Obscure Internet

The Fresh Prince of the Dark Side Pranks Christian TV

I was born in West Philadelphia and also raised there. I spent most of my days playing basketball on a playground – but also chilling out and relaxing. But then one day a couple of guys who were up to no good starting making trouble in my living area. I ended up getting into a fight, which terrified my mother. As a result she sent me away from West Philadelphia to the most peaceful area of Bel Air to live with my Auntie. On my journey to Bel Air, I whistled for a cab but it was noticable that the cab driver was not licensed. I ignored my concerns and told him to make haste to Bel Air. We arrived at the house some time between seven and eight pm and I was glad to see the back of the cab driver. I looked at the house and I was very impressed with the quality of living that my auntie possessed. I realised that I could get used to this lifestyle. [...]

Nyan Cat

This reminds me of some of those classic 8-bit themes from my early gaming days and mixed with this Gif its just additive as hell. I mean are they brilliant or high or both, either way, this is awesome and makes our list of Best of the Internet. [...]

Google + Circle names you should not use

This could be a plus or a minus. The minus is if you are married or with a girlfriend and you still keep this circle. Do you really want her to cut off your penis and put it in a garbage disposal? The plus is if you ever need to call these women after a trip to the doctor. However, you cannot lie and toss anyone with a pretty face into this circle as it defeats the purpose. [...]

Bean Boozled: Obscure Jelly Belly Bean Flavors

I love Jelly Belly beans, mainly because they come in many varieties of flavors. My favorite is buttered popcorn which I found out most people do not like. One time when visiting the Jelly Belly factory, I found they had irregulars there. They were weird flavors of beans not really meant for sale. Now you can purchase a bunch of those flavors in a pack called Bean Boozled. [...]

Meme of the Day: Safelite

I am really tired of the safelite commercials, but I love the one with the black guy because being a black guy myself I imagine weird ways how things can go down. Here is a meme we create to capture what comes into some of our minds when we see this commercial. [...]

Things not to say to your child

You know you tripped me, why are you pretending I fell? Maybe it is because at age nine I am already developing man-boobs and I’m top heavy, but I can still walk in short durations. I saw that smile on your face as I held my ice cream tightly. You knew the only way it would fall was if I fell with it. Now you owe me a new ice cream. Pay up old man! [...]

Thank your Wank dot com

But this isn’t all! We would like to take things a little further and not limit our users’ experience to the lonely “you and your hand” situation – so, we have set up a system for Mutual Wank Alerts. When a user +1s someone and this someone also +1s the initial user, both get an instant Mutual Wank Alert, that will help break the ice and, we hope, allow for sexy times to commence! Unless the person also +1s the initial user, she/he will never know that one did it to begin with! We like keeping things on the safe side! [...]

The PFI Tripe Award: The Bubonic Plague Award

Let me put this in the same classification as the Over-rated toiletry recipients. EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER TOLD ME TO SEE THIS. I HESITATED FOR ABOUT A YEAR OR SO. I mean come on, how funny can a POT movie be. It’s something so cliche’ and overdone, you long for another zombie movie, or “innocent girl learns how to dance via sexy hunk” movie. So I gave in, was bored one day, and watched Half Baked. About 353256432643634 people owe me 45 minutes of my life back. [...]

KIDS REACT TO eHarmony Video Bio

This is one of the reasons the internet and Youtube is so awesome, The Fine Bros releases videos about kids reacting to various videos on the net. This episode shows kids reacting to an eHarmony video were a woman talks about cats and begins crying. [...]

Wedding Cake Madness

Sometimes the best part of a wedding is the cake and the open bar and the drunk bridesmaids which work in conjunction with the open bar. Here are thirty awesome wedding cakes that may inspire you to either create one for your special day or skip all that and just eat a cool cake. The choice is yours. [...]

J.A. Cares: Trial Addiction

Listen Jane, you need to just hack your sister’s television and show here a Law and Order episode. I mean I thought all trials lasted ten minutes max until I was arrested myself. Man I was pissed, I kept waiting for the commercial break so I could get the hell out of there and it never came. [...]

The PFI Tripe Award: The Romantic Ritalin Award

Thus was conceived Meet Joe Black, an interesting movie about how the Grim Reaper deals with life on Earth. The movie starts off good enough, as a fish out of water story. Then he meets some woman who’s father death must collect. From this point on I wanted death to knock on my door and collect me from this crappy sentimental piece of crap. Meet Joe Black was also considered for the Waste Management award. I’m sorry, if there’s gonna be a movie about the grim reaper living on Earth, THE LAST FUCKING thing you do is make him fall in love with an incessant spoiled little bitch. In fact while watching the end of Kill Bill: Volume 2, I was reminiscing of how they took a DEMONIC character and made him a SAP like was done in MJB. This is how MJB progresses. [...]

Is Tropical: The Greeks

Remember when you were a kid and would play Cowboys and Indians or War with your friends? Image if you could add animation to make the battles look real. This awesome video does that and the song is pretty good to boot. [...]

Frozen Grand Central Terminal

This is an awesome video from the folks over at Improv Everywhere. Improv Everywhere has executed over 100 different missions in New York. This mission has over 200 people freeze in place on cue in Grand Central Terminal and the public’s reaction was pretty funny [...]