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Forum Pick of the Week – 13 May 2008

We would love you to come along and join our forums and all talk about all sorts of nonsense to your hearts content! Here some of the latest and most interesting posts;

Women more troubled by bag theft than rape

A lively debate on the virtues of rape, and a critical eye cast on the difficulties of man-rape with potential solutions.

Insult the previous poster

The gloves are off in this thread, a no holds barred visceral celebration of one-up-manship. Do you know a good put-down, test it out here, are you closet tourret’s sufferer, Then use this tread to relieve your hidden pain in the safe knowledge that no offence will be taken, or if it is who cares?

Let’s see your beautiful areas

A refreshing change of pace on this thread, do you have a hidden spot of natural beauty? Why not take a snapshot of it and post in this tread for all to see and admire. Perhaps you have a fabulous mound, or particularly picturesque peaks that are crying out to be shown to the world.
Whatever the picture you can be sure of admiring glances on this thread.

Iron Man coming 2008!!!!

This mature thread was started back in February 2007, Read the history of the film through the eyes of the OI crowd, every new piece of information gleaned from the net was lovingly posted on this thread, posters, rumours, casting choices, its all here. And now the film is out, read the reviews and the overwhelming disappointment of Jeff Bridges beard.

Word NON-Association Game

“THE” most popular thread on forum, this utter waste of fucking time allows the OI crowd to post random words, the only rule? It cannot have any association to the previous post, but as no-one monitors it, cheating is rife. The Sunday Times called it “The very definition of pointless”.

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