my parents. I was dreading bringing baby all this way on my own. How the hell was I going to cope with going through the departure gates with my bag, James and his buggy? Well let me tell you, it was easy as pie. The staff at Newcastle airport could not have been friendlier. And staff were equally as helpful. James was a little star on the flight coming over, only a few little whinges, I put that down to him being a baby and that’s what they do. He had a good snooze on the plane and a few people even commented on how good he had been. Go JAMESY!!

He’s adjusted well to the heat over here. It was 26 degrees when we landed, I was pleased I had dressed him in only a short-sleeved romper suit. My step mum managed to blag her way into the baggage reclaim gate and stole James away whilst I waited for my bag to come round. I didn’t have to wait long, when I came out of the arrival gate I was met by my step mum, dad and a scantily clad James. His Grandy had stripped him down to his vest and was giving him snuggles. It was a 1 1/2hr drive from the airport to dad’s house, James managed this quite well too, although he did have a mammoth shite in the car that stank it out, halfway down the motorway we had to pull over to change a smelly nappy. James thought it was hilarious that his granny almost vomited at the smell and promptly went back to sleep once he was clean and dry.

So far we’ve been having a great time. The parents have 2 dogs and cat that I was slightly worried about. We have no pets at home and I was a bit anxious that they would bother James. I had nothing to worry about. The dogs are protective over James, like to be near him but never get too close, Frankie, the small dog likes to like James toes whilst he sits in his chair and he takes great delight in kicking her in the face, they do this most of the time. I think that have made a game out of it. Being wary of watching the dogs now seems like the least of my worries, it’s going to be a case of watching the grandparents. I turned my back on Monday to get a glass of water from the kitchen only to come back into the front room to find James sat on his Grandy’s knee whilst Granny stuck a wedge of orange in his mouth. The boy loved it, you could hear him sucking in the juice. This went one for a full orange! The boy was pitted by the time she had finished and had little bits of orange around his mouth. – pictures will soon be uploaded to my face book account for anyone interested in looking. James now absolutely adores his Granny, he knows she has the goods and his little eyes light up after his afternoon bottle because he now knows he’s in for a treat!

We are here for another week and I hope to update with more goings on later. There is a fiesta and bull run going on later in the week, so no doubt James will be entertained to a small a degree.

The boy is asleep, the sun is shining and dad has a glass of red waiting with my name on it, I’m off out the back to get some colour onto my deathly pale skin.

Hope you are all well.

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